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--ALEX-- Yesterday, 11:08 AM
I'm more than happy to talk politics and don't worry I won't use hyperbolic language or anything absurd.

On the issue of immigration, we're not gonna have too much disagreements, I am definitely in favor of LEGAL immigration only, I do not believe in "open borders" and I believe our borders should be guarded. I don't believe for one second a wall makes us safer or for that matter does anything concrete except waste a ton of unnecessary money at something that is not the root of the problem....the majority of illegal immigrants are people who overstay their visas, clearly those people are not coming from the border...they're arriving as tourists or whatever legally in a plane or car.

I believe Trump is a racist because he panders to that base, he's had plenty of chances to denounce white supremacists and other far-right extremists and he always dances around the issue, never giving a solid "YES, I denounce ALL white supremacist groups"'s not that difficult....problem is, as I said, those groups support him and he doesn't want to lose that support.

Now, you can say that it's a political move...and that's another story, but there are plenty of cases where his actions are highly suspicious.

Here is a documented list of Trump's racist actions:

^Now, I have a feeling you will see this is from Vox and dismiss it....and if you do that, fine, it's not like I can force you to read the article, but that article documents soooo much and even cites sources other than itself.

What's the worse that can happen? We're living it right now! This pandemic has been a complete disaster by Trump, he made a bad situation into a horrible, almost unfixable mess by politicizing masks, by not doing a correct shutdown the way Europe and Asia did, by not ordering a NATIONAL Mask Mandate, by constantly downplaying the virus and consistently disobeying the advise of his own group of scientists and experts.

I think any of us want this to continue? Dude, I want to travel SOOOO badly, I want to go back to how things were, I don't want to wear a mask anymore, I don't want to live another year through this pandemic....I'm sick and tired of it.

But it won't go away....once again the numbers are spiking, there is still no vaccine, no nothing!

Even if I ignored all the other stuff I dislike about Trump....I can tell you 100% that the whole Pandemic Handling and his lack of leadership is by far the straw that broke the camel's hump.

As for the's not a hard thing for me to denounce....I denounce all forms of violence, looting, and rioting done by any person regardless of their political stance.

If you want to say that the majority of that violence and looting is done by the Far Left....fine, I'll denounce it and say I don't support it nor will I ever condone it.

That's not what I believe.

But I DO believe in peaceful protest, protesting is literally a part of our first amendment rights. So I DO support that.

For the record, I don't hate people for being republican or own mother is very conservative and supported Trump these last years, and she's my mom and I love her no matter what, even if we do disagree on politics.

I genuinely don't know what will ultimately happen in 2 weeks....but I can only hope for a fresh start, even if we say he's not a fascist or a racist....he is most definitely NOT a good leader, and 2020 has proven that without a shadow of a doubt.
K_Rool_Addict Yesterday, 5:23 AM
The damn mods locked my threads xD Here, this one should suffice:

WatchTilTandava is really awesome. In fact that thread I linked above is where I first encountered him and his immaculate walls of gratuitous text! I mean, I can write a mean "WoT" if I really apply myself, but that lunatic seems to pull it off with ease! Then I noticed the dude was constantly backing up my arguments, defending me against haters when I was offline, and just a ton of other positive shit, so I sent him a friend request \(^o^)/ It's really nice to have such an articulate, intelligent individual fighting alongside me in a "fandom war" for a change.
K_Rool_Addict Oct 19, 11:13 PM
Yeah. Based on what I've seen thus far, I'm not particularly fond of the direction they're taking. Feel free to check some of my older forum posts for details. (Be warned, I go into insane amounts of detail xD)

I am still gonna watch it til the very end, no matter how bad it ends up being. But based on how excited Ryukishi07 was during the recent interviews, I'm hoping, PRAYING, that he's got something really special in store for us with Gou. Just gotta stick it out and see how things progress.
K_Rool_Addict Oct 19, 10:36 PM
"When They Cry" or the localized title for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni~
ProfessionalNEET Oct 18, 1:31 AM
"I like your picture of Yuno btw. I got a complicated view of her. On one hand I love how loyal she is, but on the other hand definitely too crazy for me."
Thanks, I'm glad you like the picture. I used to be really into yandere girls, because my loneliness made me crave having a girl obsess over me to the degree girls like Yuno do. Plus, craziness can make a girl more fun. Basically the dating equivalent of a roller coaster ride.
ProfessionalNEET Oct 18, 12:58 AM
Well if East Asian girls are the only ones that will talk to you, then I guess East Asian girls are the ones you should go for. I would be careful though about fetishizing them, as that can be off-putting to some.

