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Yuru Yuri is like K-On with more characters and a giant love polygon. Very similar comedy and cuteness.
report Recommended by Volbla
Both centre around a painfully cute group of girls and their often silly, always cute activities in their school club and outside of it. Yuru Yuri demonstrates an awareness of the girls love subtexts that tend to pervade all-girl slice of life school series, but it's fairly tame (at least for something with 'yuri' right in the title!) so the differences are fewer and subtler than you might expect.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
So similar characters and plot but more ecchi things.
report Recommended by Mimeiko
Cute schoolgirls enjoying their after school activities,characters are very similar,YY is just like K-On! but without music genre and with more girl on girl action
report Recommended by helensan
Story centers around a group of girls with their daily life -both is all about friends and friendship -both are of comedy & school life -both has lovely light-hearted art and character designs
report Recommended by MagicFlier
a story about pretty girls who formed a club where they usually drink tea :) both are funny & entertaining but there are some shoujo-ai things in Yuru Yuri.
report Recommended by KamiDesu
Yuru Yuri is like K-ON! just without the music genre. Both are about a group of girls and both have a "tea" theme going on. Even the characters have similarities with K-ON! characters.
report Recommended by Keodara
Crazy school (and not only) adventures of the group of the girls. Similar protagonists appearance. Each of girls are unique in terms of behaviour.
report Recommended by laress
Much like K-On, Yuru Yuri focuses on a group of girls and their club. Just like this anime, it is filled with cute and funny moments, along with a group of endearing characters. Don’t get scared by the title, most of the ’yuri’ only serves as a joke.
report Recommended by Vokoca
Comedy with girls on a after school club, and stuff...
report Recommended by dannyzam
Both Contain An All Female cast going threw school, and are lighthearted and funny.
report Recommended by Lunarrosebunny
Both of these animes have their female lead protagonists and no male characters at all. Cute girls hanging around in school, having fun together. Both of these shows are amazingly funny.
report Recommended by Saraph
Both series feature a group of girls doing fun things at a school life setting with many humorous moments from the cast. Both series has a general feeling of lighthearted comedy and some drama. Both series consists of a club with the girls and are generally a fun watch for some great laughter.
report Recommended by Stark700
School life,club activities,no romance (cause both of it taking place in an all girl school),a lot of funny chit chat,4 girl as a main character (well,actually it's 5 in k-on with azusa but it start with 4)
report Recommended by SaberOnna
Main characters in both series are girls sharing lots of their every-day activities. A lot of comedy in both series as well
report Recommended by wifone
In both clubs they nearly actually do something, just wasting time on random topics and snacking all the time. Each club consists of 4 female members (in K-On! it's 5 later on). That randomness is what make both animes funny and enjoy able.
report Recommended by Ziafung
Sorry, I don't speak english. Acho que quem gostou de K-on vai gostar muito de Yuru Yuri, pois os dois falam sobre um grupo de garotas, é um "slice-of-life" e tem bastante comédia. Simplismente amo os dois, se você gosta de K-on provavelmente gostará de Yuru Yuri!
report Recommended by MaYu-Yu
K-On and Yuru Yuri are very similar, both go to all girls school and enjoy club meetings, having fun and still gives you that warm feeling inside. Very good slice of life anime, cool to relax and enjoy.
report Recommended by kmcla79
Cute girls doing cute stuff. If you like slice-of-life anime's, this is probably for you
report Recommended by kei_san
-Both follow a group of schoolgirls and their experiences. -Both are light-hearted and often have many cute moments. -One is simply about girls having fun while the other is based on a light music club, though this does not detract from the moe and humor at all.
report Recommended by Moedera
Theyre both cute as hell shows, the only reason you might not like both of these shows is if you dont like the light/silly yuri references. Yuru Yuri means 'light yuri' theres nothing too extreme and it is far from the focus of the show.
report Recommended by Kaminonon
yuru yuri and keion are both set in highschool clubs, and are equally as funny. although yuru yuri has some romance between the girls and the keion characters do not.
report Recommended by mina24
Similar art style and similar humour. The character types are similar also, Yui Funami like Mio Akiyama, Kyoko Toshinou like Ritsu Tainaka, Chitose Ikeada like Tsumugi Kotobuki etc. K-on! has less yuri content
report Recommended by Jnxi
Cute girls doing cute things anime. These shows are about a group of women doing some random things at school. The characters are doing club activities, and has the same light-hearted atmosphere.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
Genre Similarities: Comedy, School and Slice of life. Both have group of friends messing around in a club. Yuru Yuri is like k-on but without the music part to it. Two of the funniest anime I've seen and the characters are pretty similar. Toshino Kyoko = Ritsu Tainaka Funami Yui = Mio Akiyama Akaza Akari = Yui Hirasawa
report Recommended by Ibuki
-Both anime tell about everyday life of cute school girls. -Both anime contain many comedies and jokes in their club activities. -Both anime contain 'cute girls doing cute things'.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
These two slice of life series are both lighthearted comedies about a group of girls forming a club and living their school lives. If you enjoy watching cute girls do cute things you'll probably like both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Yuru yuri has exactly funny characters and storyline with k-on, and also their unpredictable storyline
report Recommended by hikiriz
A classic moe anime anime.
report Recommended by Kaelan_McAlpine