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May 25, 2023
Preliminary (36/74 chp)
I'd hate to say this, but as a huge fan of Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You), Busu ni Hanataba Wo suffered for being a "copycat."

I have read up to volume 6 and the resemblance of Busu ni Hanataba Wo to Kimi no Todoke is so distracting. A lot of events and situations are very reminiscing of Kimi ni Todoke, which is very hard to overlook. I wanted to like the series I really do, but it's Kimi ni Todoke all over again with just different character designs. I would understand if the plot is the only thing that is the same, but it's ...
Feb 11, 2018
If one episode could outdone the main love story, Clannad: Tomoyo Arc did it exceedingly well.

Having seen the entire episode of Clannad I daresay this OAV episode is by far the best one. The “alternate” ending provided far more character growth and it managed to give powerful emotions within the two main characters. I like how it showed the contrast between Tomoyo and Tomoya of two opposite pair who fell for each other while the circumstances around them jeopardizes their relationship. I thought it was brilliantly written. I couldn’t help but to symphatize with their circumstance.

But anyway. This episode is such powerful and heartfelt that ...
Mar 5, 2014
Water of life, swell with wind and let them walk the earth once more. It matters not where or when. Let it be that this time they should meet and never again be separated. And this... was the first story told of the Priestess of Genbu. - FY:GK Final Volume [Yuu Watase]

After a long decade of grueling and impatient wait, Yuu Watase has finally concluded Genbu's arc of Fushigi Yugi, her life's work. As much as I love the classic original Fushigi Yugi, this prequel proved as a worthy stand alone series that far exceeded in storytelling, art and overall theme compared to its predecessor, ...
Oct 24, 2012
OK you've probably read the other reviews and you have a definite opinion whether this series is worth your time. But still I just want to share my two cents, as this is the first anime I've watched in its entirety after a long hiatus on anime.

Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth is a Slice of Life series that revolves around Yune - a japanese girl that was given privilenge to live in Paris, France in the late 19th century.

Well this series is definitely right for my cup of tea since I tend to like slow paced series. But Croisee lacks something that the other ...
Oct 24, 2012
Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella... Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! - Oh wait, wrong soundtrack..

This is YET another take on the classic story of Cinderella. A story of a young maiden forced to do unendless laborious house work under her own noble home by her wicked stepmother. Yep most of us is very much adept and familiar of how the story of this such pitiful maiden goes; but in this Anime adaptation of this classic tale holds a fine re-telling of the story.

What set this apart from the rest is that it gave a much deeper background to Cinderella and the Prince relationship. I'm a sucker for romance and especially ...
Nov 9, 2010
"But right now... I can't see past the world of a 17-year-old."

Narration of love at 17 is a well crafted shoujo series that centers around a teenager named Seyoung. The series sets itself apart from the usual and tired concept as most of the case in shojo stories by being somewhat philosophic and melancholic. It focuses more on the main characters emotion and thoughts rather than having characters face hardships and such unwanted obstacles.

I must admit I wish for a rollercoaster heartbreaking drama between the main characters but rather the series was straightforward. The story is simple and was rather written realistically. As readers we ...
Oct 5, 2009
Kazan (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/52 chp)
It's really a shame that this series hasn't gotten alot of readers. But for some of us who had the chance to checked the series out, Kazan is one amazing series.

The plot of Kazan revolves around the sole survivor of a Red Sand Clan and his journey to find his dear friend Elsie who was abducted by some unknown demon. So his journey starts with the determination to avange the death of his clan and parent also the will to find his childhood friend. Along the way he'd have some obstacles to deal with, meeting new allies that will help him with his situation and ...
Jan 12, 2009
Shinobi Life (Manga) add
Preliminary (11/64 chp)
Ninja in a Shoujo genre? You don't read that often in these sort of series.

In my own opinion, most of shoujo series often revolves around in school. You got your typical popular main character then for some reason most of the entire campus have a crush on them. Others would form a club that protects him/her and if you are unworthy to get the attention of these popular people you'll be threaten and be bullied etc.... So this series is a nice change from the usual stuff.

Kagetora is a ninja who for unknown reason ended up in the future where he meets a girl that ...
Dec 31, 2008
Tsuki no Ko (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/52 chp)
This underhyped and underrated "gem" should get all the praise it deserves and be acknowledged by all manga lovers out there.

The story of Moon Child starts off peculiar and somewhat hard to get into. But once you finish the first volume you'll definitely want to read the next installment. As soon as you reach the last page of the first volume, the plot gains so much potential and things gain momentum (the mangaka has stated that volume 1 is like an introduction to the series). One by one you'll learn something about the tales of mermaids and be introduced to how their lifestyle is. If ...
Dec 18, 2008
Nanase (Manga) add
When I came across this title I wasn't really interested on reading it.. I skimmed most of the first chapter but by the half of the chapter I was captivated by its plot.

The story is about a teenage girl who have a special case of power... she's a telepath meaning she could read peoples' thoughts and know their true intentions.. The story incorporates mature themes, of course people do think stuff like their desires and feelings.... So expect to read some sex related things... The story is just highly engrossing. After a chapter or two the ride begins as Nanase tries to seek people just ...

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