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soviet_scotsman Aug 3, 2018 10:48 AM
cheers man, it's always nice too see you're still kicking, i'm gonna remember your bday as my new years resolution
CommanderSparkle Jul 10, 2018 3:26 AM
So I just wanna say that I'm now almost caught up with Hugtto and its freaking amazing!!!! Easily my favorite precure entry already, tho the only one it was really competing with was Heartcatch since its the only one I've seen to completion... but even then it has already pretty much blown Heartcatch out of the park simply due to how consistently phenomenal every episode is. Heartcatch had soaring highs, but a lot of mediocre shit imo, Hugtto on the other hand has had lots of highs already, but a far higher base level of episode quality. I chalk most of this up to the fact that its not trying to have arcs for a side character every episode so its unable to really expand on any of them in a meaningful way, whereas Hugtto really hones in the focus on the main cast. That isn't too say Heartcatch didn't focus on the main cast, in fact most every ep was also tied to them in some way, but the split focus does add up and there were definitely points where my interest dropped considerably.

Point is, Hugtto is brilliant. Not sure if its my AOTY yet, mostly because I adored Yorimoi so much, but it is easily a strong contender. Who is your favorite character? I'm honestly pretty torn as I enjoy all of them, tho I adore Emiru and Lulu, seriously a fantastic edition to the series. God I'm gonna be sad when I catch up in a couple episodes...

P.S. This reminds me, I really need more people to talk about precure I've been trying to get my roommate to watch precure with me, and we started KiraKira, but he just hasn't been in the mood and I'm not gonna force it. One of my online friends has expressed interest, but is likely gonna only watch ones that are dubbed, so the OG and glitterforce if anything, which is disappointing. People need to just realize that anime made for kids can be great, and there is a reason that 20-30 something year old dudes are a main demographic for precure. Cuz precure is awesome (when it wants to be at least, it can be a bit of a drag sometimes, tho Hugtto has not once really felt like that for me).
CommanderSparkle Jul 6, 2018 3:05 AM
Haha, yeah that was an insanely long downtime.

I was watching near the beginning, but fell off from watching much anime lately. Mostly been playing my switch, haha. That being said your top 3 of the season are pretty close to my favorites from what I've seen. Umamusume is also really up there tbh, and it blows my mind that Umamusume and Hinamatsuri had the same director. It makes the quality even more impressive.

I've not paid much attention to FLCL Progressive, probably won't watch any of the new FLCL till its all out so I can try to immerse myself in it a bit more.

Nice to hear you say that about Hugtto, I fell behind on that quite a while ago but was super loving it from the like 8 eps I've seen. Will definitely get caught up tho!!!

Recently I started watching Yawara and it's great. Its a sports romcom from the 90s about an adorable girl named Yawara who is a judo prodigy.

What shows did you check out that I recommended? I'd love to hear some of your thoughts!


OH and I watched Dennou Coil recently and fucking enjoyed the shit out of it! Nearly in my top 10. Super excited for his upcoming series! Great world building, well written characters, lovely animation. At times it even had a ghibli-esque feeling to it. Super happy to have watched it.
Apples Jun 21, 2018 4:39 PM
glad MAL is back so i can laugh at your favorites

hopefully the images get restored soon so i can laugh even more
-Nanaya- Jun 21, 2018 5:37 AM
CommanderSparkle Mar 31, 2018 4:54 PM
Sketchbook is fantastic in my opinion, super underrated even by slice of life/iyashikei standards. I actually bought the dvd collection of it about 2 weeks ago when I was in Wichita, Kansas with my university's pep band! The cast is quirky and fun. Backgrounds are soft and their watercolor-esque aesthetic is calming. All around a solid show. I actually watched it almost immediately after finishing Aria The Origination and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it so much (I was expecting anything I watched after The Origination to be slightly disappointing). As for Kamichu, I've started it but haven't touched it in a few months. I've enjoyed it so far, but it really didn't capture me to much thus far. That being said, I do plan on finishing it eventually.

You absolutely should get to Nadja soon! It is hands down my favorite Igarashi work I've seen thus far (I've seen S1 of Doremi, Nadja, Ouran, Soul Eater, and part of Doremi #), though I think Doremi *could* take that place after I complete all of it. But it will take quite a lot to be able to topple it in my mind. Ouran was pretty fantastic too. Episode 13 (the alice in wonderland episode) was easily the best from the entire show, really one of the few episodes that achieved the level of single episode highs that I found in a lot of Nadja. The cast was great too, and a lot more complicated than initially let on which I enjoyed. Ouran also has one major benefit over Nadja. Consistently beautiful visuals. Nadja suffers from a lot more awkward CG when used, and the only releases of it have terrible video compression. That being said, I do think that Nadja's much more varied environments make it stand out, as well as its more somewhat more varied and in my opinion often more stunning shot composition.

