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Both series have the same sense of humor and absurd, comedic art packed with high amount of action in each episode, portraying how strong the protagonist is compared to the rest of the characters.
report Recommended by Aleron
Both series by the same creator "ONE" and both adapted from his iconic web comics. Unsurprisingly art style, character designs and sense of humour are almost identical. Both shows have great OST's and animation.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both of these stories are written by ONE, and have the same sense of humor. They started out as webcomics, although you'll notice that the style is different, as OPM got picked up by a bigger company, and got a new artist, although the story is still written by ONE. There are several theories that the worlds are actually connected. Mob and Saitama have very similar personalities, that are along the lines of emotionless, although they both have different reasons for such. Both build up their allies, and occasionally, foe turns into friend.
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
Mix of action, comedy and a bit of drama, those series follow overpowered main characters and the troubles their powers cause them and how they deal with it. Both have original works made by the same creator.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both made from the same creator. Both are action packed with fantastic fight scenes. Both contain humor that will make you LOL. If you watched one of these and you enjoyed it I would defo recommend watching the other.
report Recommended by Fecal-Jesus
One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 have a really similar feeling, that being said the both share the same creator. They both contain a ridiculously overpowered main character who has two emotions, "OK" and "K.O"! They even share a similar art-style. I really enjoyed them both~! ღ(❤♡❤ღ) Super Powers FTW!!!
report Recommended by RosaMess
Same creator, same style of comedy, both have similar nice art and a have a very op main character that doesn't seem to care about it. If you like one of these shows, you will most likely like the other.
report Recommended by micado
This is literally the same exact show - same type of comedy, very similar art style, even the main character is identical in looks and power. It's One Punch with Ghosts - If you like one, you'll like the other.
report Recommended by Drogean
Both original mangas are made by the same Author : ONE. As having the same author, the art style is the same. Those two share a lot in common thanks to their main characters, who are totally overpowered, where Saitama is a physical monster whereas Mob is a psychic monter.
report Recommended by _Pingu_
Comes from the same creator - ONE. With similar tropes of Comedy and action elements blended together with an interesting character set, for both shows equally.
report Recommended by Turtastic
Same creator, different art style but works quite well, similar comedy, really strong main character, has some very crazy twists that you should expect from One but you won't actually expect, and overall is amazing.
report Recommended by fatheredpuma81
Both series star overpowered MCs Both series share similar, incredible visual style and animation Both shows have similar humor Both shows have a similar pace Both shows are based off of the creations of one author, ONE, and it really shows
report Recommended by RadicalShiba
Made by the same web manga creator ONE. The style is simular (all be it mob psycho being more flashy). however the witty humour and amazing fight scenes are in both anime.
report Recommended by Kezehh
Similar fashion in terms of character styling, attitude, as well as both have overpowered main character. Similar comedy and joke. No wonder since it is from the same author. A bit different in term of environments art since Mob designed to be a bit more sketchy compared to OPM.
report Recommended by samuel_sfx
Made by the same author, both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man share a lot of similarities with each other. The protagonists are very powerful but are lacking in other aspects. Both the shows follow their main characters, as they learn that being all-powerful doesn't solve everything. If you enjoy great fights and good character development in anime, you'll probably enjoy both the shows.
report Recommended by Sande
Yes others said it all, let me tell again. These anime have - similar vibe with similar main protagonists - the main character never brags about his strenth - his strength his limits and source of his strength are not known - finally the art of both is literally the same
report Recommended by Ritesh
It's the same actor, so that means, same humorous style. The protagonists have almost a equally mindset of what they doing. Both have good animation, therefore it has good dose of action. Interesting support characters. That's it. You'll not regret.
report Recommended by Bonelesshuman
They are made by the same mangaka, One! Most facial expression in Mob Psycho 100 are based out of Saitama's "Ok" face. Both anime contain a similar story starting from the main character already having a monstrous strength. Action are undoubtedly awesome and characters have various personality even though their face are... Similar. Personally a really amazing anime that are shadowed by the greatness of OPM. A must watch for those who want more of OPM after watching all the OVAs.
