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Naruto: Shippuuden
Naruto: Shippuuden
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Yuri!!! on Ice
Yuri!!! on Ice
Jan 14, 2017 5:20 PM
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Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride
May 17, 2016 7:03 AM
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May 10, 2016 1:30 PM
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Ai dano Koi dano
Ai dano Koi dano
Sep 11, 2014 4:40 PM
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SeriousSarcasm Feb 20, 2016 4:08 PM
Be sure to check this out:
I hope you plan on watching it, since you seem like a fellow Itachi fan^^ Seems pretty cool.
Have a nice day.

(Sorry, I'm just excited and like informing people now. lol)
Joaovf Feb 11, 2015 12:28 AM
Great review on Naruto Shippuden!
PzykoSkillz May 3, 2013 6:04 PM

PzykoSkillz Mar 6, 2013 5:43 PM

KaoruNagaara Nov 18, 2012 9:05 AM
Why i should hate you? if you don't forget me, i don't hate you^^ Yeah, how i can forget my brand new bitch xD i just thought you're disappear o.o
I understand for school, it's very very very hard, i start at 8:15 and i finish at 17:10 everyday (monday - friday) and sometime i have test in the morning saturday TT because i have a big exam in june (month before july, i forget how to write june o.O) and when i come back to my house, i do my homework imediately x_x (i'm not a good student, i just try to do my best)
Don't worry to be active or not, but don't be lazy at school xD
Wow, i'm really, really, really, really happy to talk to you again T_T *big hugs*
KaoruNagaara Sep 1, 2012 4:33 AM
DARRRRLIIIIIIIING!I miss youuuuuu! TT i just know in this site, they have a comment box. stupid what i am xD how are you? i miss you a lot TT
PzykoSkillz Aug 18, 2012 10:47 AM
gINGEr May 3, 2012 9:51 AM
MelbShaw Apr 13, 2012 1:03 AM

This is One Divine informing you a few days late that the Art and Graphic Competitions are OVERRR! The results are in so whether you participated or not does not matter, so check out the results! The results to the Art competition can be found here and the results to the Graphic Competition can be found here! Thanks for visiting, and remember theres plenty to do, don't forget about our games and chatango room anyone can visit. See ya next time!
hontobaka Apr 4, 2012 9:37 AM
I missed talking to you too^^ But don't worry, I won't stay this long without replying again. At least not until the round two of university entrance exams (10-30 June). And even then I'll try to make some time^^
And the F/Z novels are obviously way more important than my health. It's even rude of you to imply otherwise. I'm now deeply offended.

Ao no Exorcist - Is that so? I also think I enjoy watching a series a lot more if it's already finished. However, that also makes all the flaws more apparent, since you're actually linearly following the plot without interruption. So in case the series has some plot holes, watching it in a run only detracts from my enjoyment. Well, hope you enjoy your rewatch, though^^

Darker Than Black - Sure thing^^ I'm always eager to know your impressions on potentially cool stuff. If you do get to read it, fill me in.

Fate/Zero - I... actually didn't write all I wanted at the time. But I was really tired of writing. I mean, physically tired, as in my wrist was acting up (which is rare, given how much I type a day). But I was really happy to see you gave me quite the detailed answer in this topic too^^
Anyway, I've obviously already finished it by now and it was AWESOME. Actually, the build-up is really well constructed since not only is the story never boring, as it actually gets better steadily but surely with each volume. The 4th being the best. You can't imagine how eager I am to see some of the battles animated. (Saber vs. Rider is the best, by the way. But there's also the inevitable Kiritsugu vs. Kirei, which is pretty awesome as well.) And surprisingly, there are three dialogs I'm looking forward to as much or even more than the battles to see animated. I won't go on on that, since it'd be too spoilerish. But they're really good and watching them complete with voice acting will be great. I challenge you to spot those three when it airs.
Anyway, the ending is... a serious trouble for me to avoid telling. But I really liked it. On to the characters.

I actually agree more with Saber's position in that debate (and no, it's not because she's my favorite), though I do think she's wrong in taking all the responsibility onto her shoulders. I mean, I find her way of ruling to be the correct one, yet I think she was too inflexible with herself - she didn't have to sacrifice everything but she wanted to take that ideal way of ruling to its fullest, yet pretty much impossible state. I also have to agree with Rider that trying to undo what happened to her kingdom is denying the effort of all those who once stood beside her. On the other hand, I truly understand her strife for perfection, her guilt for her mistakes and her wish to undo them. And actually, she also knows that Rider is correct in this point, but she still holds on to that ideal, because the determination of fulfilling it is the only thing that keeps her from despairing over it (as well as the only thing she can do as of now - as you'll be explained in the final episodes). That internal struggle is one of the reasons I really like her character.
Anyway, I'm really glad you like her and find her interesting, since I know plenty of people who won't stop complaining about how boring she is as a character.

