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Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Kanojo, Okarishimasu
Jul 11, 12:23 AM
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
Jul 9, 11:17 PM
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Jul 9, 10:44 PM
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Syureria Jun 13, 3:13 AM
Damn, what did I say? no doubt AoKana is a moegi award winner. Will Samapoke Reflection Blue Will be release on june? Late June if I'm not mistaken. Here are some characters and it still has the same Heroine. At least it can pre-order in February, for now it is better to wait at the end of June.

Miki Nomura (CV: Saku Ichimiya)

Shizuki Mizuori (CV: Sahomi Koyama)

Umi Katou (CV: Aimi Tanaka)

Shiki Kamiyama (CV: TBD)
Syureria Jun 11, 7:51 PM
Ohhh ... so that's how it is, I've never watched Little Busters, even I haven't watched the anime version: D It was very boring in my opinion. Ohhh, damn. Sorry I thought it didn't contain spoilers but just an image, next time I'll be careful. Now just complete the remaining Heroine.

Syureria Jun 10, 9:33 PM
Oha, Tennouji-san

Recently I have completed two routes from summer pockets, I thought it would be good but for some reason I think this storyline is lacking. Will Summer Pocket reflection be a complement or what? From what I heard, the reflection of the story will be completely overhauled. Shiroha is so cute >.<

Next I'll try fate, hope I have enough time: D
Syureria Jun 7, 4:59 AM
Internet may be a problem but health must be ok, just stay at home, xD.

Too bad, even though it is a very touching song, besides being instrumental I also like the lyrics of the song.Especially if it is written using Latin or foreign languages, ex: elfen lied, aldnoah Zero, guioty crown.
Syureria Jun 6, 12:45 AM
you have to watch it, for some reason I'm now lazy to open MAL so sorry if I'm late to reply even though I've read it.

Your YouTube channel is full of OST videos, do you have a Philosophyz Ballad arrange piano ver video? I like it really.
Syureria Jun 4, 1:50 AM
I do not understand what is philosophical, In my opinion Sakura no Uta is a long vn that only waste time and money. I tried a few minutes early, you at least understand what is art. I don't really understand what I mean by art, because I'm also hard to say how. I hope so, I will try playing again if Sakura no Uta has eng ver.

Damn, You don't know what is Kami-sama Ni Natta Hi? It's the latest series from Jun Maeda / key / naga / Pa Works, once every five years it seems like Jun Maeda is working on at least one anime.

Maybe The Day I Became A God is a combination of Charlotte and Angel Beats. Here :

It looks like the anime will be mastahpiece, I hope you have time and watch it.
Syureria Jun 2, 7:46 PM
Believe it or not if I used to be recommended by someone to play Subarashiki Hibi too.I think it's a hard one for me to follow, like Sakura no Uta.

Forget talking about MAL users, because MAL forbids it, xD.

Your favorite is full of characters from the visual novel: D And also look at that, you have Angel Beats. Don't Forget to watch Kami Sama ni Nitta Hi, because it's mandatory to watch, xD
Syureria Jun 2, 10:59 AM
Ma, even though it seems boring at least you have something you like at AoKana, cute girl for example.

Speaking of Kami no Tou, it was an anime that made me fail to understand. Adaptation from manhwa I think is a bad idea, from the beginning I did not like manhwa. Ma, I watch all the anime in this season except Listener and shows that show at night, I'm lazy to watch it.

Ehhh .... Have you ever spent time with Hamefura? I just read the manga already lazy, really. I don't really like reverse Harem so forget Hamefura, lol

Btw, Do you mean the people other than us who like rewrite / Kotori are @ Semu-tan?
Syureria Jun 1, 4:23 AM
Looks like I'll watch the hentai next time, forget about the hentai being so embarrassing, lol.

Is that bad AoKana? I think AoKana is doing well in the anime, I like it. I'm not too concerned with the value of anime, as long as the free show is enough for me, lol.

Hhmm ... I really don't understand the WA 2 series, even though I've watched the anime I don't expect any further relationship between the MC and Bitch.

What anime did you watch this season? Looks like Kami no Tou is the spotlight on MAL.
Syureria May 31, 7:47 PM
It's a pity even though hentai anime is all good now. For this season I highly recommend, at least you should watch this one Haritsuke. Please don't forget pineapple, they are the best hentai studio and Pineapple is an ufotable twin, in my opinion xD.

Moe Moe Moe Kyun, to be honest I don't like Moe or Loli like him. I prefer a milf compared to a chibi, I don't understand how to say it but to be honest I have never played one of Yuzusofuto's works. Hey, but I've played Ao no Kanata, look at this screenshot. But of the four main Heroine's, I'm only interested in Rika, not Misaki or Asuka, even though I've played their route. Sprite is the winner of the 2014 Moegi Award. I forgot, so it's no wonder that Ao no Kanata is that good. Besides that, Koi to Senkyou Chocolate is equally good, even though I only play for a few hours. it is unfortunate that the 2nd extra Ao no Kanata must be canceled: D

For a dark plot, plot twist, and romantic drama, I think you must try Tsukikage no Simulacre. It seems like I've played Summer Pocket, but it's only for a short while that I can't stand the boredom, lol.

Tsukikage is a good VN, but if you are afraid of blood, a sad story that leaves an impression in your heart, and the bitterness of what love is I think you should not play this VN, really. I recommend this VN, I give it a 10/10, I like their end, even though it has to repeat for 16x.

That is a screenshot from Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu from AkabeiSoft3. Besides, Dekikuri maybe you can also try Inochi no Spare. Forget the Harvest Festa, because I myself have never touched it: D

And also HBD !!!
Edocchi May 31, 6:14 PM
Happy birthday! :)
Syureria May 31, 7:27 AM
Damn, I really want to play Harvest Festa but that's the problem, it's not available yet for eng sub :D I've also seen that some users are indeed interested in Kotori, but it's hard to get close.

Hahaha, I'm also a hentai lovers, xD. I even wrote a review for Imouto Paradise.

I am not a vn lover who is only interested in CG, I prefer the love scenes that lead to death (Sad End) following some SS that you may have played.

Edocchi May 31, 3:34 AM
Yeah that's surprising. I assume you also don't like Kud and Komari as a character? I personally don't. Kud is the most favorited LB character here on mal. I honestly don't get why she's so popular, she has no interesting trait. I guess people just like lolis. I couldn't even finish Kud's and Komari's route, skipped em and watched the anime instead to save time.
Syureria May 31, 2:51 AM
No Problem, nice profile picture btw.

I'm not a rewrite fan but I prefer Kotori over the series itself, lol. I played vn just to see Kotori further, isn't that stupid? xD. Whatever you want to say but I also like Tennouji: D.