report Recommended by ShadowkillZ
They were both created by the same person and both have a main character that has trouble having emotions and is put in weird scenarios yet One Punch Man is more comedic focused.
report Recommended by Scyres23
Both feature an unassuming main character, who is overpowered. The side characters can be very dramatic, which plays of the main characters very calm, bored demeanor. The art style is very similar, and so is the humor.
report Recommended by Maddisan
Well, the biggest similarity is the main character, both have a really similar design, face: a poker face. Both have one of the best animations ever produced. Both have a lot of action, WITH eye-pleasing visuals. The humor is insanely similar.
report Recommended by blank
Both protagonists are very strong but they pretend to act like common people
report Recommended by Zippo98
Both are written by ONE, both are comical and very enjoyable. If you liked OPM, you will most probably like Mob Psycho 100, vice versa
report Recommended by Donaldcat
Same overpowered main characters and very good comedy.
report Recommended by Mad607
It looks like a strong character with a straight face, destroying all enemies in its path
report Recommended by _ZeRG_
They are both quality action anime but OPM has much more comedy and Mob psycho more storyline action
report Recommended by EndriMirto
-- They are both by the same author -- Both have characters who cant control their powers -- Both also have side characters who try to be as powerful as them
report Recommended by Romy_
Saitama and Mob look and behave similarly. They both have a "sidekick" character who aren't as powerful (although, Genos can definitely beat up Reigen--and almost anybody-- anytime). They are both very powerful characters from the beginning, exaggeratedly so. Both animes have incredible action--and the animation styles for it--and are mostly funny. I'm not caught up with Mob Psycho just yet, but I'm not the only one who has seen the similarities between these two.
report Recommended by AnitaSleap
Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man were written by the same man, a web comic artist called ONE. So both of these shows share a similar theme of humor and integrate it into bombastic, over the top action scenes. ONE's talent to emotionally connect the audience to his larger-than-life characters in a smooth, natural way is also used to its fullest in Mob Psycho 100. Each show is gorgeously animated and is backed by an appropriately great OST.
report Recommended by bskngshrk
They are basically the same but with them being the opposite such as saitama has basically endless physical strength when on mob psyscho 100. Mob has pretty much no physical strength but has esper powers. (And not to mention its literally written by the same writer the wrote one punch man)
report Recommended by Vampoon
Mob Psycho and One punch man both have a protagonist with near god like powers who just want to be acknowledged by their peers.
report Recommended by 88shotgun
- From the same Author - Overpowered Main Character - Reverse Mentor & Apprentice Situation
report Recommended by Jackstyle
Mob in Mob Psycho 100 and Saitama in One Punch man not only look almost identical, but they behave, react and talk in almost the same way.
report Recommended by MegiMeri
V similar art style and humour
report Recommended by dhruva2000
They have the same author, and the protagonists are pretty similar - average looking with unbelievably strong powers, who yet are somehow too dense to realize the great potential that they hold. I didn't like both of them, but if you liked either one of them, you're sure to like the other.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
They are made by the same creator and have the same animation style, with Mob Psycho staying truer to the web comic it derived from. Mob is more relatable to me than Saitama. The shows are both amazing.
report Recommended by thenameisflipp
The MCs have same characteristics and appearances. They are also overpowered and no one can beat them.
report Recommended by XeruleanXD
I don't know why but these two anime's just really connect with each other with the main character
report Recommended by Huskymonkey
Near limitless mc unimpressed with his power. High intensity action with superb visuals. OPM is more comedy and Mob is more emotional
report Recommended by iNonEntity
One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 both feature an overpowered main character alongside powerful and interesting friends that take on formidable villains with epic fight scenes
report Recommended by DoomRanger
Mob Psycho 100 is the obvious progression for anyone who was a fan of One Punch Man. Given they are both products of the writer One they carry many of the same tropes, namely the dead-pan, obscenely powerful protagonist. However, I believe that Mob Psycho 100 brings more emotion to the table than OPM. There are emotional moments in OPM, but Mob Psycho 100 really takes it home because where Saitama lacks ambition and is only a hero as a hobby, Mob has ambition, just ludicrously misplaced. In this way Mob seems to me to be a more relatable and in-depth character than Saitama.   read more
report Recommended by Pragon
Aside from the fact that both stories were created by the same manga artist, ONE, there are lots of similarities that mean if you like one show, you'll probably like the other. Super powerful main character? Check. Ridiculous humor? Check. Well thought out side characters and meaningful relationships? Check and check. They're both wonderful. But, saying all that, they ARE completely separate stories that are amazing on their own, not just copies of the other.
