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Nov 21, 2023
Biri-Biri (Anime) add
Welcome to my review of the music video Biri-Biri

The animation has vibrant strong colors that are exceptionally good and it looks gorgeous overall. Adorable girls and Pokemon with a design that fits perfectly in the Pokemon universe. This kind of 3d animation can look awkward sometimes but in this case, it rather works very well

It has cathy tones and the singers are doing a great job singing at a fast pace that goes hand in hand with the beautiful animations

It's about two girls that want to be with each other, riding together in the bring of dawn. They get separated and desperately search ...
Jan 18, 2020
Welcome to my review of Rifle Is Beautiful. This review has minor spoilers in it!

This is a grand beautiful tale about cute girls doing cute things! Full of wonderful pure lesbians that love each other and want to have fun together! The story may not be complex in the manner,It's rather about the cute girls and spending their time together!Its heartwarming a lot of humorous aspects and some lewd situations.Its light warm and cute.Like a CGDCT should be ,And it also drives strong at the Yuri!! The sport itself gets some time! But as i said its more about the girls!!

Hikari and her ...
Jan 7, 2020
Welcome to my review of Kandagawa Jet Girls This review has some minor spoilers in it!

The story itself is very simple. Like they often are in CGDCT anime!! Girls competing on jet skis. It's a team racing sport with a driver and a shooter. Trying to shoot water at each other so they will lose their cloth!! Or stop the jet ski dead on the track. The jet's skis and their cloth have sensitive spots which they aim for. It's a simple and fun concept!! Rin is a well-developed girl full of Genki. She likes to race And she also likes other girls!! So she ...
Jan 3, 2020
Welcome to my review of Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan wo Erandeiraremasen! This review contains minor spoilers!!

The story is the biggest problem in my opinion! It has an awful start and just keeps failing as it moves along!!

Motosu Urano is a Librarian and writes books for children. She lives in a distant world and she loves books in all their forms! Fiction to mathematics philosophy and everything in between. She is the definition of a bookworm and literature is her love in life! And she surrounded herself with books! But the books was not happy at all!! They were angry ...
Dec 21, 2019
Null Peta (Anime) add
Welcome to my spoiler-free review of Null Peta

This is a wonderful tale about two sisters and their strong bond! Null and Peta. They lost everything they have when tragedy suddenly struck and tore them apart!! The story has everything from strong love, and humor, to drama. And carrying out its segments extremely well. It's heartwarming and so wholesome

The style and animation are warm and almost a bit childish with strong colors! It may not have the biggest budget nor the best technique or fancy CGI effects. But it doesn't need to! It reminds me more of a home-cooked meal. ...
Nov 2, 2019
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
Welcome to my review of Houkago Saikoro Club! This review contains minor spoilers!!

Miki are a very shy and insecure girl who rather keep to herself! Sadly she got bullied in her early years. And later in high school she rejected invitations on social activities with her classmates. And because of her odd behaviour, and that she try to close herself in!! Avoiding places where people are gathering and are unwilling to take part of the world outside, I think she may suffer from a mild form of autism!!

Aya on the other-hand are a very enthusiastic social and positive young lady! She have recently moved ...
Oct 21, 2019
Welcome to my review of Magical Nipple Kiss♥ This review contains minor spoilers!!

This review covers vol one to vol six. I will add the rest in this review later when they are have been released and translated!! Or make changes in this review if I feel its needed!!

Oct 20, 2019

Welcome to my review of the Yuri hentai Chichi Yuri Girls!! This review will contain minor spoilers!!

Lilly is a lesbian succubus that hunts for girls so she can suck their milk!! She is on the hunt for the perfect milk slave. One day right after she engulfed herself in sexual activity and extracted the milk of another female. She gets a message that the realm of the human world has been stabilised! And she can now hunt for the perfect female slave! And get her precious milk

Momoka Is a young female who likes to masturbate! And goes around all day ...
Sep 28, 2019
Mixed Feelings

Welcome to my review of Kimetsu no Yaiba!! Minor spoiler warning!!

The Kamado family lives happily in peace in their seclude cabin high up in the snowy mountains .After the main protagonist Tanjirous father passing away some time ago, he have taken over he's responsibility and providing for he's family .One day after selling some coal in the village nearby and coming home later than expected, he stubble through the door and are met by a gruesome and horrifying sight! He's family have been brutally slaughtered .Hes ...
Sep 18, 2019
Why do humans climbs mountains? Well people climb dangerous mountains simply because they can!! They see the mountain as a challenge,a challenge that cannot stand unanswered!!!! Can cute little girls also climbs mountains? Well let's find out , Welcome to my review of Yama no Susume!!!

Years before this tale take place Aoi and her friend Hinata climbed a mountain together!! Holding hands and seeing the sun rise!!! Casting its piercing rays over the world and blessing it with its precious light!! While they are sharing the magical display from nature. My girls makes a vow and pledge to relive this moment again together!!! But life ...

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