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Both main characters are dragged into being different types of mutant humans. The powers in Tokyo Ghoul are more like a natural defense mechanism they are born with and in Ajin they are immortals and some can control a type of stand like in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Both shows are dark and dramatic, the key difference is that Ajin is a lot more cynical and Tokyo Ghoul likes to explore the interactions amongst Ghouls
report Recommended by FireFly1
Both are gore animes and have a lot of interesting characters. Each one of them have a huge personality and the plots are very catchy. Worth a try!
report Recommended by miekosayuri
Both stories have similar main characters that become hardened through their experiences. Kaneki is a ghoul, and Kei is an Ajin. Both of them became their respective species by deadly experiences. Ghouls possess superhuman strength, can only ingest humans, and have a kagune. Ajin are immortal, and they can form a black humanoid being that they can control.
report Recommended by Nyaominyan
Ajin is the non-mainstream version of Tokyo Ghoul.
report Recommended by MegaDany97
Both have an MC become a ghoul or an Ajin. Both MC used to be human and try to deny becoming what they have come Both involve the MC fighting against other ghouls or Ajin Both have the MC being hated by humanity Both have a society of ghouls or Ajin Both have ghouls and Ajin being both almost or completely immortal
report Recommended by Scrom
-Both have an MC that is dragged into an unknown 'world' to them -Neither one did anything wrong to deserve what they're put through -Both MCs become the ones hunted by humans because of a deadly accident -Organization vs Monsters The main difference: The MC in Ajin is a lot more clear-headed and is much more mentally and emotionally stronger, as opposed to the one from Tokyo Ghoul, who is less courageous and gives in to situations a bit easier.
report Recommended by BlameSaiki
Both main characters, who seem like innocent and kind teenage boys, are forced to hide from society because of their "monster" side. They both have a faithful, blonde-haired best friend. Both anime are of similar genres - psychological, action, supernatural.
report Recommended by tearbender
Dark world where humans and and "monsters" live in the same society. ( Ajin (demi-humans) and ghouls). Both protagonists are living normal life, studying in school when accident happens and they find out that they're not humans anymore. Both main characters are being hunted by the police forces and special ops. Both MC's experience a lot of pain and are subjects of experiments and insane abuse. Lots of action, violence, gore, fight between humanity and ajin/ghouls. Psychological, questioning morals of what's good and bad/right or wrong, and humanity. Good soundtracks
report Recommended by Hutai
Both characters have to deal with adapting to an entirely new way of living. Going from seemingly normal, to not human.
report Recommended by betarunner
Both anime have humans and non-humans. Both have a character that struggles with their specie. And they have a friend to help them. They both have a group of people ruining the specie's life.
report Recommended by weirdotakonekoo
- Both protagonists become superhuman and have to adapt to a new lifestyle - Both protagonists have that one friend who always tries to help them and pull them out of trouble (they also look-a-like) - Both shows include supernatural beings - Both shows include very strong police force
report Recommended by Frenezija
Both main characters are outlaws. Both are chased. Style of plot is similar but instead of ghouls are ajins.
report Recommended by Climek
A constant shocking psychological game comes to mind of our protagonists in his discovery: stop human being. We can also see the strong conflict for his big difference, ghoul / ajin against humans, a large elite in search of these phenomena and our protagonists of one of these monsters. You will find peace again, that when it was considered human?
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- MC have almost identical reveals or changes - Something happens to MC later which makes op realize his fate (....Any guesses?) - Story is very similar except - Properties of the titular entity/black particle-y thing are similar to ghouls. There are few big dissimilarities though - Blonde headstrong best friend who makes up for MC's lack of clear mind - Worst Mother Ever perhaps????? If you read TG Manga and if anime followed the plot perfectly then it would have been something similar to this minus the foreshadowing.
