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Dec 11, 2008
Ok I might seem like I overated this. But this manga turned into a great comic book later on in Italy and a great series as well. I love the characters in it. And for any that loves Magical girl will like this alot.

I personally thought the manga (since got cancelled) wasn't much but the show and comic itself. I think more anime magical girl watchers should know of it. It's such a unknown underated show that never got much promo in the USA. Even though of it's creative story-line.

Meanwhile the manga never got to be an anime in Japan. A T.V. series read more
May 25, 2008
Whoever loves SM would love the manga it's like the whole backstory of it. There's soo many valuable things that the anime left out that once you read it you'll be shocked.

For the Classic Arc - The generals(shittenou) weren't purly evil as the anime protrays them, there are much deeper then that. Zoisite and Kunzite weren't gay, and Rei's personailty is complete contrast to what the anime made her.

S- Amara(Haruka) was much more fememine hence she wore girl clothes at times unlike the anime where she never did.

SuperS Arc- Rini(Chibi-Usa) wasn't all alone in the future but had scouts of her own and read more
May 25, 2008
This Manga is a must read! If you've seen the anime; the manga in many points is alot better

More on Izumi's past! - In the anime his past is never even mentioned and displayed as a villain, meanwhile in the manga it is, and reveals he's a tramatic boy who really suffered out of all the shinigami. Once you read the manga you'll really shed a tear for him. Unlike the anime that you just want to shoot him.

More on Meroko's past- Meroko isn't even explained either in the anime. Here you see that she really did have a sad and horrible events happen read more
May 25, 2008
I was a big PPG fan while it aired back normally on CN. So hearing that my much loved animated series was getting an anime series was great news to me. However after watching the anime series I was greatly dissappointed at how much they downplayed it.

Story: 6 The storyline was fair to me. Changes of course had to be done, but the amount of changes were a little to much for my tastes.

The main dissapointment was just how weak they made the heroines powers. Having yoyo's and barrettes made PPG go from a age-less great show, to a kiddy show in read more
May 25, 2008
Despite being considered by some fans and even Naoko herself as the most far fetched from the manga plotline. This is considered one of the most loved and favorited of the seasons of SM compared with the loved classic season.

New Scouts- Theres new scouts from another galaxy have their own princess, and the leader provides harships for Serena(Usagi)Their in a band and all around cool.

Last season and never even dubbed- This season may be still new news to some people who just watched and familiar with the dub.

A break from Mini Moon- Even though she is a importent character she gets a read more
May 25, 2008
This has to be my least favorite Sailor Moon movie out of the 3 that were dubbed. So much inaccurate things were going on that I just couldn't just let it brush past easily.

Story: 7 Although the Story idea could have been creative and hilarous with it's villains. It's just a overally very poorly explained. I liked the fact that they kept the dream theme connection to the SuperS season, but it just makes the movie in general more confusing on a number of matters.

Art: 10 The art was very colorful, and rich. You can tell the movie was mostly centered read more
May 25, 2008
If you're a Mini Moon/ Chibi-Usa fan, you'll absoutly love this season

Story: One thing that annoyed me of this season, is something similar that the anime did to the first, and Stars season. They left out alot of important manga plot elements. It would have been a much worthy season if they'd done it differently. Eitherway though it was a cute season plot.

Art: I absoutly love how they made Pegasus look artisticly. Every one of his appearences had a magical essence to it, so art-wise this season was pretty good.

Sound: No big deal in sound either in this season. No outbreaking music, alot of soft read more
May 25, 2008
This movie centers on characters that are frankly usually ignored in the actual series; Luna and Artemis.

Story: Ok I'll be honest, the plotline concerning the new supporting characters; the scientists. Confused the heck out of me at first. After watching it for a bit I slowly understood it. They seemed to mix just too much with the past and present, and you have to pay attention.

Other then that the story consists mainly about Luna, and you get to find out she and Artemis are more then mere magical cats. Although I was dissappointed they didn't explain as much as the manga did, especially regarding Artemis. read more
May 24, 2008
This just had to be my favorite Sailor Moon movie of the 3. It contains some backstory to Tuxedo Mask, plenty of romance and heartfelt scenes for a movie, and one of my most favorite songs of the whole series.

Story: Truly a interesting story for a short movie. It provided some background to Tuxedo Mask's mysterious past.

Art: Art was typical Sailor Moon style, but some scenes were very well drawn and given detail. Especially the ending battle scene, so many things were going on at once; that art I believe made the scene much more moving.

Sound: Sound definitly was my favorite part of read more