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Dec 11, 2008
W.I.T.C.H. (Manga) add
Giving this series a 10 might seem like over-rating this short manga, but there is a reason for this.

The manga has beautiful art, and had a lot of potential, however sadly it was canceled and here's why:

This manga was based on a comic originally from Italy. The comic received its own animated series and was translated in several languages. Apparently, this was most likely the reason a manga for W.I.T.C.H. was created in order to get new fans in Japan, but sadly, it didn't succeed.

However, regarding what the story was eventually supposed to end up being, the original comic was a creative, great ...
May 25, 2008
Whoever loved the Sailor Moon anime, would love reading it's manga. So much detail and backstories were left out in the original anime that it's shocking for anyone that is only familiar with the anime storyline.

The Classic first season plot in the manga had none of the yaoi present, and there was much more to enemies backgrounds.

S Season- Haruka is shown as more then just being the manly girl she was seen as in the original anime. The manga's plot in S was also much darker and traumatic.

SuperS Arc- Probably a favorite of mine in the manga. While still centering on Chibi-Usa(Rini), it has ...
May 25, 2008
This Manga is a must read! The innocent-looking cover should not trick you into thinking this is a happy story for kids. It does have plenty of sweet, romantic and happy chapters and I still wouldn't call it a dark series, but it also deals with death, Shinigami, and even suicide. If you've watched the anime; the manga still has plenty of differences and details revealed that were not mentioned in the anime.

More information is given about the Shinigami's past lives and their connection to Mitsuki. Izumi, for example, is a completely different character. In the manga Izumi was my favorite character, in the anime ...
May 25, 2008
Mixed Feelings
I was a big Powerpuff Girls fan back when originally aired on CN. So, hearing that my much-loved animated series was getting an anime series was great news to me. However, this anime series was a great disappointment.

Story: 6 The storyline was fair. Changes of course had to be done, but the number of changes were a little too much for my tastes.

The main disappointment was just how weak they made the heroines' powers. Having yoyos and barrettes made Powerpuff girls go from an age-less great show to a kiddy show in my opinion.

Art: 10 If there was one thing standout feature about ...
May 25, 2008
Despite being considered by some fans and even Naoko herself as the most far-fetched from the manga plotline. This is considered one of the most loved and favorited of the seasons of SM along with the much loved classic first season.

NEW Scouts-
There's plenty of new scouts from other galaxies and others leaded by their own princess. It also features a cool idol group as some of the season's new characters.

Last season-
This season was the last season of Sailor Moon and it was never dubbed in English during it's original release. This season may be still new news to some fans who just watched ...
May 25, 2008
This has to be my least favorite Sailor Moon movie out of the 3 that were dubbed. There were too many inaccurate things going on that I just couldn't just let it brush past me easily.

Story: 7 It could have been creative and hilarious with its villains, instead it was just overall very poorly explained. I liked the fact that they kept the dream theme connection to the SuperS season, but it just makes the movie in general more confusing in a number of matters. One being Pluto's unexplained appearance.

Art: 10 The art was very colorful, and rich. It's very obvious the movie was mostly ...
May 25, 2008
If you're a Mini Moon/ Chibi-Usa fan, you'll absolutely love this season

Story: One thing that annoyed me about this season, is also an annoying point that the anime did to the first, and Stars seasons. They left out a lot of important manga plot elements. It would have been a much more worthy season if had shown those details instead of leaving them out. It was a cute season, regardless.

Art: I absolutely love how they made Pegasus look artistically. Every one of his appearances had a magical essence to it, so art-wise this season was pretty good.

Sound: No big deal in sound either in this ...
May 25, 2008
This movie centers on characters that are frankly usually ignored in the actual series; Luna and Artemis.

Story: Ok I'll be honest, when I first watched this movie as a kid, the plotline concerning the scientists confused me. I wasn't too sure what their connection was to the movie's villain, or what was going on between the two of them. After watching it again when I was older, I finally slowly understood it. They seemed to mix up the timeline with the past and present, and it can get easy to mix them up.

Other than that, the story consists mainly of Luna, and her feelings towards ...
May 24, 2008
This was my favorite out of the three Sailor Moon movies, and to this day, it still is. It reveals details about Tuxedo Mask's childhood, and the movie is full of romance and heartfelt scenes.

Story: Truly an interesting story for a short movie. It provided some background to Tuxedo Mask's mysterious past.

Art: Art was typical Sailor Moon style, but some scenes were very well drawn and detailed. The battle scenes were fast-paced but full of such detail that it I believe it made certain scenes feel much more tense and moving.

Sound: Sound definitely was my favorite part of this movie. This movie made many ...