report Recommended by mogu_
Both series show strong protagonists who deal with their powers, many fights, with fluid animation and the same style of art. From the same creators!
report Recommended by Caike
Both main characters are overpowered, the original manga is by the same author. Really good fight scenes and comedy.
report Recommended by FinNote
Same refreshing take on the overpowered protagonist trope. Each has their own way of handling it that makes them completely unique in their own respect.
report Recommended by BirdBoneBoy
I understand that this is an obvious one, however, most people overlook Mob psycho. these anime are similar that both MC are overpowered and create some of the best fight scenes ever, the animation is always on point, where they differ is that when one punch man second season aired it lowered in quality immensely whoever mobs second season improved not only in the story but in animation too, Mob also has far greater character development.
report Recommended by Krronos
overpowed MC full comedy action packed superpowers literally almost everything of Mob Psycho100 reminds me of OPM
report Recommended by bunny1998
Same author, OverPowered main character and in my opinion pretty similar comedy plus Mob’s is dope
report Recommended by Zarukai
Both are really strong. Mob for being an esper and Saitama for being a hero. But they have their own unique plots that you will never get tired of. :)
report Recommended by Ginchanned
Created by same author, ONE. Overpowered MCs who can defeat enemies without a sweat. Funny and action-packed anime.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both main characters are OP but lack emotions and are underestimated because of their appearance.
report Recommended by Nightmare_Eyes
First of all it is the same author that wrote both animes. Second, both MC's have great powers and their personality seem similar. I get the same vibe (humor) from both of these animes when I watch them.
report Recommended by Alca
They have got the same mangaka and have got similarities like: -Both protagonists are so OP -They have got uniqe styles -Mob is like Saitama but he is psychic
report Recommended by Ali_Fuat
In Mob Psycho there are people called espers who are basically same as heroes in one punch man. Main character from Mob has almost same personality as Saitama and is one of (if not) the most powerfull espers. Very similar animation with amazing fight scenes and coreography.
report Recommended by dakenzi97
-it almost have the same graphics as one punch man -Mob Psycho 100 is popular with its strong esper, while one punch man is popular with its powerful physical hero
report Recommended by Superfaiq1
-Both series written by the same author -One is about an overpowered hero and another is about an overpowered psychic -The fight scenes of both series are epic -Both series have an amazing protagonist were an antagonist has chance of winning against. Both MC's have a unique personality according to the perspective of the series If you like this one you will like the other one also
report Recommended by rein4444
Just look at the art style. They're both comedies about people with super powers.. And both of them are great.
report Recommended by Asliel
Both series were created by the same author, and they both feature amazingly animated action, and lots of comedic moments. If you like lighthearted shows, with some more serious undertones, you ll certainly enjoy these shows.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
If you enjoy anime with overpowering protagonists, then you will definitely love Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man. Both works are created by the same author, who excels at crafting intriguing plot developments and expressing the characters' superiority flawlessly. While Mob Psycho 100 shines in character development, particularly regarding the protagonist, One Punch Man leans more towards a comedic approach. Nevertheless, both series deliver an exhilarating experience for fans of overpowering protagonists.
report Recommended by Joceclayson
-Written by the same author -Amazingly written op mc -Husbando material -Funny but action packed
report Recommended by TheEdgyDuck
Saitama is overpowered, Mob(MC in MP100) is overpowered. Both are unbeatable in the anime. They're strong as hell and they look the same, but Mob has a hair an Saitama's Bald.
report Recommended by TgKirito01
Both are anime adaptations of manga that were made by the same author. Both have similar styles of storytelling, comedic tone, and vibe.
