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Kurt_Irving Jun 24, 3:25 PM
Anywho! I was wondering what you think of AniList. I was using it the whole time when MAL got into problems or technical stuff.
Kurt_Irving Apr 28, 10:16 AM
I just had more late night work but I'm doing fine anyway. Yeah! there are some good anime after the early 2000s like you said, but 1990s styles and elements in anime and manga disappeared since the mid 2000s. Sakura Wars, Pretear, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Astro Boy (2003), Ah! My Goddess (movie), Love Hina, Argento Soma and Hikaru no Go were some of the last hand-drawn anime. I also noticed a change in animation in Detective Conan at around season 11.

About Garzey's Wing, it looks as if Yoshiyuki Tomino made this spin-off of Aura Battler Dunbine when he got drunk.
Kurt_Irving Apr 27, 12:04 PM
Btw, one of the anime that I watched for the Challenge thread was Garzey's Wing and I'm glad you haven't watched that yet, because it's the worst anime ever to be directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino and like some article said, the story is devoid of logic. So yeah! it's one of the worst anime I've ever seen in my life. The animation in Garzey's Wing is subpar to other 90s OVAs like The 08th MS Team, You're Under Arrest, Golden Boy, Shamanic Princess, Black Jack, Ah! My Goddess or even Gunsmith Cats.
Kurt_Irving Apr 24, 11:13 PM
So how are you doing Kanon? I was just re-watching Big O for the third time after 15 years. After all these years, I didn't know that it was that underrated in Japan, especially the music, which fits so well with neo-noir and mecha.

Yeah, first time I watched it was when it was on Toonami and I wanted to record the whole block 17 years ago. Back before anime started to go downhill several years later and began to dislike most anime after the early 2000s. The PS2 was my first DVD player back in late 2002, but I still had a lot of VHS tapes.
ArcherEmiya24 Apr 24, 7:02 PM
Thank you very much! ^_^
Kurt_Irving Apr 15, 8:59 AM
Thank you and I just made an experimental drawing with a blade and the character in that drawing is Kycillia Zabi.
Kurt_Irving Apr 12, 10:05 PM
In addition, I wanted to show you this drawing that I've been working on:

Kurt_Irving Mar 20, 8:55 AM
I was doing the Knight level since I have so much work this season.

So yeah, I don't see myself getting into Violet Evergarden with all that forced melodrama like you mentioned. At the end of the day, KyoAni is only good for Full Metal Panic, making them a one-hit wonder studio and I feel sorry for all those kids getting suckered into this Charlie Foxtrot of an anime that they produced.

Glad you guys enjoy the new cat and speaking of pets, I thought about showing you my canine twins:

Kurt_Irving Mar 19, 9:18 AM
Hey Kanon! I just completed the Anime Challenge. I heard a great deal of Violet Evergarden and I don't really like most light novel adaptations or KyoAni in general (they make the most ridiculous character designs I've ever seen).

As for new anime, I'm more interested in seeing the Warriors of Love OVA.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 12, 12:59 PM
Yeah, even if I still feel like I lucked out big time with this job, as opposed to feeling like I've got it because of my writing skills or something. All thanks to the fact that in my city, there's always like 20 people applying for the same job, so your competition boils down to you and other people with similar background, as you wait for the employer to choose you.The fact that it's incredibly hard to get a job here doesn't help either, I'm still paranoid about getting fired out of nowhere. It doesn't matter though, I've got a job, all I need to do now is to continue doing what I'm doing. I wrote 9 articles today, that's always something. I'm going to move on to reviews tomorrow, it's the last section of the website I still need to translate.

I see, it seems that even cats need to die too fast because of cancer nowadays. My condolences then, like you've said, at least the poor thing doesn't suffer anymore.
VincentHarkonnen Mar 8, 1:44 PM
Hey, what's up? It's been a while. I finally managed to find a solid job back in February, I'm a copywriter now. Not gonna lie, I adore it. Especially after not being able to get a job for 6 months since I got fired from my old job. I also got into Gunpla lately, bought SD Sinanju yesterday, maybe the package will arrive tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll even manage to assemble it despite of my butter fingers. *laughs* If it's going to be as good as people are saying, I'll probably buy SD Burning Gundam after my payment next week. I'm generally sticking to Super Deformed figures for now, they're very easy to assemble, plus I'm moving to a new place in June/July, so there really is no point in buying any bigger figures yet, given that I'm going to get rid of all of my old furniture.
NickDen Mar 6, 12:46 PM
Ah yes, those are all fantastic moments as well. I find it compelling that each one of the main cast all had issues relating to their past and that they used the time on the Bebop almost as a way of escaping from reality. Spike having to deal with Vicious, Julia, and the syndicate...Faye with trying to remember who the hell she even is...Jet trying to find closure with his ex-wife and his past as a cop...and Ed dealing with her relationship with her father. And yeah Julia may have been the only woman for Spike but who doesn't ship Spike and Faye.
NickDen Mar 6, 9:55 AM
Honestly every Faye moment is amazing but definitely the two scenes that stand out to me the most are when the crew plays the time capsule video she made as a child and her final conversation with Spike. It was absolutely heart-wrenching to see the look of confusion and despair on her face when she was watching her innocent younger self and being reminded that she still had no memory of her past and who she used to be as she thinks to herself "I can't remember"...the scene brings me to tears whenever I watch it. And of course the last confrontation she has with Spike where she's pleading for him not to go and give his life away since she feels like she's finally found a home with the Bebop crew just makes me ugly cry. The scene where she shoots in the air as a farewell to him knowing she can't stop him from doing what he has to do is absolutely beautiful to me. How about you?
NickDen Mar 6, 8:42 AM
Hey, just came across your page and wanted to say you have exquisite taste...also very nice to see a fellow Faye Valentine fan.
Kurt_Irving Mar 6, 6:15 AM
You're welcome, Kanon! :) and glad you like the drawing.