Nov 2, 2014
jacobjr1 (All reviews)
I'm going to be completely honest here... this is my favorite anime I have ever seen. Why you ask? Simple: (besides a few irritations) there is nothing wrong with this show.

The story follows two brothers who live in a corrupted country in a world where alchemy is possible. After their mother dies, they try to perform the ultimate taboo of alchemy: human transmutation. The transmutation backfires and the younger brother (Al) loses his entire body and the older brother (Ed) loses his left leg. In order to bring Al back, Ed sacrifices his right arm to bond Al's spirit to a suit of armor. Now, with Ed having a mechanical arm and leg, and Al having a suit of armor for a body, they are willing to join the corrupted military in order to find a way to bring each others bodies back to their original form. Now tell me that story doesn't seem awesome to you? Story: 10/10

The animation is simply fantastic. Since FMA:B is considered to be on the more "shounen" side of anime, animation is key to it's success. And, boy did they hit the nail on the head with the beautiful animation. Art: 10/10

The dub is absolutely amazing! FMA:B has arguably the best dubs ever made. It is one of the rare instances where the dub is just as good as the sub, so watch it either way! As for the sound track? Oh my gawd... you haven't experienced true awesomeness until you've heard FMA:B's main theme! Not to mention that every single opening is absolutely breathtaking. Sound: 10/10

One of the things that makes FMA:B so awesome is that everyone has a purpose behind their actions, and there is no such thing as a "dull" character in this anime. Even the biggest antagonist have a goal they are trying to accomplish, making even the biggest villains lovable. Characters: 10/10

There is never a dull moment in FMA:B where they just sit around doing nothing. There are rarely ever any filler episodes (if any at all), leaving the show to become full of wonderful twists and turns that will drag you in right away. Enjoyment: 10/10

Does FMA:B have some flaws? Yeah, I guess. However, most of these flaws don't exactly work against the show as a whole. One of FMA:B's biggest flaw is the first ten or so episodes. It's not that they aren't interesting (trust me, they are) but rather they often can't tell when to be serious. However, even this flaw is something that anyone can look past, since the show itself is so enjoyable.

To recap, FMA:B is nothing short of a masterpiece. The story is touching and sends a meaningful message. The art is breathtaking, and makes the action scenes that much more awesome. The soundtrack is a masterpiece in itself, and the dub is critically acclaimed as one of the best dubs ever. All the characters have so much depth that it's impossible to hate a single character of this anime. Finally, the anime was just flat out enjoyable from start to finish, grabbing the viewers attention from episode 1 and becoming more and more interesting as the show progresses. Overall: 10/10