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Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari! Season 2
Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari! Season 2
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Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!
Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari!
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86 Part 2
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Masamune-kun no Revenge
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Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru
Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru
Sep 10, 2021 5:09 AM
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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
May 17, 2021 7:55 AM
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poofifloofi May 22, 6:38 AM
no worries ^^

OO ive heard good things about appolo justice!! I haven't played past the first trilogy yet because I've been looking for appolo's justice in my local game store for soo long :') i wanna try out the different mechanics and meet the new characters whilst avoiding spoilers haha

do you like other games similar to ace attorney? :0
FullyCharged May 18, 5:28 PM
Oh I hate when that happens. It happened when I made my first long reply to you, I wrote so much, pressed CTRL+F5 by mistake instead of CTRL+number to switch tabs, I got so the end I didn't rewrite the message in the same way of before. Welp. RIP old message I guess.

Notepad rules. Even if it breaks when copy pasting in places like Reddit, EVEN if you put double spaces before going into a new line, you always have to click edit and then resend without changing anything. Idk why.
MAL does it too, when I send replies I already split paragraphs and such, but the reply is displayed as a whole clump of text without any spaces after full stops. I always have to click edit and then resend without doing anything to make paragraphs appear. I don't even.

I think I missed commissions 3 times in total during this one year and half. One time I was on holiday with no parents at home and I woke up late and said to myself "I still have time, I'll go eat, shower and then do dailies" and then got out of the shower with 5 minutes remaining before reset. Those 5 minutes were barely enough to turn on the pc, wait for the genshin client to fully load, just to see the new day popping up.
The other two times I just forgot.

I did the 89 thingy too for Atk scaling characters, to save some books and mora. HP/Def scaling characters were insta 90 anyway because the difference of a single level actually does more than something (especially HP), unlike Atk that is like 1-2 points doing basically nothing.
I ended having literally everyone at 89 or 70 (used characters/unused characters), and started getting tons of books from events so I just leveled the 89s to 90 and be done with it. Free extra stats. And now the books I get are literal burden I would only be able to use on new characters without having to look behind.

I have Gorou at C0, but I didn't get him from Itto's banner, since I also refused to roll for him. Noelle is all I need, I have her at C6 fully equipped and triple crowned, and I used my 69 (nice) saved rolls to roll for the Redhorn claymore instead of rolling on the character banner, and ended getting it for her. Worth it.
Gorou was a random spook. And so was Sara. I got her C1 from random pulls, not actual rate up.
Now I just want Sayu. I don't really care for Ayaka, though if I get her I will not dislike it, my next targets will be Venti and Raiden (for my Kokomi team), definitely.
And maybe get the 2 Ambers, 1 Barbara, 1 Diona and 1 Sara I miss to get my target constellations (C6/C6/C6/C2) for them, eventually. But Sayu more.
Cute smol rolling tanuki pls come home :(, she's actually fun as hell, and it's frustrating my only way of trying her were the two trials we got and not more.

I also have those. I have several main Def% and HP% artifacts of various sets, and most of them have double crit subs as well. I keep one of each just in case. And even with that, I still cannot even think about ever reaching the cap lol.

Well that looks more interesting than Metin2. Here you could use the skill as they were and that's it.
Combos, there were only a couple of those. For example, the assassin ninja had a skill where the character made a wheel with their daggers. The skill would only hit once normally, but if you knocked an enemy back and immediately used that skill, you would bounce them 2/3 times depending on your timing, and they would take damage multiple times from it (example: at 4:15 timestamp).
That's the only real combo I can think about, the rest was more like chaining the skills to keep an enemy on the ground so you could rentlessly attack them while they were unable to react.

Wow, I also looked at that stream where he talked with a doctor. The entire video. Man, dude has some issues, definitely.
Also I remember disagreeing with one thing that psychologist said to him. Specifically, when he said that other people doing things that you considered stupid, weren't really stupid. When in fact they were indeed. Maybe it's wrong to tell them, but I still think people doing disservices to themselves or even hurting themselves with their actions, are definitely stupid. You can defend their feelings maybe, but not really their action. I think. I may be wrong because a psychologist said otherwise, but I will stand my ground nonetheless.
And I'm still one of those people who will tell other people they are stupid if I ever think they are. I have no filter in that extent.
To go back to when I talked about trying to not hurt someone's feelings if I care for them, well, that does not include telling them if they're doing something stupid. In that case it's especially because I care for them, that I will feel obliged to tell them that they're acting in a stupid way, and even tell them why, and how I think they could fix the issue.

VR chat is hella cringe, xD

Same here for nux. I watch mostly videos that fit with his older ones. And the tournament ones definitely fit that part.
One of the last ones he made, I found that particularly hilarious. The one where he made a quiz about the Johnny Depp trial. The fact some of the shit I saw there actually happened in a court of law...god. Lol.

Oh well, talk about me explaining the wrong thing. Welp, glad you found it funny anyway.
That said I'm proud of my AK flair. When I saw Toddifons' name I HAD to make a pun about big anime tiddies.

I always have an absurdly hard time choosing names. I actually would regret it a lot afterwards, if I picked the "wrong" username and was forced to stick with it without the ability to change it.
There were times where I spent hours or even days without creating a character because of that.

And also for the same reason, when in the last server merge of Metin2 someone created characters with my name on the other server before I could take them, and the merge made my character lose my own name instead of their character losing it (server with a lower # number was considered the main server and kept names in case of dupes, I was playing on server #2 so I lost it), made me feel absolutely like shit.
Like, I've played for years with that nickname, I love that nickname, people always had known me for that nickname, and now I cannot ever have it again... Talk about giving me more reasons to quit. Ngl, that was the last straw, definitely.

Oh yes the graphics and scenery are definitely top notch, but I'm talking about characters designs. And that's what I care about mostly.
I dropped a game I would probably have liked a lot, Blue Archive, because the 3d chibis in battles were such an eyesore to me I couldn't take it lol.

On the opposite, in metin2 they added an extra mode that basically had no purpose other than being a sort of "prestige system" where the top ranked people of that mode would have a floating thingy around their character that said they were top 1,2 or 3 in that map, where basically you entered a free pvp mode where everyone was enemies with everyone, chat was disabled and you couldn't see nicknames or levels, and stats were defaulted to be equalized for everyone regardless of level, and all skills were defaulted to Perfect, even if you entered with a level 1 character, all your six skills would be at P level.
Problem with that is that they added a premium item that gave anyone who used it an extra 50k health and a huge damage buff in that map. So why even try to make a map where everyone is the same and the only difference is made by equipments and bonuses, and player skill, just to add an item to make whales win. Idk.

Oh and about leveling up, I forgot to mention that they didn't only decrease the base amount in some maps, but they even adjusted the exp income based on level difference.
Basically the system works like this. If you're the same level of monsters, you get the base 100% exp, if you're lower you get more exp, and the exp progressively increases up to 15 level difference, then it caps at a set maximum. Likewise, being higher gets you lower exp until finally, if you're 15 levels above or more, you get 0 experience from that monster. Well, they tweaked those numbers too, greatly lowering the additional exp got by farming monsters that were higher level than you, and made the scaling down of exp when you outleveled monsters way more steep, to the point that even if the limit was 15 levels, if you were 8 or 9 levels above you were already getting close to no exp anyway, so you didn't even want to bother going into a map like that to level up.
In metin2, there always was a strict route to follow for level up, and even that route, was usually not the best if you want to spend few hours and not lots of hours leveling. The best way usually was to follow the proper route only with your 1st character for the beginning, then always have equipment that massively outscaled monster and actually level in the map that was meant for 10 levels above yours, so you could level up decently. E.g. for level 10-15 the adviced map would've been the animal maps in the first village, but if you wanted to take an hour or two to get to level 25-ish instead of 10 hours, the best way was to go to the second village and fight the level 25-35 humanoid enemies, intended for leveling from 25-40 and level there. And then as soon as possible, go to the valley and kill orcs to level up, even if that map was technically a level 40-50 map, and you usually wanted to get there around level 30 and not spend more than 10-15 levels there either, and then go to the level 60-65 map to get the next 10 levels (45-55). And so on.

Of course the exp system and the continuous nerfs to exp income wasn't player friendly. But heh, they kept adding special exp rings that gave you bonuses such as +50% EXP +50% Max HP +30% damage against monsters for 7 days for the equivalent of 20-30 bucks in the premium shop, so there's that, if you want to gain exp like before, buy that ring every week until you're done leveling.

They never play their own game. They know it's bad. And when they do, you can usually tell because they will have uber modded characters and beat everyone to a pulp. I've been in some of those games.
Mostly private servers of metin2. Those were also infamous for modding buddies' characters or selling mods to players paying them to get overpowered status just to win.
My favourite way to spend time on some of those servers was to exploit a certain bug that allowed a certain class to activate their weapon aura on their fist (you basically tapped on the hotkey for the skill and at the same time you would unequip the blade from your inventory) and thus bypass weapon resistances when using offensive skills on enemies. It got patched eventually, but it was fun until it lasted. It wasn't really optimal because without a weapon you couldn't use Normal Attack combo so everyone could just juggle you like a ball with theirs, but it was fitting when a single modded player was like "come all at me I'll beat ya all", that player was going to get raided by lots of foes so they couldn't just focus on me specifically, so I could safely two-shot them with unresisted fist skills, xD

There were quite a bit of maps, but yeah, mostly empty. Most people were in the first villages, usually.
If we count private shops, players were hundreds yeah, but those people left their game afk to sell stuff, so they don't really count.

That's definitely a clever use of karma. But of course it doesn't monetize it, so metin2 devs would have never used it.

Yup, you would get 18 points every 3 minutes when online outside of a safe zone, that's 360 per hour, 8640 per day.
The maximum amount of karma loss when succeeding your final training (G10 -> P) is 5500 points, so you can regain those in less than a day.
Failing the training only nets you between 25% and 50% of the loss when succeeding, there's also that. Less time to spend online when you fail.
Average for G1 -> P is 36 tries (around 28% chance of success), so it takes a while anyway.
Books for M1 -> G1 are a little more generous, around 40% success chance. And whales can have an item that increases training chance by 2.5 times, basically guaranteeing the training if you use the item.
Speaking of bugs that the devs/staff deny being bugs, the item that increases training chance by 2.5 times can be used and will be consumed when training for Perfect master, however, the chance of training will NOT be actually increased. You will still need around 36 tries. Even with the item. And yet, the item will still be consumed if you use it.
So add misleading to their list of sins. Not just denying bugs. Encouraging players to use an item when it actually doesn't work. Wow.

We'll see about anni.

In any case, I'm among those people who think that Zhongli didn't really need to be buffed back then.
Sure, he wasn't overpowered, nor super duper good. But he was fine.
Instead of having every character powercreeping the previous, we got characters having ups and downs, and I would've been fine with it.
After that whole ordeal and the double buffs to Zhongli, the following character, Ganyu, was buffed to oblivion literally one day prior release.
Devs were so scared shitless about backlash that they preemptively buffed the next character just to be sure.
That's silly, but since I love Ganyu I would've accepted it.
If only they didn't decide that from that moment on the new character would be a total powercreep, and when the character itself wasn't, the meta itself would change so the new character would be hella meta and basically powercreep anyway.

It baffles me that lots of people are actually convinced of the opposite.
I mean, if we were 20-30 years ago I could believe it, we were at the beginning and no one knew anything.
But as of now it's pretty much proven, how the market works. So those people end being just delusional af.

I have a good ear for voices and music. Not much of a voice to actually play them out, though.
So I don't really like to do things such as singing or acting. I can't just perform well.
But you can bet I will be able to hear the slightest inaccuracy when someone sings a cover of a song (or even the actual original singer on live stage) or if someone does some voice acting.
Sometimes I hear those mistakes/inaccuracies and it icks me quite a bit. Especially when I seek for confirmation from the people around me and no one of them actually hear it. I keep pointing it to them, and even try to explain in detail, spell it to them, replay the bit and such, and yet, they cannot hear it, while it's SO clear for me. Unbelievable.

