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Mar 27, 2018
Journey. This one word has a heap of meanings behind its back. Why do we travel? The reasons range from being a collective success of mankind to discover a new plateau to just the sheer joy and curiosity that is obtained from setting foot in a new land. The air, the atmosphere, the scent... these things feel so different and anew and there is a kind of refreshment that you can only find in yourself after the exploration of an unknown place.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho takes us on a journey to Antarctica, also promulgated by the show as a 'Place Farther than the Universe'. ...
Jun 27, 2017
The late Henry David Thoreau once said that this world is but a canvas to our imagination. The possibilities that exist within this stretch of life is endless. I would like to associate "A Silent Voice" or Koe no Katachi with Art. Because Art is something that is capable of bringing together the possibilities of life and the diversity of imagination as one. If I were to describe Koe no Katachi in a sentence, it'd be that its an amalgamation of various faux pas between art and life itself. I'll try and elaborate what I mean further ahead.

For reasons I won't specify, I'll look ...
Mar 31, 2017
Giant Killing (Anime) add
Being an avid follower of the sport, the concept of underdog triumphs never cease to interest me, Giant Killing is one such show that is all about stealing wins out of the opponent's pocket and making comebacks.

East Tokyo United also known as ETU, find themselves in a slump after numerous slip-ups and consecutive defeats. As a result frequent sacking of the manager is not a rarity for the club. However, desperate for a reversal in fortunes, the club appoints the eccentric Tatsumi Takeshi as their very recent manager. Giant Killing revolves around Tatsumi as the manager of ETU as they try and get out of ...
Jan 17, 2017

Terrible. That's one way to describe Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no 'F'.

Toriyama-sensei took us all by storm when the second most recent movie, 'Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami' or 'Battle of Gods' was released. It introduced us to a whole new perspective to the world of Dragon Ball Z, with the addition of a major antagonist, 'The God of Destruction' as he's known, Lord Beerus. Not to mention an all new transformation for our hero Goku known as the 'Super Saiyan God'. As lame as the name sounds, the appearance and the way it came to existence was somewhat similar too. But ...
Sep 15, 2016
Trigger-chan (Anime) add
Straight up review: 31 seconds of pure shit, which basically sums up the entire Studio Trigger itself. It was nice to see Luluco again however, and her two other new friends too. Now to see if this has any sort of relevance in their upcoming future works.

Nice bombastic music to be heard in this, however an amateur can come up with about the same kind of music in half a minute with countless free softwares available online.

If you're gonna watch this, be prepared to lose 31 seconds of your life, however I'm in no position to say this after taking about the ...
Sep 12, 2016
This review will contain heavy spoilers so read at your own risk.

I've come across the debate among many fans of the show that an end of despair would've been a perfect and a better ending than a happy one. Regardless of that, the ending for Steins;Gate came as hugely popular and propelled the show to a high and resounding stance on the Top Anime of MyAnimeList. While it greatly satisfied the majority of the populace by having Okabe save Kurise while at the same time not altering the Alpha World Line, which also saved Mayuri. This was one of the reasons which made Steins;Gate ...
Sep 8, 2016
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
"No one knows what the future holds. That's why the potential is infinite." -- Okabe Rinatoru aka Hououin Kyouma aka The Mad Scientist.

Humanity has pondered the possibility of time travelling since long, Steins;Gate is the realization of that in anime format.
Now, time travel is a tricky concept, since it's a phenomenon that humanity is yet to begin to explore. Due to this, whether it be an anime or a movie series, the notion of time travel in its core is succeeded by one fact alone, that is the creativity and what it does with that concept. Steins;Gate is no exception and its success ...
Jul 8, 2016
Inferno Cop (Anime) add
Inferno Cop, a show where ending credits is 4x longer than the episode itself.

This is a masterpiece, but at the same time the worst shlock ever made.

This is satirical comedy at its peak and beyond. It's something that far exceeds my intellect to comprehend. This is maximum autism.

To make more sense, I'd have to copy our Lord Foggle's review on Mars of Destruction here while purely agreeing with each of the sentences and have no satirical intentions afterwards, and for me to come close to deducing what Inferno Cop is, I'd have to be born as Einstein in all my seven lives. ...
Jun 26, 2016
"All men are not created equal. This was the reality about society that I learned at a young age of four."

Thus begins the journey of Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, a dreamer, who's passion and wish is to become like his idol and role model, the Symbol of Peace, the one and only All Might.

There was never a shadow of doubt that My Hero Academia was slated to divide opinions among fans for all the not quite correct-- but inevitable reasons. Enter Izuku Midoriya, a cheerful but an extremely introvert middle school teenager who feels neglected by the society, not because of his depressive tendencies ...
Jun 24, 2016
Made by Studio Trigger who were famously behind Kill la Kill, comes another piece of work as absurd as the former. To sum it up, Uchuu Patrol Luluco is like opening a box full of colorful chocolates which would burst open once put in the mouth.

Ogikubo is a fictional place set far in the future time where aliens and humans and come terms with each other and live together. Uchuu Patrol Luluco follows Luluco, a seemingly normal teenage human girl who seeks a normal lifestyle herself in this crazy city filled with mysterious creatures. But of course that isn't the case as Luluco is ...

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