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Mitsuboshi Colors
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VioletHatPurple Aug 15, 2019 8:45 AM
Hello, Yoishi! It's been a while since we last talked here! =)

I already said this to you elsewhere not long ago earlier today, but I like to say it to you here, as well: Happy Birthday, Yoishi! I hope your special day goes well today! =D
VioletHatPurple Feb 4, 2018 12:34 AM
Thanks, Yoishi! =D

Yeah, it was tough, seriously tough! It's the hardest thing I've done thus far, no doubt, but yeah, I finally managed to pull it off, after several months of playing just DOJBL! It sucked to have to temporarily put off a number of games to work on DOJBL, but it was totally worth it in the end (I'm planning to go play those other games soon, now that I have finally 2-ALL'd DOJBL)! I really gained a whole lot out of it, not to mention that, besides me wanting the 2-ALL for quite a while before it finally happened, that DOJBL 2-ALL of mines had and did everything else I could ask for, more-or-less! =)

Hmm, now that I think about it, I really came a long way in DOJBL, didn't I? When I first reached Hibachi in a full run back at late May last year, my score was only 290 Million at the time, and my hit chain was only 1053, lol, and now, just, wow (Well, I know it's been several days since then, but still). I never would have imagined that my 1st ever 2-ALL would get 1.618 Billion with a 3518 Hit chain and all, as well as me beating several players I never would have thought I'd ever beat in DOJBL, including the likes of Jaimers, .ASP and Naut, and then even Iconoclast. It's a bit surreal to think I did all that in the span of 8, 9, 10-months-ish...


Aww, that sucks to have to be super busy over xmas. =( Well, hopefully, it all winded down on your end by now, as it seems to be doing now. That's great to hear that you're getting time to play again now!

Hmm, I'm a bit familiar about monster hunter. I haven't really played the games, though, so I can' really much about them, unfortunately. =( Well, how is that new monster hunter game so far? =)


Also, since I got my 1st ever 2-ALL of DOJBL, I'm planning to drop by and return to Discord chat pretty soon, and I'm fixing on also going to IRC chat again soon, and then me beginning my return to Steam! =)
VioletHatPurple Jan 29, 2018 8:05 AM
Hey Yoishi, it's been a while since the last time! Hope everything's been good on your end!

Yeah, I just wanted to let you know, that it's finally done. I have finally arrived, after several months (about 10 months or so, give-or-take) of playing. I got my 1st ever 2-ALL of DOJBL, and it beats not only Naut's score, but it also beats Iconoclast's score as well! \(;^o^;)/
VioletHatPurple Dec 8, 2017 8:35 PM
Hey again, Yoishi! Hope everything's been well on your end since the last time! =)

I just wanted to let you know a little bit about my progress in DOJBL. To tell you, I did beat Naut's score! It was a few days ago, actually! I got a run that got 1.347 - 1.348+ Billion and it also got a 3536 Hit chain as well! Sadly, however, that run didn't 2-ALL, and it was really close, too, like, seriously close... I actually almost no miss'ed up to the 2-5 boss (I died only once, and it was on something pretty stupid on 2-1, lol :P Had I not died there, this run very well could have had at least 1.5+ Billion...) and, well, let's just say I choked on Kouryuu and it's 2nd form before fighting Hibachi (I came close to getting past Hibachi's final attack, she only had a little health left), since I got very nervous (damn nerves, lol), since that's the 1st time I ever did that well, survival-wise (That is, reach Kouryuu 2-5 w/ 5 spare lives, which was close to the ideal 6 spare lives), in a full run >_<;;

Yeah, sorry, Yoishi, I still haven't 2-ALL'ed yet, and thus, I also can't quite say, yet, that I fully succeed Naut as a fellow Touhou Player on DOJBL, despite beating his score. =( Oh well, next time, I guess. -.-;; Fear not, as I'll definitely keep at it! This is totally not over! If anything, it does motivate me more than ever to get this 1st ever 2-ALL!

