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Feb 3, 2015
Imagine Bruce Lee and Quentin Taratino's love child grew up and decided to make an anime after viciously fighting tigers in a jungle with nothing but a sharp stick. Ladies and gentlemen, that anime would be Cowboy Bebop. I often view Cowboy Bebop as the "devil" of anime. Not because it's particularly bad, but in fact it's quite the contrary. When you sign a deal with the devil, what happens? You get what you want, and the devil gets your soul. And in this case, you get the best entertainment you'll ever have in your life, but your soul is now being vastly devoured by read more
Jan 18, 2015

By a show of hands, how many of you have felt lonely? Isolated? Shut-off from society? I better be seeing the whole lot of you raising your hands, because that's just a part of being human, and I don't care if you sleep with a million women a night, there had to be at least one point of time where you felt lonely. Welcome to the NHK is a show that plays off that lonely emotion we've all felt, and shows you what true isolation looks like.

Story: 9/10 - Welcome to the NHK follows read more
Jan 17, 2015

What do you think of while watching the Ecchi genre? For me, at least, I think about how corny the story line is and how boring the characters are. I'll admit it, Ecchi shows don't interest me. Then came High School DxD, a show with a lot going for it, but the execution wasn't exactly the best. How do you fix something like that? Add another season of course!

Story: 7/10 - The story for the second season doesn't completely overhaul the foundation the first season laid out, but rather expands upon read more
Jan 12, 2015
Please note: This review is for the FIRST SEASON of Heaven's Lost Property (Sora no Otoshimono) only. Season two and the two movies are not taken into account during this review.

Story: 5/10 - This is one of those anime where the boobs are bigger than the plot. The story to season one is simple: A robotic angel (Angeloid) who has the power to grant any wish named Icarus falls out of dark flying vortex that has been orbiting Earth for 13 months, and her only desire is to serve an oridinary perverted teenage boy who witnessed the crash. The boy (Tomoki), has been having strange read more
Nov 2, 2014
I'm going to be completely honest here... this is my favorite anime I have ever seen. Why you ask? Simple: (besides a few irritations) there is nothing wrong with this show.

The story follows two brothers who live in a corrupted country in a world where alchemy is possible. After their mother dies, they try to perform the ultimate taboo of alchemy: human transmutation. The transmutation backfires and the younger brother (Al) loses his entire body and the older brother (Ed) loses his left leg. In order to bring Al back, Ed sacrifices his right arm to bond Al's spirit to a suit of armor. Now, read more
Oct 12, 2014
Angel Beats is an anime that tries to get their viewers to laugh at one moment, then sob the next (similar to Clannad), and honestly it does a really good job at this. Angel Beats is a very fun, goofy, yet deep story on self-redemption. It has a great message for it's viewers to live life to the fullest, because you never know what tragic accident could happen tomorrow. The "main" protagonist is named "Otonashi" as he wakes up to discover he is in the after-life (which is just a high school) with amnesia, and joins a group designated to fight this one read more