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Joopster Oct 19, 11:56 AM
You would cry to go back to your mommy in the USA after living one day in your 'ideal' nation man.
Nero- Sep 18, 5:45 PM
I really like your profile and ideas. I myself am a huge fan of Edo Japan, 1950s America and old Europe. I used to think the same way about anime spreading good values and forgot about it, but reading your stuff reminded me about it.
Forever4Anime Sep 16, 6:23 PM
Hydre_Ito Aug 30, 1:23 AM
Sure~ I'll send a request
Hydre_Ito Aug 28, 7:08 PM
I know I’m replying really late but tbh our discussion was going to stir away from Onlyfans anyway and since that thread is now locked here’s my reply and I hope we can have a productive discussion.

Ryuk9428 said:
Hydre_Ito said:
I find it quite hypocritical that the same guys who hate Onlyfans and preach against it would pay prostitutes/ sex workers as well as support hentai, nudity and all of the above. Please kindly explain yourselves.

I'm not opposed to onlyfans because it is sexual. I am opposed to it because it is a scam. I think this may be the only issue me and Alex agree on. Prostitution is a good thing. Men have sexual needs and prostitution is the best way to fulfill them. And I can personally say that you can develop actual relationships with strippers. You can't do that with onlyfans girls.

We already live in a world that is extremely hostile towards men and tries to make their life as miserable as possible. Let's grow a fucking backbone and just say "I support doing this because it benefits men." Women as a group openly advocate for themselves, its time that men start doing the same. If a girl is selling sexual services, then the guy should actually get something out of it. Prostitution should actually increase his well being and I can confirm without a doubt that going to strippers/prostitutes does improve your well being. We shouldn't allow girls to scam guys into giving shitloads of money for a product that is so cheap (basically nude photos and getting to talk to a girl).

So guys, seriously, don't fucking pay an onlyfans girl. Go to a strip club where you can actually touch the girl, get grinded on, make out with her, possibly date her if you two get along. Don't waste your money on onlyfans scams.

- “ Prostitution is a good thing. Men have sexual needs and prostitution is the best way to fulfill them.”

I don’t understand how you view prostitution as a good thing, I could not disagree more. Not only is it harmful physically, but also mentally to both the man and the woman.
First of all I noticed the amount of people dismissing STDs and STIs is alarming, you guys really love to act as if they don’t exist. Long-term incurable versions of these also exist.

Secondly, prostitution literally just objectifies women and men who are doing it, they aren’t seen as anything more than pieces of flesh and in my opinion it’s just a sign they don’t value themselves as much as they should because they can achieve much better jobs through their creativity, intelligence, other skills ect. And it also shows that their clients don’t respect women as much as they should. This is because sexual gratification and intercourse is something literally anyone can offer and all animals do. What makes us different from animals is the fact that we have morals.
You also don’t need to have sex every time you feel horny, how about focusing on other things?

In addition how do you think these prostitutes really feel? Do you really think they would be mentally stable? If all they’re spending a fair portion of their everyday lives trying to please several strange men I think they will eventually, subconsciously or unconsciously, start thinking that they can’t offer anything other than their appearance and sex, they won’t work on their personalities or be focused on other aspects of their life, because they’re already getting so much attention from all those men as well as obviously very self-conscious of their bodies.

And if you really think prostitution is a good thing, would you be totally fine with your sister, mother or (hypothetical) daughter being a prostitute? That prostitute you’ve slept with is already someone’s daughter, sister or possibly mother...
Secondly, would you marry a prostitute?
vuxk Aug 24, 6:28 AM
I saw you got warned by a moderator for talking politics on CD, I hope it doesn't impede you. Btw Meusnier created a club for discussing politics, I think you may be interested:
Kaasfondue Aug 22, 5:52 AM
Yeah, most girls on OF weren't famous teenage ''stars'' like BhadBabie. You're talking about a girl who already had millions of followers turning 18 and making an OF. This isn't anything new either, I remember Farrah Abraham doing one porn scene and making millions because of her fame from MTV's '16 and Pregnant'. Or even further back there is Kim Kardashian's sex tape...

That's my issue with OF simps as well, they go after girls who are already famous and beg them to start an OF. Those girls have to do very little to get an audience. Like, imagine Ariana Grande starting an OF, she wouldn't even have to go fully nude and still make tens of millions. But the vast majority of the OF creators already did similar type of stuff but on other platforms or are new and have to put more effort in their content because they don't have enough clout to half-ass it. Clearly, the average girl can't make a living from OF alone, heck, there are probably even OF girls who also do escort work.

Also, most OF subcriptions probably range from 5$ to 35$ a month, and one payment would get you access to all content. It's literally just like Patreon. I don't know why you have to come up with these extremes that guys are going bankrunpt over a few nudes because you can't stand a few girls making millions effortlessly, while just one gacha game makes billions from guys gambling for 2D waifus.

So yeah, you're really just coming across as some dysfunctional propaganda machine

vuxk Aug 19, 10:43 AM
No problem.

Hmm, that may be the case. Your description of Japanese women fits with my prior belief and your explanation makes sense, they seem to not really following politics nor showing discontentments regarding gender roles. To think about it, the influence from their mothers would have far more effect on them than any outside influences.

