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Nov 6, 2020
Pretty Neat

So I came here after the hype that was the trailer and the wait for this show. Of course I did start the manga but only read the first few chapters and kinda stopped. I thought it was pretty good. But this anime made the experience different and hype as hell. This delivered some top tier animation and great voice acting, hell some decent CG as well.

Story: Some demon called Sukuna was killed and his fingers were chopped in to many pieces. This one Occult club found one of the fingers in a package and opened it. Which attracted many curses their way. read more
Oct 23, 2020
Witches huh.

So here we have another one of those anime where looks can be misleading a bit, if you can say that. We explore a lot of different stuff and some of the are a bit dark. Hopefully we get some more chill episodes but dark ones are also quite nice.

Story: We follow Elaina around who wants to become a witch and does so in the first episode. We follow her doing all sorts of thing around the world. And here where it can get dark. For example we have seen a lot of creepy deaths, slavery, grooming, executions, messed up people and lots of read more
Sep 19, 2020
So, finally the Alicization arc has finished. It took some time but it was entertaining and way better than previous seasons also it was the longest. It took 3 seasons for gods sake. It had some pretty epic fights that gave me chills, some good animation and cool characters.

Story: As a whole; It was okay, a lot of things happened after Kirito got poisoned but I don't understand how putting him in to a VR world fixes anything. Sure time moves faster but I don't know how it cures poison, that never got addressed or maybe I just missed something. Here we saw the end read more
Aug 15, 2020
After this show being on hold for 2 years or so I finally found the motivation to struggle through this show and I have to say it was worth it. Well, it was still a bit overhyped since I do not believe it deserves number 1 spot. I can totally understand why this show is very popular, but not gonna lie, the first 15 episodes or so are not that good. It gets so much better somewhere around episode 30. There is a previous adaptation of this from 2003 but it is not that good and it has quite a bit of filler and it read more
Jul 14, 2020
Sword Art Online: Alicization surpassed my expectations. I have never been a huge SAO fan and the first 2 seasons for the most part have been slight disappointments. Alicization is like a new coat of fresh paint to the bland world of Sword Art Online. Everything is better in this season. The animation levels have gone through the roof, the color world has become more brighter and Kirito doesn't feel as bland as he did in the previous seasons. This show is filled with some hype moments here and there. Such as Kirito getting his SAO jacket back and being able to dual-wield that should read more
Jun 24, 2020
Ah, yes Ecchi fantasy anime

You can summarize this anime with the sentence "Social rankings means everything" So everyone has these numbers on their body, you need to do something for it to get bigger for example kills, walking etc and if your number goes to 0 you will get dragged to the void or something, but if you have a ballot that has numbers you can't get dragged even if your own number drops to 0. But aha there is things that can prevent these things such as ballots. Ballots are this magical orbs that has some numbers stored in them and even if your read more
Jun 24, 2020
"That cunt"- YeeYeeAss during the 12th episode

So, this is Tower of God. It is an anime based on the manhwa called Tower of God and it tells the tale of Bam the biggest simp of them all and his wish to bring back his not so dead Girl Friend.

Story: Bam wakes up in a cave and is met by a girl called Rachel. They became friends and later on Rachel "died" then Bam decided to climb the Tower and get his wish granted. Of course before that you have to pass through different tests to prove you are worthy to climb said tower like how read more
Jun 11, 2020
I can't believe how cool this looks.

After waiting for some while I finally got to watch this but since it was fansubbed there were many hilarious mistranslations here and there. Gotta give the studio props since this cg looks fantastic. It is like the level of Pixar or Dreamworks. It is smooth and looks and feels quite nice. Of course I thing Lupins artstyle works well as CG anime. It isn't overly anime looking so it works, it is like some cartoon artstyle.

Story: So Nazis are trying to get their hands on this one dudes journal but it goes missing. Later it was found read more
Jun 11, 2020
Now that was absurd.

Finally after 2 years Baki made a return in the form of an anime. Luckily it continues straight from where we left but there is a small recap in the first episode. TMS went all out on this since there is no PS2 grade cgi but since the character models are complex the animation is not the greatest thing on planet Earth.

Story: The story is about the Great Raitai Tournament which is a tournament held every century or something like that. In said tournament 10 Sea Kings fight for the title or Sea Emperor. Sea Kings are just very amazing martial read more
Mar 25, 2020
I feel like this took a turn for the worse

Aight hear me out. I originally gave this a 9 but after the show went on I fell off the tracks and I didn't understand anything that happened and the story wasn't anything that great. Some episodes were just super boring. The start was nice and some episodes near the end but most of was just kinda boring for my liking. If anything the art and the animation were fucking good.

The characters are just there I think. Lets start with Manji. He is this immortal samurai who has killed over 100 dudes. Manji now acts as read more