I didn't get to announce it on Twitter or anywhere else yet, since I was actually away that day, and well, the replay currently de-syncs at the part, where I get to Hibachi's final attack, which is something I'm working on fixing (Everything else before that particular moment works just fine, so you'll get to see how I managed to beat Naut's score despite dying once on 2-1, at the very least. The best I'd currently know what to do, in terms of fixing de-sync'ed runs, is to load a random savestate when the replay de-syncs, then reset MAME using Shift+F3, and the replay should sync correctly after the reset), so that I can announce my actual score (I believe it to be 1.348 Billion and not 1.347 Billion, but, since the run de-syncs as it is, I can't quite say which one is it really. Alternatively, I can give you both my shmupMAME 4.2 .inp file and nvram file, and you can try to see, if you can get my run to work on your end. I would actually be interested to hear, if you can get my run to work on your end. Additionally, you also get to see that same run of mines, as well =D). That, and I also had 2 other runs that also reached Hibachi's final attack earlier last week, both also came close to a 2-ALL, so yeah, I came close to a 2-ALL 3 times this month so far. >_<;;

Yeah, I'm going to get very focused on getting the 2-ALL of DOJBL for the next couple weeks, since I did say that I'll give it a go to 2-ALL it before the end of the year. Those 3 runs are definitely telling me something alright, especially the run, where I surpass Naut's score. It truly does feel like the 2-ALL can happen anytime soon (To put it in perspective, the last time I reached Hibachi's final attack in a full run was back at late May, so this definitely has to be the true final battle, for sure!), and those particular 3 runs teased me quite so in that regard, lol.
VioletHatPurple Nov 25, 2017 3:13 AM
Hey Yoishi, it's been a while! Hope everything's been well since the last time! =)

Yeah, sorry it took me so long to get back to your message >_<;;, it's been a bit busy on my end for a little while (I had a web design project I was working on, I got done with it by last Saturday), but things have started to wind down a bit, so it's not as busy now as it was earlier. =)

Yeah, I saw that new score you got in Batsugun over at the farm a while ago last month. I hardly know anything about Batsugun, so I can't really say much at the time being, sadly enough, but from what little I'd know about Batsugun, that's a pretty good score, I'd say, second to Jaimers (I remember you mentioned that bit about how you told Jaimers some scoring strats in Batsugun, and then he got near 20 million in Batsugun very soon after that)! Best of luck in getting 20 Million in Batsugun! =)

I'm not too familiar about Otomedius X, so I can't really say too much on it either, but that's pretty awesome to do a full run of a game for that long, I'd say! Now that you mention it, I'd like to something on an infinite looping game at some point in the near future, and pull of a 2-hour video like you did! Yeah, I saw a bit of that YouTube video you made of Otomedius X, I'll check it out again and watch more of it!

Hmm, which other looper games you plan on doing, if you don't mind me asking, of course? =)


I'd say my progress in DOJBL has been going well. Earlier this month, I managed to actually beat .ASP's DOJBL score of 1.237+ Billion with a score of 1.271+ Billion (I know .ASP uses B-Exy, so it's different, but still, though, it was impressive to me, nonetheless)! It was amazing to do, especially since I've known about .ASP for a long time, and he's been a great influence on me, as a Touhou/Doujin Player! I never imagined I'd do it, beating one of .ASP's scores, but yeah, that totally happened! \(^o^)/ Also, it doubles, in that it's another game I beat Jaimers at, in terms of score (now I just need the 2-ALL)! I'm quite close to actually beating Naut's DOJBL score (I'm just 55+ Million from beating it, give-or-take)! Hopefully, I'll surpass Naut's score soon, especially since I'm not too busy again now to really do more full runs! It should happen anytime now! =)

On a related note, at the request of a certain Austrian player (He mentioned he can't get my .inp file to run, even w/ the nvram), I actually made a video of that 1.271 Billion DOJBL run of mines for him to watch and study from, so if you want to check that out sometime, I can send you the link to it (It's uploaded as an unlisted video on YouTube, so I'll have to give you the link)!

