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Jul 9, 2021
The One (Manga) add (All reviews)
I have known this manhua for a few years ago, but i refused to read it because it is a manhua and i don't like long-haired guy. Maybe some of u confused why i don't like manhua, the reason is because i have known so many manhua which is cheesy and don't have a great stories/ But, after trying The One, my perception of manhua change a bit, at least now i know that there is manhua which has the same level as manga. And before i said i don't like long haired guy. But, after reading The One, i don't hate it anymore and read more
Jun 4, 2021
Have you ever dreamed of having a nice and gentle older brother? When u read this manga, u will think that i want to be in yuzuyu’s position. Okay here is the review.
If you are afraid to read this manga because you think it will be an age gap romance, don’t worry cuz IT’S NOT.
Before i start, maybe some of you are asking right now why it only gets a 7 despite all the great things in this manga. But, believe me, i don’t even know why i give this a 7 because i know for sure this manga deserve 8 or 9. And read more
May 28, 2021
Before i read this manga i already feel a really bad thing will happen and it does happen. My honest opinion is i really regret wasting my time to read this manga.
This is the first time in my life i have read shoujo manga and the heroine is not end up with the male lead.

Tbh, the reason why i read it is because i have read this author previous work and i really really love it. But, this one is just meh. Why i said it is so bad? The answer is no other than the ending which is incest.

Before i finished this manga read more
May 20, 2021
Finally, i can finish this mangaaaa, wooo. So, when i first read the first chapter of this manga, it really captures my heart and makes me want to read more chapters. Unfortunately, the only chapter available in english is the first chapter, so i can't read it anymore. Thankgod when i goes to bookstore in my country i found an Indonesian translated one, and i bought it finally. So, just wanna tell you that this book is not available in english if u wanna read it online.

Now, let's start the review. Like i said before, the first chapter is so cute and i love read more
May 16, 2021
This anime is just so great and once you finished it, u will keep remembering some outstanding scenes in this anime since it is so great and unforgettable. Actually, i have known this anime way back in 2015, but i refuse to watch it since my brother said it's kinda boring in several first episodes. But, 6 years later (right now) i tried it again on netflix and i feel so blessed that i don't watch it 6 years ago. Because if i had watched it with my ipad or phone back then, i won't be able to get the best experience of watching this read more
May 6, 2021
Sprout (Manga) add (All reviews)
This manga has made me come into confusion. First of all, i don't really like how things go in this manga, so the best i could give is only 7/10. There are several dramas and it is quite painful to see how things go with the MC in this manga. So, i'm gonna give u a review here, but it will contain some spoiler so skip it if u want.

Story (8/10)
what i like in this manga is how the drama keeps the story interesting. It tells about unrequited love to a boy who already has a girlfriend. I like to read this kind of plot read more
May 5, 2021
When i first read this manga, i thought the story will just be about love between a childhood friend with a possessive main character. So i just read the first 5 chapters in a rush (not reading the entire thing). But, then it got interesting when the FL got a girlfriend, then i thought "WAIT..., i like this kind of story, it reminds me to one of my favorite shoujo manga, heroine shikkaku. And yeah, it is. So i start to be interested and read it with passion.

Story (8/10)
The story is pretty good for me because i like this kind of relationship. I know read more
Apr 27, 2021
First of all, i wanna tell you that i don't really wanna read this manga in the first place. But, since i don't have any manga i can read in a while and i'm a sucker for love-hate relationship, finally, i tried to read it.

So, i have known this manga way before i read this. But, tbh, I hate the plot of this manga which is about a love between step-siblings (because for me, it doesn't matter whether u are step-siblings or real siblings. we call 2 people siblings because of the bond, not the blood). But, after all the boringness, finally, i read read more
Feb 22, 2021
H20 (Manga) add (All reviews)
Feel free to read this review. this is my personal opinion about H2O and don't be scared of getting spoiler because i will write "SPOILER" if there is a spoiler. so here we go

Story (9/10)
Tbh, at first, i expect more from this manhwa since other reviews give it a 9 or 8 and this manga also looks interesting in the cover. But, some of the plot doesn't go the way i wanted it to be and that's kinda left a hole in my heart (i mean it makes me feel like there is something kinda wrong). The story is great though. U don't find this read more
Feb 21, 2021
So, i'm gonna try make this review spoiler-free. but, there maybe a little spoiler and in every spoiler part i'll put SPOILER ALERT.So, don't hesitate to read this review.

I love gakuen ouji because it is really enjoyable, i mean i read every single chapter without getting bored even once. it is so funny and refreshing to read it.

Story (7/10)
For me, i like the story because i haven't seen something like this before. It is about a school dominated by girls. But there is 2 parts that i feel like stupid and not needed. (SPOILER) the first one is when this girl named seriha come to read more