It's really hard to not love Yang, he's the kind of man that I could only dream of being. Honest, true, principled. He's so perfect in so many ways, yet so human in others, really a feat of character writing imo. Reinhard of course is also very well written, and a perfect counter to Yang in many respects. As for the remake? I mean, I expect it to be able to achieve the same brilliance as the OVA adaptation. However, I hope that approaching it today will allow them to make it brilliant in other aspects while doing their best to maintain the living history feeling that is pretty ever-present in the OVA.

I'm only about 5 episodes into Amanchu, but I can pretty much agree with everything you've said. I like the main duo a fair bit, but they don't compare to the girls in Aria yet. The brother and sister are...okay, I just got introduced to them so I don't have much of an opinion yet. Though, it should be said that some shows take a while to warm up to me, and sometimes really come into their own and achieve brilliance in their sequels so I'm excited for Amanchu Advance.

I'm actually pretty hyped about MHA S3, but that's mostly because I'm close to caught up in the manga and I know what's to come. Its definitely one of the few straight up action shounen series that I really like nowadays.

I kinda feel the same way about Steins;Gate 0. I knew that it existed ages ago in visual novel form, so it didn't come as much of a surprise, but with a totally different set of staff and....all right looking PVs I'm a bit skeptical.

I'm actually super excited to watch Hisone to Maso-tan, might even by my personally most hyped show for Spring. Though, I'm not sure how I'm gonna feel about Spring overall. There is a fair amount of potential there, but far fewer shows that appeal to me as hard as there were this Winter (Winter 2018 was the first time I enjoyed keeping up with seasonal anime). I'm definitely interested in Uma Musume and Hinamatsuri (which are actually both directed by the same person, which has me a bit worried, but if they can pull it off I'll be impressed), as well as SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii, FMP IV (when I get caught up), Lupin III Part V (though I've not seen any Lupin III yet), and Gurazeni, to name a few. But I'm not super confident in what I'm gonna watch. Honestly, there are just so many thing I might watch that it makes it harder to decide.

As for later this year? I mean, Yama no Susume S3 as I've already mentioned. But Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight also caught my eye. A friend has been super excited for Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro, and that looks really fun. Past that I can't say for sure yet.
CommanderSparkle Mar 25, 2018 1:36 AM
Upon deliberation I would say, Yes, I do think Slow Start is worth watching. I really enjoy all the characters, and they've developed things more than enough to satisfy me for now in a CGDCT type show that has only covered around a term or so of the characters time in high school. Not only that but it is brimming with life due to the great character animation that you've likely already seen examples of. I've not seen Sansha Sanyou (its decently high on my list regarding shows of that variety) so I can't really make a comparison there.

Regarding Mahoutsukai, I definitely don't think it's as bad as some people would lead you to believe, but it is definitely a show that has clear strengths and weaknesses in my opinion. I do know someone that has seen it and considers it their favorite precure (they've seen a good few, not sure) entirely because they think the highs are that high. While I can't 100% get behind that thought right now I will say that Mahoutsukai certainly has its moments where it shines.

I actually finished Nadja on like...the night I sent that last comment, and boy was it a fantastic ending. There is a period of the show that was a bit rough, but not because it was bad. Rather, certain events made things really rough for Nadja and seeing things come together in the end made for a great conclusion. While it'll obviously depend on the individual how much they'll enjoy any given show, I feel very little reservations recommending Ashita no Nadja to just about anyone. If you're into shoujo and/or have any desire to watch anime set in early 20th century europe I cannot recommend it enough. After completing Ashita no Nadja I planned on watching Ojamajo Doremi #, but ended up starting Ouran High School Host Club (cuz I knew I wanted more Igurashi) and have been loving it so far.

I really think that Yang is my favorite character from Legend of the Galactic Heroes. So many principles that I wish to live by are those that he embodies. I also love how much he loves tea with whiskey in it. He really just comes across as a normal man, but that's what makes him shine even more. Its hard to say past that though, the cast really is enormous and every character who is mean to have any impact is generally really well written.

Super hype for Yama no Susume S3!!! Also, Yuru Camp was great, one of the many gems of winter 2018.

Glad to hear you loved The Origination. Seriously one of my favorite anime of all time. It seriously is impressive how well the utilized each episode to wrap up almost everything that was brought up through the show that might need addressing.

