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Jun 5, 2024
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
The anime isn't bad exactly, but it has no vitality to it. It's like tepid room-temperature water.

And I can confidently say the main problem is the protagonist. Tinasha is a Mary Sue character that is out of place in the world she lives in. She is simply an isolationist. She has no dreams (apart from 1, which isn't explained well and is concluded too quickly). She has no desires. She has no interesting history. She is basically a hikkikomori wish-fulfilment character for people to project onto. Tinasha lacking meaningful friendships and connections is just so terrible to me.

The male MC isn't much better. ...
Nov 8, 2023
Mashle (Anime) add
Rating: 8/10

This is really good. Imagine a combination of Harry Potter, Iruma-kun and One-Punch man and you get something like Mashle. The gag is repeated often, but never gets tiring. Some of the fights are very nicely choreographed, like the one against the second fang. The animation quality in general is fairly good, though the character designs are a bit generic. The music is also surprisingly good. When Mash begins to fight, there is this sort of rap music that is played that works really well for the scene.

Now for the bad: This anime does a poor job with its female characters; to the ...
Apr 3, 2023
I gave this manga a 3/10. But I am only writing this review to address the criticism people lob at this series for being 'racist' or 'colorist.' On the one hand, I will happily concede that the mangaka has stumbled a lot in the execution of this plot line. But in some respects I think the intentions behind it were fairly good. The mangaka has never validated the racist society that Claudia was born into. People have been behaving in a foul manner to her her whole life due to the colour of her skin. But there were also good people, like the butler, the ...
Mar 23, 2023
Mixed Feelings
This was a pretty weird show. The first 9 episodes are tonally very different from the last 3. The first arc feels like some sort of slapstick comedy with an adventure component like the Seven Deadly Sins. Meanwhile the last 3 episodes feels like some magical girl anime like cardcaptor Sakura.

I wish they had developed the story better so that this dissonance did not exist. I would have appreciated seeing Anis and Euphie's feelings towards each other bloom slowly. The show also distracts away from the great sacrifice involved in contracting a spirit by immediately cutting to the 'Happily Ever After' script. I think ...
May 27, 2022
Preliminary (16/? chp)
Overall rating; 3/10

The problem is that this story makes no sense, and the mangaka goes to great efforts to contort the logic of the story to make it make sense. The idea that the top graduates of magic school are needed to become receptionists is absurd. It breaks my suspension of disbelief. This is not a slight on receptionists. I'm just saying the amount of linkages between these receptionists and knights is unbelievable. The receptionists basically seem just as strong as the knights, but relegated to secretarial work. Who would accept such an allocation of resources? And what of their pay? So I have a ...
Dec 10, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (77/? chp)
Overall rating: 6/10

TL;DR: This deeply flawed manga has a strangely alluring mood that grips you, but the lack of a coherent story arc for any of the main characters makes it seem like a meandering stream of consciousness text that eventually feels smothering.

This manga is not for the faint of heart. It's dramatis personae includes an abusive father, a peadophile grooming teacher, a peadophile writer, an emotionally manipulative mother, a bulimic girl with body issues and several teens who seem fascinated with joint suicide. It goes without saying that none of these heavy topics are handled with tact. In fact, for much of ...
Nov 24, 2021
Preliminary (38/? chp)
Overall rating: 7/10

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. This is an ero-manga, and it doesn't try to hide it. I quite liked this because it means I could enjoy the hentai scenes without a heavy plot or gore in the background. If you are coming here looking for an isekai with mature themes and overarching motifs, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. This is not Mushoku Tensei. This is mindless fun. And it delivers what it promises fairly well.

There's a broad range of sexual activity and fetishes covered here. Most of the scenes have enthusiastic consent, save 2, which I think are ...
Nov 21, 2021
Preliminary (115/? chp)
Overall rating: 7/10

This manga really has me conflicted. On the one hand, it does an excellent job building dramatic tension and stakes, while fleshing out a world where magic and robots coexist. So far so good. But the pacing of this manga, and the quality of its characters leaves a lot to be desired. I genuinely feel that this could have been great as a 2 volume novel. But as a manga that is published weekly? It falls a bit flat since the long wait for the plot to inch along to a resolution is enough to have people drop the series, even if they ...
Oct 19, 2021
Rating: 10/10, SPOILERS BELOW

TL;DR: This is a seriously good movie and you should watch it. I was tempted to give this a 9 initially, because the movie is rather centred around just one theme, to the point that it can get monotonous. But if you like the manga or the anime, this movie does justice to the content.

Well, let's be clear about one thing: This movie is an ode to Kyojuro, the pillar of fire. From the very first notes of Kyojuro's theme, we know what will happen. The theme is at once heroic and mournful. It gives the listener the sensation of ...
Sep 26, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
Overall: 5/10

This show has plenty to hook the viewer straight away. You can't help but want to cheer for the young Duke and his love. His curse is truly horrifying and the loneliness he is forced to endure at his age makes me want to watch him find happiness in the end.

But that interest can only sustain me for so long. I realized very early on that this seems to be based off of a gag manga where the running gag is that the busty maid teases the young Duke by playing on his sexual attraction and budding love towards her. Had I enjoyed ...

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