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Toradora and Sakurasou involve a guy reluctantly taking responsibility for a female classmate that he lives near, but the girl in Sakurasou is a softly-spoken autistic artist, not a troubled tsundere. Sakurasou has a very similar tone to Toradora, and the characters fill comparable but not identical roles. Though Sakurasou initially tries to present itself as a fanservice anime, its real themes are of aspiration, self-expectation, and unreciprocated feelings.
report Recommended by ianiceboy
Both are romantic-comedy series involving a guy who takes care of a girl who goes to the same school as them. While the girl in Toradora is more aggressive in personality, and the girl in Sakurasou is a quiet type, both shows have a set of cast with personalities that stands out. While it's mostly romance-comedy, both also have a good portion of drama. Additionally, both shows are made by the same studio, which gives them a similar atmosphere.
report Recommended by Shirayukin
Similaries: -produced by J.C.Staff -can be defined as a mix between comedy, drama, romance, and slice-of-life -male protagonist loved by many girl, but appears to be oblivious -love complications and development between major character -quirky characters, resulting in unique stories both are awesome shows and are highly recommended
report Recommended by coolwolf
First of all, both series involves J.C. Staff. But beyond that, there are some other similarities present in both series. Toradora and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo both has a main female protagonist who is peculiar and not the typical girl you'll meet in every day life. In fact, their personalities makes the main male protagonist feel a bit uneasy. But despite this, they get along better later on as the main male protagonist begins to take care of the girl. Both series also has other characters involved with the two main characters in a variety of ways - comedic, dramatic, emotional, and romance. Both series are lighthearted and   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
As each of these shows pull you along the story of normal school kids going through out there school years, they showcase a great mixture of drama and humour with an interesting and unique story line. These shows do a great job of making you genuinely care about what the characters are going through and what will happen to them next as you feel that you can relate to their situation.
report Recommended by Objurgo
Both are top-notch romcoms that deliver much, much more than your standard romance. Toradora! speaks a lot about family, while Sakurasou talks about friendship and talent.
report Recommended by blaZofgold
Nowadays, it's really tough to find a romance anime that isn't some harem piece of crap however, both Toaradora and Sakurasou somehow manage to make the stereotypical School Life anime genre and make it into something interesting. Basically, if you want to watch a School Life, lighthearted and entertaining anime then you should check out these two series.
report Recommended by Gecko5567
Both of these series follow the curvature of romance & comedy. Toradora focuses more on the interpersonal relationships between characters, while Sakurasou delves into personal purpose. There were many times while watching one, that reminded me of the other.
report Recommended by Sxilenced
From the studio that brought you the action series "Index", comes around a romantic comedy series, with a love develop, wacky situations. The story is basically around the main characters who just wanted to enjoy themselves for their lives, until someone usually got in their way, sparking an interest in them. You might find that it is lighthearted at first, but it will really shines when the drama spike things up in later episodes. There is not much of a difference which is a romantic comedy. Though, in Toradora, it follows a delinquant boy and a tsundere girl. In Sakurasou, it is somewhat a love triangle,   read more
report Recommended by omega_d94
Bot animes are about the male protagonist being a sort of delinquent and refusing to do what the school wants. They both love one person but in the way of it is misunderstandings between both MC's having to take care of the female MC. Both animes are great slice of life animes with just the right amount of comedy and romance, but they both have their own little twist to it.
report Recommended by Zeptinn
These two anime are romantic comedy, yet have some drama in its splice of life genre. The protagonists are very well alike in some sorts, having their daily life problems solve with by understanding each other and enjoying school life as much as possible. Each story revolves around the school (where most of the scene is) and every episode is a surprise that will make you stick to it.
report Recommended by Haruchhiii
Both are Rom Coms, but at the same time, can also be seen as sort of coming of age story with emphasis on relationships, in both the romantic, as well as the platonic sense. Both shows are from the point of view of a male MC who is unsatisfied with the status quo, and in each case, they are surrounded by energetic, likeable characters who breathe life into each scene that they're present. Also both shows were animated by J.C. Staff, and in both cases they're visually stunning.
report Recommended by Shimosanz
Unlike Toradora!, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) explores many themes such success, failure, raw talent vs hard work.. aside from the romance, comedy, and friendship.
report Recommended by Sephh
I believe both anime have almost identical vibes to them. These two titles are high-school romantic comedies, and their casts are very similar at times. Both anime end on an open note (more emphasis on this point to Sakurasou rather than Toradora!) which leaves room for a second season. They are both done by J.C staff, and finally, the male protagonist has to choose between two (or perhaps more, depending how you look at it) very different girls; and eventually has to decide who he truly loves.
report Recommended by Intelos
Both amazing Romantic Comedies about a group of friends who have pretty unique backgrounds. The character development in these shows were fantastic and I felt for them when they were down. Both of these shows are just shows that made me smile, cry, and have fun.
