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Mar 13, 2011
Okay so after seeing so many bashings of the anime i've finally had enough and decided to write my own review.


Okay so the story is the same as the original Naruto series or rather almost the same , because as the characters develop and change so does the plot. And even though everyone complains about how the whole "Save-my-best-friend-from-the-evil" is really cliche i have to disagree. The story is so much more than saving Sasuke if you have failed to see that then it's understandible why you don't like the anime. Every character in the anime and their own story can be made into read more
Mar 8, 2011
MÄR (Anime) add (All reviews)
Okay so I have been a fan of this anime since a long time and since I think that the anime is underrated i am doing this review so Enjoy :)

10/10 STORY: Okay so I guess the plot isn't that original. You know the whole "going into another world to fight evil and save the world" but it isn't your typical story too since it does have some detailes that just make you go "wow i didn't see that coming for sure"

10/10 ART: I usually really like it when in an Anime the art is clean and in really huigh quality while the read more