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They talk a lot and I mean A LOT in both. The chit-chat is funny, sometimes deep, and also very absorbing. Both have fantasy style setup. And of course brilliant couples :)
report Recommended by edwassas
There's something special about the way the two main characters grow with one another in both series that just makes you fall in love with them as a couple. So much character in each Anime's main cast too. The soundtracks are great and would be pretty entertaining to see them swapped with each other. If you want a good adventure, both of these shows are especially perfect for the craving. <3 I found both Spice and Wolf and Katanagatari left me with the same feeling of depression after I finished them too. haha
report Recommended by Shirt
The dialogues structure-script feel similar, as exposing facts or historical events. These are long and become tedious after a while, but there is always a catch phrase, a distintive action or a particular event in or related to the dialogue that keeps the viewer enjoying the conversation while it lasts.
report Recommended by vault2049
After reading 10 Spice and Wolf novels and watching the series multiple times, I believe Katanagatari to be the most similar show to Spice and Wolf even if the settings are different. They share the same aesthetic sensibilities of witty dialogue and presenting the viewer with a set of tools to solve a puzzling situation the characters get placed in. Spice and Wolf has playful banter between Holo and Lawrence and uses suspenseful economic struggles and trading dilemmas to force the viewer to also come up with a solution. Katanagatari matches the atmosphere with witty dialogue between its main characters and provides the same challenge   read more
report Recommended by ss4gojetanks
Both series deal with the relationship between two protagonists of the opposite sex who - more or less - meet by chance and join each other to go on an epic journey in a beautiful, somewhat medieval, fantasy setting. Their, kind of vague, purposes may differ (in Katanagatari it's some kind of treasure hunt, in Spice and Wolf it's the desire to explore the world) and while Katanagatari involves some politics and battles, whereas Spice and Wolf deals with trading and bargaining, both heavily rely on dialogues and the characters' interactions along the way, which have a lot in common as well. Both females, for   read more
report Recommended by Saviuz
Katanagatari is spice and wolf - the hot wolf girl and + some actually quirky and interesting characters who most often have lots of witty banter and with some entertaining fight sequences too
report Recommended by Hideyoshilover
both are heavily focused on both MC's and their interactions with each other. the interactions are actually the best part, because they usually have full conversations and its nice seeing them interact and react. one is straightforward while the other is very mischievous. kinda like the whole manzai routine. both couples are traveling both girls have mysterious pasts both have nice ratings and are fairly popular
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Katanagatari and Spice and Wolf have similar pacing, and are both extremely dialogue-heavy, especially between the two main characters. Both have a fantasy-type setting, but Katanagatari also has some action scenes, while Spice and Wolf revolves around merchants and trading. If you enjoyed the character interaction between the characters of one of these shows, you will probably like the other as well.
report Recommended by Negligence
In a lot of ways, these two series reminds me of one and the other. Both series features a lot of interactions between the main male and female protagonist through their journey after their fated encounter. Speaking of which, these two series has an adventure like theme in a fantasy setting. Through their journey, they explore various places and learn new ideas as well as about one and the other. Both series' main female protagonist views herself as wise but at times becomes frustrated at various events especially regarding the main male protagonist with his actions. They also have mysterious pasts. Throughout the journey, the duo encounters other   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
Katanagatari and Spice And Wolf are the same kind of romance adventure anime shows. Katanagatari's plot is more samurai action based in Japan Edo period while Spice And Wolf's plot is about merchants in medieval Europe, in both series the main idea in the story is the developing relationship and romance between the two, one male, one female, main characters which is what I mainly liked about both shows.
report Recommended by Sabamet
The stories are different, one has action and swords and battles and the other has economics and trading. However that's the only major difference I have found. They have similar setting, one in Feudal Japan, and the other in Medieval Europe, so if you're a fan of these settings here you go. They have similar journey, like the Male MC wants to accompany the Female MC on a journey to reach her desired destination. Both shows rely on dialogue and interaction between the main characters. Holo is similar to Togame in many ways; Acting smart, cunning personality and at the same time romantic. The romance is presented in both shows. Highly   read more
report Recommended by Dr-Eyes
Spice and Wolf and Katanagatari have different stories, however with the 2 main characters and how they interact with each other, it is actually quite similar. In both anime, the 2 main characters. The female leads the male in both stories and go on a journey together. Bit of romantic moments here and there which adds to their relationships. A bit of jealousy and bit of lovey dovey moments just make the 2 very similar in that aspect. Holo and Lawrence, Shichika and Togame. Both of these couples have good chemistry with each other and makes you kind of buttery inside. Both of these shows have   read more
report Recommended by Xaractis
Both of these animes have two main characters female and male which travel around place to place in search of something. Of course since man and women are traveling together it's not so hard to guess that both of these animes have romance in them. The two also show how one character changes the other over their time traveling together through out their adventures overall both animes are similar but unquie in their own special ways.
report Recommended by Low_Lite_Star
Both are series about two people traveling together and mostly focus on dialogues and relationship between them.
report Recommended by LifeIsOverrated
Both have a main couple with a stark difference in power, who constantly tease and banter each other with witty dialog. Both include a journey trough Japan, and complex problems to solve at each station, where she actually is the smarter player. Their romance progresses at similar speed and in a similar way. Both take place in historical Japan, and have fantasy elements on top.
report Recommended by inim
Both have heavy and meaningful dialogue. The couples interactions feel very similar. The couple are really also good. Katanagatatari's dialogue is heavier but it also has fight scenes.
report Recommended by Cheggsack
They are both very dialogue-driven shows that feature a main couple travelling. The way the characters interact are similar, and their chemistry feels similar as well. I highly recommend both.
report Recommended by nikolol