Tamayura is pretty solid, definitely not at the level of Aria, but that's tough to reach. That being said I love its cast, all pretty quirky characters. Princess Tutu seems really good. Junichi Sato really knows what the fuck he's doing. I recently started Amanchu (in preparation for season 2) and I already quite like it from the first episode. Plan on watching more after finishing this comment.

I've seen the first two seasons of Hidamari Sketch and it is great. I love its achronological approach in the first (maybe two, I forget) seasons, as it is something that really stuck in my mind about the show. Yuno is a precious cinnamon roll who deserves only the best. Also, getting nichijoukei/iyashikei (I think it can fit both depending on the moment) with that Shaft flair is a treat imo. Definitely worth checking out.

Pretty sure I've seen the trailers, but am unsure exactly how I feel. On the one hand I think we should wait to see what it will be like as it could end up being a really interesting project (plus Kiyotaka Oshiyama is doing mech design so that's cool). On the other hand FLCL really was a passion project and this seems to me like toonami was finally able to convince Production IG to do what Gainax explicitly wouldn't do and make a sequel (For better or worse). As of right now I remain skeptical but think it *could* be good. Definitely not one of my most hyped series of the year.

Speaking of hyped series this year, what're you excited for that's coming this year? Just the sequels like Steins;Gate 0 and MHA S3? Or some of the originals/lesser know/new IP that are coming like Hisone to Maso-tan, Hinamatsuri, or Gurazeni? Don't feel any need to limit to just spring 2018 either if there is stuff you're excited that's coming summer or fall.

CommanderSparkle Mar 18, 2018 9:25 PM
So I wrote a reply to you on the same night you wrote to me, but it didn't send....

With episode 11 I can firmly plant Yorimoi as one of my favorite shows of all time, and so long as remains strong for its last two episodes I cannot imagine it being anything less than a 10/10 for me.

I actually really enjoy Slow Start. I can't say that it necessarily "gets better," but I would say that you should give it another shot of if you are fans of the kind of CGDCT slice of life show that it is.

While I'd say Hugtto is likely my favorite of the precure I'm currently watching I think that Kira Kira has a lot of really strong points namely in character design and background art. Cure Gelato's henshin is hands down one of my favorites of all time, up there with the Flip Flappers sequences. Mahoutsukai has been generally enjoyable, and I like that they have different transformation sequences and outfits, but the fights feel a good bit less impactful, particularly when compared to those of Hugtto. That being said, I love the bond and dynamic the two main characters have and think it will carry the show a good ways. Also, all judgments are subject to change as I watch more.

Recently I finally got started on finishing Ashita no Nadja. Back in January, when I watched most of it, I got into a big fight with my step mom and wasn't in the mood to watch a series that makes me feel a lot of emotions. I decided to bite the bullet and get back into things and remembered just how much I love the series. I'm still like 6 or 7 eps from the end, but I'm tempted to place it into my top 10 due to how many stand out episodes there are. 1, 5, 12,13, 22-30 (with 22, 26 and 30 being huge highlights), 40, and 44 are all absolutely amazing episodes and I'd put many of those up there with my favorite episodes from many of my top 5 favorite shows.

Legened of the Galactic Heroes is great, just started the 4th "season" I think and am interested to see where things go. I love the character writing, political philosophy, and the use of classical music throughout. Nadesico is pretty good from what I've seen, though its first 4 episodes particularly stand out from what I've watched.

Yama no Susume was pretty dope. Makes me want to go hiking. I'm very excited for season 3 this summer, hopefully I'll follow through and actually go hiking because of that show.
CommanderSparkle Mar 12, 2018 1:18 AM
Hey, so its been a long time since we've talked so I thought I'd see what's up.

How do you feel about Winter 2018 now that it is approaching its conclusion? I for one have been absolutely delighted throughout the whole season. Yorimoi is probably top of the season for me. Amazing characters, fantastic art, great pacing, etc. Though Hakumei to Mikochi, CCS Clear Card, Yuru Camp and Violet Evergarden are all pretty high up there as well. Clear Card in particular has been enjoyable because I've really never felt any misapprehension about it as a sequel since the first couple episodes.

Hugtto! Precure has also been a blast so far, episode 4 being one of the best of anime this year. I really like the main cast, and having someone like Junichi Sato at the helms of the show really has shown thus far, could be my favorite precure by the end. I'm currently watching like all of the three most recent precure series right now, and enjoying all of them but Hugtto has probably been the best. That being said, Kira Kira has the best transformations hands down.

But yeah, loving this season and am (basically) up to date with like 10 shows right now, which is a huge surprise for me because I normally run into issues when I'm watching just a couple series, let alone double digits of shows.

