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Mar 26, 2018
Fire Punch (Manga) add
Now that Far Cry 5 is out, I’ve been looking up cutscenes of the hot-bod priest sama and his demented congregation. There is considerable visual tension between the pastorly calm of his spectacles and his Russian-mobster chest, enough to play with ideas of that old stereotype about grannies saying he was “too genteel to do this or that shit” – the unnervingly calm villain – even when he is raving about some Book of Revelations type spiel. I like it. Very cool, and (more importantly) marketably cool. Menacing enough of a charismatic villain for people who do not know how villainy or charisma manifests ...
Jan 22, 2018
Re:Creators (Anime) add
“Come, gather and bear witness to my opera, now in the making. Its script is the height of cliché, I am forced to admit. And yet... Its actors are of the finest fold; beyond exquisite. Thus, I believe you will find it enthralling”
- Mercurius, Dies Irae

For anyone who liked Re;Creators, go experience Dies Irae. Ignore the crappy anime version and get the 50-hour Visual Novel. Don’t ask questions. Don’t look at spoilers. Just go play it. Now.

There are a lot of flaws with Re;Creators. The setting is dubious at parts. Some character’s decisions are questionable. The protagonist is kind of an annoying wimpy kid. There’s a ...
Jan 13, 2018
I watched this a long time ago /w all of the other Ghibli films, when I was young. Out of all the Ghibli films, Pom Poko is still the work that I have the most memories of (in terms of Miyazaki's work, I remember Kiki the most because it has the best Ghibli loli). In a way, it represents what Ghibli/Miyazaki could have been, but never was - because of their adherence to a certain frame of style. While Takahata's other works, like Grave of the Fireflies & Only Yesterday, were thoroughly grounded in the real world - Pom Poko showed me the possibility of ...
Nov 27, 2017
Made in Abyss (Anime) add
Made in Abyss made me want to write an adventure story. That kind of "spanning across strange environments with a bunch of characters that you care about" kind of story. Too bad I'll actually have to take the time to build up those interesting lands and worlds and all that if I ever want to go beyond it. Probably'll take months.

While not revealing anything of particular depth, the pacing really allows you to breathe in the whole journey, and the art is fancy, and the music is smooth (everyone was gushing over the OST and all that). I also applaud it for having pretty good ...
Nov 27, 2017
Kokkuri-san has better jokes than most other comedy anime, because the main heroine is slightly screwed up in the head, and so she sounds like a Zetsubou-sensei character-lite. Recurring gags have interesting variations. Doesn't really end, but just sort of closes without any resolution, which isn't a big issue for a comedy show except that they hint at some greater stuff going on in the background.

Don't think I ever laughed out loud during this, but I think I giggled.

Something that stuck with me as good was the background art, which was, if I remember, very well painted impressionistic style. Due to the subject matter, it ...
Nov 27, 2017
There's a bunch of stuff that floated up in the back of my mind when watching, regarding the suspension of disbelief - like how the characters were pulling off all these actions that you'd think would draw more attention, and how the Princess seemed to be able to maneuver so freely without any suspicion being raised - but the first episode has a top-hat Arsene Lupin-esque moegirl using a magical gravity ball to fly around, and she's accompanied by a loli-samurai, so who gives a shit about suspension of disbelief?

Princess Principal is pretty fun, and the episodes are short and full of basic tropes (the ...
Aug 20, 2017
What seems to be a Slice of Life harem show is in actuality a kind of Special Needs PSA using monster girls as a vehicle to explore these themes. Personally, I don't feel it took the premise far enough - given that there is a lot of deeper cultural baggage & mythologies to explore (and a lot of opportunities for higher poesy if the premise were placed in the hands of a person with a higher vision) rather than just treating the monster girls like mutants. The best episodes comes from when it combines Folklore Study with the scientific mindset of Takahashi in order to ...
May 30, 2017
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
My first encounter with a Chinese web novel occurred during the study break before my finals. While taking a rest from hitting the books, I randomly decided to search up those web novel authors on Google & I decided to flip through a random novel (I Shall Seal The Heavens) in order to see what that kind of fiction was like.

100 chapters later, I managed to pull myself away from the monitor.

It didn't matter that I was reading it in an awkward translation with no natural flow. In fact, that might have contributed to the speed of it. My mind began to register the content ...
Feb 3, 2017
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
We think about life as a story. The politician too – and the gangster. And I would like to believe that both adulterers and the faithful think the same way. Some, perhaps, will make it into a story of triumph. You think, for example, that this isn’t your fate. You have ambitions – and yet you are being tied down to the Earth – to this marriage that you chose out of either some bad circumstance or because you were blind in early love. Either way, the adulterer, wishing to be the hero/heroine of the story, will view it as a conquest of the soul. ...
Dec 27, 2016
Sengoku Youko (Manga) add
Mizukami Satoshi seems to specialize in taking the exact opposite approach compared to a lot of other action story writers. A person focusing on the action would have a betrayal occur to create a reason for one character to fight. Satoshi writes an entire action setting to give a reason for a few characters to have a warm reunion.

Although I believe that Spirit Circle is a work that can be considered one of the most perfect works out there, Sengoku Youko manages to position itself as one of the most satisfying adventure stories out there. In terms of theme and characterization, Sengoku Youko is rawer ...

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