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Feb 25, 2021
This show definitely didn’t set itself up high in expectations. But that didn’t stop it from plummeting down on the same level as any other bottom-tier fiction. Tenkuu Shinpan is yet another proof of how short a nice premise can take you if there’s nothing else of value.

Yuri finds herself trapped in a sea of skyscrapers that stretches as far as the eye can see. Her mission is simple, find her beloved brother and a way out before the zany mask-wearing maniacs who inhabit the place gets to them.

The story is straightforward and leaves it's focus mainly on the character's journey. It’s too bad that read more
Sep 24, 2020
Even though the first season of No Guns Life had a lot to give with it’s presentation it ended up tremendously average. It offered a nice setting with interesting themes and characters but didn’t deliver it in an engaging way. It had at least some things to appreciate like the soundtrack, decent visuals and aforementioned setting, all of which are present here in a similar quality. The setting being the most prominent thing about the first season but needed a lot more focus on fleshing out the world and its inhabitants. It was a good enough foundation to improve from all things considered, which it read more
Jun 24, 2020
This show is about a guy that likes to roam around
He's never in one place, he roam from town to town
And when he find himself falling for some girl
He turns into a massive creep and start molesting her
Cause he's a plunderer, yeah a plunderer!

This show was a train-wreck from beginning to end. It started of as a typical generic ecchi show but went on to pretentiously try and disguise itself as more than just a self-insert power fantasy. It expects you to feel invested in the dramatic moments but because it's so amateurishly executed it becomes laughable. I think that if anything this is where read more
May 19, 2020
7 Seeds (Manga) add (All reviews)
If you woke up from a cryogenic sleep in a hostile dystopian world with the order to rebuild mankind from the ground up, what would you do? Within that question lies the foundation of 7 Seeds. What would a person do under these circumstances? Even more, what would a person without any survival experience handle a more primitive lifestyle with dangers around every corner?

As questionable as it would be if the government chose inexperienced and traumatized people to save mankind, it’s interesting from a psychological perspective. Because some of these people can barely take care of themselves, and now they have even more weight read more
Mar 26, 2020
*Knock knock knock*
Who’s there?
A toilet
A toilet who?
A toi-let down!

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun is yet another show of misused potential. It’s presented as a fun light-hearted adventure. But also deals with topics surrounding mental health and goes hard on presenting it with the seriousness it deserves. That is until it remembers that it's meant to be a comedy, and throws in some slapstick to make sure you’re in a positive mood throughout. It damaged the impact those serious scenes could’ve had. Which is a shame because the dramatic moments of the show could've been very compelling. A comedy is what we’re left with, and it's a hit read more
Mar 13, 2020
It was poetry in motion, but they blinded each other with science!

Can everything be explained through science? Even love?
Two scientists who are in love with one another but lacks proof of it decides to tackle this question head on through various experiments. On the surface it sounds like a good premise. However, it worked to the show's disadvantage and ended up making it rather boring.

Love is something you feel and not something that has to be scientifically explained for you to realize. So having them perform these experiments are pointless and only prevents any romantic development. It's the same problem that most anime read more
Feb 6, 2020
Netflix heard the silent cries of no less than 0 people to make a new CGI anime, but thankfully it turned out pretty decent in my opinion. Not the CGI though. It’s a nightmarish display of the show’s low budget and most will look at it with disgust. But the pleasantry of not having watched worse is not true for me. What I’ve seen from the early 2000’s is enough to make the CGI in this show look rather good in comparison. With other words Cagaster of an Insect Cage could’ve been so much worse in terms of visuals.

But what’s the show about? read more
Jan 17, 2020
A man named Sheng faces his inner demons in the haunting but beautiful valley of white birds. While meeting an old man, a spirit of his former self and a big white bird he seeks to defeat.

It's a movie told through it's visuals alone as to make the viewer try and figure out it's meaning by themselves. Something it nailed at thanks to the gorgeous visuals it presents us with. Passion seeps through every single scene with great use of lightning and color. It's fluid and stylish animation being the topping of it all as it conveys Sheng's emotions with consistency. Saying it's a moving read more
Dec 27, 2019
No Guns Life shines brighter than most of its surrounding competition thanks to its central themes of corruption and dehumanization, strengthened by it’s gritty noir style. But the execution casts a strong shadow on the whole show, loaded with mediocrity.

It has a good foundation to improve from though. Most of the 1st season is used for world-building and does it modestly well. But it often felt like it went all over the place and never really resolved many of the plot threads that it had built up. The characters especially took a bullet due to this. Most of them were blander than stale bread because read more
Oct 4, 2019
How unoriginal can a movie be before it’s too much? At what point does it become just lazy writing? Black Fox is here to quench your thirst for an answer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wrote down some cliche movie tropes and used that for the story. For what it showed me is that the staff had no inspiration for what it was going to be.

It becomes very apparent from the premise alone how little effort was put into this. The family of Rikka Isurugi are assassinated by a super evil corporation that does super evil things. She then plans her revenge by becoming read more