report Recommended by xevile
If you like the themes in Tokyo Ghoul, you'll really want to watch this anime. I was sucked in right from the beginning. We all love a good opening song. It gives us the feel of the anime and gets us pumped. Everyone that has watched Tokyo Ghoul knows that opening just with the first sung note. So just like Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin has a very catchy, interesting opening song that gives you a feeling of anticipation and excitement. It's like that feeling of "yes, I want to see what this anime is about because this song is great!" The main character in Ajin is relatable   read more
report Recommended by the_kyo
Both main characters discovers they are quite different from the rest of the world. Their kind is also not acceptable in the society because they are considered as monsters. Both characters struggle to live in the world where they aren't accepted. Small similarities like the MCs name which starts with K, has a friend who has blonde hair and the leading/strong pursuer wears glasses and has a white colored hair. The rest of the similarities are easy to point out. They both also have the same theme.
report Recommended by Tsuchisa
Both are anime with psychological elements, the main character was previously human and then changed into a form despised for society.
report Recommended by BowFlamer
Both are slight deviations on basically the same story.
report Recommended by DocVinFFLY
Kei : Kaneki Kaito : Hide Satou : Yoshimura Tosaki : Arima
report Recommended by KaiqueCW
the protagonist suddenly discover they are not human similar concept of government wanting to hunt them down they have a blonde loyal best friend sato-san is like eto and likes to cause havoc on the city for fun
report Recommended by Scarlett_ryuken
These two are very alike: -Both MC's look alike -Both MC's are weak at first -Both MC's find out their a ghoul/ajin and is hard to accept it -Ghouls and Ajins are alike in how they are not accepted in society -Some of the characters are alike Kaneki/Kei Hide/Kaito Akihiro/Satou Arima/Tosaki
report Recommended by Xiela
-Both of them have a main character who doesn't want to be this other species, but has no choice but to be it -Both have the main characters mature over the series -Both of them take place in a modern society -In both, the main character has a friend who tries to help him
report Recommended by thelectricow
They both live in a world, where another specie that looks like a human, but has supernatural powers and doesn't die that easily. Both main characters are going through a rapidly change, from being in the "human world" to have to get to know the "other world". Both are very thrilling
report Recommended by NutellaJam
- Both the main character is somebody with strange powers that make him an outcast. - Both involves the same situation where the guy who is one of the hunted finds himself in a condition where he has to fight to survive. - Both speaks about an human that become "non-human" and have to live in a world that try to kill him. - The main characters of both anime become a being/monster and even though at first they are scared and confused, they overcome it and become pretty badass. - Both are also action-packed and, while I liked Ajin more than Tokyo Ghoul in terms of   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
they're hunting on Ajin's in ajin, and they're hunting on ghouls in tokyo ghoul. nagai Kei (Ajin) looks like kaneki (tokyo ghoul) with black hair.
report Recommended by Tender_Darkness
The struggle among human beings and "monsters" (ghoul or ajin). Principal characters dealing with a "non-sense" -at first, at least, for them– new identity, running away from danger (actually a prosecution of those who profess a lack of knowledge and fear of what is new) . Both animes depict a steady race for survival and an internal dialogue about what it means to be human.
report Recommended by kusanagi-330
It has a great plot,In both animes the main character is a boy which suddenly gets his humanity taken away. Both main characters are solitaires Ajin main character is really intelligent and Cold-hearted .The anime fights look a little more realistic in Ajin,and they're not so overpowered has in Tokyo Ghoul. The animation its kind a weird comparing to other animes but it does totally worth watching it.
report Recommended by m4st3rl4g
In both there feared creatures for humanity, In both the protagonist is very scary but then turns serious. A really good anime Ajin
report Recommended by ShinraSora
Both characters have to deal with adapting to an entirely new way of living. Going from seemingly normal, to not human so you will get about the same vibe while watching
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Both anime's have a different "creature" type in the series. In Tokyo Ghoul there are ghouls, and in Ajin there are Ajins. Both anime also have an association that are after the types.
report Recommended by dulobrisk
Lots of blood, lots of drama Not humanlike "people" that are seen as monsters Good antagonists interesting main character and main focus on the main characters methods (though to be warned the mains in these are completely different) Awesome fights
report Recommended by Flynnit
Both main characters have to afront the idea that they aren't humans. They want to have peace in their lifes. They are going to try to find a way to live a normal life. The difference between the main characters is that nagai (AJIN) is more manly than kaneki (TOKYO GHOUL).
