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Jul 11, 2017
SLIGHT spoilers, nothing major.
After watching this from taking so long since it had bad reviews, I can finally see why everyone hates it, and it's not for good reason. Season One followed the exact same formula as season two and even had a similar level of gore and shock factor, it was practically the same story - minus one character.

I think the reason most people hate this season is because Kogami is gone. There, I said it. Everyone kind of got on their knees for him for some reason, but he didn't make OR break the show, he was merely a character there who read more
May 30, 2017
This anime is VERY niche, it needs to fit your tastes both musically and in the genre that it is.

For me, I'm seriously enjoying Fukumenkei Noise as is, Nino has a voice that you either love or hate, and for me, I love it. In NO Hurry To Rush are an alternative band, and I love the music sequences, they're enjoyable. The story is a cliche in every sense of the word, but it's enjoyable if you like a cliche and like a love triangle. The art style isn't usually up my alley, but I think that the studio did a great job with it. read more
May 29, 2017
Having read the manga first, I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to watch Kuzu no Honkai. I picked the manga up out of interest after hearing about it online, and then I heard it was getting an anime. I may as well have not read the manga, because the anime followed it perfectly, obviously conversations were cut short but everything that was supposed to happen, happened. That's my main slice of praise for KNH.

As far as characters goes, these are the realest and most interesting characters that I've seen in a romance anime in a long time. Everything was read more
Jan 2, 2017
This is an anime that takes out every single generic sports anime aspect and jumbles it into one show. I've seen this done before with other genres of anime and it never works. The protagonist absolutely sucks at the game, and his teammates rely on his...cheering? What is this? It's like the protagonist belongs in Cheer Danshi.

Then you have the captain with the Hinata Shoyou like traits (confusing lingo with his teammates) and the character holding the team together because he's the "best."

Seriously, this show is decent at best. I'm watching it out of just being a completionist at this point. 10 episodes read more
Jul 29, 2016
This is definitely the kind of anime where you either love it or hate it. The other reviews on here definitely show that. Personally, I loved it.

The story is pretty unique, I personally haven't seen another anime where people are given the option to become God through a fight to the death in this way, and I thoroughly enjoyed every episode.

The protagonist is often referred to as useless, but this is something that I like about Yuki. He's the type of character who would react the same way any sane human in the real would would react to this scenario, and he's only fourteen or read more
Dec 7, 2015
**UPDATED** Added a paragraph with my thoughts on the ending.

Honestly, I can't believe the negative reviews!

This anime is a rarity in my opinion. The first season of K was more of a mystery, trying to figure out who Shiro really was, this time it's about keeping the peace. It's focused on all of the groups as a whole rather than individually and explores a goal that all three kings share.

The animation is spectacular and far surpasses AoT, I particularly like the animation in scenes with Misaki on his skateboard, there has clearly been extra care into those types of scenes. There has been no read more