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Mar 4, 2012
Kanon is a truly touching story in my eyes, it affected me quite emotionally, at times making me laugh and smile, while others made me cry. It remains to this day my favorite Key work. The KyoAni version of Kanon is truly a beautiful masterpiece and it is an anime that deserves the love it gets from fans who love the series. I love how all the elements of the series flow naturally, and the touching stories of our main characters and those around them. I came to love all of them and found qualities that I admired in each of them. The music is read more
Oct 24, 2010
Blue Seed is a work created by Yuzo Takada of 3x3 Eyes fame and anime produced by Production I.G./Movic/Ashi Productions and tells the story of 15-year-old Momiji Fujimiya, a descendant of the ancient Kushinada family, and due to circumstances is taken into protection of the TAC, a government agency that combats the Aragami, an ancient race of youkai that have awoken and are out to take over Japan. Another person, Mamoru Kusanagi, former protector of Kaede Kunikida, has defected from the side of the Aragami and becomes Momiji's protector. It turns out that Kaede and Momiji are twins separated at birth and the circumstances of read more
Jul 7, 2010
Macross Plus was an outstanding piece of anime, combining the talents of Shoji Kawamori, Shinchiro Watanabe, and Yoko Kanno. I really loved this particular OVA because of the depth of the story and the complexity of its' characters, gorgeous soundtrack, and excellent action scenes. I also felt the incorporation of CGI blended in well with the cel animation and together it came out flawless.

With the main characters of Isamu, Myung, and Guld, after watching the series a few times I came to understand them. In understanding their love triangle, it appeared to me that Guld deeply loved Myung, Myung loved both Isamu and Guld, read more