I generally agree with you about the herbivore men. I'd like to add that Japanese men feel a huge pressure to be successful from an early age and therefore romantic relationships are often omitted from their lives. The scenes you see in anime that portray guys preparing for university entrance exams are true. Most of their time is spent on academic studies and they don't have much time for anything else. The logical consequence of this is girls taking more initiative as you surmised.

I'll keep your advice about finding traditional girls in mind.
Thanks for your comprehensive answer.
Ashcom Aug 18, 10:55 AM
To be honest, many here feel that the West tries to impose its belief on those who live elsewhere. This conjecture applies a lot to both Canada and the USA. Also, stuff that goes on in the US gets broadcasted to the entire world.

I can relate to that. I am an Oriental Orthodox Christian(most probably you may not have even heard about this denomination. It's highly similar to Eastern Orthodox), who has previously attended evangelical worship services. I felt that their beliefs lacked a theological basis and many were narrow-minded. Here, they label every other God as a devil and their opinions lead to a lot of controversies. Does the current right-wing in America focus more on moral values rather than on religion?

Gayness is not a people thing here regularly talk about. Heteroflexible? I didn't know that such a term until now and I still couldn't properly understand the definition when I googled for it. I firmly believe that marriage is of utmost importance. Being with too many people sets you up for more expectations which can't be fulfilled many a time and could even make you feel miserable.

I think that it was your girlfriend's duty to defend herself. If such things so happen, only straight women can take action against such behaviour. I think this problem of men being powerless in such situations is common in most developed and developing countries. A woman can falsely accuse you without her facing dire consequences. The MeToo movement was one of the worst controversies here. Yeah, pseudo-feminists are a pain because they are hypocritical.

HeroicIdealism Aug 14, 2:37 AM
I'm not really looking for MAL friends anymore hence my disabled comments, also our anime affinity is abysmally low (I did enjoy Kiss x Sis back in the day though, and I like the Higurashi VN. Also, Death Note is badass).

However I just want to give you words of encouragement that you are based and redpilled. Keep up the good work in trying to spread right wing messages on this site! Way too many lefties on here.
vuxk Aug 12, 10:21 AM
Yes lol, we're all strangers here and people just mind their own businesses. I think it's the contrary though, after graduation it's actually harder to meet new people let alone traditional girls. I think college is like a safe environment where you could freely approach people or strike up a conversation, like when waiting for a class, or you just mingle and someone you know will introduce people to you. After graduation, college is substituted with the office but it's a really shitty environment and in my case, there are only nasty people there, some of them are actually decent-looking girls. Regardless, I think it's not a good idea to date your coworker.

I don't know if it's to that extent but the media does send a wrong message to girls. They portray the ideal women as those who have a successful career, live alone in a big apartment, and engage in one-night stands. Btw, I was a fan of the big bang theory, watched several first seasons, you know the main girl? She's a traditional girl in real life and I remember she faced quite a backlash when mentioning it. Can you believe that? Here, I found the article and the comment that got her into trouble:

She also said she loves cooking for her husband, Ryan Sweeting, five nights a week.

"It makes me feel like a housewife," she said. "I love that. I know it sounds old-fashioned, but I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I'm so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him. My mom was like that, so I think it kind of rubbed off."

Hmm, I think anime is a reflection of society, but I suspect there might be a lag because society constantly shapes itself, or the producers deliberately avoid painting accurate pictures because who wants to watch depressing stuff. I'm mentioning this because back then I believed that Japanese women are traditional women, but if that's the case then it doesn't explain the prevalence of herbivore men in Japan. I came across this video that tells the current reality in Japan, that feminism has invaded the country, and the men there are even more oppressed than men in western countries. So, I think anime depicts the correct ideal but it's fighting a losing battle or already lost. I'm interested in hearing your thought about this.

vuxk Aug 11, 3:55 AM
I'm glad to hear that, really, it shows there is still hope in this world. I wish you happiness with her!

Good point, I also think that we shouldn't bend over backward to get a girl. Because girls usually have good perceptions, they just know when somebody is interested in them and would make things easy if the feeling is mutual. I fully agree that this whole thing shouldn't be unnecessarily hard and we shouldn't lower our standards. I think the challenge is to locate these traditional girls especially if you live in a city and have already graduated.

Exactly. Back in the days, there were norms and religions to put a hold on the girls but now they're gone. We know that girls reach their peak physical appearances early in life and they've been high in demand since they were young. Clueless and encouraged by society to freely express their sexuality, what would you get? The girls would explore their options and of course they would choose the best. And why would they stick with one guy when they're littered with options? Afterward, the girls would grow old or see their friends settle down. They'd probably reform themselves (for a while) but in effect, they would prey on guys who have been responsible in their lives. It's just a question of how long the guys could hold on before being dumped. This is just fucked up and it stems from liberalism.
vuxk Aug 11, 12:31 AM
Hi, I had been on a hiatus. I'm also glad to see you're still active, striving for the ideal and fighting the SJWs. Keep it going man! I hope you're doing well.
positiv2 Aug 9, 1:29 PM
Kunii is such a little bitch lmao, isn't he? xd
IareJapanesey Aug 3, 11:36 PM
Thanks brah! This is my first time joining a site like this lol and nah I don’t have a discord profile since I don’t really talk to anyone online lol or offline for that matter