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May 29, 2022
Well, that was a semi-fun movie. It had a decent premise going for it but missed a ton of marks.

Story/Plot - 3 - It's premise is decent, albeit cliche. It was relatively interesting and had plenty of potential, however, I feel like it was wasted. The first problem being the way it was presented, and how the whole thing started off. Zoro just flat out betrays his crew at the beginning... that's bullshit! Especially considering how deeply he cares for his friends! Talk about awful character writing! I found it dumb how Zoro didn't get the slightest clue that Saga had ill intentions until the ...
Mar 8, 2022
This was so worth it.

Story/Plot - 8.5 - What initially sounds like a dry, almost mundane premise on paper, actually turns out to be loads of fun when actually played out. It's simple. Nishikata is always being teased by Takagi, whom knows Nishikata from the inside out. He's always trying to make a comeback to her teasing but to no avail (most of the time), despite this, he vows to someday get her back. While this sounds like a formula that's bound to get repetitive and predictable, which admittedly it does feel like it does to a certain extent, there's always a new situation that ...
Feb 28, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Gonna keep this review nice and short, like these specials. Overall, not much to say. These short specials range from 20 to 40 seconds long and don't really offer anything in terms of value except for the jokes, gags and punchlines. Think of these as bloopers if you will. Unless you're a big Higurashi fan (like me) and want to get the most of what you can get out of this franchise or you're a completionist, I really don't see any reason as to why you'd want to or feel the need to watch these shorts. They're hardly memorable and some jokes didn't really land ...
Jan 31, 2022
Gibiate (Anime) add
This was just disappointing. I almost feel like giving it a 1.

Story/Plot - 0.9 - The writing in this story makes King's Game's narrative look good in comparison, and I'm not even joking. The plot offers some uniqueness. Badass samurais from the past are time traveled to the future to fight virus-infected humans that have been turned into monsters. It sounds cool, like something you'd fish out from the 80's or 90's. However, that coolness factor really dies off as the story turns into your typical post apocalyptic story about trying to find the cure in an unforgiving world. This would have been fine, as ...
Dec 26, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Hey all! Merry Christmas everyone! Today on this lovely holiday I have taken it upon myself to review an anime that has something to do with Christmas, so here it is!

Story/Plot - 6 - It feels like your typical shoujo story, and surprisingly, despite Christmas being in the title, the story doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas, as it doesn't use it as the foundation or main driving force for its narrative but rather something extra for the plotline. It's more so centered around romance, like your typical shoujo. However, what's interesting here is that even if it is themed as being a ...
Dec 13, 2021
That was a lovely watch! I honestly wasn't expecting this much enjoyment from an OVA I decided to watch on a whim!
Story/Plot - 6 - The idea for this anime is pretty cool, a reverse isekai about taking heroes from another world back to Earth and re-integrate them back into society and everyday life. This gives me the notion that these heroes used to be regular humans from Earth so now they're being helped to return to everyday life after being heroes. However, this OVA feels a lot more centered around Kougyoku and helping her accept and adapt to the world she now lives in, ...
Nov 24, 2021
Mixed Feelings
(Story-N/A) Plot - 4 - I am unsure whether or not this is just a non-canon OVA, a canon side story, or a direct continuation of the series. I'm going with the second option. No story here, just a plot about Masato getting amnesia... and then developing feelings towards his mother...? And Mamako sees nothing wrong with this and doesn't even tell him she's his mother... and instead feels happy when he tells her he loves her...? If the main series didn't already prove my notion that Mamako actually wants to be in an Oedipus incestuous relationship with her own son, then this is the ...
Nov 23, 2021
This is honestly one of the more obscure things I've watched inside of this medium, and one I find rather difficult to rate.
Story/Plot - 7 - There are 4 stories inside of this 40 minute OVA. Each one has a different girl that the main character, Bukida falls in love with, kind of like a multi-heroine romance anime, although it doesn't really do so well in that respect. The plots for all of these are fairly similar, each one using the same formula. Bukida falls in love with a random girl he encounters, he basically stalks them and becomes obsessed with them, he does some ...
Nov 22, 2021
Story/Plot - 7 The story is told through different perspectives, much like the Golgo 13: The Professional movie. It's less straightforward, and has another character with her own story going on- or should I say, has the main story revolving more around her as opposed to Duke. Duke is hired to kill her because she wants to assassinate Robert Hardy, but a bunch of other things are thrown into the mix making the story more complex.
Characters - 7 I found Sonia to be quite the interesting character. She has a clear goal and motivation, and she is given a proper background, so we know ...
Nov 22, 2021
Golgo 13 (Anime) add
Story/Plot - 7 The Golgo 13 film offers a simple yet entertaining story with a plot that unfolds very nicely. Duke Togou is a legendary assassin who kills Robert Dawson, the son of a very wealthy man named Leonard Dawson. Leonard now seeks revenge and is filled with a burning desire to have Duke dead at all costs. Simple, but it has details that make it interesting and make it work very well. The pacing is also really fast, a lot happens within a short time span, yet the film never feels rushed.
Characters - 7 I'm going to be frank here. Duke Togou is a ...

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