Between my latest PB up to now, in the free time I've had to play in-between, I learned a good number of optimization techniques, to where my 1st loop scoring potential is now in the 810 - 820+ Million range (I still don't know how to full chain both 1-3 & 1-4, but at the same time, I know how to do the 1-2 milk chain, where it just about guarantees that I'll get 2400+ Hit chain in 1-2, to where I can often get near 2500+ Hit, with the chance of me actually reaching 2500+ Hit in 1-2 (I was able to hit 2500+ Hit in 1-2 a few times using this technique in savestate practice. It's still not consistent, but I can definitely at least come close to 2500+ Hit now at a consistent rate, thanks to this technique))! I also learned how to chain the 1st half of 1-4, thanks to Erppo (I watched the video, where he demonstrates the easy way to full chain 1-4. While I still can't do the 1-up cannon connect thing, I can now chain the 1st half of 1-4, never thought it'd be pretty easy to learn)!

In the 2nd loop, I even learned the easy way to get 2 hypers out of the 2-1 boss! I can now full chain 2-2 consistently (I can get 2100 - 2200+ Hit out of it), and I'm getting somewhat consistent with being able to do the full chain of 2-3 (the improper way). I still wouldn't NMNB the 2-3 boss' final attack, though (Still much too risky for me to attempt doing in a full run at the moment), so I'll still do the hyper/bomb technique on his final attack, thus losing the bomb bonus, should I still have it by then, but it should be fine, though.

All-in-all, if I do all those right in a full run, that should be enough to beat Naut's score by 2-4. If I do well enough in 2-4 and 2-5, I'll beat even Iconoclast's score. With my route as it is now, 1.53+ Billion is quite possible, and, should I pull off the full chain of 2-5, I could perhaps probably get as high as 2 Billion maybe.

Yeah, I think I have learned a whole lot of scoring techniques (I also did a lot of 2-4 & 2-5 practice, along w/ practicing the 2-4 boss often, as well as the 2-5 boss & Hibachi herself), to where I think all that's left now is to really do full runs, and go at it until the 2-ALL finally comes, as everything I learned from savestate practice will come together, as I continue to do full runs! I'm going to try to get my 1st ever 2-ALL to be at least over 1.327+ Billion (So that it beats Naut's 2-ALL), as well as get at least a 3340+ Hit chain or better (I get 3400 - 3500+ Hit in 1-5 all the time, so that's no problem)!

So yeah, that's a bit about how my DOJBL progress has been going. Let's see, if I can get the 2-ALL by the end of the year! Again, no promises I'd get it by then, but I'll give it a shot! =)
VioletHatPurple Oct 11, 2017 10:04 PM
Thanks, Yoishi! Yeah, back when I started on DOJBL, I never thought I’d ever understand how to score and chain in any of the DoDonPachi games, and yet, here I am, having got 1+ Billion in DOJBL, after what is about 4 – 6 months playing it. It’s really amazing that I have gotten this far in DOJBL, in spite of the fact that I haven’t gotten the 2-ALL yet!

That’s great to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Japan! Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about HEY, it’s 1 of the places I definitely have to check out, when it finally does happen that I do go to visit Japan! I can only imagine what that must have felt like, getting to see so many skilled players playing upfront in 1 place! I’ve heard stories, like there was some player who’d go to HEY to 2-ALL Strikers 1999 like it was his daily ritual, to name 1, but I bet seeing it happen upfront is a whole another thing that really brings those stories to life! Yeah, I definitely would have to check out HEY someday, for sure (I’d need to practice to play in front of lots of people first and try not to get nervous while doing so, lol :P)!

