May 25, 2008
RICEA42991 (All reviews)
Despite being considered by some fans and even Naoko herself as the most far fetched from the manga plotline. This is considered one of the most loved and favorited of the seasons of SM compared with the loved classic season.

New Scouts- Theres new scouts from another galaxy have their own princess, and the leader provides harships for Serena(Usagi)Their in a band and all around cool.

Last season and never even dubbed- This season may be still new news to some people who just watched and familiar with the dub.

A break from Mini Moon- Even though she is a importent character she gets a break and doesn't appear through the second arc of this season. Which is a relieve to some fans after SuperS.

Very dramatic- Yes this season deals with lots of hardships and downs, and Sailor Moon will be found very heartbroken at times.

Villains are scouts- Yes I mentioned there was drama to top off thats there new scouts the Starlights the villains are also scouts which makes it hard to trust.

This is all around a super season and is a must watch for fans. Despite the flaws that Tuxedo Mask is absent from the second arc(but its for a reason),and the outers appear very little times. But still it's a great season and you won't be disppointed.