Nice. Keep avoiding it. The anime and VNs are good, but the gacha games are hell. They will pull you in and not let you out, and they will suck. xD
If you want to try some game just to spend time on the side, I suggest priconne. Quite easy to understand and play. Game is very generous and gacha is overall not that bad. Probably playing on JP would be better as they have lots of QoL to help newbies catch up and stuff, but you can also try EN and come to my guild I guess.
Or not. The less gacha you play, the more irl sanity you will save.

I hate fishing with a passion.
Metin2 had a fishing system, albeit way more simple than Genshin's. You just had to nail the timing once when the icon started blinking and reel in the fish. Fishes were quite useless though. The only use of them was to open them in hope of getting a (very rare) mussel that was kinda valuable-ish and then sell it, or open it hoping for a (even more rare among the very rare) pearl that was quite expensive. The whole thing was so time consuming compared to the was just bad.
So having a system that was kinda like that, but the fishes were literally useless, and the effort to catch the fish was even more frustrating. This is Genshin fishing. You can bet I hate this even more.
I did it once because it was forced, then never again. I actually skipped the fishing event (the one with primogems) and will never get The Catch. And I have 0 intention of ever doing anything like that in the future. Fuck fishing, really.

I hunted for my first Nightmare. Took me 2.5 months of 3 star tags, but I eventually got her. Then nothing basically for a year, then two pots just the other week. I've seen the leaked next standard banner, and she should be there, and she's the middle one in the image. I really hope she's in the shop because I will DEFINITELY buy her Pot 4. I don't care if she's not that good, I just want to max her out lol.

Right. I'm exercising my english speaking skills as of now. Until a few months ago I never did any of this. I just got proficient at writing, reading and listening. But my spoken english was just...bad. The first real step was to made my brain click and enter english mode fully.
Like, not going back and forth with my language but actually thinking in english directly. I kinda can do that right now.
I think I also had a couple of dreams that were in english, lol.

Oh I've also watched another video, almost forgot it. The markiplier smash or pass video. I even commented on that video with my comment account (I've had this habit since google+ became a thing, I refused to link my og channel so I had to make another acc just to be able to leave comments, I'm happy to say that my former account outlived google+ that is now finally and rightfully dead as it always should have been. Google failing as always, no surprise. But as of now I've used the other acc so much that I will not switch back since everyone I "know" in comment sections has seen me with that username and avatar for years...), and you even hearted my :Blitzsmile: comment :D

Some of those series you mentioned were really really good, 9/10, some even 10/10 level. I usually rewatch those on a whim when I start thinking about them for a while. So you may have had influenced me a bit. xD

That's the point. But tell that to my parents. They have too many prejudices, hard wired. If they were my age, maybe. Heh.

I wish that too. I manage to act more practical sometimes, but inside, the emotions are still there. Sure, I may have learned to suppress them now (when I was younger people told me I was an open book, now not anymore, I still act like I am, because it's easier, but I would be able to lie now if I wanted, at least), but I still have a mess in my head sometimes.
And sometimes people really challenge me to not get angered. For now I almost never got angry in front of people.
Buddies around me think I'm quite the pretty chill person. And I act like so. But there were some situation where some of them saw me when I was not angry, but upset. And the way they described was pretty much when you talk about the quiet kid being scary and how it's better off not discovering how they are if they ever get angry.
I guess that's the result of me getting bullied when I was in highschool. I've developed more resistance to stress, but I guess people are more aware of how I would snap if they passed a certain limit.
And they're right about that. If I ever get angry, and I hope I will never away if you can.

Yes it does.
Although the following arc is still in underworld.
There's another arc after that, but I haven't read the novel that far so I don't know if it changes setting.
Considering where SAO is going, it may. But even if it doesn't, it doesn't change the context.
Alicization pretty much shown the overlap between the worlds, so everything is basically part of the same reality now. So a third world outside real world and underworld would still be connected to those two, I think.

Added. And answered.
And removed my ID from the previous comment, just in case.
FullyCharged May 17, 9:06 PM
Oh it's definitely a love-hate relationship. It starts with only love, then hate appears and takes over until there's only that left.

Same here for Genshin, my daily resin and commissions are just a chore. Back in the day I would be careful of not overcapping it and think I would feel bad if I skipped one day of commissions. Now I let my resin cap all the time and wouldn't feel anything if I skipped dailies once or twice.

Well about that, all the characters I use are level 90, and even all the others are all level 70 ascension 5 for the free fates. So I can't even set an objective to level up someone because I don't really care about extra levels on people I don't use. And I'm almost done with talents too.
All I would need is new characters, but the game is kinda refusing me those too, lately. 60 rolls into the Ayaka banner, got Rosaria to C6 just today, still no Sayu...:s :s :s

I have like 300 or 400 artifacts at most. I farm them literally every day so I have absolutely no clue about how you could possibly have so many.
Oh...well, I use the strongbox with the bad 5 stars to recycle them for something that is possibly good...I got so many good Noblesse pieces from there. A lot of people advice against the strongbox but's good.
If only more types of artifacts where available from it, the choice is quite limiting. Glad 4pc is outdated on literally everyone and there are two more sets with the same bonus of its 2pc, Bloodstained 4pc is pretty much useless and the whole set powercrept by Pale Flame, Wanderers is used on like 4 characters (Ganyu, Amber, Yanfei, Klee) and there are alternative, so basically only Noblesse.

I lost count of how many games I tried back then, and how many times I got in literally few weeks before the games closed their servers. It was terrible.

Potions use is the same of Metin2, then. You can use one as long as there's a gap between your maximum HP and current/potential HP, and when you chug down a potion, the amount of HP written on the potion would fill the gap with a lighter red color than the actual red HP bar, and that lighter red part would be replaced by the darker red in 3-4 seconds time. As long as your dark red+ light red bar combined weren't reaching your total Max HP you could just use another potion, indefinitely, as long as you had potions in your inventory.
So the issues in PvE (and PvP outside of duels where for obvious reason you wouldn't use health potions) would arise only if the mob was able to oneshot (so a boss or some mob vastly overleveling you) you or outdamage your healing.

Yeah in Metin2 case classes had 5 or 6 skills total (after a patch they added the missing 6th skill to the classes who had only 5, but those 6th skills weren't clearly balanced nor play tested before being implemented, since all of them had a fixed 1 minute cooldown, which is terrible for offensive skills), and everyone only had a choice between one of the two subclasses for each class (or in case of the lican, THE subclass).
The only difference possible between players of the same subclass was the order in which the skills were going to be mastered (you basically got one skill point for every level except level one, and you would need a minimum of 17 points to master one skill, so it would be level 18-23 to get the first mastered skill, 35-39 for the second, 52-55 for the third, 69-71 for the fourth, 86-87 for the fifth and finally 103 for the last one; the reason why I put level ranges: it depends on whether you put one point in every non mastered skill and in how many you put any, it is generally recommended to have the useful skills at least at level 1 so you can slot [and effectively use] them, of course that delays your next mastery by 1 level, but more than often it is a worthy sacrifice to make), but even there, there wasn't much choice for a lot of subclasses, as not raising certain skills first would just gimp your character greatly.
Of course there were still a bunch of variations of builds for middle levels, and I've made a lot of debates trying to convince others about how my build was better (it was, by the way).

Big mood. Sometimes I really feel it. So I may state it, that I may ramble about stuff you don't care about. But then I ramble anyway. I WANT TO WRITE IT! xD
About those two, I watch them sometimes, but not everything. I only watch Tectone's videos that talk about the state of the game, or those doing abyss challenges, I honestly do not care about the ones he does about reading story, really. I'm more interested in his other channel for that reason (Bar his...debatable taste videos about anime of course >:-() ). His first video on that channel, about how he was made to be the villain in all the communities he was part of is well made, in my opinion. He's still a way over the top person, and has some strong opinions about some characters being bad I don't agree with, but I generally agree that he's being treated like a punching bag and he still is, probably by people envious that his attention-seeking behaviour actually gets him attention back.
I was kinda like that when I was part of my other game's community. For some time I literally became the most famous person on the forums and the youtube part about the game in my country (yeah, even as a 500 subscriber channel, I was still like the 2nd-3rd biggest channel about, and definitely the most well known one). And I was way over the top, quite arrogant I have to say, and I liked to take every possible bait and reacted negatively to every type of drama that started against me. I eventually got a small hater group that tried to expose me and even dox me at a time, but I successfully made that die over time. And left the community not much longer after because of other reasons aka the game going shit.
As for Nux, I liked him a lot back in 2019-2020 and still like him, however I did not like his decision of changing the type of content he makes, good for him, but I don't care much about the silly daily videos he makes, I was more about his big videos about controversies and such, and I mainly watch those.

Thanks for the reddit name. Or well, what do you think it means, because it's quite specific to my language, xD
To clarify, the "papere" part means "(female) ducks", and "sdruma" is a form of the verb "sdrumare" that means brutally killing (or just badly beating), more simply "slaying", someone, usually in video gaming context.
When I used that name, I didn't even know about the fact it had another meaning, quite colorful in the sexual way. Since apparently the verb "sdrumare" also means "to forcibly have intercourse with" and also apparently, that word, including the duck part, existed somewhere already, and the overall meaning was something in the lines of "pussy slayer". Well, I never meant it to be *that*. But I guess that's too late.

The funniest part about that is how the name came to be in the first place.
Basically I needed a name for an alt character on a private server I was playing in. And the alt was meant for farming a monkey dungeon.
So my initial idea was to make some name about slaying monkeys, but well, after deciding the first half (sdruma) I had realized that no monkey species had a name that was 6 characters at most, and that wouldn't have fit into a 12-characters nickname. So I just swapped animals, and defaulted to ducks for some reason. So that's how the name came to be.
And also the name of every main character I have ever had on private servers.
I would use my signature name Charge on official servers, and that other name on private ones.

I don't hang on that genre of platforms usually, but I have an account there since for managing reasons I needed to create a server for my Priconne clan (the old one I was a part of died after the leader left and gave away the leading role to a player that wasn't reading any ingame chats, so we just left and I made a new one myself and got 12 of us, out of 22 sadly, back together). So in case, I have an account (REDACTED#69420). I don't use it much though.
In any case, send the watch order for Toaru my way, here on MAL or wherever, definitely.

I was kinda interested, a bit, in Lost Ark, before it came out. But lately I haven't thought of trying it yet.
Mostly because of the design, they're too western, and also quite ugly, for my standards. They really put me off.

Well 60 vs 80 is still way more balanced than whatever we had lol. I remember logging back in a few months ago and there was this level 60 dude that wasn't taking any damage from my level 95 main, and he killed me quite easily in response. I don't even know anymore. Haha.

Stunlock, now that you remind me about it. In metin2 there was that negative status, stun, and it was quite a mess. Basically there were a bunch of classes capable of inflicting a 2-3 seconds stun with one or more of their skills, with 100% chance. And there was a specific bonus obtainable on shields, "defense against blackout", that was meant to counter that. Kinda, because the bonus was bugged. In normal conditions it would always work, but whenever you swapped an equipment item and/or the shield wasn't the last equipment piece put on/swapped, it would bug and you would always get stunned, even with the bonus. Yea, always, not sometimes. Shield last piece? Never stunned. Otherwise? Always stunned.
Then it would eventually bug itself on its own even if you did nothing. And the only way to get it working was to make so the shield with the bonus was re equipped once more, then it unbugged itself for the time being.
A bonus working only when you equip the shield with it as last piece. Anyone would agree that it's a bug, right? Well, everyone and anyone from the game staff would always reply with the same response "the bonus says defense against blackout, not immunity, so when it doesn't work it just means that your 85-90% resistance didn't block the stun".
It went on for years and the response stayed the same and the bonus remained, and still remains, bugged.
And they refuse to fix it, using that excuse as a reason why "it's not a bug". Lol.
I would agree with their excuse if it actually it was not an always/never situation depending on how you equipped the item, if it was "you get stunned around 10% of the time and be immune for 90%" then it would be like they said it was, but it wasn't.