I think I understand what you’re trying to say, Yoishi, in terms of changing names. I actually did that myself. Initially, which I’m sure you remember, I used to go by PurpleTheGuy a few years back, but along the way, I found that name of mines to be really lame and back then, I didn’t know nearly as much about shmups outside of Touhou as I do now (I used to make a few posts that were pretty dumb as well under that old name, and it’s something I wanted to get away from), not to mention that I was much less skilled, as well. It also happened, that there was a certain anime I watched that really taught me a lot of valuable things (Said anime in-question also brought back my anime-watching habit single-handedly), which prompted me to change my name to what is now VioletHatPurple, which I go by nowadays, except for shmups farm (I asked 1 of the administrators there for a name change request, but it seems like that didn’t go anywhere, so it seems like I’m stuck with that lame username of mines, PurpleTheGuy, over there for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame, but oh well. Eventually, when I actually create a sig over there, I’ll write somewhere in it, where I’ll say to refer to me as “VioletHatPurple,” not “PurpleTheGuy”).

I guess it’s your call, whether you want to play under a different name or not. Personally, when I did it, it was a great thing I did for myself, and it took a lot off of me, since I’ve come to have had a real dislike of my old username and I had things I wanted to get away from that concerned that said old username of mines. Hope that little input of mines about going under a different name helps in deciding what you end up doing, Yoishi! =)

Again, thanks Yoishi! I’m very much still working on getting the 2-ALL of DOJBL! I really do feel like it won’t be long until I get the 2-ALL of DOJBL, especially when I now managed to get over 1+ Billion in DOJBL in a full run for the 1st time! Also, yeah, sorry for the somewhat late response on my part. It’s been a little busy on my end, so I got held up a little, due to that. I can fill you in on some of the stuff I’ve been doing in DOJBL ever since that time.


To start off, I did get a new PB ever since, but it was a minor 1, though, so it was nothing too spectacular. My new PB is 1.079 Billion, with 3332 hits, and I got to the stage 2-5 boss in it (That run didn’t 2-ALL, but it was a new PB anyhow). Besides that…

I now know how to do that technique, where, given the right resources at that moment (A little luck is nice, too), I can reliably 2-Miss Hibachi’s final attack (I shouldn’t do worse than 3-Miss, and there’s a small chance I could 1-Miss Hibachi (I did it a few times before in savestate practice using that 2-Miss method), but it’s unlikely and requires a bit of luck). I’ve also come to see that there is a certain rhythm in Hibachi’s final (Initially, it’s hard to see), to where you see part of what makes the 2-Miss method possible. I also practiced the 2-4 boss some more, to where, while he’s still hard to deal with, he’s not as intimidating as he was before, once you kinda know what to do against him. I also know how to full chain 2-5 now (It’s not very consistent yet, but the know-how is definitely there).

Along with that, I got to optimize my 1st loop as well, to where I can now get at least 2300-2400+ hits in my 1-2 full chain (Previously, I could only do up to 2200+ hits), I can now get at least 3340 – 3400+ hits in my 1-5 full chain with the chance of getting up to 3500+ hits in it, and I optimized how I deal with the 1-1 boss even more to where my technique against him now resembles the ones done by the big-time score-running players of DOJBL. Along with that, I also know how to do that thing in the beginning of 1-3, where, assuming you have 2 hypers on-hand, you can get those 3 big ships to appear at the beginning (You gotta kill each 1 fast enough to make the next 1 appear). I still don’t know how to full chain 1-3 yet (I actually did the midboss connect thing a couple times (It was awesome, when I actually got it right), but the timing’s seriously tough to get down consistently, so I let that 1 go for now).

