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Nov 17, 2019
This straight up starts with some good action which is nice.
It picks up straight where last season ended and did not start with pointless filler like MHA did.
So far the food has looked delicious and the cook offs have been epic. Every fight I am on the edge of my seat rooting for the rebels while some of them fail miserably.
Finally we get to see Tsukasas and Rindos cooking and oh boy are they good.
This show still delivers good fan service and of course foodgasms.
They do like to use some still images instead of proper animation but I really dont care read more
Nov 14, 2019
Well, this is actually a pretty good show. It feels a bit like konosuba since it is an isekai parody.
Well, the story is pretty basic for and isekai. The hero gets summoned to the "Gods realm" and then our hero is tasked on killing the demon lord. But our hero seiya is very cautious. He was gifted with abnormal starting stats. He started the show with training to increase his stats even further beyond rather than going straight into the new world to destroy monsters. Due to his cautious nature he spams spells a lot just to be sure he destroys a monsters, he used read more
Nov 13, 2019
This truly is dreadful show. My expectations never were high since Seven Deadly Sins is truly a super mediocre show. But oh man it was far worse than I expected. White fucking blood? Ah, yes finally the enemies cum after being killed. Of course the censoring is also horrible.
The animation sometimes feels like watching a PowerPoint slideshow. It feels like their budget is super low. They are not even trying to animate it properly. Why in the hell would they hire such incompetent people for this. The director and series compositioner is also bad at their job. Finally a show that rivals Fairy Tail. read more
Nov 7, 2019
So, is this and isekai?
This starts with Iruma working... Yes, his parents are not responsible at all and makes Iruma do all the work. Then they sell him to the demon king. What does the DEMON KING want with this small boi? He wanted a grandson. I mean there are easier ways I think but buying a human is definetly easier. Then some weird shit happens and he ends up going into the demon school where his "grandpa" is the principal. He wants to have a quiet school life and not to stick out of the crowd like Yoshikage Kira. Well, thing really don't go read more
Nov 1, 2019
More kengan ashura? hell yes.

So this is the second half of kengan ashura. It still delivers the same epic fights we got in the first season. Of course its animated in cgi but it still looks amazing and the animation is pretty smooth.
The fights still contain a lot of action, testosterone and blood. Thus far my favorite fight has been Hanafusa vs Bando. Why? It was quite interesting to see what kind of fighter Hanafusa is. The man survived having his neck broken. The second one is Okubo vs Fang.
The story is still the same. Fighting the kengan tournament. But we now progress to read more
Oct 31, 2019
I really did not have any opinions when I heard of this show. I just thought "ah yes a furry anime" then I heard the story was good so I began watching. After episode 2 I started the manga. This show is so fucking good. The characters are great and the story is oddly dark.
There are many anime with animal characters like aggretsuko. But none of those anime inspect the food portion of the world. What do they eat? In this universe Carnivores and Herbivores live in peace. Only problem is that carnivores crave meat but they need to eat the same food as read more
Oct 27, 2019
This anime is so weird that it had to be made by some drunk college kid. The animation is beyond weird, all the cgi looks like it was made in gmod or sfm. We have three main characters. Lion is this humble and a bit laidback. Toucan is crazy, gets a lot of ladies. He is the best character. THen the last one is lizard. He probably is the most responsible of the two. Still he is funny as heck. Consider the fact that one person did most of the thing, it is perfection. The comedy is super funny. The story is not much(what do read more
Oct 24, 2019
This is pretty weird isekai. We have 7 op main characters who are prodigies in one subject/category instead of an op main character who knows everything. In the first episode we get to know these people and their expertise. We have politician, samurai, businessman, doctor, illusionist, a spy and a creator. This all starts when the prodigy plane crashes into the new world. They get rescued by some wolf girls and that's how it begins. Of course in the end of the episode they flex with their skill and scare off some knight. Second episode was more interesting since we saw how the businessman takes read more
Oct 23, 2019
So far it has been a slow but somewhat interesting show. Main is just an adult trapped in a childs body. She has a goal and that is to start writing books. She was a literature geek back in her old life. Main loves books but since teleporting she lost all her books. Only roalty own books and she lives in a poor family. That does not stop her, she continues to search a way to create paper or anything to write on. She picks up calculating and writing super easily. Mains body is fragile and weaker than avarage. That makes her life a hard. read more
Oct 23, 2019
What is this? This truly is the romance of the season. The main character Joro is basically the mix between Deku and Narancia. Joro is this nice and helpful little fella but of course when he snaps, he snap real hard. Third episode was a huge clusterfuck but it was truly amazing. All of Joros unfortunate accidents always include a park bench and the same exact story but from a different point of view. This show is really hilarious. Most of the funny things are so random it is hard not to laugh. The entire thing is like a square drama. As the time goes read more