If there is anything you've really been enjoying since we last talked feel free to share!
RSNBLMN Jan 30, 2018 3:04 PM
Hey, just wanted to say that your Shirobako review is really great - it makes me want to watch it now!

Also, I see you're watching Urusei Yatsura at the moment; I've been meaning to watch it for a while now since I'm also a fan of Oshii (GITS FTW :D) but I do wonder if the more comedy-centric style will mean I won't enjoy it quite as much as some of his other works. How are you finding it though? Thanks
CommanderSparkle Jan 10, 2018 3:00 PM
I don't think I'm that worried about Ishihara doing the sequel film, but either way we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. Regardless we'll at least get a beautiful Hibike film from Yamada!

Violet Evergarden hype is real! Though, its gonna be hard for me to not just avoid all simulcasts while I'm finishing up Ashita no Nadja. The story has shifted gears a fair bit (I'm through episode 40 now), and I am really invested in seeing how things turn out. The closer I get to finishing it the higher I think I'd put it on my list. I'll be sure to let you know my general feelings after I finish the full series, but as of right now I definitely give it a strong recommendation. And the highlights are so high that even if the end is disappointing (I have explicitly avoided spoilers so I don't know how it will end) the show on the whole is absolutely worth checking out.

It is hard to try and divorce OG CCS from Clear Card, and I wouldn't say I'm doing so entirely as I am taking notes of all the differences. But, I'm not just looking at the differences as blemishes on Clear Card. That being said, it is disappointing that I can't get a new top tier Sakura face from nearly every frame of animation like in CCS. But Clear Card is doing well enough by my account.

I haven't seen 2017 Kino, and was pretty wary about it in the time leading up to its release. I want to watch it at some point to see how I actually feel, but I kinda expect that I'll feel the same way lots of fans of the original felt in that one. Clear Card at least captures the identity of Cardcaptor Sakura, and feels more like it'll be a love letter than a mediocre sequel/reboot.

The early 2000s really seem to get the short end of the stick from being the transitional period between cell animation and digital animation. Tons of shows, even good looking shows, were produced with SD being the highest quality in mind, no future proofing for quality being done resulting it upscaling being the only choice for potential BDs. That being said, it is really impressive how much a good encode can impact the look of shows in even 480. A lot of Ashita no Nadja suffers from bad encoding, though the stand out episodes stand out fairly well regardless, but I have good encodes for the first like 6-8 episodes with subtitles and it is impressive how much more beautiful it can look from just that. Overall I think that people don't give the early 2000s enough credit (not saying you're doing this), which is sad because some brilliant shows (and really good looking shows) came out then.

Tamayura has a good cast who I definitely came to love, and it was able to get me pretty emotional at points. But Aria simply has an outstanding cast of well written characters which makes it hard for Tamayura to hold a candle. It is still a good show to put on and relax while watching with a solid emotional core and characters that develop over time.

I'll let you know if I think Slow Start really develops to the point it might be worth it for you to give it another go! And I'll add Sansha Sanyou to the top of my actual "to get to" list, I've been wanting to give it a shot basically since it was coming out. New Game is fantastic, I loved its first season for its comedy, fluffy animation (if that makes sense), character dynamics, and for the fact it showed the kind of hardship one must go through working in the gaming industry without resorting to forced drama. The second season then brought some of that drama, but did so in a way that flowed naturally within the context of the story. It only worked as well as it did since it came in the second season imo.

I ended up watching the first episode of Citrus because a friend kept bitching at me to try it, I thought it was alright but I definitely want to let it get a few more episodes released (if not all of it) before I get into it. Doesn't seem like a show I'll care as much for if I watch it week by week.

Only other premiere I can think of that I watched was Ryuuou no Oshigoto! (or as I call it, Sangatsu no Lolicon!) which is definitely a show that I found pretty enjoyable but know that it will not be everyone's cup of tea, hahaha.

I'll give Mind Game a shot, probably try to watch that with my roommate as well since he seems to enjoy Yuasa a fair bit.

I'll split my top films up into two 5 film categories. Stand alone, and series related.

My top 5 stand alone films probably are:

Perfect Blue
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Millenium Actress
Koe no Katachi
Ghost in the Shell

Top 5 series related films are:
End of Evangelion (favorite film of all time)
Kizumonogatari (Just gonna put all 3 as one to save space)
Tamako Love Story
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
K-on! Movie

Though I want to also give both Cardcaptor Sakura films a shout out as well since I think both are fantastic!