While I still don’t know how to full chain 1-4 yet (Also quite tough to do, but I may yet try to learn it, maybe), I developed a technique where, right after the 1-up cannon, if I’m close to getting another hyper, then I’ll go to get that next hyper, and then shortly after getting it (I should be at the 4th or 5th conveyor belt at this time), I’ll activate my hyper, and try to develop a chain, to where, when I reach the final cannon and kill it, I’ll collect 1 of the bees right away, then after my hyper ends, collect the other bee and go to rush up and kill the power-up carrier and uncover the 2 bees to collect them, and it’ll still put me in a position, to where I’ll have 1 hyper for the 1-4 boss, along with 1 hyper meter almost full, to where, at the very end of 1-4, I’ll have 5 hypers to use for 1-5 (Along with all this, this gets me a good score increase of, I’d say, 15 – 20 million, if done right).

All-in-all, with all these new optimization techniques I’ve found and/or developed for the 1st loop, my overall 1st loop potential now goes up to the 760+ million range, so I now pretty much have solid knowledge on most things about scoring in the 1st loop in DOJBL that isn’t called the 1-3 and 1-4 full chain (I could optimize my 1-1 full chain, to where I get in the 41 - 45+ million range rather than the 31 – 36+ million range, but eh, I don’t really feel like doing that right now, since I find it pretty hard to do, but I may yet do it someday, maybe, and I wouldn’t ever dare to use a hyper on the 1-5 boss, but besides those 2 things, yeah).

I’m now pretty confident that I can beat Naut’s score, and, if I do well enough in 2-5, beat even Iconoclast’s score in DOJBL! Yeah, it does really come down to “the run,” as you put it, Yoishi, and I’m hoping that I do get past Hibachi and finally 2-ALL the game w/ 1+ Billion at the same time before the end of the year! Until then, I’ll keep doing my best at it! =)
VioletHatPurple Sep 26, 2017 12:16 AM
Hey, Yoishi, what's up! Hope everything's been well since the last time! Hope your trip to Japan went well! I'd like to know how it went sometime! =)

Yeah, I got some awesome news on my end just now! Just earlier ago, I finally reached over 1+ Billion in DOJBL for the 1st time ever! That run still didn't 2-ALL (It came rather close, though, I got to Hibachi in that run), but yet, I don't feel all that bad about it. The main point was that I wanted to reach 1+ Billion for some time now, and I finally did it! I got 1.072 Billion in it (I defeated Harduser's score, though he uses A-S as his main ship, so I don't know if that's exactly a fair thing to say, but I did pass his score, at any rate), with 3284 hits (I finally did a proper full chain of 1-5 without getting hit or anything like that throughout the whole stage, a first in terms of full runs)! =D
VioletHatPurple Aug 29, 2017 5:24 PM
Thanks, Yoishi! That means a lot for you to take the time to come by to say that to me! =)

Today's not too bad, I'd say! I'm using this day to relax a bit, in terms of doing full runs for DOJBL, doing stuff with my family and whatnot (Well, there's not much to do except stay at home anyway for today, considering the weather around my area, and my dad's stuck at his workplace at the airport he works at, and might be there until the weekend).

That would be really nice, actually, if I do end up beating Naut's score by the time I do get the 2-ALL! It's funny you mention that, since I recently did an estimate of what would happen right after you mentioned that, should I do a full chain of 1-5, along with everything else I know how to do and have practiced so far. Basically, if I full chain 1-5, then assuming I've done everything else I know how to do up to the end of stage 2-3 perfectly right (Full chain 1-1 and 1-2, chain 1st half and 2nd half of 1-3 (no midboss connect), NMNB 1st loop, get 600+ Million from 1st loop as a result of the 1-5 full chain (I should get at least 2500+ hits out of it), carry bomb bonus over to 2nd loop, chain 2-1 and 2-2, chain 1st half and 2nd half of 2-3 (no midboss connect) don't die on 2-1, 2-2 and 2-3, as well as keep the bomb bonus in those 3 stages as well, and get past the 2-3 boss's final attack using 1 hyper and 1 bomb), then I could get up to 1.1 Billion (I found all this out, as well as the highest estimate, based on my savestate practicing) by the end of stage 2-3. From there, I'll just need to survive pretty well at stage 2-4 and 2-5, and then get past the 2-5 boss and, finally, Hibachi (I'll go to review stages 2-4, 2-5, the 2-5 boss and, of course, Hibachi). Perhaps this could really be enough to do the unthinkable, that is, to beat Naut's DOJBL score, if I pull it off like that! But of course, again, it assumes everything goes the way it should, which is, well, easier said than done, but nevertheless, this is quite the revelation. Haha, you really got me going, when you mentioned that! =D