They also did the opposite, intervening on stuff that was clearly meant by the game mechanic itself, calling it a bug.
After the players started exploiting some of those features for their advantage, they would roll an update where they deemed feature x as a bug and "fix it".

Example. Slowing bonus against metin stones.

But first I have to explain what metin stones are, of course.

Metin2 is called that because of metin rocks, that spawn randomly in maps with set cooldowns. Those rocks have a set amount of health and defense, and when hit they spawn enemies to defend the rock, and they keep spawning waves at every set of remaining HP (every 10% remaining), then once you depleted all its HP, all the hordes spawned (if you didn't kill them by that time) would instantly die and the rock would drop some loot (skill books, spiritual stones, random equipments and sometimes rare drops for higher skill training).

Back in the day, hitting a metin stone with the "chance to slow enemy" bonus would effectively slow the stone too, delaying the waves, that resulted in some (of all) spawns literally skipping. The metin would flash like when it was spawning monsters, but effectively not spawn anything.

How to know it was not a bug, but a feature? Well, higher level metin stones would spawn special bosses in their waves ONLY when they were slowed.

That meant that every metin stone had "spawn checkpoints" and "spawn maps" in their hp bars.
Every time the HP reached a checkpoint, the game would read the correspective part of the map, and spawn the monsters that were written in that spot.
In lower level stones, the map only had monsters programmed in multiple of 10% spots, so slowing the stone made the game skip waves.
But higher level stones had boss waves written in portions that were not accessible normally.
Slowing a stone basically slowed the readout of the map, making so when the stone reached a percentage of HP multiple of 10, it would not read the correspective number on the map but an earlier spot because of the slow effect, making boss spawns possible.

This whole ordeal gave players advantages because having slowing chance on your gear made lower level stones easier to break (less waves so less enemies to withstand as you keep whacking the stone to break it) and get loot from, and higher level players would possibly get boss loot by making bosses spawn from high level metins, break the metin ignoring the bosses as breaking it would insta kill all spawned hordes.

Well, that lasted few years before "they fixed the bug" removing the chance of slowing a metin stone. So no more skipping waves or getting special bosses from there.

Another advantage for players that was fixed was one that helped powerleveling greatly.
Basically there was an exp method that consisted in gathering a specific type of boss and hitting it without killing it, and get experience by killing the adds it would constantly spawn.
This method was possible because you could gather multiple of these bosses at the same time. And that due to the fact that it was a two phase boss, where killing the 1st phase would make a 2nd boss spawn, and killing the 1st would start the respawn cooldown for it even if you didn't kill the 2nd phase. So you could just kill 1st phase, wait respawn and do it again as much as you liked, and you would have a bunch of 2nd phase of that boss gathered at the same time.
Then you put a character whacking those bosses in a corner of a dungeon room and kill all the adds spawned by them for hours.
And that effectively was the fastest way to get exp above level 75 all the way to the cap level that was 105 at the time.
Assuming you can outheal the damage (those bosses hurt quite a lot) that is.
But that wasn't a problem since there was a specific subclass of the Sura that was a PvE monster, basically immortal thanks to the lifesteal bonus of one of its skills (basically at max rank it steals 12% damage for every target for every hit, effectively topping off the character from 1 hp to full every couple of seconds, without having to use any health potion).
So any guild could just borrow or hire a character to that class and use them to powerlevel every buddy of theirs.
And that's effectively how it worked.

Until level 120 and new maps unlocked. To encourage people using the new maps, and also to make their lives harder, the exp amounts you would get in the old map were severely decreased (to the point at level 95, the access level of the new map, you would barely gain any experience anymore), and the "bug" to exploit using adds of that boss to powerlevel was also "fixed", basically now adds from that specific boss would give 0 exp and 0 drop when killed.

The reason why companies do this shit is because they can afford doing it. Whales will still pay and advocate for the game, even if it's bad and it's getting worse. Why make the game better if you milk whales just fine?
I guess most companies are also made of terrible people with no interest in others being happy.
After all, milking whales + f2p benefits or milking whales + no f2p benefits gains the same for them.
But one requires benevolence and effort, the other does not.

I don't think Metin2 ever had so many players online on a server, ever probably.
But I still had my lots of fun even when the total population of a server was 100-200 people, with maybe 40 online at every time.
The problem arised when those numbers weren't possible anymore. And you basically played solo in most maps.

Why losing karma for training skills? Well, several reasons.
First, there were items, very rare drops or buyable in premium shop, that instantly recovered a set amount of it if your karma was negative. Whales like to bypass time limitation and that means spamming a certain item to remove the cooldown for training, making fast karma recovery pretty much mandatory if you want to train a skill instantly. That's reason one.
Second. For a normal player, you had two ways to recover karma within the cooldown for training. First was to leave your character completely naked in some hidden part of some not-much-populated map to recover points while afk. The second was to kill monsters, with some extra risk (dying to monsters like an idiot or getting sniped by some equipment hunter). Either way, that's hours of time where your character has to stay online. They gain money the more people stay online in their servers, so that's another reason.
Third reason, skill training uses double the karma amount if your starting karma is below zero when you train. That urges you to always have at the very least 0 karma before doing any training. So it urges you to recover your negative karma even more. This isn't much of a reason more than an extra annoyance to make 1 and 2 more frustrating.

Fortunately, at the very least you didn't have to gimp your karma for every training.
To master a skill you need to level up and use skill points, to raise it to great master you read skill books that consume a very small amount of experience points (20k), and finally only training to perfect actually consume karma.

That level thing was quite the opposite of what I was saying.
But I guess it was the same reasoning can be applied to when we had PvP tournaments, that were split into brackets. For example in the 30-40 bracket it was pretty much a detriment to be 34 or lower because you would only have one skill mastered while level 35-40s would have two.
Equipment quality was less than an issue because below level 70 there wasn't much difference between different gear, outside of level 30 weapons (that pretty much outclass anything up to lv 65-75 weapons) and level 61 shields (everything below is the same junk, then those are literally endgame shields).

That example is pretty much the reason I had a low level alt.
I would kill people around my level, then some higher level would try to gank me and often get killed instead. It was hilarious.
I eventually started attacking higher levels myself because the game became more and more stale with time, and a lot of people were just staying stilll and avoid taking initiative to not lose face (that they never had in the first place btw, but whatever).

They will probably make a better 2nd anniversary solely to avoid getting massive backlash.
Not for generosity. Not because every year has to be better than the previous, or maybe because they really want to follow Honkai's example.
Solely to avoid big backlash. Mainly from their chinese audience. They really don't want a zhongli 2.0. But that's it.
I can expect them give away 25-30 rolls and maybe one free 4 star in an event. Then a bunch of random events full of text. And be done with it.

We arrived there because I made a parallel between freebies in games and free scans/episodes of manga/anime.
They're basically the same.
Lots of people advocate against it because "they ruin the game/franchise by giving free stuff discouraging people from buying since they can already get stuff for free" when in reality it doesn't change who buys or not buys from the beginning, and just adds free publicity and satisfied players/consumers.

Then I made an example of a company that realized that "fighting freebies" is like fighting windmills, and it's better to offer a better service yourself. Like Shueisha.

And yes. Also what you said. Even though I'm not that person. I'm a pirate by profession. And also quite the broke one.
Maybe one day. Probably some digital copy of manga (don't really like paper), or some merch.
Definitely not anime though. I would rather learn japanese and watch it for free on their tv, than to pay for anime. Especially with the shitty western streaming services we have.
But even if they were better, it still icks me to pay for a free product.

I didn't include games like GFL (or Azur Lane) because well, characters are not gacha. Those games are perfectly fine, with gacha skins only.
Even though it's quite sad for some of those. If Arknights had skins that were gacha only, it would've been very very sad.

I mostly join people to help if they ask me.
People joining me, only for weekly bosses. And I do it solely because it's faster (only one loading screen, and after the first boss, you are already in co-op mode so it's faster to matchmake again) with my potato pc, I don't really like people having access to my world because I cannot totally stop them from looting stuff. I really wish co-op wasn't so one dimensional like it is. If it had toggles to allow more stuff than now (like being able to complete some quests or like, speaking with some npcs like Katherine, ffs) if needed as well as restricting more stuff than now (like looting) if you want, it would be quite good.
I'm aware about assholes reporting teapots but I'm safe in that regard because I have nothing ambiguous in there.
As for "hacking" that's hardly the case, in 99.99999999999999% cases it's because of weak or leaked credentials. My credentials are solid and safe and were never leaked so I'm safe in that regard too. The only way I could get hacked is if some FBI level hacker decides that I, and specifically I, am their target. If so, I'm screwed either way, so why even worry.

When I meant wrong characters I didn't mean that extent.
For the most part when I do co-op is more a commodity than a necessity.
Only very few events were quite hard, and in those everyone was aware and changed characters accordingly, and properly.
As for everything else, let anyone bring whoever they wanted. Who cares if they overload and launch, it would add maybe 5 extra seconds, and it's not like most domains cannot just be completed with whatever in seconds. Except maybe Azdaha, but there you just need to have a healer and eventually you win xD. God if that boss has so many HP. And it even has a way to prevent killing it too fast. If you immediately get it down to 0 HP in its 3rd phase it actually keeps taking damage without dying for a good half a minute. Basically every time it changes phase, it activates a skill that it's like AK's Specter S2. For a set amount of time the HP do not go below 1. Lol.
The time I "complained" was because we were in a domain with Hydro slimes where Electro Charged had a penalty blasting the player, and they wanted to use Yae Miko. I told them it wasn't a good idea but they wanted to use their brand new Miko so I entered anyway, they got oneshotted by the blast and we had a good laugh after.

Can't know much about that here. As the pirate I am. I even got spoiled by my dad who would get us (me and my brothers) brand new games on random CD/DVDs with a printed out cover, xD.

Absolutely yes easier floor 12 yes please. Damn. This time I did the exact same of last time and I couldn't even get the same stars.
And I'm too frustrated to even try so I'll leave it like it is.

I'm so lucky in AK, yet it's been 8 months since my last Top Op. I got 6 of them in my first 6 months of playing, then nothing.
I got Caster+Healing some days ago though (free Nightmare), then I got another Nightmare 3 days later from 4 star tags (DPS+Slow). So there's that luck instead.

Not in english, but in italian, I'm like that too. No accent. Some people in highschool started calling me names like "actually not italian but an immigrant" because of that, since everyone in class had an accent of some region of Italy, but not me. Welp.

I watched your GFL beginner guide just to see how deep I got in my weeks of play, and surprisingly I knew all those things. Nice.
I also watched the one video you talked about before, your 1st one about relating to anime and anime characters. It made me want to rewatch some of those anime you quoted. Damn you! xD
I watched those two AFTER you linked your channel, btw.
That other video I mentioned was watched a couple of months ago when I had absolutely idea about who you were xD

I never had the "pleasure" of doing something like that.
My brother started watching anime with me, and we actually watched them together for a while, well at least, before he started acting a little inappropriately after he turned 13, lol.
My first little sister is not interested in anime and never was. She has watched a couple but she is just not interested.
As for my smallest sister, she's so exstatic about anime. But she doesn't listen to my advice. All I can do is discuss stuff about it with her.
My parents are a lost cause.
All my few friends were into anime as much as me from the beginning, so not much to do there.

At most, I had some buddy online I had to beg for months to watch some specific series. But all of them were into anime already.
For that, Clannad is the one taking the top spot. I had to beg three different people, two of which for more than two years each, before they watched it. And they even liked it afterwards. Dang.

I could be, yes. But after looking at characters and personalities from fictional and real stuff, I don't really relate to ANY of those characters.
Like none at all. INFJ on the other hand, oh boy. There's so many. So there's that.

