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Jan 9, 2017
First off, im going to start by saying that for the first time i watched this anime, i got pretty much surprised. i decided to watch this just out of curiosity and didn't even expect anything from it. but the first episode actually surprised the hell out of me. and i will give my reasons as of why, and what surprised me.

The story to be honest, it looks kinda targeted for kids to me but it feels not at the same time. there is a gap between those two and that's where the story is. i said it's not targeted for kids or at least read more
May 29, 2016
Kannagi (Anime) add (All reviews)
A Story about a guy who made a statue. he was about to brought it to his school, but suddenly the statue disappeared. the statued was outside of his house and connected to the ground (dirt) few seconds later the statue broke into peices and, guess what ? a young girl appeared from inside of the statue.

IMO, that was an interesting starting point from this anime especially for SoL anime. tbh, i have never seen something like that before. and the story went with many SoL, Comedy scene AS the character development, especially with the MC kept going until the end of the episode read more
May 17, 2016
Woriking. A Romcom(Romantic Comedy) show which occoured in a certain ward office. if you have watched anime called "Working!!" then it makes it more easier for me to explain what kind of show it is. This anime is almost similiar to a certain anime called "Working!!!"

The story was about three newcomers in the ward office; Hasabe, Yamagami and Miyoshi as the MC and that was when their life job started. The story was pretty much enjoyable and funny imo. There weren't really that much of a plot in the beginning. There were some introduction for new characters and digging up more into the character, to read more
May 12, 2016
"Once, when many planets intermingled and the boundary between man and god was vague.......this is a tale of a particular family, a tale of love and rebirth"

So i want to explain the main thing about the story. it's the world. The world in this anime, in this show wasn't the same like our world. wasn't the same solar system or universe like ours. so, it's better for you to not think that the wolrd in this anime is the same like our world cause it would made you confused like what happened to me.

As that word up there said. imo, there was no sun read more
Apr 27, 2016
Harmony (Anime) add (All reviews)
Just gonna be honest on the story, i dislike it. it doesn't mean it was bad. i dislike it. "the way to sacrifice one's freedom to achive absolut safety, peace, and a perfect world" that is how the world in this anime works and i dislike it for the first time i saw/heard it. but i was expecting a good ending where all of those bullshit utopia would be destroyed in the ending but instead the utopia went into another level.
The story is about a world where people can live with absolute peace because of the system called "WatchMe". people can't even get sick/diseases read more
Apr 20, 2016
"Harry Potter" is the first thing that came up in my mind even tho i've never watched it before. but, with the concept was being a little bit similiar to Harry Potter, the vibe that this show was giving to me was Disney vibe, and i really like it.

The story is simple imo. it was just a story about a girl that want to be a great, gorgeous witch, want to be a witch like Shiny Chariot who she really admired and inspire the girl to became like Shiny Chariot. i think that was simple, but it the way they modify the story was read more
Mar 27, 2016
If you were following airing anime in this season (Winter) you must have heard Erased before. and now i'm gonna review about it. tbh, i was suprised after i heard that this anime has something like time travel thing in the story, i heard that before i watched Erased. so because of that, i was curious and was planning to watch it. i seriously thought Erased will just become somthing like an okay anime to me, but it actually turned out really good in my opinion.

The story is about a guy who can time travel back into the past (obvious) and the problem is, he read more
Mar 27, 2016
First, i'm going to be honest that i have never watched Gundam before. i have played the game with my cousin or friends a few time in the past but i don't really know much about Gundam. So after i saw this adaptation, i wasn't really interested in it, but because of the popularity, i got curious and i tried to watch it and! i was expecting something like Aldnoah Zero but WOW! it was beyond my expectation. Well, personally, i prefer Aldnoah Zero, but this anime is great too in my opinion. The brotherhood is real!!!

I don't really know much about the story but read more
Mar 27, 2016
Heavy Object. Almost looked like an Apocalypse show to me, but not really. The concept of the action is "Object". Now, what is Object. Object is an Amazing weapon which people use in War. So let me fix it again, The concept of the action is War, Strategy and Object. Why is Object considered as Amazing Weapon even Nuclear bomb can't even destroyed it ? Object looks like a Ball. A big ball with a high quality of Steel as it's Skin. and it's not only 1 layer of steel. 10 or more layers if i'm not wrong. Because of Object, Now people made a read more
Mar 24, 2016
What is stride ? Stride is a running sports with parkour. yea... they are running while doing some parkour stuff. tbh, personally, i like the concept of the sports, and even running is one of my fav sports. that is the reason why i got interested in this anime.

For the first episode, first impression, to me, it was a really cool, awsome episode. i really really like the way they start the series. looks awsome and cool to me, and i thought it would become a great series, but......a little bit dissapointment to me.

A story about a guy who in the past has read more