We'll see, though. Let me try not to get too excited, don't wanna jinx it and all lol! :P It's a bit too soon to say, since at the moment, besides going for the 2-ALL of course, I'll aim to get 1 Billion, since I'll essentially get that high, should I full chain 1-5, and maybe my 1st ever 2-ALL could have 1+ Billion as my score, but perhaps the unthinkable could really happen!

Hmm, I see. I guess it comes down to which one of the 2 do you find yourself having more fun at, Sengoku Ace or Under Defeat. I think if you're having fun in that certain game, then perhaps that's the right one to go with. If I had to say something, I found Sengoku Ace pretty fun to play, from what little I've played of it (Playing as Koyomi is a lot of fun), and Under Defeat, hmm, it's definitely in the hard side, I'd say, and I personally found it pretty hard to get into, from what little I played of it, so yeah, that would be my 2 cents on choosing which of the 2 games to do for your 1st ever 2-ALL.

Oh, okay, I thought you were in Japan already. Well, you will be soon, so no doubt that's gonna be awesome, of course! Know which places you're planning on going and all that, and how long will you be there? Also, you happen to personally know anyone in-particular that lives in Japan (Friend, relative, something like that), if you don't mind me asking, of course? =) Also, Maribel Hearn was actually in Japan for his birthday last month, from what he mentioned to me.

Also, yeah, I'd love to check out the arcade scene, when it happens, that I do, indeed, go to Japan! I think you might find others, like Plasmo, over there.
VioletHatPurple Aug 28, 2017 8:34 PM
Hey Yoishi! Hope things have been well since the last time!

Yeah, I mentioned my PB of 583 Million for DOJBL was a couple hundred thousand points short of defeating Cagar, and I expressed wanting to defeat Ratikal, Malik11 and AVE as well.

Well, I finally got to do just that! Moments ago, I got a new PB of 662 Million in DOJBL, with a chain of 2265 hits to go with it! This run actually got to Hibachi, which hasn't happened in, well, quite a while, so that was pretty good! Unfortunately, that run didn't 2-ALL, because I died 2 times in the 2-5 boss's 3rd attack (That thing walled me unexpectedly the 2nd time around, and I didn't react in time to use a bomb, so that was a shame). The survival in that run was actually very good, I didn't die in the 1st loop (I was close to carrying the bomb bonus over to the 2nd loop, but alas), I died once in stage 2-3 (It was to something really stupid in the beginning of the stage -.-), and I got to the stage 2-5 boss with 4 spare lives. However, I'm rather rusty with the stage 2-5 boss, and with Hibachi (It's been a while, since I last practiced those two), so I guess I'll have to review how to deal with those 2 sometime, so I don't get so shaken up, when I face them in a full run. Yeah, while that run didn't 2-ALL, I at least beat Cagar's score, along with ratikal, Malik11 and AVE, so that felt very good to do! =D

Also, I'm beginning to know how to do a full chain of stage 1-5. It's not really consistent yet, but it's starting to become more of a reality on my end. If I can pull off a full chain of 1-5 or at least do a respectable amount of it, perhaps I could get to the 1 billion range in DOJBL or at least close to it, so it's pretty exciting!

