Dec 31, 2008
chichiriNoDa (All reviews)
This underhyped and underrated "gem" should get all the praise it deserves and be acknowledged by all manga lovers out there.

The story of Moon Child starts off peculiar and somewhat hard to get into. But once you finish the first volume you'll definitely want to read the next installment. As soon as you reach the last page of the first volume, the plot gains so much potential and things gain momentum (the mangaka has stated that volume 1 is like an introduction to the series). One by one you'll learn something about the tales of mermaids and be introduced to how their lifestyle is. If you are familiar with the story of the Little Mermaid, Moon Child uses some of its idea, but the author added some twists and different concepts, mixing it up to create such a bizzare yet compelling series. The story starts in the aftermath of the tragic past in the history of mermaids. It follows the tale of the little mermaid and given a deep story behind it.

The art of Moon Child is at its best back when it is created (in the late 1980's). It may not be eye candy or anything great, but it gets the job done and doesn't detract the reader from the story.

The characters are all intruiging and fascinating. One of the things I like about the series is how the main character was portrayed as an innocent child that is in the process of maturing into an "adult". The life of fish are often used as metaphors for some of the characters (as weird as it is sounds) but these unusual ideas is what makes this series a very unique one.

I am enjoying how things are unfolding and how the plot gets twisted in every volume. What keeps this series a very memorable read is how the author takes the simple tale of the little mermaid and turned it into something darker, more mysterious and give it such an intricate twist. It became so engrossing for me.

Lost from the mainstream world of manga, Moon Child is a hidden gem that has been created for almost two decades.

Moon Child is proving to be a masterpiece series, even with it's unusual concept. A series that can be compare to the likes of Please Save My Earth and Basara. Masterpieces that are brilliantly written but wavering in out of the lame light, that not many people are aware of that such fantastic series exist. If you ever have the chance to read this series don't let it pass.

For now I'll finish my review in a positive note, since I am still in the process of reading the whole series. Till then I highly recommend this series to all the reader (not only of manga, but to all people who enjoy reading). Such a classic title deserves a little recognition and definitely deserves a chance. If you have a great imagination and love romantic fantasy stories with a twist, then you should check this one out.