Don't worry, you'll see more of Lancer^^ Though not necessarily for the better... *sigh* Sorry, can't say much more. But he's awesome and he'll have two pretty good moments in the fight with sea demon/Caster.

Gilgamesh is... A character I'd truly love to kill. And also the most overpowered character in the story of anime. The guy is intelligent, sharp, handsome and has a certain ridiculously powerful Noble Phantasm. I see where you come from, as I've also obviously noticed the resemblance with Izaya from Durarara!!. Yet while I love Izaya, I hate Gilgamesh with a passion. The main reason being how he treats Saber.
And you say a mild connection with the snake from Adam and Eva's legend? I see signs all over the place. From his pupils to his demeanor, his awesome manipulative skills, the relic used to summon him, and even his Noble Phantasm. I still think of him as a very good character, despite hating him, since I acknowledge his intelligence and the way everything that happened was basically a stage set by him for his own entertainment. He sees other as mere puppets, yet he seems to do so so rightfully. I still hate him though. (How I feel towards him is pretty much like how I feel towards Kyuubey.) So I see why you like him. He's definitely a good character.

As for the other characters, there are some who'll get a real boost in development in the later half (and very rightfully so). That would be Kiritsugu, who finally gets his much deserved fair share of development and actually becomes one of my favorites (he did had a bit more of development in the first two novels than in the first half of the anime, mostly because monologues and introspection are hard to convey in non-written media, but even in the novels, most of his development is depicted in the second half), Waver who is also pretty awesome, and Irisviel, who surprised me even more with her sharpness in understanding other people (pretty impressive for a homunculus, huh?) and endeared me with her dedication.
I'm looking forward to see the rest of it animated! Please ufotable, don't disappoint me, please... (I'm pretty confident they won't, though^^)

Mirai Nikki - Ah, this turned a bit too nonsensical for my taste, I don't even feel like talking about it. I admit that these latest twists were actually well done since they were properly foreshadowed and they're actually good. However, I feel like the characters actions and motives are all over the place, and Yukiteru's behaviour has finally become unbearable to me (and I used to like him in the beginning!). It's not bad, and never ceases to entertain, but I just don't feel that spark for the show anymore. It feels like they crammed too many ideas together, deviating a lot more than they should from the initial stage of things.

Guilty Crown - A bad show with good animation and gorgeous music is... still a bad show. The plot seemed made up as they were going, it has got only two consistent characters who are Ayase and Shu and I won't be talking about the ending because you're still a lot behind but... it was bad. A lot was left unexplained. Not to mention that Suichirou's genius plan was... starting something that can be fully explained with the words all anime fans know: the Human Instrumentality Project. Yep, lame.

I decided to watch Chihayafuru. I won't be doing it exactly now but I will eventually get to it. Right now my plan is to watch Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai just for the sake of ISML voting, and then the promised 07-Ghost. (Don't fall of your chair again!)

D.Gray-man - Hey, hold it girl! No need to get so enthusiastic xD I'm glad that you're glad that I watched it, though^^ I'm also surprised you actually guessed Lavi would be my favorite. Well, seems like you do know my tastes quite well. Those last few times haven't been just a fluke ;)

Do it. It's a really good watch, imo. It's just a shame that it probably won't be getting a second season since it had quite low sales. And it was just starting to get so good too... When you do watch it, don't forget to tell me your opinion^^

Heck, that's like, my dream guy. (Don't worry, I'm too far to steal him xD Not like that'd ever be my intention anyway. *evil grin*) No, but really, it's awesome that you're dating a fansubber. So yeah, glad that you're happy. I'm also glad that you haven't changed your opinion on that subject (since that's one of the many things that make you awesome).
Speaking of which, I'm also starting a fansubbing project. Actually, I'm doing it more for myself, since there aren't many Portuguese fansubs and for some reason they rarely pick good shows... (Can you believe that not one single group picked up Madoka Magica nor Fate/Zero? And that the guy who picked up Steins;Gate only subbed the first episode and doesn't show any signs of continuing the project even though he didn't set it as dropped and has continued translating other less interesting shows?) Anyway, I'm doing a quality over quantity thing and will only translate the Blu-Rays of series I really like that haven't been subbed yet. And I'm doing it because my parents are actually getting into anime, yet I feel that my father isn't appreciating Steins;Gate as he could (we're watching it together) due to not being used to reading English subtitles (thus not catching everything, according to him) and my mother can't even read English. Thus I have of now translated 24 mins of the first episode of Fate/Zero (only started yesterday!), since my mom asked me to watch with me once the Blu-Rays for the second half are out.

