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Black Clover
Black Clover
Jun 12, 7:56 AM
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Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin
Inazuma Eleven: Orion no Kokuin
Jun 12, 7:56 AM
Watching 33/? · Scored -
Jun 12, 7:55 AM
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Apr 30, 5:04 AM
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Apr 30, 4:51 AM
Reading 55/? · Scored -
Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
Mar 31, 7:15 AM
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Brooke 2 hours ago
but how many do you know?!
you're just a COPYCAT and someone else might have stolen ashisland's name so YOU'RE WRONG

1. isn't that illegal?!
2. factoids is not a goat name you're just T R A S H
psycho 3 hours ago
r u the miloshinator

i wont kill u it ok !!!! ! ! 1
Nessaria Yesterday, 5:36 AM
To answer your question:

1). College.
2). Canada 🍁

Same. Their character designs are very cool!
Ikr? I get jealous of their creativity of the Photoshop users.. >.<;

Hobbies: Taking long naps, reading, playing video games, watching anime, sit outside, etc.

FolesTz7 Yesterday, 3:06 AM
yo" c:
dreaming Jun 15, 5:15 PM
Brooke Jun 15, 6:49 AM
wow dissing my parents like that, it's a very original name?!?! your name is hardly original you just stole an artists name?!?!?!
1. i dont wanna lose the name
2. all good names are taken and no longer the thread for mods to delete old accounts
Brooke Jun 15, 6:32 AM
LMAO you're already dead meat
plus she probs doesn't know its u cause ur change ur name like every 5 seconds ://
Brooke Jun 15, 6:22 AM
my memory is impeccable
Brooke Jun 15, 5:52 AM
i love how you memed 2 years ago again
Brooke Jun 13, 1:42 PM
Nessaria Jun 13, 4:46 AM
Oh, I see. I am doing fine, just had graduation yesterday and now I'm just chilling for today.
tbh i just woke up just now too lmao x'D

Awe, why thank chuu so much! <3 I just like this character so much~. >//.//<;
I'm planning on watching (FIRE FORCE) the anime and read the manga when I have the chance.
Yes, I used to have Photoshop on my laptop.
i would find a free download of photoshop or a crack version becuz I GOT NO TIME FOR SPENDING $$$
Since I don't have it anymore, I ended up using Photopea instead.
It's kind of similar to Photoshop with features and stuff, but it's waaaayyy better than a monthly subscription.
Insanity Jun 12, 11:36 PM
what are you on about?? when have i ignored u
Nessaria Jun 12, 6:25 PM
Thank you so much for the friend invitation! <3
How're ya today? :)
I love your simple, but beautiful profile.~ ;w;
Asena May 22, 6:23 AM
same same we're pretty alike :o your text is matching tho and wdym one row doesn't go further than the other i'm stupid jsjsdfg. thanks! I'll keep it for now. no it's okay, if I'm gonna use them I’ll just do a reverse image search and try to identify the artist too. I'm a basic bitch.. most of the time I just wear jeans with a sweater rip. I see you're into streetwear right. really todomomo is your fave ship? I just loved the art style a lot so I had to use it :") I feel like I'm in the minority that doesn't ship anyone besides deku and uraraka. I rarely ship characters or people in general tbh. I don't have a lot of art saved tho :( most are bookmarked on twt and my bookmarks are a mess asdfghjkl. but if I come across something that I feel like you'd like too I'll show you! oooh you draw, what kinda stuff do you create?? omg same, I'm really active on twt so whenever I'm looking for new headers or dps it takes me a while. same for mal profile but I don't change my layout here that often. thank you so much for introducing these artists to me! added them to my list. I recognized a few and I think @ufkqz is my fave!!

haha I'm the kinda person that can listen to almost everything tbh it's just the first songs you recommended were exactly the kinda stuff I'm not so into but like don't get me wrong I don't dislike rap at all. thanks! not really so far I've only seen monsta x, day6 and bts live. I'm just thankful that lately more and more groups have been coming to amsterdam. wish girl groups would come here as well tho :( like blackpink was here last week but it was so fucking expensive i'm still mad about it ugh. have you been to any kpop concerts?