Yeah, just thought I'd give you a little update on my end, concerning DOJBL. =)
kawaii-mio Aug 26, 2017 6:30 PM

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VioletHatPurple Aug 24, 2017 4:29 PM
Speaking of first 2-ALLs, the reason I picked DOJBL as the 1st ever 2-ALL I want to get is, well, I know I once said that, if I were to get my 1st ever 2-ALL, it would be something that isn't too hard to get, like, say, Sengoku Ace 2-ALL or a DDP DFK Tsuujou 2-ALL with either A, B, or C-Strong. Somewhere down the road, I thought it over more carefully, and I came to the conclusion that, I would like my 1st ever 2-ALL to be something that would teach me something, all while not being too absurd (Picking something like a DoDonPachi 2-ALL, a DOJWL 2-ALL or a Ketsui Ura 2-ALL as a 1st ever 2-ALL would be too ridiculous for me, haha :P).

I could have picked DonPachi or Ketsui Tsuujou as my 1st ever 2-ALL, but I decided to go with DOJBL, after thinking carefully about it. I was inspired enough by Naut to decide to go down that bold route, and Pazzy's 1st ever 2-ALL was DOJBL as well, and... If I had to admit, I didn't want to be outdone by Pazzy, at least, in terms of 'What was your 1st ever 2-ALL,' haha (Otherwise, Pazzy is one hell of a remarkable STG Player). That, & if I could get the DOJBL 2-ALL, it would assure that I have the skills to, not only handle a DDP DFK Tsuujou 2-ALL easily, but it would also enable me to handle getting a DonPachi 2-ALL & Ketsui Tsuujou 2-ALL with relative ease, along with other not too hard 2-ALLs that aren't cave-related (On another note, I'd like to get a Strikers 1999 2-ALL as my 1st ever Psikyo 2-ALL. Many Touhou Players have claimed Strikers 1999 as their 1st ever Psikyo 2-ALL, so it would only be natural for me to follow that same route, as well, for Psikyo games). Me getting DOJBL as my 1st ever 2-ALL would also allow me to be at that point, where I could handle a DDP 2-ALL, should I choose to do that. Basically, a DOJBL 2-ALL would mean a lot to me in all kinds of ways, even more than a few of reasons I've mentioned just now.

Also, nice, you're in Japan right now?! That's awesome! =D I hope to go go there sometime, if all goes well (Maybe in 2020?)! What's it like over there, and what places did you go to (Also, would you happen to still be there right now)? Did you also manage to get that Dreamcast version of Under Defeat as well, while you're there? =)
VioletHatPurple Aug 24, 2017 4:07 PM
Yeah, I know what you mean about when you have all the strats to do what you want in a game, and how it's all just down to just keep playing until THE run finally happens. I know that a bit too well, haha. Again, as I said, I wish you the best of luck on Batsugun! =D

Hmm, I see. Come to think of it, I actually own a PS3 copy of Under Defeat, and I tried to play it once a few years ago, but it was pretty tough to get a hang of the game (Then again, I was far less skilled in STGs a few years ago). Somewhere down the road, I'd like to give that game a real shot.

Yeah, once I figured out how to chain some of DOJBL here and there, especially after learning how to do the full chain of 1-2 (As well as knowing how to full chain 2-1 and 2-2), needless to say, it was a genie that wasn't going to go back in the bottle (I know I went back and forth between the 2-ALL and wanting at least a somewhat good score at the same time, lol). I know chaining in the game is probably gonna make me stay in DOJBL a bit longer than expected, but again, it's a genie that just won't go back in the bottle, once I really know how to do it. I'm not really trying to chain the whole game, to be honest, but if I can get at least 700+ Million in a full run (I'd like to beat third_strike, at least, or even beat Pazzy's DOJBL 2-ALL score, and it looks like the 800+ Million range really is possible for me to reach in a full run), then that's not too bad for me. That, and anyhow, if I'm still working on the 2-ALL of DOJBL, I might as well try to chain and score what I can while I'm at it. It's actually pretty fun to me, as I mentioned, so it's not really all that bad! =)