I'm enjoying Devilman: Crybaby a fair bit so far, watched it on netflix at a friend's place. I'm really interested to see how it turns out, but will probably hold this one off for my roommate as well, lol.

Owari is fantastic, I can't decide which half of the first season of Owari I like more. Even though Shinobu is my favorite character from Monogatari I honestly think that the Sodachi stuff is reaaaaally fucking good, though I haven't yet rewatched Shinobu Mail where I have all the stuff proceeding it. Also, I adore Mein Schatz, the OP to Shinobu Mail. Sad that the VA doesn't do character songs, but I think they did a good job creating an opening that feels appropriate.

Kemono Friends is a show that I have come to love more and more since I finished watching it. Also, it has an actually phenomenal OST with some of the most unique instrumentation I've heard in a while, at points. I was really happy to have gotten on the Kemono Friends train early, around episode 4 or 5, because it was a joy to experience. Just sad that Kadokawa has to suck giant balls tho...

Better to actually enjoy the shows than just finish them imo! Its sometimes hard to know what I'm gonna be in the mood for though, especially when I have such a large PTW to choose from....

I really need to get around to watching some stuff from the World Masterpiece Theater, namely Akage no Anne, and I need to get to more Doremi... Might start up Sharp after I finish Ashita no Nadja, I already have it downloaded. But I kinda also wanted to watch Ouran High School Host Club, thinking about Igarashi shows. I've seen the first season of Milky Holmes. Had originally dropped it like 6 episodes in, but picked it back up and ended up loving it. Had a hard time with the beginning of season 2 though, them spending like 2 episodes dicking around not even realizing they were missing their toys was honestly a drag to watch for me and I haven't gone back to it since. I want to eventually though. Also, I've seen the movie, which I know I prooooobably should have saved till after watching more of the series, but it was such a treat that I'm super willing to rewatch it after I get through the show and have the full context.

Yeah, Kids shows get the short end of the stick. Precure only has 1 series legally available in the west that isn't part of "Glitter Force". Which reminds me that a lot of kids shows, or stuff that appeals to kids at the very least like classic magical girl stuff, get some of the worst dubs. Mahou Shoujo in particular always gets the shaft with stuff like the original Sailor Moon dub which changed character names and rewrote some dynamics, or Glitter Force which removed 8 episodes of content and heavily localized stuff. Though Cardcaptor Sakura still got the worst treatment hands down with Cardcaptors, removing over 20 episodes of content and totally rewriting the entire show, a complete travesty imo. Maybe one day we'll be able to get some proper releases of kids shows, but I don't know if there are enough people who know kids shows appeal to them to make a dent in the market. Especially considering that many, myself usually included, just don't have the money to financially support shows we enjoy. I do my part to seed torrents of shows I want more people to see though.

AND THAT REMINDS ME. Have you ever seen or heard of Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo? Because if not I think you should definitely give it a shot, super fun and lighthearted magical girl series from 2009 with a few twists on the genre. I love most of its cast, and think it has an adorable art style. Actually, I picked it up entirely because I liked the art it had here on MAL and was very happy that I ended up enjoying the series a ton. Less than 1000 people have completed it on MAL so I try to do my best to rep it whenever I get the chance because it seriously deserves better than it got. I blame the fact that it came out just before the boom of simulcasting, so very few people (especially now) have even heard of it.

Good taste in Aikatsu girls :3
CommanderSparkle Jan 8, 2018 2:10 PM
Given that there is source material for Hibike I'm not terribly worried about the direction they'll take it, though I'll admit that Ishihara is my least favorite of the 3 primary KyoAni directors. Also, I didn't hear any of that stuff about the S2 recap film, makes me actually really interested in trying it out!

The CCS OVA was definitely a bit of a disappointment, but I think that mostly came down to the fact that I think people (myself included) were expecting something new leading up to Clear Card, not retreading something we already knew. That being said, I'm loving Clear Card. Obviously it will never been the exact same show as the OG anime but expecting it to be that and getting upset is rather silly in my opinion. I do wish that the new anime would be a bit more bold in giving us really great faces though, I think that's the only thing I truly miss from the old series. However, I think that is just something that older anime tended to do better than newer anime.

I'm gonna start off this Junichi Sato bit with saying FINISH THE ORIGINATION! Mostly because it is in my top 5 favorite anime of all time. I was completely blown away by how nearly every episode was able to capitalize on ideas built up through the first two season, all while refining the kinda awkward style brought about in the transition to 16:9 with The OVA: Arietta. Junichi Sato is a director who I can already tell I love from the little exposure I have and plan on watching everything from his catalog that is available.