report Recommended by SaltyMusicGuy
Both were originally created by the same guy, so both share the same art style and have a similar style of humor. If you like one, you'll most likely enjoy the other as well.
report Recommended by Wileck
The main characters have the exact same facial features and are both extremely powerful. The creatorof One punch man and Mob Pyscho 100 are also the same and
report Recommended by uzumakinn
The heroes are pretty cool and charismatic (although differents) and the enemies (like monsters) are very originals and sometimes creepy O_o . That's the main reasons why I recommend this two animes.
report Recommended by FatKid_d
When I watched the first episode, I was immediately reminded of One Punch Man. In short, Mob Psycho gave me OPM vibes and it turned out to actually be kind of similar (not to mention they have the same author). It has the same amount of comedy and has OP protagonist that's going through a lot.
report Recommended by Zephyrim
-Both mangas are made by the same mangaka, ONE -Both have OP MCs -Similar humour -Similar art
report Recommended by Shefin
Overpowered, but very relatable main characters that are very fun to watch. The stories are great, coming from the same author, but were they really stand out is in their execution. Both are filled with sakuga and some of the best animation anime has to offer, with a varied staff that really seems to have put passion into each work.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Similar kind of humor. Both have strong/OP main character with personal issues.
report Recommended by Cozye
Produced by the same author both of these aim to explore the mentality of an overpowered character, both have great humour, characters, and animation
report Recommended by Jepus26
Quite a similar premise and both come with great animation
report Recommended by ThatBlueGuy
Never too serious, always have a good humor that surrounds for every character. Battle scenes, animation, sounds and the story is great. I recommend this anime for those who want to laugh and see some amazing fight scenes.
report Recommended by CoolSoda
Similar type of humor and OP main They are both from the same author
report Recommended by MadMax343
One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 were both made by the same person, One, with very similar purposes and ideas. OPM and MP100 are both great but personally I think Mob Psycho is better than OPM. Defiantly should check Mob Psycho out if you like One Punch Man and have not seen Mob.
report Recommended by Kejzeren
The heroes of both shows are insanely powerful and are subject to intense, exciting fight sequences. With overwhelming strength, they must find value in the mundane life and figure out how to grow as people. One Punch Man deals with superpowers akin to comic book heroes/villains while Mob Psycho 100 deals with unique psychic abilities.
report Recommended by Jefumaru
Same creator, OP characters but it has more indepth exploration of morals and such
report Recommended by h8_pitts
Both of them are carrying about same premise especially an overpowered main character. Also, they have a poker face which makes me laugh all the time. The fighting scene is nice tho. Very recommended
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
the two have great jokes, are very excited, have a plot that is even consistent, and that they are from the same creator.
report Recommended by RenanShima
If you like the over-the-top-comedy with crudely drawn art styles to achieve this level of comedy along with an OP main character and you have already seen one of these. You’ll almost definitely enjoy the other due to the similar vibes they give off.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
The author of these two animes is the same: ONE. Even though saitama and mob are so strong, they still look for something that they still lack, like feelings or even a fair fight.
report Recommended by Edueuller
Both are written by the same author, both mcs are overpowered, both have great animation Mob Psycho sometime feels emotional whereas Opm is pure Hype Both super enjoyable
report Recommended by Casual_Elite
Both Mob psycho 100 and One punch Man has been made by ONE. Both of this anime is totally similar. "ONE" (the creator) learned his mistakes from making OPM (one punch man) and refilled those hole into Mob psycho. So, we can tell Mob psycho is the refined version of One punch man. The MC of OPM and Mob psycho 100 is Over Powered in there world. They are like emotionless. Saitama is too much powerful and he has like infinite strength which made him not only in anime but also the strongest fictional character in history. There were some lackness in OPM. Saitama being   read more
report Recommended by OtAkU_TaBiB
A super powerful underdog gets used by the system but breaks out of it through their sheer strength. Similar art-style, lots of comedy.
report Recommended by siiimon
Both have overpowered MCs and have the same vibe in general. They were both made by the same guy and they have similar humour.
