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Jun 13, 2015
Colorful Harvest wasn't disappointing, but that's because it didn't give me something to expect out of it since the beginning.

The story is just too simple for a non-H manga. The characters are too flat from the get-go and unfortunately didn't improve for the short 9 chapters it has. Some characters suddenly disappeared without a trace. Even if they didn't leave an impression on me, I was still saddened by their lack of closure. The only thing this manga excels at is on its artwork. It's clean but not impressive or alluring.

All in all, Colorful Harvest is something you must read if you want to ...
Mar 3, 2015
What's amusing with webtoons is that they are fully-colored. It lets you get more immersed into its world than any average manga/manwha out there. Couple it with a good story, pacing and characters and you'll get something similar to this series: a great experience.

Upon reading its synopsis, I got the impression that this will be again a so-so story with a so predictable outcome. I didn't bother reading it until almost a year later. After finishing the first chapter, I regret not starting it sooner. It didn't pluck my heartstrings nor made me scream "kawaii/moe" inside my head.. but it did made me ask the ...
Jan 3, 2014
Kure-nai (Manga) add
It started with "What the hell is going on?!", in the midst will make you shout "What will happen next?!", and at the end will make you shout and cry "I WANT MORE!"

Note: This is not a manga aimed for lolicons ^^

Kure-nai started wobbly. If that's how the author intends it to be is something I wouldn't be able to figure out completely. Characters and terminologies pops out one by one without warning until it makes you say "No more, I want to drop this." But hey, hold your horses, because after a few chapters, a long flashback shall be introduced.

Kurenai Shinkurou is a dispute ...
Jan 1, 2014
Oyaji (Manga) add
This manga was recommended to me. At first, I was a bit hesitant in reading this, but when I started to read the first chapter, I was dragged into reading more.

Oyaji is a story about an oyaji (old man/father), a badass oyaji that is. While the cover screams of something gruesome or uninteresting, don't be fooled.

The story is told in almost a linear format. The whole series tells a story of a single night where the oyaji came back home after 10 years of disappearance. There were some flashbacks here and there that speaks of how our characters were from before.

What makes Oyaji stand out ...
Jul 5, 2013
Kotonoha no Niwa is one of Shinkai Makoto's work. To be honest, I haven't watched any of his works as of now except for 5 Centimeters per Second, and because of that, my expectations for this short movie is quite high. "Will my expectations be met or will I be disappointed?", that's the question I was asking myself during the times I was hesitating to watch. And the answer to that? Well, the very purpose of reviews is to answer such question in segments, so here we go.


Given its length which is 45 minutes, none can expect a very good story to come out ...
Mar 30, 2013
Guilty Crown (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Wouldn't be awesome and fun to watch a 10 year old kid deflecting nukes after nukes with his supreme powers that is meant to blow his hometown into smithereens? I guess it is indeed fun for those who want to watch an action-packed anime. But what if the cause of this said event was never explained? What exactly happened to Guilty Crown was exactly like that.

Things happened without any warning and explanation.

The story is about Shu who has an ability to draw out Voids (a person's heart that materialized) from any person. A Void could be a sword, a kettle, a bandage, or whatever ...

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