May 24, 2008
RICEA42991 (All reviews)
This just had to be my favorite Sailor Moon movie of the 3. It contains some backstory to Tuxedo Mask, plenty of romance and heartfelt scenes for a movie, and one of my most favorite songs of the whole series.

Story: Truly a interesting story for a short movie. It provided some background to Tuxedo Mask's mysterious past.

Art: Art was typical Sailor Moon style, but some scenes were very well drawn and given detail. Especially the ending battle scene, so many things were going on at once; that art I believe made the scene much more moving.

Sound: Sound definitly was my favorite part of this movie. This is one movie that many fans who hated the American dub, at times agree that the movie was dubbed great in contrast. The voices of both the original and dub were convincing, and the ending song was the best song I heard in Sailor Moon. Of course I watched mainly the dub verision song, but to those that perfer the original will also love the ending original song too.

Character: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask scenes were abudant in this movie compared to the others. You can tell that this movie is for the R season. The new villian in this movie has to be the only one who actually has a heart out of the 3 movies. Most of all this movie is definitly a turning point for Tuxedo Mask. You see more emotion from him then usual, and more of his childhood which before was so dim.

Enjoyment: I really loved this movie. I felt sorry for the villain, touched by the romance, and thrilled at the battle scene. There wasn't much lagging as the other movies had.

Overall: As I said before it's my favorite of the three. If you love Sailor Moon for it's romance between Moon and Mask. Definitly this is a movie to see.