I would say that Tamayura doesn't quite stack up to Aria if I'm trying to compare them side by side. Aria has an A+ cast, fantastic world, and really captures the tone of iyashikei anime perfectly. THAT BEING SAID, I did really like Tamayura all the same. It offers a very down to earth experience that I feel could easily exist in the real world. And there are some moments that offer meaningful drama that results from who the characters are as they try to find their place in the world (I tend to prefer the first season of the tv anime over the second because of this, but both are enjoyable). Also, its conclusion film tetralogy is some really good stuff, the last film in particular doing a fantastic job of showing how far the characters have come over the 3 years we've followed them (focused mostly on the main girl who I can't remember the name of right now). All in all, I'd recommend giving it a shot if you like Iyashikei and Junichi Sato.

I've been mostly watching all of the slice of life stuff that's come out so far. Just finished the first episode of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san and adored it! Takagi is supremely cute and the way she bullies Nishikata is hilarious. I watched the first episode of Mitsuboshi Colors as well, it was nice lighthearted fun and I enjoy the main cast a fair bit, I'll certainly keep up to date with it. Slow Start actually surprised me with how much I enjoyed it, obviously it isn't anything new or particularly original in its approach, but I found it rather endearing and thought the execution was enough for me to have a fun time. I feel like it will be one of the more underappreciated shows of the season because people overlook it for being generic. I actually need to get around to Sansha Sanyou still, and while I don't think anyone should get their hopes up for a second season I did see this the other day on r/anime

I haven't watched Citrus yet, mostly been waiting to see how people overall react to it because I couldn't tell if it was gonna be up my alley or not or where it was going to go with its basic premise. Plus I am already watching WAY more stuff seasonally this season than any other season in my memory so I just put it on a back burner.

Yuasa is definitely one of the most interesting creators in anime currently and I plan on watching all of his major works eventually. The only thing holding me back from watching The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl is that I'm waiting till I go back to college next semester so I can watch it with my roommate who I watched The Tatami Galaxy with. I've seen Lu Over The Wall and enjoyed it a fair bit, though not enough for it to break into my top 5 or even my top 10 favorite films (at least as of right now).

Netflix's quality is honestly pretty shit, I've not yet watched the rips from them for Crybaby but I can believe that they'd be meh at points. Their streaming quality is even worse though, I've had that shit drop to 240p with no way to fix it for minutes before when connected to stable/fast internet.

I need to get around to more of Nagai Go's work overall, he seems like a very important figure in anime/manga history.

Owarimonogatari is fantastic, though I love just about every moment of the monogatari series so I'm a tad biased. And I've got the first 3 episodes of Gamba no Bouken downloaded but have yet to start watching it. Haven't started Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! yet, but I'm interested in it if for no other reason than Oshii, and I've also yet to watch Anohana but one of my friends bugs me about it a fair bit (but he has plenty of shit he needs to watch that I've recommended to him that he's already started, so I'm not terribly pressed on it rn). Kemono Friends is honest to god one of the best shows of 2017 imo. I've not seen all of the shows I want to watch before I can try to make any crazy claims, but as of right now with all the shows I HAVE watched from 2017 I'd put it in my top 5.

If you look at my watching and on-hold lists you'll see a ton of stuff I've started and been neglecting. Urusei Yatsura, Utena, Oniisama e..., Abenobashi, Clannad After Story, Kimagure Orange Road, RahXephon, and Sakura Quest to name a few just from my currently watching... But I only like watching shows when I feel like I'm in the mood for them. That is proabably a major contributing factor to my 7.63 (currently) mean score.

I'm a big fan of kids shows that are well made, it should be pretty obvious from some of the stuff we've talked about though. I love the near endless optimism that many of them present, yet some can handle really delicate topics surprisingly maturely. I think we need more good kids shows and would love to support the good ones more if I had the money.

Also, just wanna say that Kiriya Aoi is best Aikatsu Girl (and is damn near the top of my favorite characters).
CommanderSparkle Jan 6, 2018 2:14 PM
I've definitely considered watching Smile Precure and plan on trying out most of the different precure series eventually, I'll be sure to add it close to the top of my list of which precure to start next though (after Kira Kira that is).

Also, I'm of course super excited for Liz and the Blue Bird. Hibike Euphonium is one of my favorite series and I've loved all of Yamada's work thus far so I'm excited to see what she does with it since I've heard it deals with themes that are pretty important and personal to her.

Only other CLAMP manga I've read is xxxHolic, which I read through in like a day. It was pretty good, but nothing I was too crazy about once I finished it. That being said, I loved how it crosses over with Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, which I've started but its been a while since I've read it.