report Recommended by Devil_Daxter31
Both have dark themes and are centred around the protagonist becoming something inhuman. There are a lot of other parallels, such as side characters acting similarly (strong female side character and a human best friend), but Ajin manages to hold its own as a series. It arguably does a lot of things better than Tokyo Ghoul, though many overlook its potential as a story and series for its unique animation, but the CGI in Ajin is high quality, and is among the top uses of CGI I've ever seen in anime.
report Recommended by mikkonmydick
These series are very similar. If you loved Tokyo Ghoul, I'm sure you'll love Ajin. Both series have "Demi-Human" or Demonic Creatures in them, thus keeping a relatively dark atmosphere.This really gives both anime's good tones. The MC's both share physical and mental traits as well. Which makes it that much better to recommend. The dark/deep story's really make the stories that much better. Enough talk, go check out another great series, Ajin.
report Recommended by Guap
In Ajin and Tokyo Ghoul both protagonists are forced into a lifestyle where they become mutants. In Tokyo Ghoul, Ghouls are born with a weapon which they can activate at will, this works as a defensive weapon which protects them from their enemies and helps hunt. While in Ajin they're immortal beings whom can also control a weapon, this one is not connected with the user of the weapon and is used as an offensive weapon. Ajin focuses on survival of a single person while Tokyo Ghoul on character development and fighting for eachother.
report Recommended by TheNoro
Both MC are dragged to become Unhuman that they didn't expect. Similar Dark Themed Atmosphere, Also both have this psychological concept that will make the MC to a drastic mental change. Worth watching!
report Recommended by -Yoinokuchi
Both of the main characters are inevitably dragged into a huge conflict between demi-humans and humans. They are also immortal and have similar personalities.
report Recommended by highonronin
- similar genre: action, mystery, horror, supernatural, seinen - both are about creatures who hostile with humans
report Recommended by sansensun
Both animes are intriguing, suspenseful, and action- packed. The biggest similarity between Tokyo Ghoul and Ajin is that both series explore in depth of what it means to be human, and the malice that humans beings show to beings that they don't view as human.
report Recommended by panmonokuma
Both are about a group of people that are feared and hunted by society. The main character is thrown into a life changing situation between the feared species and the humans. Both have a a best friend that they depend on.
report Recommended by Katie_lou
both series focus on main characters who both become something non-human, that they are afraid of/told to fear, and looked down upon by society, and both want to do something about it. the only difference is that kei nagai in "ajin" was *born* an ajin, while ken kaneki in "tokyo ghoul" *becomes* a ghoul by ghoul-organ transplantation. both heavily discuss the idea of humanity as a whole and both characters' lives are turned around because of their newfound lives. both characters are both kinda unreliable characters but definitely anti-heroes. the only real difference between both series is that tokyo ghoul focuses more on how far it takes   read more
report Recommended by phxntomhiveghoul
If you enjoyed the Anime of Tokyo Ghoul you will like this series. Just like in Tokyo Ghoul Ajin has a new species the so called Ajin, who are superior than humans. For me this series does everything right where the Anime version of Tokyo Ghoul failed.
report Recommended by BonoboChris
I like both of them. Both series are good and unique in there own way but Ajin was in part inspired by Tokyou ghoul this is why Ajin reminds you of Tokyo Ghoul. The characters look the same, the main character has a monster inside them, the anime's a horror etc.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both of these series deal with a main character rejected by society. As is the case with Kaneki, Kei is deemed as an unsightly being that needs to be "eradicated", or, in the words of the residents of Japan, "locked up and taken care of by the government". Both protagonists dance a fragile line between staying themselves and being what everyone else believes they are. Both are in hiding and both lose a bit of their humanity somewhere along the line. But unlike Tokyo Ghoul, Ajin doesn't completely screw over the second season (okay, maybe there's like one scene that could've been better). All in   read more
report Recommended by norathexplorer
Both MC characters got their powers ACCIDENTALLY, if you know what I mean. The story and the plot is alike to some scenes. Give it it a try. The graphics of Ajin may be bad but worth it.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince