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Insertanamehere Jun 18, 1:54 PM
Ah, I see, I'm hoping they do a good job with DeS then, though that does leave me a little more trepidatious.

Honestly it was mostly more underwhelming for me than anything-I didn't know anyone in particular was saying it was "great" lol. DeS was the only one that i'm really interested in, besides that Kena did look good yeah, maybe Ratchet and Clank, I did quite enjoy the earlier games in the series when I was younger. And who can forget the awe inspiring next-generational boundary pusher, Goodbye Volcano High? But jokes asides Project Athia and HZD2 also looked nice. I didn't watch all the trailers though. I was thinking a GOW 2018 sequel trailer would be nice, but it's probably far too soon for that.

Mostly i'm a little miffed about their reveal of moving to splitting digital and physical console (with the unstated but rather apparent connotation that the physical version will be more expensive), which is a little annoying. All the more so since Sony doesn't even have PSN in my country lol, so as far as digital gaming goes I prefer steam and a PC which are much more convenient alternatives for me. I wouldn't want to support a shift that kills physical sales for good either so if it's too absurd a price (some retailers quoted 750$, though it's probable to be a stand-in) I might not get it all. Although granted, that is fairly unlikely, I heard it's more likely to be in the 400-600 range.
Insertanamehere Jun 11, 4:03 PM
Have you seen the new DS remaster trailer, btw? Looking great
Insertanamehere Jun 9, 6:54 PM
Yeah, no probs.

Honestly I don't pay much attention to the academy awards or film awards in general, when I do I tend to prefer Cannes over the Academy. But it's kind of absurd he wasn't even nominated lol. Patterson was excellent as well yep. And I agree, the visual direction and cinematography is perfect.

That's true, it manages to be Lovecraftian in atmosphere/tone, and kinda of thematically (the horror of the unknown and knowing too much destroying people and whatnot) too, it's probably the only good "Lovecraft movie" I've seen, without actually really being one lol.

Thanks, I'll be sure to watch that too when I'm feeling up to it.

And yeah it's kinda out there. Yep same, though granted things have eased up a little given the circumstances of late for me at least.
KumaKing May 30, 11:16 PM
How do you feel about RE4 getting a remake? Do you feel it could live up to the original or does it have you kinda worried? I saw a LOT of people on twitter saying they wished it was never remade but I wasn't sure if that's just because RE3 remake disappointed people.

Also no problem man I had a lot going on as well, so sorry for my late reply. This whole lockdown situation.. and now the current situation.. Wow 2020 isn't even half way over haha..
Right now I've been working on finishing FF7R. I'm liking it a lot but I'm not excited to see this ending that I've heard most people didn't like. I honestly am much MUCH more interesting in continuing my Umineko playthrough but I'm trying to get this game done. I really do like it but I've heard Nomura does stuff with it that I'm worried will kill my opinion about the game.
What have you been up to?
Insertanamehere May 17, 10:27 PM
Ah I see. And that's good to hear, hope they can manage then.

I've heard as much as well, actually though I haven't read WOT myself as of yet, though I certainly intend to get around to it some time. Tolkiens Legendarium certainly lives up to that reputation though, as does what I've read of Malazan thus far.

Yeah I think one character/trait in particular was strongly influenced by some of Steppenwolf. Cyrano is a prevailing influence throughout, probably second only to Wittgensteins general philosophy (not exclusively TLP). But yeah, Wittgenstein does prove the old adage that the most difficulty philosophical writings all come from Germany haha. Despite it's length, it's harder to get through than one might think, though definitely has thought provoking and unique ideas throughout, I should follow up and read Investigations sometime too. Yeah there's some odd cases of that, sometimes in the other direction, like in the case of Farenheit 451, which can be pretty funny. Ah, Winters Night is really excellent, I love it a lot, probably one of the most "perfect" 10s I have. I actually haven't read I have no mouths book, although I did read the comic adaptation of it, which I thought captured the horror aspect of it very well.

Yeah even one of the developers pointed out that it was pretty silly of them to do that lol.
Oh yeah, I agree, some movies (well, not just movies, works of fiction/art in general) lack subtlety and come off a lot more preachy and as you say jarring than they intend I suppose. Parasite is one of those that manages to make the commentary very effectively without ever being any of those things.

And oh, I'm surprised to hear that, I thought it managed to be both those things it was doing pretty well, and was really entertaining to boot.

I did see The Lighthouse, yep, and I did indeed end up loving it, was glued to the screen for most of it's run. Not sure I can sum up my thoughts succinctly though haha. I can say certainly the most David Lynch-ian movie I've seen in a while, though definitely very original in and of itself. And of course, Dafoe and Patterson were both great on screen in their acting throughout. I wasn't too sure of the black and white thing going in, since in some cases I feel it has come off as pretentious, but in this case, it contributed really well to the tone and atmosphere of the movie, which was in this really foreboding, fever-dreamish state throughout, not really sure how to put it but that's what I got haha.

Obviously the lovecraftian influences are apparent, you could almost think you're watching an adaptation of one of his short stories or something like that, the tense horror aspect of the atmosphere is ever present in a similar fashion, and some of the stuff with the light seemed to echo lovecraftian horror style as well. I found the greek mythos connection a little more interesting though, especially since it's more referenced explicitly in the script itself, with the whole prometheus and maybe-mount-olympus metaphors. It also did have a little bit of surprisingly funny segments (specifically the "alright have it your way i like your cooking bit haha). Of course, the existentialist, psychoanalytical themes explored as well were also very intriguing in their execution.

I'm still not certain how to fully interpret some of it though, so it might beggar a rewatch lol, I heard some theories that Wake and Howard are both one "Thomas" gone crazy from all the questionable quality moonshine and battling his inner turmoil based on some details I didn't pick up on at all myself, for instance, not sure how much I think that's true but it's an interesting thought.

But regardless, it was definitely an excellent watch and I'm glad you recommended it.

Ah I've actually been meaning to read the novel of Little Woman some time soon, good to hear the movie was was good though, that probably reflects in the source material as well, I might watch it after reading.

And ah I see lol.

And not much really, mostly I've been busy with university coursework and the like to make up for the quarantine haha.
And no worries, my apologies for the same as well, I know how it goes with being busy.
Reisquin May 1, 9:30 PM
No problem at all bro and don't worry about it.

I have been doing good! Yep, it's fine in my area. What about you? How have you been?
Reisquin Apr 18, 9:34 PM
Heyo man, since I don't open the site but rather my profile itself, I wasn't notified of your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday to you and I hope this year is a good one for you! ^^
OmegaWaffles Apr 6, 11:34 PM
Oh it was your birthday 4 days ago? Sorry I'm late belated happy birthday man!
Satoru666 Apr 3, 7:59 PM
Happy Birthday o/
skinlog Apr 2, 3:40 PM
Happy birthday bro ❤️❤️❤️
KumaKing Mar 25, 1:55 PM
I get what you're saying though the author conveyed some of the expressions better and it made that ending moment with Askeladd hit harder. The directing in the anime carried that moment a lot for me forsure so Istill thought it was good for what it was. I have like 6 different manga I need to read at this point hahaha, Vinland and Vagabond are at the top of my priority 100%!! Wait so do you feel Vinland's best arcs in the series are the first two arcs then? And then its always downhill from there? Or does it pick up again and surpass the first two eventually?

Glad to see RE4 is still at the top, that's probably gonna be the most anticipated remake after RE3. I really haven't beaten RE4, and I remember liking it a lot and a lot of people saying its their best RE4. What makes it your favorite? I probably won't get to a replay for awhile because I'm putting my time mostly into Umineko right now
Insertanamehere Mar 21, 8:06 PM
Ah you don't have a ps4 I take it? I wonder how Elden Ring is doing, speaking of that, in light of the prevailing situation.

Malazan is fairly high fantasy yeah. Although that nomenclature usually means an original fantasy setting, as opposed to set on earth but with magic, so even ASOIAF which uses little magic in it's narrative would qualify, my point was Malazan is very heavy on the magic side of things, it has a more mythical aspect to it in comparison, if that's the right term. It can be a little over complex sometimes between keeping track of all the politics and characters alongside that though but it's pretty good and you can appreciate the depth and complexity of the world that is built up once you start getting the hang of things, and said world is certainly very intriguing. As is, of course, the ongong story that is focused on (or multiple threads of stories, rather), and the diverse and expansive group of dynamic and colourful characters.

I actually came to want to read Steppenwolf via Subahibi haha, there's a lot of interesting influences in there. Same case for Cyrano De Bergerac, another book I read this year, which I also loved very much, so that's 2 for 2 haha. And not novels, but also Wittgensteins Tractatus, which I found supremely interesting, if a little difficult to wholly understand, but I did largely agree many of the ideas laid forth, and Kants Critique of Pure Reason, which is both a harder read and easier to understand, lol, though I've not yet finished. As for Steppenwolf, it has a bit of a segment in the middle that's a little long-winded but kind of necessary, but besides that it's generally excellent most of the way through, the last stretch at the end is my favourite, it's really brilliant and has the most fascinating and thought provoking writing from both his works I've read (Siddhartha being the other). Hesse did allege many people misunderstood his book as a novel about promoting suicide, which now baffles me quite a bit, having read it and come away with the complete opposite of such an impression. I recommend it a lot, it's a really good book, all the more so if you enjoy fiction that makes you think and remains in your head.

Well, I do think AC5 was the best one taking into account time period of release and general balance of gameplay and story, music, characters, etc haha, so that's good I guess, even if you don't remember it overmuch lol. As for AC7, from what I've personally seen it seems to have generally positive reaction, I know IGN played on the novice control scheme which isn't recommended and didn't like it overmuch and some other game journalists complained it's too hard so you know it's good (lol). The story I will say is rather forgettable and more than a little bland, but in terms of gameplay, it's easily far surpasses previous titles, it's a truly excellent experience outside the usual kind of thing on the market, and superbly well designed. My only critique I have of it is that it's somewhat on the short side (it's intended to be replayed, but still) and one group of planes is so poorly balanced as to be useless.

Yep, the way it's structured in it's presentation is very effective in laying out the themes and ideas it wants to show to the viewer, and even as someone with no knowledge or previous interest in the social structures of Korean classes, it laid out a really well thought out critique of the socio-economic situation in that country. The way the story got wilder and wilder was a pretty good theatrical experience too, lol. And the ending for Parasite was great too, not quite on the same level as Memories of Murder, though that endings quality results of it stretching a little more into reality directly (not to say that Parasite doesn't reflect real social issues, of course). I haven't watched The Lighthouse yet, though, but I have it DL'd so I should get around to it soon. Ah, and I believe it was you who mentioned Knives Out? I managed to see that in cinemas a couple weeks earlier as well, before the situation worsened, that was a totally different kind of great cinematic experience, it was definitely a really fun movie and the tight direction and script were very well done. Someone else I know described it as an adaptation of Umineko which I thought was pretty funny and a little apt, haha.

Oh yeah, the new Doom game looks really great, though I haven't played the 2016 game yet either, do you know if it's required/recommended? And Ori looks absolutely gorgeous, the platformer genre isn't my favourite if i'm being honest but it does look very fun.

And I am, thank you, my country is currently in lock-down and there are a few dozen cases here so the situation has definitely spread around near me as well, even if it's not as bad as some other parts of the world, hope you're doing fine with this as well.
Reisquin Mar 21, 2:35 AM
I have put it on-hold at Episode 7 for now. I'll finish it after I am done with The House in Fata Morgana and White Album 2.

I am doing quite well, thank you for asking! ^^ How are you?
Insertanamehere Mar 11, 8:30 PM
That's true, I guess it comes down to which you're more used to, maybe.

And yeah, rereading it gave me a lot of fresh and interesting perspective which I wasn't really fully able to grasp too well when I was younger. And that she is haha.

Thanks lol, I actually was replaying a bit of BB and DS3 to scratch that soulsborne itch after finishing Sekiro, which made me realise they do indeed both deserve to be on there.

And no worries, I've been doing fine, thanks. Of late I've been tending more toward reading (books), since my interest in various hobbies wax and wane with time haha. Recently I read Hermann Hesse's Steppenwolf, which was an excellent novel which I thought was pretty profound and resonant. I've also been reading Malazan, which is an ASOIAF-esque high fantasy, I'd recommend it if you like that, though it's a little more on the "high" fantasy side. Amongst a few other things. Ah, and I also played Ace Combat 7, which was great, that too I would recommend if you're interested in that style of game.

I also had the fortune to catch Parasite in cinmas recently, it was as great as expected. By the way, have you seen the directors other films? Memories of Murder is a particularly good one.
Reisquin Mar 9, 12:18 PM
Oh, I am glad you liked Umineko. What are your thoughts on it?