In any case, I generally do not care about people feel about me, unless I care about them in the first place.
But I generally try not to hurt other people's feelings if possible. But even there, it depends. If I care about those people, I do it because I care about their feelings. If I don't care, I do it because it's less bothersome to do so. Lol.

Can't really relate here either. Since if I ever watch a dub, it probably isn't english. And I'm not watching dubs anyway so, xD

I'm keeping the Aincrad reboot on hold for now. I will wait for when it's finished, then read it all.
For now I'll focus on the main series.
FullyCharged May 13, 5:55 PM
Yeah, even if I hate that game now. I cannot help that I used to love it.
And I'm starting to feel the same about Genshin, unfortunately. At least it's not pay to win yet, though.

Oh and sorry if I'm rambling about a bad game, I bet you don't even care about it lol.
I'll try to not write too much. And feel free to ramble about whatever game.
I may not care about it that much but I promise I will read your message, xD

In any case. There was no such thing as magic character having disadvantage. Rather, the contrary.
Melee characters can use physical normal attacks yes, but for most classes, it isn't quite optimal at low and mid levels (except for the berserker-type class of the warrior that literally has a skill that massively increases your attack speed, optimal to shred enemies with normal attacks and use offensive skills only do combos/break enemy combos). At high levels it becomes viable because strong weapons with high attack values, piercing hits vs high defense, etc.
Without forgetting the possibility of having poison and bleed chance bonuses on weapon/hat. Poison and Bleed deals 5% max HP every 4 seconds to the target (the ailment lasts 30 seconds so it's 8 ticks including the very first one on the proc, totaling 40% max HP lost during the whole poison duration), and completely negates passive HP regeneration while you're affected, and since you cannot use health potions in duels, it does a lot. Sure, while you attack/move your base HP regeneration is basically null, but at least you don't take DoT every 4 seconds, lol.
Mage characters on the other hand, do not directly benefit from physical damage, and their weapons usually have lower physical attacks values, however, you have to take in account that the way-to-go resistance to go against them is magic res, and there is a limit to the number of available bonuses on each item, and there's also the difficulty to roll (all of) them together. So basically almost no one will have specific resistance to the weapon the mage is wielding, but rather they will focus on having the maximum magic resistance. This opens for some meme-ish builds where a magic character intertwines skills and attacks to cheese the opponent. And was pretty much the way during the time where magic was unviable.
You could see a bunch of shamans wacking the enemies with their fan/bell (weapons this game had for shamans, weird choice over something like staff or wand but okay), and that paid off. Even endgame players had no fan/bell resistance, since you needed to have one handed, two handed, arrow, dagger and also possibly HP and critical, and that takes five bonus slots on most items. You didn't really have any space for a resistance that wouldn't help against any random skill that targeted you or happened to hit with its AoE (skills take in account weapon type for resistance only for melee, all magic class skills consist in pure magic damage). So people just tried to not get stagger locked by a shaman doing physical attacks lol. It was funny to see I have to admit: people running very low level healer shamans (easier and cheaper equipment to build) with full resistances and equipment focused on piercing hits and high intelligence and casting speed to boost the heal amount and spam it. They would basically duel by constantly hitting enemies with their weapon, to stagger them and deal piercing hits (that equals to the enemy defense when your base attack is lower, that is the case when a low level character hits a high level one), and just spam their heal whenever it came of cooldown (with a good equipment it could go as low as 4s, and the heal amount with high intelligence was unholy, and the heal skill also had 120% chance of removing all negative ailments, including poison and bleed, from yourself). And winning some matches like lv 35-55 shaman vs lv 105+ warriors. Lol.

Yes I proposed several versions of proper solutions to the magic problem, along with lots of other players.
But it's always like this, with companies. They don't really listen, and you can see it when they make Q&A sections full of stuff nobody ever asked. e.g. Genshin.
The solution was quite easy.
Magic damage had the advantages of lower cooldowns and being unaffected by defense, so it still had to get higher maximum resistance possible, yes. You just had to nail the right number. The sweet spot like you called it. That was around 70 for high levels vs high levels, slightly lower for people below level 90.
Point is, during the whole history of the game, the values moved up and down and almost purposedly never reached that number.
And then basically sold you the solution that would default the resistance around 50 for an endgame player, that is the pay-to-play costume system. Still below the sweet spot, but an endgame player would have extra gears and premium bits to further boost their max health and have damage resistance, so it was possible to withstand magic damage for those. Kinda. The game was still try to dodge and maybe kill them first before you cannot out-health-potion the damage you take. Or use premium 100% potions that instantly restore you to full health in one click. Yeah those too existed.

The "fun" part of all of this is that if you remove all potions, dews, anti magic bonuses, and costumes, with the current sets the game has now, the maximum magic resistance would be literally 65. The latest armors have 35% MR, and you get 30 from two accessories, total 65.
One patch forward, they could just release a final set of armors for level 120 with base 40% MR at max upgrade, and the problem wouldn't have existed anymore.
And to add to that, it would even add additionally balance to the game, level wise.
With a clean game, you literally split players into categories (120, 115-119, 110-114, 105-109, 90-104, 70-89, 69 and below) where the accessible sets themselves set the tier you stay in. Higher tier vs lower tiers always wins by a long shot and so on. It also would encourage you to level up and not stop at a lower level, unless you're gated by your PvE equipment or you didn't buy/make the new PvP sets to equip once you level up, of course.
Right now, the game is so centered about premium stuff, that you can literally buy random shit on a level 50 character and survive an open PvP full of people at cap level (as long as they're not magic and aim at you), and kill them as well.
Which doesn't make any sense. Why would a level 50 be able to compete with a level 120. Why even level up then. Just unlock the couple of strong skills of your character and pump your stuff with the item shop. And that's what a lot of people did btw.

But of course this would've been too fair to f2p players. And it doesn't fit well in a game with predatory marketing. Even though whales still have enourmous advantages that go beyond equipments.
And even solutions made to help f2p players like the tradeable packs of premium coins, that give them access to stuff that can only be bought from the item shop, still helps whales. Because whales can still play and farm as much as a f2p (and better with premium stuff that increases drop rates and such), gain more gold because better equipments so lower times for farming the same amount, and not have to spend it to buy packs of coins, but instead gain even more gold by selling the packs.
So these new things just widen the gap, and increase the possible sinks to gold for a f2p player, and gives even more gold to whales in exchange.
Gold is a free currency sure, but the time spent farming for it, surely isn't.

Reception for each update was not good overall. People were mostly hating it. I was hating it.
But there were too many advocates, too many people okay with it, and too many people indifferent.
The game started slowly dying, and by 2019, there were barely any players left.
And mind you, since 2014 they merged servers three times (first they merged 10 servers in 2 in 2014, then opened a new bait server and merged the 2 OG servers in 1 in 2016, then finally merged all servers into the Italy server in 2018) because there were too few players, and the result was full servers for few months and then a year later the unified server would have the same number of players of one of the servers pre-merge.
They should've tried splitting the servers, maybe that would've increased the total players.../s

Then covid happened and a lot of people hopped back in to spend time (not me).
And thanks to that, the game has been revived since then.
Most people seem to focus more on PvE more than anything, since PvP is forever broken.

To add to this, it doesn't help that some parts of PvE are contaminated by big guilds playing mafia and being bullies and taking maps/dungeons spots by force, blackmailing, and such.

And I didn't even touch the part about the bots and people playing solely to sell gold for real money (illegal and agaist ToS), and all of those getting away with it thanks to the ineptitude of part of the staff, and the compliance of the other part (you can't tell me that someone who tells you they cannot just ban the bots/gold sellers, isn't complying). Talking about most of those things on the forums gets you censored or outright banned, by the way.

I've played differently, during my stay in the game.
From 2009 to 2011 I basically played whatever, my little brother was the one playing a main account, I was mostly having fun on lower level alts.
This changed in 2011 when a new server was launched, that's when I got my first laptop as well.
I registered a new account there and started from scratch with hundreds of other players.
For my first year of playing I stayed at a lower than average level and enyojed doing PvP with people that were clearly unprepared, inexperienced, both, or just decided to focus more on PvE. So I was winning a lot of matches. I focused on the opposite of most players, so obviously I kinda sucked in some PvE aspects, but I could still do some farming and made some gold on the side, albeit slowly and less efficiently. I had fun smashing most people of my level, or even slightly higher, in PvP. To be fair, if all of them were built even half as good as me (spoiler: my PvP gear was basically non existent, it takes very little equipment changes to make two equal players into one player having an overwhelming advantage over the other), I would've been on a streak of losses, lol.
Then I decided to raise my level a bit, to access maps that gave me higher income, and eventually progressed to the highest level I reached.
During 2011-2013, most people were still PvE focused so the PvP was fun.
Then the updates ruining the game kept rolling, and I found myself more and more relegated into doing mostly PvE, and since my equipment there was definitely subpar because of my choices, I started suffering a bit from it.
This is where I started building more seriously my 2nd character, that focused on a different niche, that was pk-ing. Main difference of course was that instead of asking for duels (and getting them refused for the most part) I would just set my PvP mode to Free and attack them, no matter if they were ready to take me or not. Spoiler: they weren't. And even if they were, most of them would die on my 2nd try, since most people, when they had a PvP set with a resistance, usually had only that resistance on that set, and the other on another set if any, so just swapping my one handed weapon to two handed or vice versa was enough to get them good.
It was lots of fun, a lot like your Deathknight example. In my case I still took some damage (I wasn't like Kirito outliving dmg with natural HP regen in that anime scene lol), while still not dying thanks to me chugging health potions when needed. Also my player level was more than often lower than the people attacking me, like, me being level 49 vs a bunch of level 50s, 60s, or even 70s.
The level 49 choice in that case was tied to how the Karma Rank system worked in Metin2.
Basically, you would gain Karma by killing monsters (fast) or spending time outside of safe areas (very slow), and you would lose it by either training your skills from Great Master to Perfect Master (max), or by killing players of your own kingdom outside of duels/guild wars.
Having negative karma basically allows everyone with positive karma to set their PvP mode to "Hostile" and possibly kill you with no consequences to their own karma level. There's an item to hide your rank, but that only affects the penalty other players may get (they cannot use hostile mode, but have to use free mode, and can lose rank points when killing you), but not the penalties you can yourself get.
A level 49 and below with negative karma dying has no penalty, while a level 50 and above character with negative karma being killed has a chance to drop items from their own inventory to the ground, and that includes equipments (stuff you're currently equipping too).
So being negative rank above level 50 is just a risk to lose all your equipments to strangers that are not likely to give it back, while a level 49 is perfectly safe.
So that's where most PK "cruel" players would park their character on. At that level you could only raise 2 skills at master and above, but that was generally enough to have fun, albeit limiting. Also, these type of characters would have some weird builds chosing sets of skills that a player with the intent of cherishing and growing their characters at a higher level would never pick.
Basically forgoing survivability, and also DPS sometimes, for the highest DPH possible.
Doesn't matter if you can live more, or if your DPS is higher over a long span of x seconds, if an opponent survives your initial hits, they're likely to start spamming health potions, and depending on the player and their resistances, they could just outlive your damage forever.
So oneshot/two shot them, that's the way. Also it's satisfying as hell lol.

I still look back, at times, at Metin2, remembering the good ol' times when I considered PvP the best thing ever and wanted to be good in PvP lol.
Nowadays if a game has PvP I tend to avoid it, because it will likely worsen the game experience.
And PvE only games already proven to be predatory enough, so I don't need more than that.

Never forget the joke the Genshin "anniversary" was. Even if the 2nd anniversary would be decent.
They're so stingy. Like, they do not even lose money by giving more freebies.
It's the same argument of piracy. People complain that if people can get something, in big quantities, for free, they will stop buying.
But the point is, people who will not buy a product, were never buying it to begin with.
And people who are buying now, were buying before too. So there's no real change there.
If anything, more free shit gives free publicity to the product. While more exclusivity and denied access to free shit actually deters people from trying it in the first place.
Literal same argument. Literal same outcome. More freebies = good publicity and happy customers.

