Jul 8, 2016
karlstein12 (All reviews)
Inferno Cop, a show where ending credits is 4x longer than the episode itself.

This is a masterpiece, but at the same time the worst shlock ever made.

This is satirical comedy at its peak and beyond. It's something that far exceeds my intellect to comprehend. This is maximum autism.

To make more sense, I'd have to copy our Lord Foggle's review on Mars of Destruction here while purely agreeing with each of the sentences and have no satirical intentions afterwards, and for me to come close to deducing what Inferno Cop is, I'd have to be born as Einstein in all my seven lives.

The great Stephen Hawking once said, "Perfection simply doesn't exist... without imperfection, nor you or me would exist."

Rumor has it that he was forced to eat his own words once he saw Inferno Cop.

And when life gives you lemons, just throw that lemon away and watch Inferno Cop.