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Mar 26, 2021
As someone who watched alot of anime like I mean alot, there are times when I question whether I'm getting bored to the same premise or genre over and over again. As of now, I am trying to watch more anime that involves heavy drama and psychological aspects. However, there is still a part of me that just want a simple story with a great animation. A simple story of an MC fighting evil bad guys with his/her friends, where the power of friendship and the teachings of the "sensei" inspires the MC to move forward to any situation. I literally summarized every Shounen anime ...
Mar 28, 2019
(Spoiler warning of episode 1)
Thriller, horror, psychological and mystery. These 4 along with some genres I guess makes excellent shows not only in the anime industry but also in other platforms. This is because of there uniqueness. There outtake of the story is unique with uncommon sceneries, settings, characters, plot and conflict. This Winter 2019 anime season, we were introduced into the world of "The Promised Neverland". A world where if you are a healthy young blood, you will never like this world. You will never hope that you will be a main character of some parallel world or something. With kids being the main ...
Dec 26, 2018
"Never judge a book by its cover." - Some random person.

This Fall 2018 anime season, there are a lot of shows to watch on. Honestly, on my opinion, I enjoy this season pretty much more than any other seasons this year. From Goblin Slayer giving us memes and war, SAO back at it again with another season of Kirito OP-ness, to Jojos returning to TV screen with its title "Golden Wind", Fall season this year is definitely a must-see season.
Let us not forget the romance or drama genre of anime which are plenty this season as well. One of them, giving us audience a pretty ...
Sep 29, 2018
"The human body is the best work of art." - Jess C. Scott

Science is the study of everything around us. From the early stages of our universe, to the ancient civilizations in the past that leads us to our modern and technological society. Then we come to society. What makes a society even? The people. Humanity have transcended and evolved for generations and generations and will continue evolving like an endless cycle of life.
What does a human compose of? Cells, organs, organ system, tissues, atoms, molecules, ions and so on and so forth. This things, particularly the cells, are the ones that keeps on giving ...
Sep 28, 2018
Grand Blue (Anime) add
"This is a diving anime... Yes.. Grand Blue is indeed a diving anime only." - Typical Grand Blue audience.

When you look at the comedy industry of anime, it is always topping-off the reviews, charts and everything. Why? Because either it has a good story with ton of great jokes, or the show is just very riduculous and have great humour. If you notice it, comedic anime are mostly in the school genre (specifically High School) which make sense because teenagers often goof up on school unlike adults who focuses on their life more. Then here we have Grand Blue, that is not a high school ...
Sep 26, 2018
Steins;Gate 0 (Anime) add

Back in 2011, we were stunned by the hit-anime named "Steins;Gate" with its unique story-telling of Sci-Fi, which is time-travel in the anime industry. The industry doesn't have many anime that focuses on time-travel conflicts. So far, the only time-travel anime I've watched were Steins;Gate and ERASED, which both made me amused, excited and thrilled on their unique, individual scenes. Now, this Spring 2018, we were hitted by nostalgia with the return of the Steins;Gate franchise although, instead of it having a sequel, we get a "midquel" of the original Steins Gate. Thus, we get ...
Sep 23, 2018
Asobi Asobase (Anime) add
At first, I thought this anime will be your typical girl show with no comedic element whatsover. Why did I expected that? The opening. Openings are always the one that summarizes the plot or the composition of the story of an anime. And I was definetely wrong. I actually asked myself "Am I watching this on YouTube right now?" because I got clickbaited really hard.... and I love it. Comedy anime will always be there this season. It is a rule already on the anime industry that at least 1 comedy show will be a talk on the anime community. One of them this season ...
Sep 22, 2018
Isekai... The term in anime that I really want to avoid due to some anime being isekai and trash as well.. But I can't help reviewing this trash of an anime because I was also one of the few who reviewed a similar anime last year.. And coincidentally that anime aired in summer season of anime as well. Now, I don't have a grudge on all isekai anime (as you may know I love Overlord and Log Horizon), but this type of Isekai where the protagonist are just so generic along with his harem is just... bad. And this anime just transcended from the bad ...
Sep 20, 2018
Summer 2018 had been a ride of an anime this year. From the unexpected Season 3 of Overlord, the return of a massive anime Attack On Titan, to the anime where summer is all about the fun as well as isekai shows that needed to be judged alot. This summer, we have plenty of isekai to judge on and one of them is "How Not To Summon A Demon Lord." where at first it looks like it is another isekai trash with uncapable of a protagonist, although at least it is not like that. Also, for some reasons, I call this show a lite version ...
Jun 30, 2018
Video games have been part of our everday life. Either from anime and to our real world, this type of entertainment have grown massive for years and it is still growing until now. Back in Summer 2012, the whole anime community was stunned as the first season of Sword Art Online came.
With its mixed reviews saying it was either the worst or the best series, the whole community is divided until now even a season 2 came, along with the movie Ordinal Scale. Looking back to the past recent season which was Spring 2018, we were given a ton of new shows and sequels. Along ...

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