Mar 3, 2015
julyan (All reviews)
What's amusing with webtoons is that they are fully-colored. It lets you get more immersed into its world than any average manga/manwha out there. Couple it with a good story, pacing and characters and you'll get something similar to this series: a great experience.

Upon reading its synopsis, I got the impression that this will be again a so-so story with a so predictable outcome. I didn't bother reading it until almost a year later. After finishing the first chapter, I regret not starting it sooner. It didn't pluck my heartstrings nor made me scream "kawaii/moe" inside my head.. but it did made me ask the question how these two people, Da-Jeong and Min-seong, and the people close to them managed to endure their circusmtances. Min-seong is mentally handicapped. He is a 17-year old guy with a mind of 10-year old. And Da-Jeong is a 19-year old girl with a body of 10 year old. It takes a lot mental toughness to go through that everyday. Both of these characters want to grow up, but was robbed by fate to be able to do so. Min-seong's very reason for wanting to grow up is to not bring more problems to her mother. Despite his young mind, he understands that her mother sacrifices and endures a lot of things for him. Da-Jeong's reason on the other hand is to erase her insecurity. Even as an adult, she still wears children's clothes. She can't openly fall in love. It's hard for her to make friends of any age. She can't do things normal young adults do. She is basically being treated as a child just because of her mere appearance. This is where the series mostly shows its psychological traits. It pulls you in and without a doubt make you wonder about so many things in life.

As some of you might predict, these two people get along with each other. Da-Jeong takes the role of the sister and Min-seong follows unconditionally (though sometimes he fails), which shows how much he trusts her. Throughout the series, you'll love and enjoy the way they interact with one another - from the time they first met, through the times they go out shopping, playing and just idling around, and through the times they face their own problems. There will be a lot of moments when you'll scratch your head and wonder how these two people with a large mental gap get along so well. You normally won't get along with someone who is significantly younger or older than you. But these two people defied that norm and will defy many other things as you read further.

In a nutshell, this series is about unconditional love and partly drama. This is how two people care for each other despite their abnormalities. This is about normal people around them being able to love and sacrifice for these two. You'll encounter some people discriminating our duo which pains me to see as a reader. At the same time it also makes me wonder if in some point of my short life I made fun of such people too. The drama isn't there to pull you into crying or feel sorry for the characters. It is not a drama that will make you frustrated or irritated or rage because of how conveniently they make you what the author wants to. Nope. It draws out compassion from you not because of THE circumstances they are in, but because you simply LOVE them and you don't want them to be in that situation. It might sound the same, however the difference is heaven and earth. When you see a homeless guy, as a sane human being, you pity them and want to help them if you are able to. But you'll have a different emotion drawn out from you when you see someone you know become homeless. It is not the situation, but the person itself in that situation.

Da-Jeong and Min-seong's story is one of the best I read this year, and perhaps one of the best I read yet. They are truly lovable, admirable and fascinating to watch. Certainly, they aren't the only characters in the series, but just in case you end up not liking any minor characters, it is already a fact you will love these two. Trust me, that's more than enough. So drop now whatever cheesy shoujo you're reading. This is something you should put in your priority list.