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One Punch Man
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One Punch Man
Mob Psycho 100
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Mob Psycho 100
Both series have the same sense of humor and absurd, comedic art packed with high amount of action in each episode, portraying how strong the protagonist is compared to the rest of the characters.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both of these stories are written by ONE, and have the same sense of humor. They started out as webcomics, although you'll notice that the style is different, as OPM got picked up by a bigger company, and got a new artist, although the story is still written by ONE.
There are several theories that the worlds are actually connected.
Mob and Saitama have very similar personalities, that are along the lines of emotionless, although they both have different reasons for such.
Both build up their allies, and occasionally, foe turns into friend.
report Recommended by holytakamuilight
Both made from the same creator. Both are action packed with fantastic fight scenes. Both contain humor that will make you LOL. If you watched one of these and you enjoyed it I would defo recommend watching the other.
report Recommended by Fecal-Jesus
One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 have a really similar feeling, that being said the both share the same creator. They both contain a ridiculously overpowered main character who has two emotions, "OK" and "K.O"! They even share a similar art-style. I really enjoyed them both~! ღ(❤♡❤ღ) Super Powers FTW!!!
report Recommended by RosaMess
Both of these series are really unique on their own but share a similar humor and main character.
The biggest difference is probaly the art Style. One Punch Man used the redrawings from another mangaka while in Mob Psycho 100, Bones went all out and used ONE's original drawings. Which gives off a great vibe
I can assure you that if you liked either series the other is going to be a fun ride all over again.
report Recommended by G1stick
Both are by the same author. Both are good.
report Recommended by blackhitler
This is literally the same exact show - same type of comedy, very similar art style, even the main character is identical in looks and power.

It's One Punch with Ghosts - If you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by Drogean
Same creator same overpowered MC.Thats all you need to know
report Recommended by Saitali
When I saw the first episode of this show, there was only one thing going through my mind: One Punch Man. Why? Simple, the main character of Mob Psycho 100, Kageyama, is like a mini Saitama from One Punch Man. Here's some things the two main characters have in common:
- They are always bored
- They are overpowered
- They are both very calm most of the time
- Their faces... I'm serious.
- They have a sidekick... Completely useless... But they are still sidekicks... Right?

The characters are always fighting monsters in an original and funny way, which is something they have   read more
report Recommended by Alfye02
Same author, style and humor
report Recommended by bonnily
Comes from the same creator - ONE. With similar tropes of Comedy and action elements blended together with an interesting character set, for both shows equally.
report Recommended by Turtastic
Same creator, different art style but works quite well, similar comedy, really strong main character, has some very crazy twists that you should expect from One but you won't actually expect, and overall is amazing.
report Recommended by fatheredpuma81
- Starting off, they're made by the same author.

- They feature OP main characters that basically beat any and every enemy easily, though Mob's powers aren't as ridiculous, so he actually has a challenge through the series.

- Both protagonists always have that "I don't care" face on.

- They have a similar comedy style

Unlike OPM though, Mob actually develops it's characters. It has a story, and is somewhat "dark". I'll just leave this here to start a war: Mob > OPM.
report Recommended by Shaadow
Both series star overpowered MCs

Both series share similar, incredible visual style and animation

Both shows have similar humor

Both shows have a similar pace

Both shows are based off of the creations of one author, ONE, and it really shows
report Recommended by RadShiba
Same author , main character in both series have similar personality ,in both series characters have super natural abilities
report Recommended by the1ado
Similar fashion in terms of character styling, attitude, as well as both have overpowered main character. Similar comedy and joke. No wonder since it is from the same author. A bit different in term of environments art since Mob designed to be a bit more sketchy compared to OPM.
report Recommended by samuel_sfx
Made by the same author, both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man share a lot of similarities with each other. The protagonists are very powerful but are lacking in other aspects. Both the shows follow their main characters, as they learn that being all-powerful doesn't solve everything. If you enjoy great fights and good character development in anime, you'll probably enjoy both the shows.
report Recommended by Sande
Yes others said it all, let me tell again. These anime have
- similar vibe with similar main protagonists
- the main character never brags about his strenth
- his strength his limits and source of his strength are not known
- finally the art of both is literally the same
report Recommended by Ritesh
They are made by the same mangaka, One!
Most facial expression in Mob Psycho 100 are based out of Saitama's "Ok" face. Both anime contain a similar story starting from the main character already having a monstrous strength. Action are undoubtedly awesome and characters have various personality even though their face are... Similar.