report Recommended by Gisweeb
Both series are made by the same creator with similar nonchalant overpowered main character with an internal day to day struggle based on the usefulness and enjoyment of their own abilities. Both protagonist are lackluster in their own way while they are great and supported by great side characters. Comedic,action,satirical they contain similar traits that will surely entertain you.
report Recommended by Da_Contradiction
They both have very powerful main characters. They also both have a variety of powers.
report Recommended by anime_watcher151
1. Both anime are by the same author. 2. Both anime have an overpowered main character. 3. Both anime have great funny humor. 4. Both anime have clean animation. 5. Both anime have loveable side characters.
report Recommended by Kevin164
They are both made by the same guy and Mob Psycho is better and has better animation while one punch man is good by overrated and overhyped.
report Recommended by Pirataku
- overpowered, quiet and usually underestimated main protagonist - similar type of humor (overpowered and exaggerated characters, irony of superheroes and shonen) - real life struggles and lessons beneath the comedy and fantasy action - spectacular action - "explosive" visuals
report Recommended by mib23
Both anime has overpowered characters, one with strength and one with psychic powers. For anime starters or newbies Mob Psycho and One Punch Man highly recommend because both of them are enjoyable show, entertaining and really great to begin with.
report Recommended by Marcuxism
Both have similar overpowered MC with similar designs and psychological porblems. Second MCs usually get all the praise, even though they are not as powerful as MC.
report Recommended by Ashiru_Zarin
It is written by the same creator ONE so if people enjoyed OPM, then they can also enjoy MP100 due to the similar humor.
report Recommended by wendy___
They are created by the same creators, but produced by different studios. They have similar humour and animation.
report Recommended by Jinx3d
If you liked one of these shows, you will love the other. There are many OPM references in Mob Psycho 100 as well. Both shows are very unique and entertaining to watch. Highly recommend these two shows to any anime fan.
report Recommended by blondedzero
The main characters have supreme powers but their view of life is simple.
report Recommended by Fawninanimewoods
-a BEAUTIFUL animation -a absurd sense of humour -really great characters and MC
report Recommended by NemesysEX
To begin with both anime was written by the same author. Main characters are overpowered but they pay for this power lose their emotions. And animation in anime is gorgeus
report Recommended by karlorenn
--> Both of the Anime's Have Same Mangaka --> Both Saitama and Kageyama Shigeo are Over-Powered --> Both of these anime's have some similar content in between. --> Both of them have a lot of comedy and humour.
report Recommended by Sakakibara_6
- OPM and MP100, both were written by the same Mangaka. - Both of them have an overpowered MC. - Both of them have great visuals, comedy and action. - MP100 has a school set-up, whereas in OPM, it's a kind of Hero Association set-up.
report Recommended by -Don-
To everyone who loved the action packed and beautifully animated first series of One Punch Man, you should give Mob Psycho 100 a try. Both share the same creator and an overpowered main character, although Mob Psycho goes deeper on the emotional development of the characters in it. I give both a 9/10.
report Recommended by Kaigan-zoi
Both of them have similar protagonists with overwhelming strength. Both of them are quite funny and the protagonists are quite similar in their behavior and characteristics traits. Both are quite funny to watch and they are enjoyable. Would highly recommend to someone who liked Mob Psycho 100.
report Recommended by BroDa2545
(there is a button "read more") The worlds and personalities are different, but there are big similarities. :: Both MC are overpowered and are displayed unstoppable when they get serious. Everyone underestimates their power since they are reluctant in using them. :: The fight scenes are similar when they fight against a "strong" enemy. They get punched trough walls and even buildings but stand up emotionless like nothing extremes happened. - Notes * One Punch Man is a sci-fi comedy action show about superpowers using against monsters. * Setting is a remote city. * Every character is unaware of the MC. * Mob Psycho is a comedy action show about superpowers using   read more
report Recommended by yanshenpan
Same creators. MC's have pretty much the same personality. Similar art style. Both probably just as funny. Both MC's have a lot of power too.
report Recommended by Anitrix
I'm just gonna say 'One' (pun intended) thing about my experience with these two:"Don't Judge a book by its cover." If you like seeing Overpowered protagonists fighting evil in a comical way, you'll definitely love these 2 shows.