I doubt that going for East Asian girls would make a difference for me. I'm pretty sure my autistic personality would be off-putting to any girl regardless of ethnic background.
ProfessionalNEET Oct 18, 12:16 AM
"I got picked up by a Japanese girl once, I feel like I've told you but I'll tell it again. Literally approached me in broad daylight, put my number in her phone, texted me, and set up a date with me."
Could that have been a one-off? I know you've talked about how girls generally don't pay you any attention, but I am still skeptical about using a single event like that to generalize about an entire country. Perhaps it had something to do with her being in a new country? Maybe she hadn't quite gotten the hang of the dating scene in America and started using alternative tactics? I would need to know more about her background before I could make an informed judgement here. Now if you had been approached by 10 Japanese girls and 0 girls of other nationalities over the course of your life, then I might say there may be something special about Japan going on.

"But man, girls from East Asia are something special. Anime does not exaggerate their cuteness, they really are like the girls from Clannad in many ways. They smile at you in such a warm, friendly way, with their eyes and their mouth. Their voices are soft and sweet. You come away from talking with them with the feeling that this is how interactions between boys and girls should be. Its more pleasant, less mind games."
Are you referring specifically to girls who were born and raised in East Asia but migrated to the U.S., or are you referring to American-born girls of Asian descent as well? I've interacted with U.S.-born girls of East Asian descent, but I'm not sure I'd say their personalities were noticeably any different from girls of other ethnic backgrounds. I will note though that the girl I got closest to dating was half-Filipino half-white.
ProfessionalNEET Oct 17, 11:41 PM
"Many Westerners claim that girls are falling in love with the MC in romance animes just because he exists but they fail to recognize that the MC being a good person is supposed to be the reason the girl fell in love with him in almost all occasions. And many Westerners who do understand this, proceed to criticize the anime for acting as if being a good person is enough of a reason to love somebody. Which I think is shameful and why I support Japanese values so strongly."

I highly doubt your average romance or harem MC would be a chick magnet irl in Japan. Those MCs are deliberately made as bland as possible so that viewers can self-insert. Additionally, those shows are escapism and are not intended to be a realistic portrayal of life in Japan. Thinking that your average romance or harem anime is an accurate portrayal of Japanese life would be like thinking Fast and the Furious is an accurate portrayal of American life. They're both works of fiction intended to allow viewers to escape to a more desirable life for awhile.

I'm curious, how much of your understanding of Japan comes from anime and otaku culture? Have you ever studied other areas of Japanese society, lived in Japan for awhile, or been close to someone who was from Japan? I have a feeling that if you, say, lived in Japan for awhile, your romanticized view of the country might fade away. I'm sure it's a good country, but I highly doubt it is the trad utopia you make it out to be.
BannedAkko Oct 12, 2:42 AM
You never seem to get angry when people chat shit about you on the forum. You just stick to making your (often excellent) point(s).
BannedAkko Oct 4, 12:20 PM
Its funny threads always seem to get locked or deleted just as they are starting to really build steam. I wonder if the mods just don't want threads that break the rules to hit / stay trending on the front page.
149597871 Oct 4, 12:23 AM
Wait, it was because of rule 6? There were a bunch of threads that were far more inappropriate.

I thought that it's because someone reported it for being offensive or something. I mean the thread didn't even get locked, they completely erased it from the forums.
149597871 Oct 3, 6:45 PM
Did your virginity thread get deleted? :D

What's wrong with this place?
BannedAkko Oct 3, 12:19 AM
Yo it looks like your awesome thread on virginity got deleted. Thanks for trying to make the forums fun again. It was great to read everyone’s experiences. We need more of that camaraderie around here. 👍🏾 👊🏾
Blueflare45 Sep 24, 4:33 AM
You clearly don't know the definition of "guilty pleasure".
Blueflare45 Sep 23, 8:16 PM
Kiss x Sis a 10, no, I just can't. Let me give you some advice. You grow as an anime fan once you actually realise, acknowledge, and accept that your guilty pleasure anime is trash. You can like the anime, that's your right, just don't rate it as a masterpiece when you know it's not one. Just a suggestion.

Actually, I was wrong. After looking through your list it has become apparent to me that Kiss x Sis is not the only anime affected. You one have terribly awful taste, and two enjoy watching incest anime. And I wouldn't be surprised if you had an incest and/or girl with girl fetish either. Good day.