Haven't touched the manga for Clear Card Hen yet, but I'm honestly very excited about the anime. The OVA recapping the end of the manga wasn't my favorite, but I think that's because it was literally just the end of the manga being adapted so it didn't have enough time to craft a clear sense of identity for itself. That should be easily solved by the actual sequel.

Normally I don't do seasonal watching at all, but I'm giving it one more go since so many shows looked good to me this season. ALSO HOLY FUCK JUN'ICHI SATO IS DOING SHIT FOR PRECURE, SIGN ME UP! Seriously though I swear I heard someone say that as a joke about him needing to come back to do stuff at Toei, but didn't think It would actually happen. Honestly I need to get around to more of Sato's works. I've seen Aria and Tamayura, as well as the first season of Doremi (which is the only one he had a big role in iirc), and the first like 14 episodes of Sailor Moon, but that's it (Well other than the current 3 episodes subbed of Yume no Crayon Oukoku). Even from that relatively small part of his catalog that I've gone through I can tell he's one of my favorite directors.

Sora yori mo tooi basho and Yuru camp are both off to a good start, as is Pop Team Epic (though I was rather confused throughout the second half). Haven't watched the Junji Ito collection anime yet, I wanted it to be good but kinda figured there was a good chance it would be mediocre unless you got a really interesting group of creators behind the helm that really understood the appeal of the source material.

I am a Yuasa fan, though not quite like some people I see around. Only seen Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy, and Lu over the Wall so far, which I've enjoyed all of them. At this point I've just not gotten around to Devilman Crybaby, and since it is listed separately (being an ONA and all) I sometimes forget about it when talking about season stuff. That being said I definitely plan on getting around to it. I have no experience with the series (Or really with any of the series the mangaka has created.... really need to get around to some cutie honey, at least Re:cutie honey, before the new cutie honey adaptation thing) but I think it looks quite interesting. I'm just waiting for a good time to download it rn because my internet is shit and nextflix streaming is dogass imo.

I've heard some interesting things about Netflix Note, I know someone who thinks it is their favorite western film, period. Which is pretty funny to me considering the shitstorm of hate it got right out the gates, but that was to be expected.

Anyway, are there any other series you're watching and quite enjoying? I've been at a bit of a standstill with watching anime as of late, not quite feeling like watching most of the series I've started. Though, I watched an episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon yesterday and enjoyed that pretty thoroughly, and quite enjoyed the episodes of Aikatsu I've watched recently.
CommanderSparkle Jan 3, 2018 11:58 PM
Kira Kira Precure A La Mode frankly seems the most up my alley of any precure I've briefly looked at. Character driven stuff is my shit and when you add that to beautiful looking mahou shoujo I can only expect to love it. I honestly want to watch it more than Mahoutsukai right now, but since I downloaded Mahoutsukai I feel more obliged to watch it.

Also, I really quickly wanted to say something about Ashita no Nadja since I watched like 5 episodes of it last night. While there might be parts later in the series that dip in quality, I'll let you know how I feel after I've completed it, it will not change that the best episodes of Ashita no Nadja are some of the most stand out episodes of anime that I've personally seen. 5, 12, 13, 22, and 26 being of particular note (Three of those being the episodes Mamoru Hosoda directed).

I've seen both Your Name and A Silent Voice and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I really need to rewatch both of them to get a complete grasp on my feelings for them, especially since I got pretty drunk when watching Your Name thereby exacerbating my emotions a bit (aka I was crying like a fucking bitch) and A Silent Voice was a hard movie to sit through, not because I've dealt with bullying but rather I have always had a hard time watching stuff like it. Between the two I'd probably place A Silent Voice ahead, somewhat due to my partiality towards the style and direction of Naoko Yamada, but also because it isn't a film that has as many issues with some parts of its plot (The plotholes in Your Name didn't really hurt my experience of the film while watching, but I acknowledge that there are some and that's part of why I wanna do a rewatch of it).

Made in Abyss's anime adaptation only has a few things that edge on that "grimdark" stuff that I believe exists later in the series, that being said I think that grimdark material is fine when applied properly as it feels like it has been done with Made in Abyss. Obviously though content like that will be inherently divisive, but what can you do. I think some of the things people get upset about is just raging over nothing, and this is likely another case of people getting overly upset at media they didn't personally enjoy.