report Recommended by Codex_1051
the two heroes want to be a great hero but few people know them big power. both are overpowered the anime go into a comedy but still have lot of action in one punch man the power is strenght and in mob psycho it's telekinesic
report Recommended by tazzaril
They are by the same creators and according to the manga take place in the same universe so they are supper similar.
report Recommended by Honeytape
Made by the same team as OPM, great funny show with interesting characters and deep undertones. And another seriously OP MC, we all love it.
report Recommended by Aginagala
Both Animes are about an overpowered MC who basically can't lose against anyone. However, in Mob Psycho 100 the theme is approached differently. Where Shigeo Kageyama the main character doesn't consider himself special because of his powers. 'Just because you have a talent it doesn't mean you're likeable' is the message. Where the premise of the show is about Kageyama trying to live a normal life while trying to become a better person. Except he gets involved in situations where he is forced to use his powers. Oh yeah, the eyes of Saitama and Kageyama are basically the same lol
report Recommended by Phlipps
One punch man and mob psycho 100 are similar as the main protagonist is very powerful and both the anime are for the peoples who love to watch superpower anime.
report Recommended by Watcheramaze
Both anime are made by the same author. Both anime have the same funny humor. Both anime have breathtaking animation.
report Recommended by blizar
Both involve an OP MC and are both entertaining asf. Mob psycho is a bit deeper than one punch man but one punch man is more entertaining. Two must watch’s.
report Recommended by Purphase
They have the same humor, art style, and epic fight scenes.
report Recommended by mangalight
Both these series were created by the same person and share similar themes of power and how that affects the show's characters. Both shows are very comical while having amazing animation. Mob Psycho 100 has an animation style closer to the aesthetic of the writer's original style while One Punch Man maintains a more anime style while retrieving webcomic references occasionally.
report Recommended by LandSwimmer
report Recommended by L3G3ND4RY_xh
Both Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man are written by the same author, ONE, and they both share ONE's comedic style and character design. I prefer MP100 for how much deeper it goes with its plot and character arcs, and how much more lively the animation is, so if you like OPM's animation but wish for a deeper story, try Mob Psycho 100!
report Recommended by DoofDudz
-Both are from the same creator 'ONE' -Both have an overpowerd mc -Both focuses on the daily life problems of their overpowered mc -Similar art
report Recommended by Rehan1234l
They are both similar because of the OP/Very Strong MC. Both are made by ONE, although OPM is ONE's story, and Mob Psycho is both art and story by ONE. They are both very entertaining and fun to watch. Basically the same comedy.
report Recommended by iskarzzzy
Written by the same author: equally good comedy & action, and even if you may find the art style unconventional it is certainly worth the watch
report Recommended by 3amEpsilon
No need to think twice. Both has similar art style and same author
report Recommended by HEBI_TAN
Both of these stories are written by ONE, and have the same sense of humor. They started out as webcomics, although you'll notice that the style is different, as OPM got picked up by a bigger company, and got a new artist, although the story is still written by ONE. There are several theories that the worlds are actually connected. Mob and Saitama have very similar personalities, that are along the lines of emotionless, although they both have different reasons for such. Both build up their allies, and occasionally, foe turns into friend
report Recommended by DHRUVIK
Both of these are great anime created by One. They have similar art style, humor and they both follow an OP main character.
report Recommended by animereviewboi
The fact that both the shows were created by one person, ONE makes them so much similar yet they're so unique. If you liked OPM, you'll definitely like MP 100 too. The fights, BGM, characters, plot everything's great about it.
report Recommended by Kaibutsu09
-same author -similar character designs -simiilar humour -similar premise? (OP guy who is humble with his abilities)
report Recommended by Seegurgen
Both are made by the same masterful creator, and if you love one you will certainly love the other. As it stands, Mob Psycho 100 is kind of like the younger, smarter brother of One Punch Man, with double the heart and a Season 2 that actually outdoes the first. This adaptation actually sticks to ONE's rough manga art this time round, which while it may be visually unappealing at first, you'll slowly fall in love it with every episode. Give it a chance and you won't be disappointed.