And you know? I'm totally sick and tired of the guy who offered me that candy. Let's see... He's really kind and nice, so I don't want to hurt his feelings (even if I can't avoid being somewhat cold at times... why am I like that...) but he's also pretty bland, personality-wise, and he won't leave me alone for a bit at school, which is actually the worst part. I don't know if I ever told you, but I'm quite an independent person and I love to have my moments alone (which has had me labeled as anti-social several times) just listening to some music or simply thinking. Actually, if i counted and compared the breaks I spend alone with those I spend with friends, it'd be about 60%-40%. But the thing is that of late I can do neither, since no matter what unusual place I go, he'll search through the entire school just to find me (the only place where I managed to spend a break without him bugging me was in the girls WC - for obvious reasons). And then, if I'm speaking to someone, he'll interrupt and demand attention. I just hate this kind of guys... I hate being rude but it seems like he won't take any clues so I might have to resort to being totally blunt.

---And once again, my wrist is acting up. Well, this is not the first huge reply I'm writing now but I may actually be building up a tendinitis...---

I've planned on watching Eureka Seven for a long time now. But... I always like to leave bigger titles for vacation time (I was gonna watch Juuni Kokuki this Easter vacations but a deep cleaning to the house got in the way...). I'm a lot more confident on trying it out though, since I have your 'quality seal' as a guarantee^^

Interesting... I actually took Blood+ of my PTW list after reading your reply, but I've just noticed you actually gave it a 9/10. Which kinda contradicts your previous claim that it's "ridiculous". Care to elaborate?

Another - It was actually my favorite anime of this season. I thought the mood was really well set, I loved the atmosphere and specially the sound direction, which is the bigger responsible from the awesome creepy and disturbing feeling which is the best thing in this series. I don't think Misaki was overdramatized at all, even if I'm not a huge fan of her anyway. I still claim that the characters were pretty much realistic and likable, but I do admit that besides the two mains (and Akazawa to some extent), they were really underdeveloped. I loved the retro-feeling I got from this anime, despite the top-notch artwork (though the animation could use a bit of improvement). I just didn't like the ending that much, specially since the mystery was revealed through supernatural means (even though it can fully be resolved rationally - it's even quite easy to do so) and because a certain character's attitude felt unreasonable to me.

Brave 10: I didn't like it. It's all I have to say. Totally average plot, bad characters (I liked Sasuke - because I like his character archetype - and Anna. Everyone else was damn annoying.) and bad ending. Average music, average animation...

Black Rock Shooter - Solid plot for a show with only 8 episodes, but the character reactions were too exaggerated for them to be any likable. Really, it was way too melodramatic for my taste, even if the concept and the message they tried to convey was actually good. I didn't like the fighting scenes all that much either.

Zero no Tsukaima - Yeah, well it's Zero no Tsukaima xD I thought the ending was bellow its standards, though. I mean, the first arc with Joshua was way more exciting than they fighting a random natural threat that had only been mentioned recently which actually had no motives what so ever, only acting on instinct. That's not a good finale for a 49 episode series.

Nisemonogatari - Worse than its prequel, imo. Heavier on the fanservice and pointlessness and less Senjougahara. She's the one who made the series for me in Bakemonogatari... I do like Karen though, and there were some really good dialogs that are a staple of this series, like Araragi's discussion with Hatchikuji (which I greatly enjoyed) and the last episode of Karen's arc, in which he and Senjougahara go talk to Kaiki. The finale was also pretty good, but as a whole, this series was inferior to its predecessor and, as such, somewhat of a disappointment to me, despite being one of the best I've watched this season (a really weak season to me). I also disliked the unrealism of the fighting scenes. The show is still pretty good on artistic terms (it's SHAFT, for god's sake - how could it not be good?!) but that kinda throws me off quite a bit.

Oh, I just noticed I forgot to address your paragraph on the music. The only Asian stuff I've listened to besides Anime OP/ED are songs by Kalafina, because I really love their songs. That aside, I only have favorite composers, not bands, as I truly am not a huge fan of Asian music. Still, I did went ahead and listened to some of the stuff you mentioned, including Love Again by your "super bias" xD Unfortunately, I haven't liked any of it, but worry not, I would never think about mocking your taste^^ All in all, nice thing you found a new interest!
I've also read the synopsis for "71: Into the Fire" and well, war movies are always nice, especially if they're based on real happenings, so I might actually give it a try one of these days. I won't forget to tell you what I think then.
Akin to your newfound deeper interest in Asian music, I've also taken a step towards delving in their culture - though in quite a different spectrum. I am... Trying Asian cuisine^^ I just made cabbage leaves stuffed with apple curry the other day and I simply loved it, as did my parents, despite the fact it didn't turn out as spicy as I had hoped. I've also made a couple of other stuff and I have other recipes waiting to be tried out. Now, if I only I could find a larger range of needed ingredients somewhere...