Some people seem to have realized it.
See Shueisha making the MangaPLUS site/app, putting free scans of their mangas for anyone to read.
Instead of fighting piracy sites, they offer a better service and let people try their product.
Knowing that people willing to spend money will be able to try all their product and then decide what to buy. And they will buy. Even more. The more they can get a sample of, the more stuff they like they will find, the more they will buy.

Arknights is honestly the most generous gacha game ever.
If there's some game more generous out there, it's probably shit because I never heard about it lol.
Agreed about the community too.
Apart from a couple of past controversies (e.g. Tectone), I almost saw no toxicity in the community.

Genshin on the other hand...
Even ingame.
Just this monday I was doing co-op for the weekly bosses, two people entered, a third was loading.
I usually wait for all three people to start showing signs of being not afk (jumping, using skills, walking, etc), and the third person this time was standing still, so I did the usual, I started circling around them, jump, and slap them with attacks, waiting for them to show any sign of life.
That's when one of the two other people wrote "Start already." in the chat.
Fast forward a few seconds after I didn't start, and those two people left my world.
Literally a second later the third person started moving and even said sorry for having slow internet.
They literally couldn't wait 5 more seconds for that third person to load so all three would've been able to confirm the domain invite...They were just that busy and in a hurry huh? Come on.
A couple of weeks back I had to read a conversation of another couple of players that were basically bullying the third person because they were choosing a "bad character" for the domain.
Needless to say, I blocked all those four people. Nothing personal but, I don't want to matchmake them again, and I'm doing a favor to them too. They will not have to wait a 3rd person slow loading in my world again, nor see a 3rd using Amber or Aloy in my world either.
Gosh darn it. I've "complained" too once, but solely because they were bringing a character that proc'd a negative effect in that domain so I just asked them if they were sure, they said okay, we did the domain, they died, we said "lol", and that was it.

I don't use co-op much. Mostly because of the lag. And also because it limits a lot of things that really shouldn't, and there are things that should be implemented for it that are not.
And there's not much to do together anyway. Except maybe roam into one's world aimlessly and cracking dumb jokes in the chat, that is.

"Alright, time to spend more time in Genshin than I accounted for". Biggest mood ever.
And it's sad my brain defaults to that, because I WANT TO like Genshin and want to play it more.
It's just that it gives me no reason to.
I made a list of everything I could think of that would improve/fix Genshin and came up with more than 150 total. And in the whole time this game existed, maybe 5 of them happened, and for the most part not to the extent I hoped. It's really sad.

At first it was like that too. I got SilverAsh and Hoshiguma from the beginner banner, and then nothing. Took me a month or two before I got a Phantom spook. From that point on six stars started literally raining.

Well at least SilverAsh is good. I have him at Pot 2 (dupe from top op recruitment), I wish I had him Pot 4 lol. Instead I got some random Pot 2 that are debatably useful like Aak.

Of course FMAB isn't on leaderboards. Other sites have actually functioning scoring systems, xD

As an italian, trust me, this is even funnier.
Even though personally I hate having the italian accent when speaking english, so I'm exercising my pronunciation to completely eliminate it for good. At the cost of sounding like a weird hybrid of american/australian with some british here and there.

Games are always like that.
Depening on how deep into the rabbit hole you are, you either struggle and depend on handholding guides, oonga boonga, or pull up charts and spreasheets and theorycraft the shit out of everything to the last decimal.
Usually I prefer to be somewhat in the middle of the last two. I want the spreadsheets and charts just to know how stuff works and where the higher numbers are, but I don't do the math for every single thing. I just slap things together and use them.

Wow, when I opened the channel I noticed that I already watched your video of Mr Incredible becoming uncanny about GFL. Lol.
Have this funni:

That said. There's too many people that just think lowly of anime, either because "it's all stupid cartoons for kids" like you said, or other reasons. At that point your opinion just doesn't matter. Hence the meme "if your avatar is an anime character your opinion doesn't matter".
My parents are like that. They never liked, understood, or wanted to have anything to do with anime.
And that included talking about it with me. Not about much, just aknowledging that it's something I consume. When I was younger I was forbidden from watching even stuff like pokèmon. Imagine stuff like Dragonball..."are you out of your mind by any chance?".
Back in the day it was just "stupid cartoons for kids", but now that my 12yo (now 13yo) sister has discovered anime and shoves it into their faces several times per day, they learned quickly about the existence of pg ratings for different anime and they try (emphasis on try) to control what she sees. Still, they have no involvement nor interest (well for the most part I don't care about what she says either, since she goes crazy shipping characters and fawning over shonen, and that is the literal opposite of my current interests lol). They just only removed the "for kids" part. "Stupid cartoons" stays. Which is sad and funny at the same time, because most of the movies and tv series they watch every evening is literally worse than the garbage-est of garbage anime. If only they knew better...

My personality type is tricky. Depending on the test I come out as INTJ or INFJ.
I guess that's because of the different "masks" I use with people. When I want to avoid conversations or I have to speak with someone that makes me feel unpleasant, I focus way less on emotions and think througly about what I'm about to say, and that's the vast majority of people interacting with me.
So I may be an INFJ too, like you, but I have few chances to act as one, so I come off as an INTJ way more often.
I guess that still works on a spectrum, it's not like everyone perfectly fits in one of the 16 tiles of the grid.
That probably works for you too. Those inconsistencies (positive and negative) just are what makes you as a person, unique compared to others.
I often try, and somewhat, succeed, thinking about stuff logically. And that's what makes me paranoid, personally. Because it often goes against what I would do on impulse, so I question whether I will be doing the right thing by forgoing my emotions for logic. I guess the opposite would be the same.

In my case probably the first couple of them, since I watched them and only them for years, before adventuring outside of the "big three zone" or shonen in general. I remember how I liked them so much and how I don't anymore. Lol. Except maybe One Piece. The manga tho.

And sub > dub always. It's also a matter of voice acting. No one seems to put the right amount of effort when dubbing anime. For example, italian dub is among the best in the world, we have amazing voice actors and dubs of movies rival the original language ones. But our anime dubs generally suck because the people working here are not the same ones but some more mediocre VAs, and the effort put is generally way way lower.
In english it's even worse. Although it got better with time. For live action that is.

Yes he does. He's making a reboot of Aincrad, basically "fixing" it a bit, and also showing more POV of different characters, more than just focusing mostly on Kirito. I think it's alright.
FullyCharged May 11, 5:37 PM
I have a particular approach with discussion.
If the person I'm talking with, or the topic, doesn't interest me, I don't want to spend much time talking about it, so I would be brief in that case.
I actually like being wordy otherwise. I just enjoy talking about stuff that I care about, like, or both.

Yes, Black Desert Online is very similar. Definitely. Although it seems slightly better made I have to admit.
I played Metin2 so much because back in the day I was a noobie and after seeing some gameplay I went "woah this is so sick" and couldn't stop playing it. The game was quite bad in the end, but once I started, I just kept playing. Call it FOMO or whatever, it's that. And also I liked stuff showing damage numbers, and the game had those.

To give you a comparison about how much time you would need to receive experience in Metin2.
The highest level I reached is 95, but the game reaches as high as 120. And every level has a higher exp requirement compared to the other, and the increment is exponential. At level 1 is like 200 exp points to level 2, at level 90 it's already above a billion exp points for 91.
To put it into perspective, I leveled in the map that gave the highest amount of exp in the game, with items and bonuses that tripled my exp points income, and on average, at level 94, I would get around 12-15% of that level in a hour. So around 7-8 hours for that one level.
Constantly in the same room, waiting for mobs to respawn and then moving up and down to aggro them all, bring them to a corner and kill them, and then repeat. Nonstop.
And gaining experience in the best place is kinda of a luxury that needed equipment that required years of grinding to afford.
Just few months prior I would've had to power level in another spot where I would've needed around 15 hours per level or so, with tripled exp.
Having those items giving exp bonus was also mandatory pretty much, unless you wanted to spend 50 hours to gain a single level.
And some of those items too were premium, and I could only afford them by either gaining premium currency with surveys (when there were any) or I would have to buy the packs with premium coins from other players with tons of gold...

The game was definitely not balanced, and the worse thing is that they kept balancing it because pvp was broken.
And the classes weren't even that many, we had 4 at launch, then a 5th after a while. With a total of 9 subclasses (8 before the new character).
Basically you had:
The Warrior, classic standard melee character that always ends having 90%+ usage in every game. Can be either berserker specializing in fast attacks at cost of higher vulnerability, or semi-tank with a skill that gives immunity to stagger and knockback at max rank, and the rest being strong aoe blasts
The Sura, a sorcerer with a cursed arm, specializing either in black magic or equipment enchantment. The first being the strongest magic DPS, the other being a PvE monster, with a special skill that can dispell all buffs from an enemy with a pretty high chance. Yea.
The Shaman, the pure mage of the game, half of the skills of those are buffs that can be given to other players too, rest were offensive spells. Class is split between healer (heal skill/cast speed buff) and damage buffer/mitigator (+crit chance, average damage reduction, reflect physical damage buffs)
The Ninja, either assassin or archer.
And then the Lycan was added, focused on AoE damage and bleed effect, super incomplete class (only one subclass, half equipment levels didn't exist, etc) and also unbalanced and overpowered, as it added a new resistance (claw) invalidating all existing equipments that didn't have it. Hence whales seething because their super overpowered items with 3-4 max rolled resistances weren't so endgame anymore now, since a Lycan could oneshot them with a single breath.

4-5 classes and still unbalanced...imagine if this was a game like WoW or any other MMORPG with 10-20+ classes.

I will tell you a long story now, about how they balanced PvP during the years, it's a (not) fun ride definitely.

At game start you could (possibly) reach up to 60% specific resistance to each specific weapon type (one handed, two handed, arrow, dagger) but only 45% magic resistance. This due to the fact that max roll of a specific defense is 15%, and magic resistance could only be obtained on three items (armor, helmet, bracelet) while other resistances could be obtained on four (armor, shoes, necklace, earrings).
Because of that, magic classes were super strong and high end mages could pretty much oneshot or two shot people with their strongest skill.
So players started whining about magic classes being overpowered.

In response to that the dew system was introduced. Basically craftables that gave temporary bonuses. One of those could give (when you crafted max quality) 20% magic resistance for 10 minutes. An issue was that the lower tier item, made to craft those dews, also gave 10% magic resistance for 3 minutes (fixed), and those two could stack, so it was possible to effectively have 75% magic resistance. That basically turned mages from overpowered to tickling enemies. For those that could afford to use those dews at any time, that is. Back in the day, they weren't so widely used, yet, because the items used to craft the higher tier were rare drops.

Fast forward a couple years, a new armor set gets introduced, and it has magic resistance as a base bonus, with a higher value at max upgrade (20%) than the actual max roll bonus you could get on armors (15%), so now the maximum magic resistance was 80% (50+20+10). And those armor drops were tied to a new lv 75 map, where you could also drop the items to craft max tier dews, with ease. So now dews and potions for MR were way more common, and mages started whining about them, because any time someone used potion+dew, they basically dealt no damage to them, dragging guild wars forever and making them "unfair".
Also some goons would use dews in duels just to win them, lol.

To fix that, another update rolled, and now it was possible to add special spiritual stones to weapons and armor that reduced the effective magic resistance of the target by 25% each, for a total of -50% if you had both.
Since the stones were very much affordable for everyone, now the opposite problem emerged. Everyone had effectively 30% MR maximum if they had the highest level armor, 25% without, and this took in account someone who permanently used dews. Without those, you effectively had no magic resistance. And thanks to the powercreep introduced along the years (new legendary weapons, average level being higher, etc), now magic classes effectively oneshot everyone, even not so strong magic characters could overwhelm other players in no time.
People whined again.

