Mar 26, 2020
Skarvalin (All reviews)
*Knock knock knock*
Who’s there?
A toilet
A toilet who?
A toi-let down

At Kanome high school lives Hanako-kun. He’s a wish granter to anyone who visits his stall in the girls bathroom, he is also one of the seven wonders who has to maintain order between humans and apparitions. To help him he got his boycrazy assistant Yashiro Nene and the half-arsed exorcist Minamoto Kou.

An interesting premise for sure that while not the most unique in all aspects felt relatively fresh. But my positive first impression didn’t last that long as it started doing one of the most sinful things I know, it messed up the tone. In one scene it can be a comedy with slapsticks and in the next scene it can be very serious, so it was hard to get invested in the story. It goes to some really dark places at times and the comedy just kinda ruined the impact those scenes had. Is it a comedy or a drama? I asked myself this question as I was watching, but it became clear to me that the show didn’t know either. [3/10]

Art and Animation:
This show caught my eye due to it’s beautifully colored backgrounds and character designs. The warm color palette gives it a very inviting feeling that demands your attention and the character designs are all distinct and unique. It’s art is definitely one of this shows best aspects, or really one of the only good aspects in my opinion. [8/10]

The “animation” is to put simply really bad. It looks so stiff and lifeless with so many still shots that I lost count of them really fast. I don’t know if there were some production issues or if too much time had to be put on the art instead, but whatever the case it’s really lackluster. There are even times when the lip-sync is off which is such a beginner’s mistake that I don’t even think they checked it before releasing it [2/10]

Hanako-kun is an interesting and likeable character. Too bad that they didn’t care to explore him that much besides some flashbacks which never got much of a conclusion. Dwelling deeper into his character and what actions made him become the way he is now could have been very engaging. But instead they focused more on other characters instead like Nene and Kou, who I think shouldn’t have been main characters at all.

The reason being that they barely affect the story at all. Nene exists to have other characters explain things to her and to be saved by Hanako all the time. Kou’s purpose being a comic relief and while they gave him a sort of character arc it sadly hasn’t led anywhere so far. If they had less screen-time more focus could have been used for developing Hanako and could by doing so be a more serious and focused show which I personally would have prefered.

Most of the side characters didn’t make much of an impression on me. But one of the main villains was an actual threat to the main characters and because of that was somewhat enjoyable to watch, although not very compelling overall. [5/10]

You probably won’t find any music that will stick in your mind but it worked well to create a nice atmosphere in each scene. Best used in the more unsettling moments of the show in my opinion but is overall on a pretty standard level. [6/10]

Voice acting was solid and consistent. Whoever came up with the idea to let Megumi Ogata voice Hanako deserves a raise to be honest. She nailed her performance and her delivery on some of the jokes actually made me chuckle. It’s obvious that she and the other voice casts had a great time voicing their characters and while not all of them were great it was at least serviceable. [8/10]

The slapstick comedy approach they went with wasn’t to my taste most of the time, but there were a few good joke deliveries here and there. Hanako-kun was the best part of this show besides maybe the art, but I think they could have done a lot more with his character. Other than that the enjoyment I got out of it was mediocre at best and that had a lot to do with the jarring shift in tone. Had it just focused on being either more serious or unserious then I wouldn’t have had the same problem. [4/10]

Final Verdict:
It had a lot of potential but doesn’t really do anything special with it. The tone shifts were awful but the setting and some characters were interesting and something I would’ve liked to be developed more upon. There are far better shows out there and it skipped a lot of stuff from the manga so I would probably recommend that instead, the animation will also be pretty much the same. However if you are interested then give it a shot. Many seem to like it besides it having some glaring problems and it's not the worst thing in the world.

Overall: 4.5/10