report Recommended by kyle8998
In Toradora!, Aisaka has a crush on Takasu's best friend and vice versa. They plan to help each other provided they help each other get closer to their each of their love interests. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo has a more subdued approach on the topic of romance but both have a complex love arrangement making it interesting to see what the final outcome of the relationships are going to be. They also have a very similar pacing pattern making it feel like that you have watched the other show again but with a different setting. If you liked the comedy that comes out of   read more
report Recommended by fillyy
A lighthearted yet sometimes dramatic slice of life romance that spreads out over a group of friends. Both are really well done and belong into the Tier 1 of slice of life romance with comedic and dramatic elements.
report Recommended by xNightcrawl
Sakurasou and Toradora! both have the great stories and great characters. But instead of trying to find love like Sakurasou did, Toradora shows you how people help eachother fall in love, with opposite effects. I think that both these animes are great and connect with eachother one way or another because their just that good and love is funny, right?!
report Recommended by XxS4bRE_ARCH3xX
If you have watched Toradora, you'll probably like Sakurasou. Both of them are great examples of how a romcom with a taste of drama has to be done, with an amazing soundtrack which totally fits at every moment. The style of drawing is also smooth and you'll fall in love with all the characters.
report Recommended by Xandersands
-Both feature similar setting and tone as well as similar tone shifts -Both involve the female lead being almost completely dependent on the male lead to a ridiculous degree, allowing comedy to ensue -Both stand out from average high school romance by being centered around not just the main pair but instead a group of friends and their love interests. This works double as it helps the characters all feel more realistic while also allowing meaningful relationship struggles on the side to be explored to further increase the chances of overlapping with an experience of their audience
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both have the same amount of comedy to balance out the amount of heart wrenching scenes to make you cry with these characters who individually have to go through something different but end up overcoming those obstacles in order to fulfill they're dream. They both have that one character who always seems energetic and happy no matter what, but is only wearing that mask to keep everyone else happy, the character who doesn't seem to care about anything but just doesn't want to be hurt like they were in the past, and the character who's family matters at home prevent them from being happy.
report Recommended by KosaiFox
both are slice of life anime, both are from the same studio and both anime's female protagonist have some unique ability. you will love sakurasou if you loved toradora
report Recommended by justuday
SPOILER ;-; Both are slice of life and romcom series. Also, both principal female characters fall in love with the MC.
report Recommended by a_void
*Both Toradora! and Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo MC are taking care of girl who live near them *Toradora! are about family ,meanwhile Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo are about friendships and talent. *Both stories are the best!
report Recommended by F-Tozen
They both have stellar comedy early in the show, followed by an effective melodramatic love story. Also included are multiple best girls and an overall strong cast.
report Recommended by Parkyou
(MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) The storyline is not so similar to each other, but come on, the two animes have a group of characters and during the passing of the story, characters from this group begin to romantically like each other, the two animes has a relatively good comedy, both animations and designs are well made, the characters are very charismatic and lovely, they are great animes that every lover of romance and high school life should watch.
report Recommended by HiImGina
The main topic of these anime is love between high-schoolers. But Toradora is also about problems with family while Sakurasou deals with growing up and trying to find stability in life.
report Recommended by Plinfa-Fan123
They feel the same but at the same time I prefer Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo because you can get more attached to a character
report Recommended by Inferno_Cloud
Both guys are forced to be with the girl
report Recommended by anaklarangan
Romance... little girls... likable characters
report Recommended by whoopziidaizy
The story isn't that close to sakura-sou, however, both anime are both romcom classics which paved the wave for modern anime. Even if they aren't in general all that similar, they are a MUST for every single romcom enjoyer.
report Recommended by SlavicIndo
A slice of life, romantic comedy with characters just as compelling as Toradora's. While Sakurasou does not feature a tsundere, it does have the same heartwarming depth to its story, and is even more relatable at times.
report Recommended by Ragerrodent
The characters seem very similar (like misaki and minori), and the dynamic between the two main characters (taiga and ryuji, and sorata and mashiro) are also very similar initially. Toradora does go for a deeper route, however, while pet girl of sakurasou is more slice of life
report Recommended by Dognonce
Both have great drama, although sakurasou is better in that department, and a love triangle
report Recommended by Furo6448
I highly recommend watching this after Toradora! Same studio, same vibes. A cast of lovely characters you will miss at the end of the show. Misaki reminded me a lot of Minori Kushieda, and it gave me a feeling of peace seeing her get the love she deserved. The first episodes has some fanservice scenes, but the rest of the show has none of it. It's a safe watch :)
report Recommended by miblan
Also a great romance, filled up with many funny scenes that will make you smile, but at the same time it's serious when it needs to.
report Recommended by Yukiii-
They take place in a Highschool setting, the main male has good friends, and later on a love interest. And the biggest point is they both make you feel sad bruh.
report Recommended by Kajiyashiki
Both anime features a female character who is not capable of doing daily chores and relies heavily on the male character to help complete such tasks. In my opinion, Sakurasou and Toradora are one of the best high school rom-com I have ever seen. If you love high school rom-com I will strongly recommend giving these 2 a watch!
report Recommended by TheRockzSG
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