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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel
Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel
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Kurt_Irving Sep 19, 6:40 PM
I'm sorry to hear about your cat and I know that there's no other pet like Angel. If there is a next life, then it would be great if she can say hello to my hen for me. When I was little I lost my goldfish (I even had to say goodbye to a turtle), so yeah and as I mentioned the other day, I know how it feels to lose a pet. The fact is that we both did the best that we can to take care of our pets (my dogs won't live forever and someday, their time will come and so will mine).

Also, it's okay to feel sad, but fight off depression to keep your chin up. Like Hogarth said to the Iron Giant "souls never die", after he told him that he'll die eventually.

Kurt_Irving Sep 18, 2:06 PM
Welcome back! I hope you got better, but anyway, I just completed the Anime Challenge. The difficulty of this challenge was so-so, but because of it, I got a reason to watch Flame of Recca which I saw on that Top 25 90s anime openings video. I could have watched Lost Universe (which I abruptly saw on Univision along with Spanish dubbed episodes of DBZ and Tenchi Muyo 17 years ago) for the Anime Challenge 3 years ago. Yeah! Lost Universe has a pretty catchy ending.

I saw the complete series of Hyper Police on Youtube and decided to watch it for this year's challenge. It is one underrated 90s shounen manga series, but I think Saber Marionette J is underrated too. Anyway, I gotta go now.
Akagi-kun Sep 9, 10:06 PM
It is very sad and depressing, when a close creatures are deprived of their lives before their time. I want to support you and your friend somehow, but nothing comes to my mind. Although that's what I just remembered:
There are many legends and signs associated with the cats. Many of them say that cats become "guardian angels" of the their owners. Ancient Egyptians believed that the cats a direct link between peoples and God. It is not known where the cats fall after death, but one thing is clear: if this place exists, they will take care of you and your friend there too.

I know this may sound a little inappropriate, but if you and your friend clearly understand that life goes on, a small kitten will be some kind of salvation. Just do not need to associate it with your cat that left this world! Treat the kitten as an independent and completely different pet, and then it will be easier for you to love it.
Akagi-kun Sep 8, 12:57 PM
Character of the month from Megazone 23, right? It's just a shame that this character design was only in the first episode.
Kurt_Irving Aug 16, 9:45 AM
Oh! I see, something happened to your cat, I don't why it had to happen (I know how it feels to lose a pet, in fact, I lost my hen months ago). Well, I hope things get better for you and your two loved ones you mentioned.
Kurt_Irving Aug 14, 6:00 PM
Hello again Kanon, I hope you're doing well this summer (my birthday is coming in 6 days). Other than that, you are enjoying Fate/Apocrypha quite a lot by the look of things. About Mamotte Shugogetten, I remember I used to draw the purple-haired girl, but forgot where I put it (silly adolescent me). Well, I'll talk to you again later.
Kurt_Irving Jul 24, 6:36 AM
Anyway, I just completed my first Sailor Moon related drawing and I posted it on DeviantArt. One other thing, good morning Kanon! I was planning to watch Slayers Try or something for this year's Anime Challenge thread.
Kurt_Irving Jul 17, 4:29 PM
Apology accepted and yes, I'm trying to draw Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn in purple. I would say Makoto or Sailor Jupiter, because she is fiercely loyal and very sincere (she's a Sagittarius like Elise and as a Leo, I bear a soft spot for Sagittarius women).

Oh yeah! the OVA series is something I plan to watch too and I don't understand the sudden change of voice actors myself (much like I don't understand why the MC in Brother Bear 2 had to have a different voice)
AESZero Jul 17, 3:42 PM
Nope, I'm not participating the challenge but maybe I'll try it next year :> Thx for the welcome, I do enjoy my time here👍
AESZero Jul 16, 3:40 AM
You're welcome, nice to meet you too:)
Kurt_Irving Jun 30, 2:03 PM
Hey Kanon, my internet was disabled up until now and I hope to show you something Sailor Moon-related some time. My dear friend Elise told that she read Fate/Apocrypha while being afk and hopes that the story will be more simple in the anime. She also told me that she loves the characters in this novel.

When I get through with this mediocre anime, i.e. Casshern Sins, I will watch Record of Lodoss War, which I remember finding it on cable TV ages ago, but never got to watch it (I love Maaya Sakamoto's angelic singing).

It's a shame that the 90s anime theme song compilation video that I showed you got taken down on Youtube, but that's where I remembered Record of Lodoss War and Lost Universe (made by the same novelist as Slayers and it was once aired on a hispanic channel 16 years ago). There was also Flame of Recca included and I plan to watch it some time along with Slayers Try.
Technoforever84 Jun 29, 3:00 PM
Yeah, kind of a close friend of the original owner but not too close, to avoid endangering myself. We have similar taste on anime but completely different worldview. The original owner was a Kazakh Muslim who strongly believes in communism with Islam. Me, I'm not political, I just like democracy and freedom nothing more. I remember him as being way too nationalistic, at times a bit scary. Right now he's in Kazkh army to defend his beliefs which is why I have this account.

How do you think of him, just wondering?
Technoforever84 Jun 28, 12:11 PM
Oh and also, I'm not the original owner of this account. He has left a while ago and gave this account for free.
Technoforever84 Jun 28, 12:04 PM
Hello, So do you like Toshihiro Hirano's art style in general?
Kurt_Irving Jun 5, 5:55 AM
Hello again Kanon, so what do you like most about Haja Taisei Dangaiou?