May 29, 2017
whorifying (All reviews)
Having read the manga first, I knew what I was getting myself into when I decided to watch Kuzu no Honkai. I picked the manga up out of interest after hearing about it online, and then I heard it was getting an anime. I may as well have not read the manga, because the anime followed it perfectly, obviously conversations were cut short but everything that was supposed to happen, happened. That's my main slice of praise for KNH.

As far as characters goes, these are the realest and most interesting characters that I've seen in a romance anime in a long time. Everything was raw and real, I could relate to how the characters were feeling because the very true emotions of jealousy and lust were conveyed so well, there was none of that typical BS where there's a complicated love triangle and a protagonist constantly crying because she doesn't understand her feelings, because Hanabi understood how she felt very well, only she went about her feelings in a roundabout way with Mugi as her substitute for who she really was in love with, but he was doing the same thing to her so they both felt like it was okay - and I can honestly see this happening in real life, because it does happen.

The soundtrack for this anime is impeccable, and I'm still waiting for the OST to get an official release because I loved it that much, there's a recurring theme song throughout the entire anime, it was dubbed "Scums Theme" on YouTube by AniPiano, but the song does such a good job of setting the tone of the intensity of how these characters are feeling, and how passionate their emotions are.

The story is pretty simple, but it's the characters complexity and depth that makes this an interesting watch. Every character knows their flaws, and it doesn't get sugar coated or skimmed over.

The artwork and art style of this anime is pretty refreshing to me, out of all the shows I've seen, I haven't seen one that actually has panels that look directly out of the manga every now and then, and the actual art used in this anime, it's like a watercolour painting, is very pleasant to look at.

I watched this anime weekly, but I will definitely rewatch it at some point because it has that value to it.

I highly recommend Kuzu no Honkai for anyone looking for a romance that doesn't feel cliche, and has an awesome OST.