ikr loonarmys are literally everywhere. you don't stan bigbang as a group? I love the other members too, taeyang is my bias you definitely got gg knowledge haha I thought you only knew the big groups like blackpink and twice that's it. ah yes it's bc twice came back recently and whenever a gg comes back I tend to overplay their new songs like CRAZY. I haven't been doing that for a while tho oof.. I personally loved both albums! was especially surprised with twice's new side tracks, usually I'm not the biggest fan of their b sides. with blackpink's album I liked how it had a calmer vibe compared to their other songs it was great. what did you think?? yes yeeun is the blonde haha, I knooooow she's so beautiful. uhhh yeah I unfortunately know too many people that are into kpop irl lmfao. I'm not one to judge and I don't have anything against them but you know how many different kinds of kpop fans there are right like I'd say most of them are like the crazy fangirls that you'd avoid tbh. anyways once again I'm not one to judge it's just I doubt I'd be able to befriend them. oooh so you've been into kpop for a really long time? I totally see why gd is your ult bias hahaha. who doesn't love gd he is the complete package I esp love love love his fashion sense. well you'd think my ultimate bias is a girl but it's actually taemin!

yeah I loved the girl in bastard and the dad is indeed sick in his head. how is black clover the manga? I tried to watch the anime but I personally thought it was pretty bad so I dropped it but everyone says the manga is really good. don't know any of the other titles. I rarely read webtoons or manga so I want to get into them more. I really want to read the promised neverland since I wanna know what happened and I can't wait for s2

I'll definitely watch it one day, it certainly looks like a masterpiece! yeah I just hate feeling sad. hmm well I come across cheerful but tbh I'm always negative and I give up really fast. it's probably because I'm like this that I avoid watching sad stuff so I tend to stick with hobbies that make me feel happy instead. I'm really glad that I'm so open minded and accepting of people, cultures, religions etc because I grew up in quite a narrow minded environment and everyone around me seems to be homophobic or racist it's sad really.. sigh. there are countless of things I dislike about myself lmaooo but I hate the fact that I suck at talking. I get really anxious and I end up stuttering. tbh I'm just not good with people at all, I'm bad at communicating, I can't get along with others how the hell am I gonna survive in this society fmlllll. so how are you irl?? I feel like you're really social, outgoing and calm like you seem to have everything under control. I haven't finished idol producer yet don't worry haha I put it on hold a long time ago so sorry I don't remember my fave jajdwsjsd. I've only watched unpretty rapstar which was entertaining but yeah that's it really. I'm glad you're enjoying them! I have 1 sister who's 17, do you have any?

nope I can only understand a little bit like the basics. lolol dutch people are indeed tall but I'm so small I'm 155 cm fuck meeee everyone always makes fun of my height like they're giants compared to me. yeah I've heard of it! interesting. so which languages can you speak?? oh wow you study english that's great. are you in college or uni? well I'm a college dropout and I work full time at a supermarket my life is miserable yay. I'm planning to go back to college next year tho if things work out SAME like I hate sleeping it's such a waste of time!! I usually sleep around 4 am like I can't sleep earlier than 1 am don't understand how people do it. and I just love night time it's the best thing ever. but yeah I feel pretty shitty every day bc I barely sleep 5/6 hours per day. so I feel you haha

agree 100%. this is the reason why I can't seem to like many female anime characters. it's always about the fanservice like I esp can't stand ecchi.. and I noticed that most are weak and fragile "need to be saved by men" "resolve around men" "can't handle themselves" etc etc

haha thanks for trying to undo the spoiler (if that's what you were trying to do) I've unfortunately already seen his death scene :( the part that got me the most were the episodes of their childhood.. so so wholesome and it just made me even more sad that he died :((( ace made an appearance in the alabasta arc, when he looked for luffy and met the crew. my nr 1 fave would be zoro + luffy and chopper! I like franky as well he's cool. also I dislike brook's voice it's annoying, idk if it's just me gotta get used to it I guess. who are your faves besides law? btw I met him! I def see why he is one of your faves. his character design is so pretty and his ability is cool as well. I was so surprised when he turned out to be a doctor didn't see that coming at all

haha it rhymes with banana (american accent) if that helps :') asena banana used to be my email for decades thank god I changed it lmao. same I can't live without my earphones. aww you have 5 cats? do you live on your own, how old are you btw oooh you sound pretty fashionable! I should put more effort in the clothes that I wear tbh. I tried picking up dancing because of kpop as well but I suck at it

and this is what I meant with I usually reply late lolol well sometimes it takes me months even :') it's okay I really don't mind talks like these it's fun ^^
dreaming May 8, 2:12 PM
uhhh, ive done some more training! i did behaviour management and communication.
what have you been up recently? omg same! im lacking as always aha