Oct 12, 2014
jacobjr1 (All reviews)
Angel Beats is an anime that tries to get their viewers to laugh at one moment, then sob the next (similar to Clannad), and honestly it does a really good job at this. Angel Beats is a very fun, goofy, yet deep story on self-redemption. It has a great message for it's viewers to live life to the fullest, because you never know what tragic accident could happen tomorrow. The "main" protagonist is named "Otonashi" as he wakes up to discover he is in the after-life (which is just a high school) with amnesia, and joins a group designated to fight this one girl named Angel, who tries to get the kids to behave in the after-life. This group is led by a girl named Yurippe (who is really similar to Haruhi Suzamiya). Over time you learn about these characters lives before they died, and they are rather depressing. However, I have one major problem with this anime. It was too short for the number of characters they had. 13 episodes was not enough time to give all the characters a proper back story and resolution. Honestly, if Angel Beats was longer, I would of made the argument that this anime is perfect... unfortunately that's not the case. Besides that, the anime is definitely worth watching, because it is no doubt enjoyable from start to finish.