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Anime Stats
Days: 166.1
Mean Score: 7.56
  • Total Entries1,368
  • Rewatched4
  • Episodes9,813
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Bubuki Buranki
Bubuki Buranki
Jan 20, 5:26 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai-Guard
Chikyuu Bouei Kigyou Dai-Guard
Jan 20, 5:25 AM
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Zettai Shounen
Zettai Shounen
Jan 20, 5:25 AM
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Manga Stats
Days: 16.7
Mean Score: 8.17
  • Total Entries183
  • Reread0
  • Chapters3,013
  • Volumes260
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Dec 28, 2020 11:33 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Jul 13, 2020 12:56 AM
Reading 110/190 · Scored 9
Chi no Wadachi
Chi no Wadachi
Jun 2, 2020 11:05 PM
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A_R_M_A_A_N Sep 5, 2020 8:14 AM
mistale Aug 1, 2016 1:36 PM
you're very welcome :D
Karagah Sep 30, 2015 9:24 AM
Karagah Aug 26, 2015 6:57 PM
I see you ended up dropping it
DoctorWasabi Aug 5, 2015 11:31 PM
Dun care about the shit, if the shit gets shit, then let shit be shit k? Dun wanna hear it, even if the duck runs away, you still got catch it by the wings then throw it like a football into the hoop. The buzzard will sound and then you will be hugged by a 52 year old man with a slightly shaved head. Wearing a red vest under a blue buttoned shirt. Along with jeans that seemed to be worn quite a bit, from the looks of it. Then from that day onwards you will have man babies as he sticks his harpoon into your love hole. You will start to cry at first, but as the harpoon gets settled into the thick walls, it will start to feel like bliss. Even more so when he releases all of his feelings inside you. You will have 3 duck children, that will soon grow up to be fine commanders of the legion army against the badger empire.


You are now an old man, you look back when you threw that one duck like a football into the hoop at the last second. Because of that you met the man of your dreams. You rock back and forth on your rickety old chair at the front porch, slowly breathing into the crisp air. You slowly start to stand up from your chair, and you proceed to walk into a Forrest, deep inside the thick and lavish greenery. Then you see a little stone that is lodged up by smaller stones. A tombstone, with writing so small you would need glasses to see what was written. But you already knew what it said, you remembered it word from word. Here lays Duckie Leah Jones. 1955-2015.You say to your self: I will not cry this time, I will be strong this time. Slowly getting up you started to walk away from the tombstone, but the farther and farther away you get away from the stone, the harder it is for you to breathe, your chest starts to tighten up, your breathing becomes heavier, and your eyes start to fill up with water. It was then you started to run with all your strength out of the Forrest, letting waterworks flow like the river, and screaming so loud every animal in the Forrest could hear your pitiful cry's. Slowing down you start to feel dizzy, and your balance is starting to deteriorate. A big thug was then heard that echoed all around. Feeling the soft grass on your pale cheeks, you flip on your back and look into the heavens....."Huh? Why is everything going dark. It's only 2 o clock. Are there clouds blocking the rays of light that come from the sun? Then accepting reality, you drop the act. Your eye lids grow heavier and heavier by the second. "Never thought it would end like this huh Duckie? hahahaha *cough* hehuh I will always remember you, in life....and in death....." As you said your last words you formed a smile upon your wrinkly face.


A smile that says: You have lived a blessed life
Karagah Jun 3, 2015 2:35 PM
Haha, Yeah :D But If you want to stop, then it is a good time to do it since it ends on one of the best fights and has some sort of closure. The manga is huge and will probably never end. So the only things you can look forward to are mostly just more matches as Ippo climbs the ladder with two takamura matches.
So continue watching if you like watching the matches, but I'm guessing you don't due the pure amount of nagging about how shit the series is.
Karagah Jun 3, 2015 8:43 AM
Finally finished it? :D
Karagah May 27, 2015 1:08 PM
the Jojo you want to be watching from is this one. The other one is an old OVA that adapts a small part of third part of the manga.
Veethorn May 26, 2015 3:04 PM
I once started The WOrld ENds With You, but never actually delved into the game. The DS system does have a lot of great and unique RPGsw going for it, there were some more I wanted to play as well.

And yeah, stalker does seem like an interesting game, like an underground more obscure far cry.

And Seirei Moribito I just finished some days ago, and wow, what a ride! I knew that these series promised quality, but it indeed delivered in every department. Although the ending didn't live up to some fantastic middle episodes to me, I did enjoy it thoroughly. Dat Balsa, dat jiguru, dat shagu, dat torogau, dat animation, dat story development, and so on...
Veethorn May 19, 2015 12:57 PM
Thats a nice system, it allows the player to keep developing his skills and avoid unbalanced games. Certain games where you start online, you have trouble finding that learning curve because the pros keep destroying you!

You do seem like a FPS kind of player, and Ive never heard of Stalker, well maybe I have but dont remember. Im more of an adventure/rpg, being Vagrant Story and other Squaresoft games of old among my favorite games of all time. I do love other games like Metal Gear Solid.

BTW, Ive been watching Seirei no Moribito and it's amazing!
Veethorn May 18, 2015 1:54 PM
Haha, thats the shooter right? Thats a classic alright! I remember the times of CS when all my friends would be playing, but I never really liked that kind of games. The closest thing Ive played recently to a shooter was a segment in Darksiders where you pick up an angel laser gun xD. Oh and Far Cry 3, thats an amazing game, FPS/RPG
Veethorn May 14, 2015 2:20 PM
I watch a lot of episodes on the bus to work now, since it takes half an hour every trip. So what kind of gaming do you do? I actually hat a recent game phase, but Im not playing anything atm.
Veethorn May 11, 2015 1:42 PM
Oh I watched Honey and Clover as well not too long ago, it was indeed a charming series, emotional, melancholic at times, but very funny as well! Ive been on a roll lately, watching Death Parade, Zankyou no Terror, Gintama, Fate/Stay Night, among others! RIght now Im focusing on finishing some series I had left pending, and Im almost done with SAO (which is very very poor)
Veethorn May 10, 2015 1:46 PM
Sup man? Been keeping up with anime? I am now getting into it again!
Karagah Apr 21, 2015 3:46 PM
hadn't you watched seto no hanayome before?