Jun 23, 2021

So, finally the 4th season of Seven Deadly Sins have hit our retinas and is is something that one can watch without getting cancer from the mere sight of it? Well yes. It is an obvious improvement form season 3. For example even though the animation might not be the greatest but it is better that what season 3 offered. Also the blood is red this time. No more nut in veins. Still the show does not meet my expectations.

The story is still more of the same but it honestly started off good. The first 3 episodes were honestly fun to watch. We saw Ban enter purgatory to find Meliodas and eventually he did after almost losing his sanity in the process. We saw Escanor beat another of the Demon brother. This time it was Zeldris. He already beat Estarossa and Meliodas. And Estarossas true identity was also revealed. After the 3 fun episodes we go on an adventure that is only downhill and just plain bad. it is inconsistent, boring and a complete mess. The fight against the big bad was pretty bad and the fact that the big bad was not the true big bad was also dumb as all hell.

Animation has again been improved but it isn't on the level of season 1 and 2 yet, but it is way better than season 3. Escanors The One wasn't as cancerous in this season as in season 3. But this show still uses a lot of still images with effects to give to feeling that it moves but it really doesn't. Also the character models still do look a bit wonky at times but it isn't as bad as season 3. It had some improvement in the second half but still it sometimes looks very odd.

The ost is this time pretty nice as always, but this has one big improvement and that is the opening. The first opening of season 3 was complete shit but this time it is actually somewhat good but still could use something.

Let's just say that this is an improvement to season 3 but still feels a bit lackluster. I have enjoyed episodes 1-3 quite a lot. Like they were some of the best episodes of SDS to date in my opinion but after that it kinda felt slow. Can’t forget my biggest beef with the entire CHAOS badguy thing which was never seen again. Stupid as hell.

I would say that it is still pretty mid. It started off being fantastic but then comes 21 episodes of absolute dogshit. I would say watch the 3 first episodes and just read the manga.
Reviewer’s Rating: 1
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