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Oct 21, 2020
Henshin (Manga) add (All reviews)
No clue why people think this is so depressing or that this is so special. Yes there are some dark events, such as explicit, hardcore drug abuse/use, which is very rare in manga/anime. But the main girl has no personality, just gets raped and enjoys it, and everyone who rapes her, does so in a very lazy, stereotypical hentai character way. So let me explain a long pedantic exposition about hentai and porn to illustrate my argument.

What is porn or rather, what is porn about? Porn is mainly about the sex scene, the part of engaging in the sexual acts. Okay then, therefore hentai read more
Jul 15, 2020
This is more of some random thoughts and observations than an overview or review, some spoilers.

I just watched this night and thought it was an overall superb and endearing film. There is a lot of themes, the main ones I found where youth, nostalgia, passion, past vs. present, family/filial piety or obligation, and changes/growth in life.

You notice early how when the past is shown, the corner of the background are slightly not colored in, showing the ephemeral-ness of past memories while the present is in perfect illustration.

There were a few things I found could have been improved. The muscle facial animation or read more
Jan 25, 2017
Genshiken: A character driven story
Overview and Analysis
Spoilers in paragraph 9

Genshiken is a story that is really about its characters than anything else, among all the, otaku humor, witty references, comedic relief, or romance, the characters are the epicenters. The plot of Genshiken revolves an otaku club in college which is known in English as “The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture”. As the name subtly implies, Genshiken has a lot to do with itself, anime, manga, video games, cosplaying, and the otaku lifestyle (hell, it even has it's own anime inside Genshiken), both good and bad. Oddly enough however, I never really read more
Nov 1, 2013
Tekkon kinkreet should be categorized as one of those "mind fuck" movies or anime because it pretty much is that to some extent. The movie heavily depends on abstractions in art and character telling; however the story itself is not as confusing as it may seem to be.

The story is simple, Black and white are orphans that live in "treasure town", a fantasy city inspired by asian architecture, which is undergoing residential and identity changes as outsiders try to morph the city into sometime it's not. The problem I have with the plot overall is that it just does not explain enough and also read more
Sep 29, 2013
I'm not zombie/horror connoisseur by any means nowadays because it tends to be all the same, where there is a break out of a virus and every one fights to survival. But I Am a Hero is different. It takes a 180 approach to the zombie genre and turns in up on it's head. Not to be specific, when the outbreak begins, the reaction of from Japan is much more realistic, not your atypical Marshall law panic as seen in many movies, but a more subtle and unusual response to the sudden pandemic.

The main character stars, Hideo suzuki, a socially awkward and average unfulfilled mangaka read more
Jul 18, 2011
Bakemonogatari is one of those weird but one of a kind animes, and is one of my favorites. In simple terms, the plot boils down to 'Normal people's everyday problems, personified into animistic-like tendencies'. The first couple of episode threw me off because things happen and are not explain like the existence of vampires, demons, devils, supernatural phenomenons, and unusual powers exc. They are just there(never explained why) and the characters seem to know what they are and assume the viewer are get it. Combined with Shaft's out of this world animation style and music, made bakemonogatari incoherent, and difficult to follow. read more
Jul 5, 2011
Another incest manga? Where haven't we've seen this before? Oniichan control is as generic as they come, but is still pretty damn enjoyable.

Story is bland as ever, a college student, goushi hirose who is in love with his sister, now has to live together with his imouto, noa hirose who also is in love with her brother. There's not much to look for in this manga expect for the occasional panty/breast shots, and humorous satire. Art is pretty, backgrounds are filled with detail and characters are predictable. Overall your reading oniichan control for the comedy alone, fan service is bleak, and hope we see read more
Jun 17, 2011
YKK is a manga that revolves around a female robot named Alpha who lives in a far-fetched, but peaceful japan. To start off, YKK was a 90s manga, so a lot of the clothes style and technology are 90s and surprisingly haven't changed much over it's 12 years run. The plot is simple, Alpha a robot who runs cafe and gets occasional customers, and seems to live life in the moment. Some people dropped YKK because they didn't find the story engaging enough or it was too boring. Personally I think that YKK is a soothing, very laid-back and has a nostalgic feel with mysterious read more
Jun 12, 2011
Kaichou no Iinari has to do with sex and how in hell there is just sexy masochrist punishing men with sex and a female class prez who rapes her boyfriend. After reading a couple chapter i cannot grasp a plot because it seems to skip to different to characters having hot sex. As a hentai manga its decent, there are quite a few of fetishs in this manga like female dominance, bunny suits, oppai, incest, and lots of cumshots/cream pies to satisfed the any guy. The art in the hentai is noticable fair, all girl characters look cute and sexy with chibi like art here read more
Jun 12, 2011
Anohana follow the plot of the a group of teenagers that can't forget their childhood memories from long ago.

My very first impression of watching this anime is that it is very well animated compared to other animes of 2011. Anohana is the a remarkable achievement of modern day animation, the backgrounds are very colorful and detailed and every character face looks and feels real to the core. A-1 pictures did an excellent job with anohana and made it feel reminiscent of Welcome to the Space Show. It was interesting to hear the ending theme as 'Secret base' because ironically i hear the song before read more