report Recommended by Ethan2K
They are two animes by the same creators with extremely similar art and humor. They have: - An overpowered protagonist. - Comedy based on the powerful protagonist and his connections with other characters. - Impressive animation. - Scenes that can really make you laugh. - Awesome battles. (Until the protagonist does something) - Protagonists almost without emotion. Basically Mob Psycho 100 and One Punch Man are almost identical, if you liked one, you will like the other.
report Recommended by D10G0
This is one of them shows which has very overpowered Mc, but unlike the others - they both are enjoyable, entertaining and very funny shows
report Recommended by OrangeDoritos
Saitama and Reigen are somewhat alike. They're both adults just tryna live life, but Saitama gets caught up in hero society bullshit meanwhile Reigen gets caught up in spirits and such.
report Recommended by bbqrecs
-Both MCs have a comedic personality -The story is written by the same person -Overpowered MCs -Best Fights in all of anime fight me
report Recommended by k1zumoto
The protagonist are in similar situations (being too op) except their viewpoints on their powers are very different. Their personalities are also very different. The two shows are also made by the same creator and therefore have a similar art style and humor lol
report Recommended by Ba_nes_sa_345
Both Mob and Saitama are somewhat tragic heroes in comedy animes with amazing fight scenes and top notch animation. I give you my highest recommendation for one if you liked the other.
report Recommended by AndrewW29
Both overpowered characters with the Problem of expressing/feeling emotions.
report Recommended by mhonny
Both have similar humour surrounding nobody believing that the main character is overpowered. Both are fun to watch.
report Recommended by DWal-1
This is created by the same person `ONE`. in both the series the main character (MC) is shown to be overpowered.
report Recommended by AmanBT
If you like One Punch Man I recommend Mob Psycho 100, not just because the creator is the same person, but because they are both similar, character-wise, Saitama (OPM) is a over-powered badass that just doesn't give a shit, and Mob (MP100) is a over-powered kid that sometimes gives a shit. The show is creative with it's design and they are both hilarious in their own ways. If you're a Shounen/Comedy/Action type of person, this would be a show for you.
report Recommended by 0kailey0
Both have Badass protagonists AND Great fighting scenes with a spice of Humor.
report Recommended by KioSensei
Same writer same art style and absolutely diffrent kind of story. Both anime focus around an op main character whose trying to live an normal live, but Mob Psycho feels more grown up compared to the funny atmosphere One punch man provides.
report Recommended by AdreNaL1nh
Both are made by the same creator, ONE Saitama (the main character of One Punch Man) is a satire of overpowered characters (like Goku) Shigeo (the main character of Mob Psycho 100) just wants to be a normal person despite having exordinary physic powers.
report Recommended by AniArtist
they both action ans saitama cant feel emotions and mob cant control emotions they both so much power full i know Mob Psycho 100 character dizaining bad but if you like one punch man then you well like this anime
report Recommended by Kawai_Suki
Both were created by ONE. Both are well-written and captivating OP MCs who I truly respect. Similar faces with simple character designs for the main character themselves. Their internal struggles and their everyday lives are relatable in their own way (excluding their superpowers). This also includes mentor-student relationships, but have different roles. If you like this one, then you will like the another one.
report Recommended by Ryuko-Nijuudai
Both are done by the same creator of these shows (ONE). Both shows have very good animation and have an overpowered main protagonist dealing with a challenge within themselves.
report Recommended by Zenon2305
I'm pretty sure I saw Saitama's picture as Reigen's phone background...
report Recommended by CrustyMustard
both made by the same guy "One", mob psycho has better animation imo as well as better characters and better story beats that resonated with me. it's like one took what he learned from opm & perfected it with this masterpiece.
report Recommended by JavanyXD
So first both of the shows were made my the same guy. Second of all is that both shows have very overpowered mcs that aren't the smartest.
report Recommended by TrollFog
Great protagonist that are strong(op) but have a great sense in how they see life and go about their everyday lives each episode with funny moments that are refreshing and top tier fights backed by the their separate productions. Worthwhile supporting characters too
report Recommended by OrangeOtakuIII
Both main character is litteraly like the same , same vibe and comedy
report Recommended by de_dencin
It's literally written by the same person. If you enjoyed one punch man you'll prob love mob psycho.
