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Feb 8, 2018
Bastard (Manga) add (All reviews)
You know those manhwa/manga that people say they just can't put down? Yeah, Bastard is exactly this.

It starts off kinda normal, throws you into the crazy life of the main character, and proceeds to get better from there. The twists and turns in this manhwa are amazing and leave you shocked but you just want to read more of it because it's so interesting. That especially goes for the end of it. It makes us believe the same things the main character did and then surprises us with the actual truth. It doesn't leave you with an unsatisfying ending. All important questions are answered at read more
Jan 23, 2018
I watched this just to see if it was as good as people said it was. And when they said it was explicit...they weren't kidding.

The story's amazing though. The transitions are a bit off which can make everything seem kinda weird and maybe even...disjointed. Despite this, the story still progresses in a way that makes you more and more interested in what'll happen next. It's definitely not for people who're sensitive to gore and sexual content. If you're on the softer side, it'll pull at your heartstrings at times. As for the ending, well, it's not bad. I'm honestly not sure if I can say read more
Jan 15, 2018
(Free of Major Spoilers)

Ok, when it comes to the story, it's not too complex but it's still pretty good despite the cliches that it may throw in there. Matter of fact, it's those cliches that make the anime funny at times. Also, I like how the flashback episode was done. As viewers, we eventually learn that the Code Breakers are close but that episode really showed us their closeness. One thing that might be seen as an issue though is the fact that one of the Code Breakers is hardly mentioned and doesn't become important until later. There's also the thing with Rei's power... They read more
Jan 11, 2018
Another killing game anime, right? Wrong, it's another great killing game anime.

Ok, so, I figured that I should talk about the story first. It's completely fine. It's kinda fast paced and short which makes it a good watch for people who prefer anime that aren't long running. It's a little predictable when it comes to who wins the Juni Taisen but how it happens makes it a bit more interesting. Also, I like how it covered the backstories of the characters. I recall someone saying that the character development they get is wasted since, you know, it's a death game and these characters die. I read more
Dec 25, 2017
Alive (Manga) add (All reviews)
As soon as I saw the synopsis and the length of this manga, I wanted to read it. And that's what I did. So, I'll just get right to the review part now...

Anyway, the story of the manga is pretty good. It's short but it made me attempt to figure out some things. But, when they started to explain certain things, I was honestly just confused. No, it wasn't hard to follow... It was actually kinda straightforward. The explanation as to what a certain thing originated from...surprised me but not in a bad way.

The art's really interesting. It's bit messy but in a way read more
Dec 24, 2017
High School Girls is a slice of life and comedy anime that I watched only because of someone I knew. This is also an anime I didn't think I'd finish... Eventually, I found out that I was wrong.

For people that tend to go for the shounen or seinen anime (like me), this may seem boring. It's basically just about the overall average lives of a group of teen girls. But, despite lacking in action, the story and the characters are really funny. And, in my opinion, this makes up for everything. This anime isn't always lighthearted though. Some situations end up being more serious than read more
Dec 22, 2017
(Free of Major Spoilers)

King's Game has an interesting premise. As a person who's really into the "killing game/play or die" type anime, I honestly loved it.

Ok, first, I get that it isn't the most unique anime. The art isn't unique and we've seen similar anime before. But, the fact that the story isn't new doesn't make it a bad anime. It has its flaws but it's definitely not the worst thing I've watched.

The story was pretty good. After transferring schools, Nobuaki lives a relatively peaceful life...but soon gets involved in a second game of death. This anime makes it possible to have not read read more
Dec 9, 2017
I'm a fan of this anime. It's not perfect but it's no where near horrible either.

I actually like the story. It's interesting and I love getting to know what happens next. Yui's "awakening" was a cool plot point to add in and I loved learning about the backstories of the characters. As you watch the show, you begin to understand why the characters act the way they do.

The animation's fine...but the art's freaking amazing. It's different but in a good way. Their eyes have multiple colors in them and it really adds to the looks of the characters.

The sound is another thing this anime read more
Dec 8, 2017
This anime was not what I expected it to be. I expected to be how I usually am with anime--excited to watch it only then to take forever just to move on to the next episode. By the time I had finished the first episode, I knew that I was totally wrong. I could barely stop watching it.

The story is so interesting yet so grim and dark that you can't help but feel bad for the characters. As you watch it, you just want the best for these characters because of everything they've gone through.

The songs are amazing. The opening's awesome and makes you hyped read more
Dec 6, 2017
Switch (Anime) add (All reviews)
Despite seeming a bit like your average police/investigation anime, it's actually pretty interesting.

The interactions between some of the characters are somewhat thought provoking and you end up questioning just how much trust they should put in each other. Since it's only a 2 episode OVA series, it lacks some character development but the characters do have an overall personality.

The animation is smooth and it doesn't look weird at all. In my opinion, the art only looks a bit different from what we usually see in anime. There's nothing too unique about it.

The opening song was nice and the ending song wasn't bad. The overall read more