As for your offer for talking about the remaining anime of this season, I'm not really interested in too much, but I'd like to hear your opinion on Mouretsu Pirates, Inu x Boku SS (because I've heard good things about it) and Shakugan no Shana III and how it compares to the previous seasons.

And lastly, I'd like to talk about two of the anime I've watched lately. Or more accurately, about the two best anime I've watched since the first half of Fate/Zero. It's interesting how I spent three months watching 2 anime a week and not giving a single rating above 8/10, to then watch two shows, one after the other, which received a 10, and the highest 9 I've ever given. (Yep, because I have an objective rating system in an excel spreadsheet which gives me the score with two decimal cases when I enter scores from 0 to 100 in the following parameters: Story (30%), Characters (25%), Art & Animation (15%), Music (10%), Enjoyment (20%).)

The 10/10 was Mawaru Penguindrum, but I'm not gonna go into details on this one because my wrist won't handle it because I'd truly like to know your opinion on it first (don't worry, my wrist is now perfectly fine, since it has had a good night of rest - I started writing this yesterday night). Of course, you ought to be as honest as you always are, despite of my love for the series.

The 9/10 was Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. I had good expectations for it, since dark tales are my type of thing, but it managed to go way beyond what I had accommodated to expect from this kind of mafia series, even surpassing Darker Than Black (which I truly enjoyed, as you already know). I liked how this was more character driven than plot driven, or rather, how the plot was centered around the characters. We don't really get much about Inferno besides it's primary goal of uniting and instilling rules on the underworld, but that doesn't matter at all. What matters are the personal plans of each of its involved parties, and how it affects our main characters, and that's where the anime truly shines, as it exposes the threads of deceit and betrayal in a masterful yet clear manner, never failing to make the viewer comprehend the most intricate conspiracies of (particularly) Claudia and Scythe Master. The psyche of the characters is also really well explored, imo, as their emotions and motivations are completely coherent with both their personalities and their circumstances. It's a rather cruel and despairing, yet fascinating portrayal of how you can gain something precious while in a despairing situation in which your will played no part in getting involved and yet lose it all due to your own wrong actions.
And seriously, people say Urobuchi's weakness are the characters he creates. I couldn't disagree any more there. And I guess that after reading Fate/Zero and watching Madoka and Phantom, I do have the grounds to judge for myself. I think what people don't like in the characters is that they're not the ideal 2D characters they're used to. What I mean is, the characters he creates are always inherently flawed, as opposed to idealistically portrayed. There's no clear black and white, everyone makes questionable moral decisions, yet that makes them feel more human. And they are, indeed, quite complex. That's a huge accomplishment to me, as I can related to them more, and they feel more alive and memorable to me. Fate/Zero has a huge amazing cast, Madoka is shorter, but it still has some pretty good characters, especially Homura and Sayaka (not to mention the awesome unconventional antagonist in the form of Kyuubey) and Phantom's cast is also pretty good, especially Ein and Zwei, who have a lot of depth and are among the best characters I've seen lately.
Well, that aside, Phantom is a truly great tale of tragedy and regret and I absolutely loved watching it.

Another great thing I've watched (it was actually in the last week Fate/Zero was still airing) was Bokurano, to which I also gave a 9/10. It wasn't as good as Phantom, due to not giving as much of a chance to get attached to the characters, as they'd mostly only get any development in the episode of their fight and subsequent death. It was still a very good anime, which had quite the nice plot that got better as it went on, but was, above all, a great collection of short tales about "what you'd do if you knew you had one day to live". Seriously, it made me think about that. Would I want to spend it in peace? Would I want to correct or settle some matters? Would I get into despair and simply cry and beg for my life? This tells the stories of apparently normal children with more or less common problems and how the knowledge that the fate of the world is in their hands, yet they have to handle the unfairness that they'll die whether they succeed or not. If anything, while it won't allow us to get too attached to the characters, it gives us a clear and interesting insight into their psyche, and for that, it was also pretty good.

And now it really is ending xD So, are you gonna pick up everything again this season? You seem to have fallen behind on Winter 2012, can you really keep that up? xP
Well, I'm picking up Fate/Zero (obviously), Kuroko no Basuke (as I'd already told you, I love basketball), Zetman (seems like a wonderful dark tale - really enjoyed the first episode, albeit finding it a bit rushed), Tasogare OtomexAmnesia (nice premise plus one of my favorite artistic directors), Sakamichi no Apollon (because the poster looks great), and probably either Jorgamund (more mafia anime) or Accel World (though I heard mixed opinions on the first two episodes).
MelbShaw Mar 29, 2012 5:00 PM

Hello there One Divine, the registrations and entries have been delivered for both the Banner Competition #2 and our very first Art Competition, so whether you participated or not, please visit here for the Art competition voting and here for the Banner Competition voting! Thank you and I hope you enjoy what you see!
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