Personally a really amazing anime that are shadowed by the greatness of OPM. A must watch for those who want more of OPM after watching all the OVAs.
report Recommended by ShadowZ_AnimeZ
They were both created by the same person and both have a main character that has trouble having emotions and is put in weird scenarios yet One Punch Man is more comedic focused.
report Recommended by Scyres23
Both feature an unassuming main character, who is overpowered. The side characters can be very dramatic, which plays of the main characters very calm, bored demeanor. The art style is very similar, and so is the humor.
report Recommended by Maddisan
Both protagonists are very strong but they pretend to act like common people
report Recommended by Zippo98
Same author, both main characters have similar personality and both have overwhelming power
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Both are written by ONE, both are comical and very enjoyable. If you liked OPM, you will most probably like Mob Psycho 100, vice versa
report Recommended by Donaldcat
Same overpowered main characters and very good comedy.
report Recommended by Mad607
It looks like a strong character with a straight face, destroying all enemies in its path
report Recommended by _ZeRG_
They are both quality action anime but OPM has much more comedy and Mob psycho more storyline action
report Recommended by EndriMirto
-- They are both by the same author
-- Both have characters who cant control their powers
-- Both also have side characters who try to be as powerful as them
report Recommended by Romy_
Saitama and Mob look and behave similarly. They both have a "sidekick" character who aren't as powerful (although, Genos can definitely beat up Reigen--and almost anybody-- anytime). They are both very powerful characters from the beginning, exaggeratedly so. Both animes have incredible action--and the animation styles for it--and are mostly funny.

I'm not caught up with Mob Psycho just yet, but I'm not the only one who has seen the similarities between these two.
report Recommended by SaffronGrey1
- Same author (ONE);
- OP protagonist;
- Funny characters.
report Recommended by Bagrile
Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man were written by the same man, a web comic artist called ONE. So both of these shows share a similar theme of humor and integrate it into bombastic, over the top action scenes. ONE's talent to emotionally connect the audience to his larger-than-life characters in a smooth, natural way is also used to its fullest in Mob Psycho 100. Each show is gorgeously animated and is backed by an appropriately great OST.
report Recommended by bskngshrk
Mob Psycho and One punch man both have a protagonist with near god like powers who just want to be acknowledged by their peers.

report Recommended by iorn
same style and humor
report Recommended by Eileen_Scarlett
Mob in Mob Psycho 100 and Saitama in One Punch man not only look almost identical, but they behave, react and talk in almost the same way.
report Recommended by pushpendra1997
V similar art style and humour
report Recommended by dhruva2000
They have the same author, and the protagonists are pretty similar - average looking with unbelievably strong powers, who yet are somehow too dense to realize the great potential that they hold.

I didn't like both of them, but if you liked either one of them, you're sure to like the other.
report Recommended by Sonal1988
They are made by the same creator and have the same animation style, with Mob Psycho staying truer to the web comic it derived from. Mob is more relatable to me than Saitama. The shows are both amazing.
report Recommended by thenameisflipp
The MCs have same characteristics and appearances. They are also overpowered and no one can beat them.
report Recommended by XeruleanXD
I don't know why but these two anime's just really connect with each other with the main character
report Recommended by Huskymonkey
Mob Psycho 100 is the obvious progression for anyone who was a fan of One Punch Man. Given they are both products of the writer One they carry many of the same tropes, namely the dead-pan, obscenely powerful protagonist. However, I believe that Mob Psycho 100 brings more emotion to the table than OPM. There are emotional moments in OPM, but Mob Psycho 100 really takes it home because where Saitama lacks ambition and is only a hero as a hobby, Mob has ambition, just ludicrously misplaced. In this way Mob seems to me to be a more relatable and in-depth character than Saitama.   read more
report Recommended by Pragon
Aside from the fact that both stories were created by the same manga artist, ONE, there are lots of similarities that mean if you like one show, you'll probably like the other. Super powerful main character? Check. Ridiculous humor? Check. Well thought out side characters and meaningful relationships? Check and check. They're both wonderful. But, saying all that, they ARE completely separate stories that are amazing on their own, not just copies of the other.
report Recommended by _mai_
Similar styles of humor mixed with intense action scenes
report Recommended by Pikmin1211
Both series have the same author, and are finger lickin' gud
report Recommended by Dusseldorphin
Same refreshing take on the overpowered protagonist trope. Each has their own way of handling it that makes them completely unique in their own respect.
report Recommended by Darknightcrawler
Same author, OverPowered main character and in my opinion pretty similar comedy plus Mob’s is dope
report Recommended by MLG_Bob
Both are really strong. Mob for being an esper and Saitama for being a hero. But they have their own unique plots that you will never get tired of. :)
report Recommended by genetanned
Created by same author, ONE. Overpowered MCs who can defeat enemies without a sweat. Funny and action-packed anime.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
They have got the same mangaka and have got similarities like:
-Both protagonists are so OP
-They have got uniqe styles
-Mob is like Saitama but he is psychic
report Recommended by Ali_Fuat
Both are made by the same creators that is ONE, both have overpowered protagonist, both have a side character who aims to be like the protagonist, both have problems with emotions or feelings and both are funny as hell! I love both of them, One Punch Man is more famous than Mob Psycho 100 but I actually prefer Mob Psycho 100 more than One Punch Man! Mob Psycho 100 has a different art style which makes it more interesting to watch! So... Yeah!
report Recommended by its_wolf_
Well this guy called Mob is almost like son of Seitama but with telekinetic ability xD
report Recommended by dakenzi97
-it almost have the same graphics as one punch man
-Mob Psycho 100 is popular with its strong esper, while one punch man is popular
with its powerful physical hero
report Recommended by Superfaiq1