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Dec 25, 2021
Fun concept but fails to deliver

It has been ages since I have seen an anime with card games as the main concept. Last was Yu-Gi-Oh which was great. Where this show fails to capture the fun that card games really are. I think it is mainly because the mess this show is.

Let's see. When I was watching the first episode it certainly seemed like a fun idea and it was good for the first episode because we got to see how the world works and how the game itself works. It had many unique ideas but the games kinda just over used them. Like with read more
Oct 2, 2021
Utter Trash

I have no idea what I thought when picking up this show but it has been 6 months of pure fuckin pain. I have not found anything funny except the entire character named Nino who not only thinks anime will save the universe but he also thinks the manga was better. Both are correct statements

Let's hop on to some other shit. The characters are honestly bland who have no reason to even exist. Shiki is very generic shounen MC with bullshit powers in his case it is gravity manipulation. He just wants to sail the universe and find this cosmic being called "Mother" read more
Jul 12, 2021
It was not as bad as people say it is

So, many people who have seen and loved Usagi Drop definitely aren't a fan of the manga due to its not well received ending. OF course I have heard of the ending before watching the anime which ended up being one of my all time favourite anime. Then I wanted to witness the ending myself and so I did.

The story goes like the anime up until the 4th volume so in the 5th volume there is a huge time skip. Around 10 years or so where we see Rin attending high school with familiar faces read more
Jun 23, 2021

So, finally the 4th season of Seven Deadly Sins have hit our retinas and is is something that one can watch without getting cancer from the mere sight of it? Well yes. It is an obvious improvement form season 3. For example even though the animation might not be the greatest but it is better that what season 3 offered. Also the blood is red this time. No more nut in veins. Still the show does not meet my expectations.

The story is still more of the same but it honestly started off good. The first 3 episodes were honestly fun to read more
Jun 16, 2021
Visually pleasing.

This is an anime original show and is it good? Well kinda. It has its moments but not every scene or episode is perfect, but it does have so amazing animation and art considering this is the studios first anime

So the story is about this woman named Yukimura Sawa who kinda does weird stuff. She is the owner of a book store but she has a secret side. She can transform into this monster things. Mostly she just kills others like her and try to stop some crimes. I honestly don't remember much of the story.

Characters are somewhat well-made. They aren't the greatest but read more
Mar 21, 2021
Finally, good isekai

This has to be one of the best Isekai anime I have seen in my life. And I know there is of course haters but screw them right? Not only does this anime have a good ost but it also has fantastic animation and good characters who get development. That is unheard of. Imagine an Isekai protagonist being developed. Crazy in it.

Characters: Well we first start with Rudeus who is our main hero. He of course was a pathetic life from during his human life. He had no money, he was bullied and was too horny for his own good. Then after rescuing read more
Mar 19, 2021

We continue selling more sexy armor to more customers in this season. Who would have guessed? Well there has been some episodes that are not about selling underwear but instead telling about the everyday lives of the workers. Such as we saw a day in a life of their pet rat who honestly does almost everything. I fell like the voice actors and the animator had a blast making this show and it shows in it.

Story: It is literally about selling underwear so yeah, can't go wrong with it.

Characters: They are the same as before. Liliette is still the same brute who is cute read more
Mar 18, 2021
Hell yeah

Do you suffer from depression or do you want to fix your body? Well this is for you. Since you get to realize how much shit is going on in your body

Story: Unlike the original Cells at Work this is depressing. This tackles more depressing things just as alcoholism, excessive smoking, liver failure, heart attack and more. It is just a fun and depressing watch

Characters: Characters are pretty well done. Of course the waifu in this season is the white blood cell. Our main character himself is a hard worker which is respectable since the body is total shit

Music: OSt is good and the read more
Dec 26, 2020

Honestly, I am surprised that I did not enjoy this. I love power fantasy anime and this is that. I also liked the first season but for reason I did not enjoy this. This did have nice animation, good voice acting and a banger opening but for some reason I did not enjoy at all.

Story: Some ships were bombed by a mystery person who was like one of the main characters. Then Tatsuya did some epic things and fights happened. Then some mystery foe which I don't remember what it was but there was some fighting with them

Characters: Mostly bland. Tatsuya is just your average read more
Dec 18, 2020

This anime tell the tale on Elaina the traveling witch. We first get to see her becoming one and the rest of the episodes are dedicated on Elaina traveling around the world, meeting new people and uncovering new stories. The stories can go from happy go lucky stuff like wine making to straight up murder. Some stories are weird in their own sense but it is best experienced by watching.

OST: The ost honestly is pretty nice. A lot of nice themes here and there and of course a good opening is always nice.

The animation in this series is pretty good. When there is fights or read more