Also, on a related note, just earlier today, I actually got a new PB in doing full runs in DOJBL. I got 583 Million as my new PB! However, it was a couple hundred thousand short of defeating Cagar, though (I'll get him next time, though, along with ratikal, malik11 and AVE). That run had a chain of 2238 hit (I think), but I game over'd again, right before the 2-5 boss (I screwed up Harduser's strategy of how to do the very last part of 2-5 before the last boss, and I lost my last life there, due to that). All in all, though, it was a pretty solid improvement over my previous PB of 520 Million, and this was considering I died once in stage 1-5 (It was in an easy area with the 1-5 boss, sadly), and how the 2nd loop performance was, well, not that great, suffice to say (I did full chain 2-2 though, at least, and it was in a full run, so that was pretty cool). Next time, I should get 600+ Million as my new PB, and hopefully, the 2-ALL soon! =)
VioletHatPurple Aug 17, 2017 3:23 PM
Hmm, I can't really say too much about Under Defeat HD or Batsugun, since I haven't really played those yet. Sadly, I'm afraid I'm not able to help out too much with those 2 games, besides giving generic advice, like use practice modes/savestate practice, study replays, steal strats (whether scoring or survival), play consistently, etc. I do wish you the best of luck in those 2 games, though, Yoishi! =)
VioletHatPurple Aug 17, 2017 3:06 PM
Thanks, Yoishi! I'll keep working at it, for sure! =)

I sure hope I'm getting close. It's been a while since that particular run, where I got to Hibachi's final attack (It was back at late May, I'll admit). Yeah, it's gonna be the hardest part, going from "got to Hibachi" to "got through Hibachi," as Naut would say.

Well, the main goal for me is to get the 2-ALL for DOJBL, the scoring part just kinda happened along the way. Yeah, as I found myself spending more time on DOJBL, there was a point where I figured that I might as well learn how to chain some while I'm working on the 2-ALL. While the 2-ALL is still the main goal, the scoring stuff is pretty nice to have, too, so I'll try to score as much as I can while working for the 2-ALL, as long as it doesn't have to involve me doing something nuts in a full run, such as trying to get 2 hypers from the 2-1 boss or try to get past the 2-3 boss without using a bomb, as well as not die at the same time for the sake of getting the bomb bonus past 2-3.

As I mentioned, I can get at least 600+ million in a full run, and possibly over 700 million. I could maybe get 800 million in a full run, but past that, I'm not sure. However, I've found that getting 1+ billion in a full run may not be nearly as far-fetched as I initially thought it to be, considering what I know and have learned so far for DOJBL, so I would like to get that (or try to, anyhow). That would be very nice to have, that's for sure! =)

All in all, though, when I do get the 2-ALL, I'll take whatever score I get out of it. As I mentioned, the 2-ALL is the main goal for me at the end of it all. That being said, I'll see, if I can get at least the 600 - 700 million range (Possibly more than that, perhaps, if it goes very well) for my 1st 2-ALL, though (I won't deny that I'd like to get a somewhat good score for my 1st 2-ALL, particularly if it's within my skill level to do so, not to mention that, yeah, I actually do want something like that to go along with my 1st ever 2-ALL, particularly since I have found chaining to be really fun in this game, once you get to know at least some of it), so we'll see what happens. With what I know up to this point, I have a fair to good chance of having a score around that range (or better, perhaps) for my 1st ever 2-ALL. Also, I did take the time to learn some of it after-all, so I'd like to pull at least most of those chaining strats off in a full run (Otherwise, it'd be quite a waste to not execute them).

Heh, I guess I really want to at least get what I would consider a pretty good score to go along with my 1st ever 2-ALL after-all, from what I'm saying, haha.
VioletHatPurple Aug 17, 2017 7:24 AM
Also, yeah, I haven’t gotten to play too much K-Shoot Mania recently, though I’m planning to get back in to it sometime pretty soon by way of putting aside some time again for it. It's just that DOJBL’s been sponging a lot of time, game-wise.