I cannot recommend YKK enough, especially if you have any love of iyashikei manga/anime, it is something special. There are actually quite a few differences between the manga and the anime of Cardcaptor Sakura. First big difference is that the anime actually has WAY more content, nearly half of the cards in the show are anime original (though they do a pretty great job of making it hard to tell). On top of adding cards, the anime also added Meiling to the story who was nonexistent in the manga. Then, some of the relationship stuff was toned down from the manga likely to make the anime somewhat more broadly appealing by playing down how Toya and Yuki are kinda gay for each other, and completely removed the clear fact that Rikka and her teacher are in a commited relationship in the manga. There are also some story differences the closer you get to the end, with the second movie (and true conclusion of the anime) being completely anime original. The final main difference between the anime and manga is in the presentation. The CCS manga takes place in essentially a shoujo etherium where no physical space exists, so there are rarely any defined locations aside from broad ones like them being at school, the park, on a trip, or at home. The Anime on the other hand fully fleshes out the locations with quite a bit of detail. Ever part of Sakura's house is consistent, and bet that you could do a fair job of piecing together the main locations with respect to one another. This was actually a great idea for the anime though as it allowed the characters to interact with the space more which works better for anime.

All in all I think the manga is just worth experiencing as the anime. Also, the new anime is following the story of the manga more than the original anime it seems, so there is that as well.

This season I'm actually trying to dive into watching stuff seasonally, giving seasonal watching one last shot. I normally loathe waiting one week for most series so I opt for watching at the end of the season, however, this season there are like 12-15 shows I'm decently excited for so I'm giving it a shot. Here is a list of all the shows I'm most excited for:

Violet Evergarden
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Mitsuboshi Colors
Yuru Camp△
Darling in the FranXX
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
Fate/Extra Last Encore
Hakumei to Mikochi
Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

My less excited but I'm still gonna try shows are:

Slow Start
Ryuuou no Oshigoto!
Märchen Mädchen
Ito Junji: Collection

If even half of these shows pan out well I'll be pretty happy with winter 2018. So far 2018 is making itself look like it'll be an awesome year in anime, hopefully it can live up to the hype I've been personally building. Only seen the first episode of Sora yori mo Tooi Basho so far, but I'm already super on board for that show, so we're off to a good start.

you have any stuff you're looking forward to or dreading?
CommanderSparkle Jan 2, 2018 2:00 PM
Happy new year to you too!

I'm pretty new to Precure, only seen Heartcatch to completion and though it was pretty good but far from the best magical girl has to offer. The movie, however, was pretty top tier but that isn't surprising given that Matsumoto Rie (of Kyousougiga and kekkai Sensen fame) directed it. So far I'm enjoying Mahoutsukai, though from what little reading it seems like a fair number of people don't really like it. Personally I love how it takes a different approach than some other precure with how it is a mixture of your standard fighting beauties mahou shoujo but with a flair of Majokko to it.

Also, by not trying to have each episode be pseudo-focused on issues with random side characters (that never really come back except in a few circumstances) I don't feel the need to mentally compare it to Doremi, so that's been nice. I also like how the main duo have had 3 different transformations within the first like 7 episodes, its different than what I'm really used to. All that being said, at this point I think I really want to start Kira Kira Precure A La Mode because it looks somewhat more up my alley, BUT, I don't want to start more than one precure series at once.

All of the Kizu films are amazing imo and its hard for me to choose one over the others as they have different strengths, but it has been a great year or two for anime films overall.

Made in Abyss is a really good show. Its first three episodes and final episode in particular stand out as 10/10 (or at least near 10/10) quality. It has some weird pacing (may or may not be an issue depending on the person) in the middle, but I think it will be helped by the ability to watch it at your own pace rather than being forced to wait a week during slower parts. It has a really fascinating world and a standout OST (though not my favorite of the year, that'd go to GLT or Kemono Friends). Overall, I'd recommend giving it a shot.

I'll try to pick the manga back up, I just don't read manga that often. My priority before picking Houseki no Kuni back up will be to finish YKK since I'm only a few volumes from the end and it is probably my second favorite manga, only behind Cardcaptor Sakura (which, btw, I think the manga and anime are both brilliant. I know some people think one is way better than the other, but to me its all just more CCS and therefore amazing).

Haha, don't worry about being a chatterbox, I always enjoy some good conversation over anime.

Also, I love the manga for Saki, though am sad that the scans I was reading went from amazing comic book files with clean pages to week by week chapter scans from within a magazine. I could really tell a dip in the quality between them. I still am pretty early into nationals in the manga, and kinda don't wanna get back into it until I know the manga is basically finished. I'm also surprised how much I loved the anime given the director also is the director for The Asterisk War. But then again, the director of Sora no Woto also directed Elfen Lied and I thought that was a complete train-wreck but adore Sora no Woto.