So another update, now the effect of anti magic is nerfed to half effect, so double spiritual stone means -25% MR instead of 50. First they did this only on one of the two magic classes (black magic sura, the stronger one) but eventually they extended it to the rest of magic classes (shamans) because they were still too strong. This also rolled with an update that introduced lv 105 armors that had higher base magic resistance (25% base at max upgrade).

This still wasn't enough, mind you. Magic was still too strong (55% magic MR with double potion+dew at max level with max upgraded new lv 105 armor, vs the 60% other weapons res that was much easily obtained, and magic skills had generally higher base damage, lower cooldowns, etc). And people whined about it of course.

So now you would expect more nerf for magic right? And instead, the opposite happened.
Pet system was introduced, one of the possible skills was anti magic (up to 12%), adding 6% possible extra reduction to the target's MR.
To add insult to injury, the potions+dew being stackable was patched, so now you could only use either, so your best option was the 20% dew.
So basically, as of now, an endgame player with the maximum resistance possible would have 39% magic resistance total. And less endgame players had realistically around 29-34% at most, assuming a constant use of dews. Otherwise, you basically had 0% magic resistance.
Pretty much, open PvP was ruined. Having a magic character just meant dominating anyone and everyone with ease.
Having to deal with a magic enemy meant dying every time you were targeted.
Have fun killing people with magic character. Only to then get killed by other magic characters you too.
It was an oneshotfest. With melee characters being helpless for the most part.
It just wasn't fun.

And this is the point where they decided to ruin the game, and made even me, a hardcore fan, run away dreading that shit.
Up to this moment, the costume system was cosmetic only, and although costume with bonuses existed, they were completely random, almost always low rolls, and had expiration dates with no way to salvage those bonuses.
Not anymore. New costume system was introduced, now you can add and switch up to 3 bonuses on special costumes.
And yes, this is the solution presented to the magic problem by the devs.
Don't want to have 30% MR at most and be oneshotted, but instead want to reach the reasonable 60% (same as other weapon resistance)?
Well easy now. All you have to do is to get an armor and a head costume (only obtainable from premium chests for real money, or bought with gold from players that bought those chests with real money opened them and then put the costume for sale), spend hundred of millions of gold to roll 15% MR on both (yup, this sistem was so "kind" to sell the switch items for skins in the saleskeeper's shop lol, just to sink some more gold for good measure). And then repeat this every month since the costumes had max 30 days duration (an item to transfer bonuses existed but it was premium and effectively no one was selling it). This would cost around 1-2 billions gold per month (depending on luck with bonus switching, rng is terrible of course), pretty much equivalent to the average gold income for a f2p player at a high level with a good equipment playing several hours per day in a drop map (and having decent luck and be good with sales/trades/deals I would add).

Basically the end of the story is that they decided the final solution would be a pay to play option, having to spend real money or sacrifice your whole monthly income as f2p solely to be granted the privilege of not being oneshotted. Or you could just ditch guild wars and open pvp, and limit duels to non magic classes.
Well thanks no thanks. I did that for almost two years, but in the meanwhile I just kept logging in less and less, mostly to do random duels with friends, or enter some new PvE map, because that was all left to do for a non-pay-to-play player.

To also think that this is basically the end result of a problem that got a bandaid put on it, then a bandaid on the bandaid, then a bandaid on a bandaid on a bandaid, then a bandaid on a bandaid on a bandaid on a bandaid, and so on, and every time it would get worse than the previous time. Quite ironic isn't it?

Google Play Rewards is basically an app you get on your phone, it just uses your google account you probably already logged in for the play store etc, that sends you surveys from time to time. If you enable position history it gives more (assuming you go around in places with your phone, they say that they can give you surveys about places you visited after doing so, although it never happened to me), I personally disabled it because I don't want them to keep track of my position, even though they already know it, I don't want to allow them to have a log on my account at least.
For what I experienced in the last 2 years I used this, you get 0.09€ (or equivalent) minimum for each question, and a minimum of one question, per surveys. Some surveys have only one question though. Most give the minimum amount but some may give more cents for each question. Multiple question survey can end earlier than the last question depending on your answer (had some 4 question surveys end on question 1 or 2).
I got around 10€ total in 2 years. Not much, but I got a Welkin (when I still enjoyed Genshin way more than now, I regret it now), and just today I got a monthly card on AK.
There's also an additional way to get some Google Play Credit that is the points system in the Play Store. Basically from time to time you get some objective that give some points, like installing an app for 10-15 points (you can uninstall right after getting the points, you don't even need to launch that app lol), or just getting 1 point for every €/$ spent on google play apps. When you reach 100 points you can convert them for 1 €/$ guaranteed, or wait for an offer that gives you a coupon for a specific app that is more convenient (usually on useless apps, never saw one for Genshin, Honkai or AK) like 150 points for 3€ or something like that.

The skip update is the usual "one step forward, two steps backwards". Happens when you're lazy and you don't really care about the playerbase that doesn't pay you money. And even when whales whine, you only listen to chinese if they seethe hard enough (see Zhongli), or it has to be an outrage so big they cannot ignore it anymore (see the 1st jokeversary, like I like to call it)

Yes. I don't know if the 10-20 mora per hilichurl are limited, but you are limited to 400 elites killed before they stop giving you 200 mora each, so maximum 80k mora/day from elites. Also afaik elites literally stop spawning and/or dropping anything after the 400th kill of the day.
The only unlimited mora are from leylines or the fixed 5-6k you get by opening trounce blossoms/from domains, basically spending resin.
There's also a daily limit for the "investigate" interaction, after the 100th of the day, you cannot interact anymore.

I hope we eventually get raids in Genshin.
Like, you get a set amount of maximum tries every day, that increase by 1 for every 10 resin you spend, and you can attack a bigger stronger version of a boss for like a couple of minutes per try with a team of 4, and the damage you deal for each try gets subtracted the global HP.
Once the boss is killed, everyone who participated gets a reward, and if all bosses fall, all players get a final reward.
And then maybe, copying some other games, there could be additional laps every time all bosses are defeated, where all bosses revive and you can redo them from the 1st, but every time a new lap begins, they become slightly stronger, and the rewards also slightly increase.
It would be actually be very cool.

My luck in Arknights is absolutely insane. If you read my reddit post, you know. If you didn't, well, just know I got more than 1 six star every 10 days of playing average. Like way more than 1/10 days.
I don't think I ever got to 50 rolls for a 6 star either. That's probably because 2% is actually very high as a rate.
A lot of my 6 stars actually come from the 5 star guarantee from the first 10 rolls of a banner. And sometimes that ends trolling me. Like now that I literally sparked my 1st copy of Corroserum. Like, getting two Flametails and one Nearl Alter but no five stars? Bruh xD
My 5 star luck isn't bad either normally, by the way. I only miss ten of them. And of those 10 I just really want Shamare, I hope she will come home, or just be in the shop. 45 yellow certs for a 5 star is very much acceptable imho.

I agree that Thorns is just absolutely one of the most useful if not the most useful character. There are certainly better characters for most uses, but he's like the character to go if you just want to clear general content. If you can cover a chokepoint of the map with a 4x3 grid, it means Thorns can pretty much solo that part. If that 4x3 grid covers all chokepoints to all blue boxes, it means Thorns can indeed solo the whole map. In the main story, 80% of stages are like that. The rest of the teams is just needed to block stuff while he charges his Destreza twice.
And in events too. Except maybe EX stages. In that case he trivializes maybe 50% of those. Still a lot of maps.
Bonus points for bringing Aak+Liskarm to fast charge his phase 2 of the skill lol

To share pictures I use
It's easier than imgur. No account required, images aren't displayed publicly if you don't share the link, no socialmedia-like junk added to it.
Just drag all the files in the "choose images" button (on mobile click the button, browse and select them, tapping on a picture uploads that one, holding a picture a few seconds ticks it and lets you select multiple and then hitting the confirm button uploads multiple) and it will do everything by itself, including making an album if you upload 2 or more pictures. Then you can decide how to use the links, like linking single pictures one by one, hotlinking them, putting them in the img bbcode tag, or just sharing the album link.

Same here, I tried to get Mudrock and only got Rosmontis. Or well, in reality I just rolled in the banner until I sparked the five star, so 75 rolls total. Back in the day I was put off by Mudrock's trait and didn't really want her that much. If only I knew she was broken lol. Well at least I didn't regret not getting her back then. I regret it now though.
I'm still not at the point where I can Elite 2 on a whim, mostly because I lack the levels, like you can see with my screenshot with my whopping 10 Elite 2s. I only have 2 E1Max 6 stars. Then I have a bunch of 70s but I'm not done with all of them, I have around 6 or 7 six stars to get to level 70, then I have all the 5 stars I want to Elite 2 to also be leveled from 60 to 70, then I have to get the 20+ six stars I have at E1 70 to 80. And only then I can Elite 2 them one after the other. It will take some time...

Lol I guess the day you will reach 1000 watched series, you may start forgetting some older series after a few years, haha.

Well, "interesting", it's just that FMAB fans are delicate and very dedicated to mass downvoting series that may surpass it.
And for some reason the admins here give them special treatment. They may say otherwise, but it's clear that they forgive people boosting FMAB and brigading other series for the sake of FMAB being 1st, but condemn people boosting any other series or brigading third series for the sake of the former being higher ranked...
And they changed the scoring system multiple times, without disclosing the way it works because obviously by doing that people would exploit it. Yeah yeah, definitely because of that. Not because it's clear that a certain series is affected differently by votes, lmao.

And in any case, FMAB has had its time. It was a very good series, it's still a good series. But definitely not the best series of all time.
Everyone and their moms has said the same thing. But guess why it's always up there with 9.1-9.2 score.

Guides for Genshin, always. Too many irrelevant quest lines I don't care about anymore that have some convoluted way to unlock them or clear them. Thanks KyostinV our saviour for not only making AK guides, but also Genshin guides. All hail Kyo-sama.

The GFL guide I read also mentioned that, as a con to make a MGSG team so early. But I heard how nutty the damage was so I had to try them.
And they indeed dealt lots of damage. Even with a team of lower levels and less dummy links. So I can only imagine the result with a full level 90 x5 team, maybe composed of stronger units too. Like if some top right SG exists, I may have achieved a perfect overlap of buff tiles among all team members. Probably still not the best since, yes, the number of buffs definitely matter, but it doesn't mean it will have the best sinergy xD
Without forgetting some bonuses have a cap and I haven't looked that much into it. Too many buff tiles may even be overkill.

When you relate/empathize with a character it definitely makes the whole experience better.
Even if that character is not the protagonist, but a side character, or even the villain. It changes your whole perspective.
And makes you empathize even more with not only the character you relate to, but to the whole story too.
If you feel detached from everyone and everything, it makes the experience quite dull, especially if the anime doesn't have any other strong element like comedy or sth.

It may also be because of the light novel, but I think the anime was similar enough. With some cuts, of course.
Basically, I've seen the first 13 episodes, then read volumes 1-4 of the LN (covers the whole S1), then watched 14-24.
Three different experiences.
1-13 left me amazed and with a lot of expectation for the followup, and made me want more. And right there, and right in that moment. Not later.
Reading the light novel was exciting, and frustrating until the very end with the resolution.
Finishing the rest of the anime was basically reliving the reading of the whole light novel once more, every week I was thrilling to see the next episode. Every episode was more satisfying than the previous. Having read what was going to happen already didn't cheapen the experience at all.

I get what you say. I guess it depends on the writing.
I've read a lot of people criticizing SAO's writings and how the author was bad and inexperienced.
But maybe that's why I can read the VN and then not feel like the anime is a cheaper experience afterwards.
Guess what. I like it this way better.
Byniavo May 11, 1:33 PM
probably a few years now.

G36 is best waifu its a fact
Byniavo May 11, 11:19 AM
damn I've been playing GFL for ages as well
Byniavo May 11, 11:18 AM
G36 >>> M4a1
FullyCharged May 10, 9:25 AM
That probably will not happen. They cherish and love anything that comes out of Honkai, so Honkai will go strong, always.

