Dec 7, 2015
whorifying (All reviews)
**UPDATED** Added a paragraph with my thoughts on the ending.

Honestly, I can't believe the negative reviews!

This anime is a rarity in my opinion. The first season of K was more of a mystery, trying to figure out who Shiro really was, this time it's about keeping the peace. It's focused on all of the groups as a whole rather than individually and explores a goal that all three kings share.

The animation is spectacular and far surpasses AoT, I particularly like the animation in scenes with Misaki on his skateboard, there has clearly been extra care into those types of scenes. There has been no major character development since the characters were probably explored to their full potential in the first season. The show is only three weeks away from its climax and I'm looking forward to it. I hope that this season doesn't have a disappointing finale, since the first season of K had an excellent finale, and as predictable as the show can be at times, it's thoroughly entertaining and I definitely feel like it's one of the best this year.

Okay, so the ending did not disappoint, I appreciated that it was left on a cliff hanger kind of and I appreciate that a lot of loose ends from the past season were tied up. I don't feel like this anime really NEEDS a third season, because everything has already been tied up with a nice neat bow already.
I didn't get the type of ending I wanted, but I'm not disappointed with what we did get either. It's a nice ending. It was built up climatically, and I would've been happier with a darker ending, but the one that we got was nice. That's really all I can describe the end of the show as, "Nice."

The soundtrack is also mind blowing, the soundtrack is actually one of the things that draw you into the show, as it compliments the colour pallet and spectacular animation and action scenes that the anime gives you in pretty much every episode.

I give this show a solid 10/10 so far, I may downgrade the review depending on what happens in the finale though as I definitely feel like a bad finale can let down an entire show. Hopefully it's good!