report Recommended by SimpyMidnight
Now it's pretty common recommendation since both were written by same author, also rather than story Both MC has too many similarities -Both MCs are overpowered. -Both mcs power are unknown to society. -Both mcs want to accomplish something unusual. -Both mcs don't pretty much care about them being overpowered.
report Recommended by Aashray7
Both have: The comedy was hilarious Written by the same author God level animation
report Recommended by kixann
Not only is the manga artist of these anime same, but so is their MC. If you liked OPM, you might as well appreciate Mob Psycho. Without giving any spoilers i'd say that Mob psycho is a Pg-13 anime with an overpowered kid named Shigeo, who lives a "normal" school life. This anime contains humor, action, and a so-called character development too.
report Recommended by Gojo_is_da_best
Both have a comedic story with a protagonist that is seen as OP.
report Recommended by Zaner_
Both are good as they were made by same production team and the protagonist in both anime has many similarities. Mob Pschyo is a good show i would say coz' it's not very interesting from the start but goes well with episodes after episodes.
report Recommended by ZoroIsneVerLost
Same author with the same overpowered MC trope, although this series is actually more of a heartwarming journey than OPM is. It has pretty much all of the good qualities about OPM (funny comedic moments, epic and fluid action scenes) with a much more in-depth protagonist and side cast and more stable animation consistency.
report Recommended by Polarkip31
Kinda like OPM but more emotional
report Recommended by Jarvz
Another beautifully animated shujo adaptation
report Recommended by joeydean
Made by the same creator it's a shounen, the main character's powers are underestimated or unknown to the world, much like Saitama whose strength and power is deeply underestimated. It's hilarious with similar humor as one punch man, and their are even hidden easter eggs hinting that One Punch Man or Saitama is connected or exists in Mob Psycho 100.
report Recommended by Sharp_Ninchirin9
A super strong psychic buffed MC who uses psychic power to win. The humor aspect is amazing and well written in both. Each episode is packed with action, intensity and humor just like OPM S1. Doesn't waste audience time with unnecessary details or unwanted flashbacks or slow dialogues/monologues. Mob psycho is basically a Saitama with psychic strength (instead of physical) in a psychic world setting.
report Recommended by therealab
Both shows focus on OP protagonists and feature tons of brain-breaking battles! Mob centers around a high school student with psychic powers. While Saitama struggles to find meaning in life, Mob has difficulty fitting in at school.
report Recommended by Nik4o_
Both feature a fun, over-powered protagonist and insane, over-the-top action. Both worlds feel alive with the amount of cool characters and crazy moments within both shows. Also, both manga were created by ONE (go figure).
report Recommended by BananaGod34
Like One Punch Man, Mob Psycho follows an overpowered protagonist, and both potray similar themes of how powers can affect the human psyche. Also both have absolutely stellar animation, though Mob Psycho's is more consistent throughout every season.
report Recommended by Swiftfiend
funnie strong ppl
report Recommended by lighthawkhebi
Both Stories are of people having to deal with their overwhelming power and how it affects their daily lives. I also feel both are about finding oneself, as Saitama is trying to find something that gives him that "spark", and Shigeo is trying to deal with his powers and live a normal life. Both are amazing anime and they also have wonderfully animated fight scenes and the humor is top notch! Please give both of these a watch!
report Recommended by ShellOut
1. infinity power level 2.people think they are losers but they are the badass
report Recommended by danimenerd
These series come from the same writer and it is extremely easy to see and feel the similarities between the two when watching. Similar humor, an OP odd-looking MC, and plenty of goofy but lovable side characters.
report Recommended by DeVitoRobaNoNo
its similer in art style a because its made by the same person also it follows a boy who really doesnt react at all thats because he has no emotion but when he gets to 100% from any emotion well i wont spoil it but its very similir
report Recommended by smoochie_mild
Both have the same mangaka and the same story premise, and the story’s very good
report Recommended by Pigwithglasses
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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