In any case, I have past experiences with various p2w games that were on a level that is even more disgusting than genshin.
Imagine a MMORPG with "artifacts" like genshin, but instead of having 5 of them that you can farm indefinitely and are guaranteed without spending paid resources, now you're in a game where:
- You need several equipment sets for every character you have: different PvE sets for different maps, different PvP sets for each type of character, etc.
- And items are level locked, so you need to level up to use the better items, and exp is like leveling up in genshin without exp books but only with monsters, but actually several times slower when you're close to max level
- Equipment upgrades requires ton of stuff and can fail. If you fail, the item is destroyed. If you want to avoid this, you will need expensive-ish scrolls that will make equipments not break when failing to upgrade, but in any case, failing upgrade with a scroll makes the item go back by one level, yea
- Instead of just weapon, you will have weapon, armor and helmet/hat that are class locked, meaning you cannot swap those three between your characters of different classes
- Each equipment set is made of 8 pieces compared to the 5 of Genshin
- When you drop an item it will be likely (like 99.9% chance) bonusless, and the only way to add bonuses is to pay real money to buy an item, that can fail by the way, to add bonuses. Once you're done adding 5 bonuses, you can buy a second item to switch them. Every switch is random, and half of the bonuses are trash, and like all the lower rolls are undesirable (compared to Genshin rolls, min roll vs max roll is like 4-5 times less instead of just 1.2-1.5 times less) often even the 2nd highest roll is undesirable.
- The alternative to the above is to trade/sell with other players, that means a f2p has to play several weeks months or even years to make gold to then buy an item that costed someone 15 minutes and a card swipe.
- The equivalent of talents (skills) could only be trained once per day, and it could fail, wasting the skill book used. And there were several levels of training, quite expensive. And mastering the skill in the first place (to unlock it for training) was also level gated.
- Did I mention the game has PvP?
- In the later years they added more stuff that needs f2p players to invest all their gold earnings just to have some items (with expiration time, so they have to be rebought every month) just to not get oneshotted by any mid-strong mage.
This is the game I played from 2009 to 2016, and then played very rarely until 2018, when I finally ditched it.
I have lots of video on my old yt channel (linked in my profile) where I do stuff in that game (mostly pvp), if you're curious. Latter videos are better, in that case.

Thanks to my experience, you can be sure I will never spend money on a game. No matter how good or generous it would be.
And mihoyoverse games are not generous, so there's that too.

I won't spend a dim even in Arknights. Well, not real money of mine of course. I'm getting some credits through Google Play Rewards, and those aren't really money you can spend anywhere outside of Google Play Store, so that can be spent in monthly cards, yes. But it doesn't count as me spending, since I do not own that money.

Yeah. When they made the patch with the dialogue skip option, a lot of people realized they couldn't just like, speak with some NPCs (like the blacksmith) and then mash F rapidly to enter the forging interface as fast as before. And also that dialogues couldn't be fast skipped anymore because of a delay.

Mora from enemies is a joke. And did you know that there's a daily cap for that? They really want you to spend resin on those sweet leylines...

Yes, when I saw those events where you could pick your poison, I immediately made a parallel with CC in AK.
That's basically the same thing. Max risk is 31-35, only 18 is needed. Those events could go as high as 6000-8000 score, but usually you would only need around 2000-4000 depending on the event.
Abyss should definitely work like that too. The only choice we have rn is those buffs every chambers, but for the most part, those are trash.
Unless you purposedly drag your clears for the whole abyss spire duration to "reroll" every day hoping to get 8/15 crit for all three. Lol.

I get what you're saying about pity. But that's just an average, a prediction, that takes in account all the way to hard pity.
It's still 2% until roll 50, technically. The "average is 2.89%" is valid only when you reach 50 without getting the six star.

I need Mudrock, Surtr and Mountain, then I will have all the most meta stuff, for non limited, that is. According to predictions they should come in the shop at September, November this year and March next year (don't remember in which order) so I'm ready for that. Hoping to get spooked by them earlier if possible, because that's a long time.
I need to Elite 2 my Thorns, he's sitting on a lower level since months, and he's literally perma benched since then. It's surprising how a character can be so good and meta defining but only once it's Elite 2, and how basically trash it is before that. Lol. Angelina is another character like that, until she's Elite 2, she's terrible.
I've been spreading my resources so much since I started so I have very few Elite 2 operators (the last three were literally promoted 3 days ago, when I realized I had the mats and I could get big refunds from the alternate operator rewards), but that's fine because I already reached the spot where I can clear all stuff. Surely, not very smoothly sometimes, and I can't do low op trust farming or anything like that, so I have to progress to reach there. What I mean is that I'm not in a hurry because I can already clear all the content, so I can choose who to level and when.
Speaking of progress, I hit level 100 just now, and finished training Chalter S3 to M3. Feelsgood.

That's a good point, actually. And happened to me to an extent for some series (e.g Re Zero, but there I have to say, the BD version did a bad job at cutting and rearraging some stuff, compared to the original version, I like that better).
Still, I think that was still better than watching a sequel without remembering anything about what happened in the prequel.

Which is hilarious and cringy at the same time, considering most of the series you mentioned aren't even worth being called ecchi, considering how watered down they are compared to what I call "real ecchi". Like what, Nagatoro definitely isn't ecchi by any means, and Uzaki-chan has like a couple of comedy skits where it could be called so, but come on. And don't get me started on Spy x Family, wtf. That's a PG series. People are just stupid lol.

I try to do stuff without guides now, because my account can handle it.
For example in the MN rerun I did it up to MN-EX-7 CM completely guide-less, and did MN-EX-8 by mimicking ucky777's 2 guards clearing CM by adding some stuff to balance the fact I didn't have max pot SilverAsh and very likely, none of my Surtr supports were max pot either.
And it felt good, since my first ever event I played last year was MN, and I couldn't get past MN-6 at the time.
I made a reddit post one month ago when the event re ran and I made a whole long ass ramble about it, there are also some legendary replays and screenshot, like my nonsensical MN-1 auto deploy or the legendary MN-6 auto deploy I ran hundreds of times to clear the shop one year ago, ahh the nostalgia :D
Oh, and in case you wanna laugh more at 1 year ago me being a noob, I made a post on reddit when I was about to hit 1 year on my account retelling all my story.

My MGSG team definitely wasn't proper lol. And it consumed a shit ton of ammo. And failing to oneshot after they used their rounds meant looking at the team reloading for 10+ seconds. That adds repair costs. I tried some skin gacha. I got no skin, and lots of random furniture. Lol.

I definitely am emotional more than logic when watching anime too. And I totally share the feeling about relating and connecting with characters.

AW is very loosely connected to SAO. It's set after SAO time wise, but the novel was written way before SAO's, so it looks like those series that came before their prequels. Also, there are no characters in common, yes.

In Overlord at least MC was logged in when it happened, in Log Horizon we still do not know anything.
Also, iirc Overlord's MC hasn't verified yet whether other players are in the game or if it's only him and NPCs. Log Horizon is full of players.

I will think about it. As of now I have to get my shit together and stop wasting time. Then I have lots of series I wanted to start.
Then I will get to the rest :D

Oh yeah, one of the reason SAO hyped me so much is because I got to know about it when it was airing, from a friend, and when I reached the last episode I just craved for more and couldn't get more. So I downloaded the light novel and read that instead. It was a blast.
That's also probably the reason I like the second half more. The first part builds the story, and fleshes out Kirito's character and story, then put the two characters together. It's understandable that when you separate them in front of me and put so many obstacles in between them, it just gives you the urge to get through the story to see when and if they will finally reunite. And it was quite the struggle, in ALO, so it really hit me hard. Now I can say that I enjoyed it, but while I was in the middle of it, it was definitely more frustrating than anything. The feeling of liberation when the issue finally resolved was priceless. It left an impression on me that will likely never go away. And I still get the same vibes and atmosphere from later episodes and series, so when I watch SAO, I feel like watching S1 all over again.
FullyCharged May 8, 11:09 PM
I think it's more of a "love child vs cash cow" matter. From the decisions they took it's clear which game is treasured more by mihoyoverse.
Genshin happened to have lots of success, and they're milking it, without investing more than necessary. Sadly.

Yeah...if a character talks, walks, or the camera pans/crops, you have to wait until it's completely finished before being able to skip.
This was introduced with the patch of the auto button. I almost want to go back, at least I could mash F and finish ten minutes of dialogue in ten seconds...and opening NPCs for daily stuff took less time as well.

And yes, they said it will be 10:1. So 24000 mora/day if you use all resin and do your dailies. Basically 8 extra resin of mora per day.
Basically it's like there is nothing added. Lol.

Never got 36 stars in the abyss. Maximum reached 34, this week. I still lack a second good team that can be as fast as my other one.
The only built team that can do halves of floor 12 in one minute is my Kokomi team, which is an extremely oonga boonga team by the way.
Literally, apply Electro aura with Beidou Q (Fischl's Oz to cover downtimes) and then always stay on field with Kokomi to zap everyone to death.
Effective and deadly. To think people trashtalked Kokomi so much when she came out, and she's still meta as hell, lol.

Abyss needs more range of difficulty, with the possibility to choose the difficulty, rather than being fixed.
We got some events like that. Buffs, nerfs, multipliers, timers, and you needed set score to get all rewards.
Abyss should be like that too. And should be way longer. Like way way longer.
Honkai got endless modes in events with 20-25 floors. That long.

Told you that you were going to get her! xD
I don't remember if it changes for limited banners, but soft pity should be 50, with hard pity at 99, although it's quite impossible considering it raises chances by 2% every extra roll. At the 74th roll it's literally 50% chance.
The game is very generous with that. Even though it balances it with no rate up guarantee ever outside of spark on limited banners.

I always rewatch after a new season comes out, unless the previous one was out less than one year prior.
If too much time passes, I won't remember half, or more, of the things. It reduces the overall enjoyment.
In DxD's case, I watch it for a little bit of everything, including the "plot", mainly because I find ecchi stuff (the good one, at least) to be "brave" by including some themes that others are "afraid" to cover.
Although hentai beats ecchi in that regard almost always, since it has way less filters. And that's why Ishuzoku Reviewers is the best.

Don't try to make sense to the japanese audience's liking. Just accept it, and hope the sales of stuff YOU like goes well so you get season twos.
Or hope it's one of those series randomly getting season 2 after years umprompted.

In GFL I was literally a beginner, I rushed the story and followed a guide that adviced a specific ARSMG team for beginners, and pumped all my records in those five characters (RO365 replaced Skorpion solely because she is given for free at level 90 from a chapter, and she happened to slightly beat level 93 of the latter by a small margin statwise lol), and not much more. I've "built" a second team with MGSG mainly for the memes, I didn't follow a guide and no team structured like that is ever mentioned anywhere, I just picked 3 machine guns and 2 shotguns that happened to overlap the highest number of tiles with damage buffs (basically each of the 3 MGs buffed both SGs, one SG buffed all three MGs and the other buffed two, that's the most I could do, all my SGs buffing 3 back tiles were "bottom right SGs" as they buffed two tiles behind and the two above that, so I picked the strongest of them and used another one buffing "only" two back tiles), and there were some places where they just one hit nuked stuff (like enemy didn't even finish entering and positioning that it's already dead), it didn't work on bosses though.
Not really interested as of now, but I will be interested when and if that one rumored sequel will come out. There at least I won't be 3 years behind, and hopefully dailies and weeklies will not be so tediously long.

