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Oct 5, 2018
Sirius (Anime) add (All reviews)
Sirius the Jaeger is yet another vampire anime to add to the list. But, in this case, it's a good vampire anime that does a lot of things right.

So, as far as the story, it's pretty good. There's a group of Jaegers (vampire hunters) doing their job plus some related drama with the main character and a hometown relic. At first, some things don't really seem to be closely related. It starts out with somewhat of a broad story line and then things become more connected.

Most of the characters don't really change. Yuliy is somewhat of a copy of Yuuichiro Hyakuya (from Seraph read more
Jul 4, 2018
I'm both a manga reader and anime watcher of the Tokyo Ghoul series. The adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul Re isn't even all that bad.

It was easy for me to understand the story because I've been reading the manga. As for anime only watchers, I guess it could get somewhat confusing. Haise Sasaki is introduced as the main character and I'm sure at least some people thought "Where's Kaneki?" or "Who's this guy?" This isn't a very big problem though since the answer to these questions are given pretty early in the anime. Another source of confusion is Tokyo Ghoul Root A. Some may have been read more
Jun 25, 2018
1. Since this is season two, I'm assuming that anyone who reads this has already seen season one.

2. The second season of Bungou Stray Dogs is better than the first season. Are they both good? Definitely...but I'll explain just what made season two better.

Ok, so, the first 4 episodes are set in the past and we get to learn more about Dazai's, well, past. This includes his relationships and why he's the person he is. I absolutely love this. But it's also this which creates the shift to a darker storyline. After that, it's back to the present. There's tons of action and interesting scenarios read more
Jun 25, 2018
The story isn't original. I get it. You could compare this anime to a series like Tokyo Ghoul, Twilight, or pretty much anything that has the storyline of "teenage girl falls in love with a vampire" or "inhuman protagonist struggles to live with themselves". Devil's Line is basically a combination of the two. Despite it's lack of uniqueness, is it bad? In my opinion, no.

I don't see much of a problem with the story. (I'll only touch upon surface level stuff.) Taira's a human girl who finds herself falling in love with a devil (or vampire) after discovering that one of her friends is a read more
Jun 23, 2018
[Free of Major or Specific Spoilers]

In my opinion, Mahou Shoujo Site is basically the King's Game of this season. It's an "edgy" anime with a low score. But this anime's been called edgy countless times and it's used as a reason to show why it's bad. I don't really agree with this.

Ok, so, the story of Mahou Shoujo Site revolves around Aya and her miserable life and a website that can turn people into magical girls. It had the potential for some good psychological depth...but that potential was kinda wasted. I feel bad for a lot characters, especially Aya, but I wish more depth could've read more
Jun 19, 2018
Some potential was wasted with this anime. Despite this, it's not as horrible as it seems.

The story could've been done better. Honestly, if it were a bit longer, it might've turned out a bit better since there'd be more room for backstories and flashbacks that're essential to getting to know a character. Also, while it may seem that the story started good but went off track, everything was eventually wrapped up in the end. Thinking about it now has made me realize that I actually liked how certain things played out. The ending was relatively good but I just wish I knew more. From what read more
Jun 19, 2018
The story's really good and I like how it progresses. It can surprise you at times but it can also be kinda predictable when you take a closer look at things...or just consider what the most shocking outcome would be. Anyway, the episodes are a bit episodic. I'm ok with this though since, as a detective agency, they have to handle lots of different things. There's also one thing that can be seen as repetitive...and that's Atsushi's backstory. They basically show the same scene every few episodes and sometimes more than once each episode. This may be their way of showing us that the memory read more
Feb 8, 2018
Bastard (Manga) add (All reviews)
You know those manhwa/manga that people say they just can't put down? Yeah, Bastard is exactly this.

It starts off kinda normal, throws you into the crazy life of the main character, and proceeds to get better from there. The twists and turns in this manhwa are amazing and leave you shocked but you just want to read more of it because it's so interesting. That especially goes for the end of it. It makes us believe the same things the main character did and then surprises us with the actual truth. It doesn't leave you with an unsatisfying ending. All important questions are answered at read more
Jan 23, 2018
I watched this just to see if it was as good as people said it was. And when they said it was explicit...they weren't kidding.

The story's amazing though. The transitions are a bit off which can make everything seem kinda weird and maybe even...disjointed. Despite this, the story still progresses in a way that makes you more and more interested in what'll happen next. It's definitely not for people who're sensitive to gore and sexual content. If you're on the softer side, it'll pull at your heartstrings at times. As for the ending, well, it's not bad. I'm honestly not sure if I can say read more
Jan 15, 2018
(Free of Major Spoilers)

Ok, when it comes to the story, it's not too complex but it's still pretty good despite the cliches that it may throw in there. Matter of fact, it's those cliches that make the anime funny at times. Also, I like how the flashback episode was done. As viewers, we eventually learn that the Code Breakers are close but that episode really showed us their closeness. One thing that might be seen as an issue though is the fact that one of the Code Breakers is hardly mentioned and doesn't become important until later. There's also the thing with Rei's power... They read more