To be honest, her being a spider is the collateral-est of thing ever. She just happens to be a spider. From the POV of other characters we are able to see she's a heinous monster, but from her POV she will be always in her more cute form doing stupid monologues and anime things xD

I was like that, for mangas vs anime, a few years ago. But nowadays I get hooked on mangas way more, even without sound.
I guess I'm getting older xD

Accel World is basically, same world of SAO, years later, different characters and no know relation nor the existence of SAO characters is mentioned. Basically they made a more advanced version of the nerve gear and every person has it implanted from the day they're born, and everyone lives their entire lives in augmented reality, and do everything with it, from errands, to school, work, etc. Protagonist happens to stumble into a secret virtual world were people materialize with various avatars. The stile of the virtual world is steampunk-ish, compared to SAO's fantasy (SAO/ALO/Alicization) and cyberpunk (GGO) world. The name comes from the fact that the relative time in this world is way faster than the real world, so people can spend weeks there and then come out and only a few hours have passed irl. A little bit like the acceleration in Alicization. That's how it starts.

Log Horizon is definitely isekai. Unlike SAO it's not clear if their real bodies are still in the real world or not. And they didn't log in themselves either, iirc some of the people weren't even playing and just found themselves into the world at once.

I absolutely agree about that. It's quite repetitive.
And if there's one thing I hate, is when there's no developement and characters stay the same.
How is the plot going to progress if no one develops/improves? I don't know.
The latest movie gave me hope because there has been some minimal developement.
And LN readers said from that point on it will keep happening. I really hope that.

An anime that had a similar premise to Konosuba that is actually going into the good direction is Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy.
Still silly and comedic at some points, but it has shown to be able to get serious when needed and have the plot progressing.
It will get a season two, and I'm so happy. Can't wait.
Depending on how the s2 will go, I will call it "the better Konosuba"

I've heard about Baka to Test, but kinda late when I watched too many dumb comedies, and really didn't want to bother with more of that.
I may get back to that genre eventually. But not now.

SAO is actually my #1 favorite, and not just isekai, but overall.
I will admit that compared to when I started watching it, my anime taste changed and matured a lot, and I started to recognize more and more the flaw of every series I watched, and I know SAO has those too.
But honestly.
Every time a new series of SAO, movie or whatever, it's always like when I watched the first episode in 2012, even if my brain of now tells me everything wrong about what I'm watching, I'm still thrilled like the 20 year old me (to put into perspective, I'm 30 now, and I only seriously started watching anime at 17 after 3 years of shonen only) loving the shit of it every second, and getting chills every other minute.
It's the only series that gets my dopamine channels going no matter what.

And honestly, even with the flaws I know it has, my view of SAO is completely different from everyone else's.
For example, a lot of people will tell you how in S1 the best part was the first half, and how it fell off in the second part.
But for me, it's the literal opposite. The first half is still amazing mind you, but the second half? Oh boy. I could watch it every day until I die.
FullyCharged May 7, 10:10 AM
I'll reply to both comments in one.

The situation with Genshin is quite grim. I didn't quite understand if it's related to China, the devs themselves or idk. In any case, I don't see 2.7 coming anytime soon. The other day the banner said 240 days and people freaked out, so they removed the timer. I wonder if they plan taking a 8 months patch break, lol.
I've seen that video too, and honestly, I was way more pessimistic. Because from my point of view, it's definitely more than 85%.
And the skip dialogue yeah, you cannot press the F button until the character talking has finished their fixed animation for talking, and the auto skip reflects that, with an extra delay. So it's even worse.
I've published my teapot because unlike the world, there's nothing to steal (I don't buy stuff from Chubby) so I don't care. I've got some "friends" regularly visiting so I let them do their thing :D
"Can't wait" for AR 60 and the amazing 10 mora for every 1 adventure exp overcap. So game changing lol.
Overworld is so easy, I've been asking for more AR and WL in surveys since months, but mihoyoverse doesn't read those. You can see that from their patch notes. Their Q&A feature questions nobody asked about features and QoL nobody even wanted. They nail good QoL like 10% of the time. There are a lot of things they could do to make the game amazing, but considering the crap ton of money they make they will not bother because those people will keep paying. That's sad...

Good luck with Nearl Alter. I've got her today after being trolled by not one but two Flametail in the previous days, like... Well, not that I can complain. I'm very, very lucky in Arknights. I've got so many six stars without spending a dime. It just feels good considering my luck in all the other gacha games is literal trash lol.
I'm also almost level 100, I'm literally level 99 and three quarters lol. But I did not take any break. I just started around March last year, and that's the point I reached in these 14 months.

Same about Shinmai, at that point you just have to see who goes to his harem. DxD is kinda like that too. I've watched the first three season and eventually I will rewatch them all to then watch the 4th season I didn't watch yet. But I lack the motivation to do so.
Uncensored version always. It's also a matter of censorship being bad and wanting to enjoy the content as the creator intended it, without any filter.

I honestly, and sadly, do not think we will see a season two of IR. It's such a borderline series with a very niche audience, it was probably an experiment or a promotion of the source material more than anything else. Interesting to note, too, that IR is only one of the few series where the anime uncensored the manga rather than the opposite.
I agree with people calling Asterisk War a bad copy of Chivalry of Failed Knight, because it really is. And that upset me a bit because I liked quite a bit the latter, and seeing the former being the one receiving a S2...sigh. To be fair, Asterisk War is not complete trash, but still.

I will watch the GFL anime eventually. I've seen that it was very badly received, but like I said, I don't care about what others think. I will make my own opinion about it.
In any case, I don't know anything about the story because I have the habit to skip it and then read it later eventually if I get hooked into the game.
In this case I was out of the game before I reached that.
I got stuck on a very hard boss fight (don't remember which one, may redownload the game temporarily just to check lol, I reached the point where my main echelon had a higher power than the supports I could borrow, and I couldn't kill that boss even throwing all supports at it and then fight it with my squad, I got wiped every single time D: edit: it was 9-6.) and I was basically only doing dailies, and it was getting very tedious not gonna lie.

This is entirely my opinion, but I think the manga for the spider isekai is definitely better, compared to the anime.
The anime is still good, mind you, but it has some extra flaws I didn't find in the manga.
First, the 3dcgi in some scenes doesn't look good, compared to the manga drawings. The animation eventually improved, but didn't reach a very good level.
Second, the anime adapted the light novel more faithfully, and the LN adapted two parallel storylines side by side, alternating between the two. The manga on the other hand, narrated the story of the protagonist only for now, and probably plans to start telling the other part in a later moment. Now, I personally consider MC's point of view more interesting and compelling, while the other side of the story is definitely more generic and boring, but it could be my opinion.
I would still recommend it, but I will recommend more the manga of it. Especially considering the anime isn't likely to get a sequel, while the manga will adapt the whole thing, like all serialized mangas.

Slime isekai is one of the best (proper) isekais of them all, so of course I recommend watching it. Definitely watch it.

The isekai you don't know the name of is called Accel World. It's not an isekai per se, but as I said in my profile, I included anime that are generally considered isekai even if they aren't. And since Sword Art Online is considered an isekai (it's not, until Season 3), Accel World falls into the same category. It's written by the same author of SAO, and follows a similar type of narration, with an alternate virtual world that you can access with a device similar to SAO's. I consider it quite good, and I definitely recommend it.

Konosuba is B tier mainly for the reason that it's an isekai, but really isn't. It's more of a parody than anything. The B rating is not much for the anime per se as it is, but as "how much is it a good isekai?". Konosuba is more a good comedy than a good isekai.
FullyCharged May 5, 11:27 PM

Well of course opinions are going to differ. I'm yet to find someone with my exact tastes. It's pretty much impossible.

Feel free to ask any question.

Note that I have to update that list, I've actually tried way more games than the ones there, and was very much burned out from it because they took all my free time from anime, manga and other stuff. I've cut most of it as of now. And I doubled down recently.

I don't play FGO anymore, pretty much.
And I barely do log ins on Honkai Impact, I just hop in when there's some good open world event, but there is none right now so.

I don't play much Genshin lately either, mostly because the game itself lacks any new content (new character banners don't really count, especially as a f2p on a game stingy with gacha currency) or endgame repeatable content (there's literally only the abyss, that is reset every two weeks with no reason whatsoever to run it more than once every reset), I end up logging in once a day, do my dailies, and burn through my resin bar and that's it, usually takes half an hour total. If there's an event maybe 10 extra minutes. Unless it's one of those annoying ones with wordy prerequisite quests I honestly don't care about (the writing is very meh outside of main story), that force you to skim through unskippable cutscenes for hours just to unlock the event itself...

Priconne is pretty much a side game once you've reached level cap and collected most of the permanent chars (that's where I am), I basically only do dailies and enter the game 2/3 times during the day to collect stamina and spend it instantly with skip tickets. Less than an half an hour/day when there's some event, 10-15 minutes without any.

The game I'm playing the most right now is definitely Arknights. I probably spend a couple of hours or more each day on that one.
Every time there's a new event I usually spend the whole afternoon or even evening just to go through the whole quest line. And it's not obnoxious to me. I'm surprised I like this game so much, considering I was kinda against trying it at start, because of the tower defense genre. Hardly a problem now.

Among the other games I mentioned trying there's also GFL. Definitely a fun game, also f2p friendly since there's no character gacha so it's basically all free (almost, getting some timers can be quite tricky, but I got quite a bunch of 5 stars, even in a row, in less than a month). The issue I had with it is that doing the dailies basically takes your whole day. And you have to renew expeditions like every 2 hours or so. Too much time consuming. If it was my only game, sure. In 2018-2020 I only played FGO and I spent literal hours on it, on two accounts (one JP and one NA), some stuff was really time consuming but I didn't mind because I had nothing else to play. And I could grind stuff by tapping skills with muscle memory on the phone while watching anime on my laptop.

The Princess Connect anime is quite good. Probably the only gacha game adaptation except for Fate Grand Order ones that doesn't suck utterly.
I have yet to see the second season, but I have good expectations for it. I don't care much about other people's opinions, but this time I only heard good things, so...
About me recommending it, sure, go for it. One note, some people find the fact that the MC has amnesia (and with it I mean that at the very start he doesn't even remember how to properly function as a human being, like talking or communicating emotions to others, not having just lost some recent memories) annoying, so be warned about that.
I honestly don't mind, because you will see the character grow from zero. Also there so many side characters you will be hardly bored, if ever.

It was absolutely the most hilarious thing ever. And the response here was even funnier.
The anime is unique in its genre. It's basically hentai but it's not, but unlike a lot of those borderline things that end being literal hentai camouflaged as 12-ep anime, or just trash. This one keeps the quality of animation of a good ecchi, but crosses the line plot wise.

Shinmai Maou Testament...honestly, not that great. Season one was kinda nice I have to admit. But season two was definitely a drop in quality.
A big one. When S1 was out I almost preferred it to Highschool DxD, but with S2 it fell off. S1 had kinda of a plot, and the ecchi was okay, but S2 had way less plot and all ecchi scenes were basically the characters french kissing and licking each other's nipples for the whole time, and literally nothing else. In any case, if you decide to watch it, definitely watch the uncensored version. The censored one is terrible. There's overlays taking half the screen.
Klefki_of_Awsome May 5, 5:55 PM
Ahh..:P> Now that you mention it though, Kuroyukihime had black and red wings, not black and turquoise like in your profile..^^'>3
Did you watch the anime for Doll's Frontline? I had heard about the game being good, and from what I've seen of the anime so far, it's been pretty enjoyable too~!<3 X3 I especially love the theme songs for the anime, they're just soo good~!<3 <3 X'39
You Welcome btw~!^v^b
Lateren May 3, 5:21 PM
It’s okay ­čĹŹ
Takemikazuchi_ May 2, 9:48 AM
Not too bad. Just dealing with anxiety from school lol.

Oh, I see. I thought you watched it since you’ve been looking forward to it, but it’s understandable.

Well, I did watch it while it was airing… and I was massively underwhelmed… even though I set no expectations for game adaptations in general, I still was disappointed. I believe most people were disappointed, actually. It’s rated 5.92 after all. Then again, I haven’t played the game or anything, but I don’t think I wouldn’t liked it either, tbh lol. Btw, it isn’t a visual novel, is it? It’s basically like any other gacha game.