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Days: 108.7
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Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl
Yesterday, 10:49 AM
Watching 10/13 · Scored -
Sekai no Yami Zukan
Sekai no Yami Zukan
Yesterday, 9:43 AM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 1
Girls und Panzer der Film Specials
Girls und Panzer der Film Specials
Yesterday, 8:44 AM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 3
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Days: 36.2
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Jun 15, 9:57 PM
Reading 11/? · Scored -
Boku Girl
Boku Girl
Jun 15, 9:35 PM
Reading 62/107 · Scored -
Prison School
Prison School
Jun 15, 9:35 PM
Reading 234/? · Scored 7


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Cinefil_original Mar 11, 2:05 AM
Hi, I think you commented on a profile, a comment that spoke my mind so i checked your profile and seemd good although I haven't seen most of your favorites.
KyoukoBestTomato Jan 16, 1:53 PM
Yes, that was that comment. I also don't like too high rating scales, for the same reasons. Althrough extermly low rates don't mean anything neither
KyoukoBestTomato Jan 16, 12:18 PM
it's kinda weird, you left a comment 11 month ago on the profile of one of the top reviews from Azuman Daioh that I'm currently watching
KyoukoBestTomato Jan 16, 11:16 AM
I just watched Furiko after seeing it on your list. Thank you
qazzaq251 Jan 6, 8:32 PM
I mean if this was an actual debate I'd agree, but it's a poor attempt at trying to get a rise out of someone, my goal was achieved people found my review helpful, I'll continue this convo because it's fun lol
qazzaq251 Jan 4, 9:13 PM
Also, I would be willing to join you in this game of mental gymnastics but when you message me and I immediately have people telling me, who I have never met that you are a fellow with adamant but misguided views, why would I dare take the leap of faith involve in trying to have a debate with someone who so far has tried for a lack of better words to attack the length of my review, the genuineness of it, and appealed to emotion of his own caliber.
qazzaq251 Jan 4, 9:08 PM
See now I know you are trolling, I gave a review for anyone who wanted to see the passionate and short perspective that I gave attempting to make this a debate on the ethics or context of my review is beyond any realm I attempt to travel through. Good try though. If you ever want to debate something feel free, but debating whether or not my review was genuine is quite the lust for conflict.
qazzaq251 Dec 23, 2016 12:33 PM
I mean which one would you like a detail description of? Eye shield? KnB? Free? Prince of tennis? Stride? bamboo blade? real? Buzzer beater? haikyuu? ippo? Ace of diamond? Like which one would you like a detail synopsis of that could have only been gather by someone obsessively watching them from start to finish?
Giffa Dec 11, 2016 12:43 AM
Hmm... you are right. But to give the show 1 out of 10 is cruel thing from him to do as he didnt consider the effort of the creators.
Ttoge Dec 8, 2016 4:24 PM
Just watched Furiko, definitely a great short. Shelter definitely could've been better, I just don't think it was that bad.
Zergneedsfood Dec 6, 2016 11:00 AM
Jjattja2254 Dec 6, 2016 5:27 AM
You got me! "You're trying too hard" is definitely mad raging, oops.
aznfishie Dec 5, 2016 11:06 PM
Furiko was 3-4 minutes and was set out on telling the story of an entire life. It compiles on the hardships of many events in their lives as opposed to Shelter which really only focused on one. Right from the get-go I could say the beginning premise is pretty cliche, a delinquent fights off some thugs and the girl falls in love with him? This is typical j-drama material, far from original. The way they presented it was unique, but if we're to get into aesthetics, Shelter is obviously better. And don't give me the "it's superficial" argument, the reality is people care about appearance.

If you're to separate the shorts into video and audio component, Furiko has a lot more riding on the song to invoke a sense of sadness. In the case of Shelter, the underlying message is conveyed in the lyrics, but the poppy-electronic nature of the song doesn't bring about the same sense of sorrow and melancholy does it? Just listen to 'Exogenic Symphony Part 3' and 'Shelter' by themselves, which do you think is more sad? Furiko is a lot more reliant on the the song compared to Shelter to draw out that sadness. Take away the audio and Furiko would give off a more 'tragic' or 'regretful' tone rather than a sad one.
Paper-Tiger Oct 29, 2016 4:38 PM
Thank you for pointing out the missing hyperlinks! They were all linked in the pre-publication draft, there must have been an error somewhere between that and publication. I'll talk with my editor and find out what happened.

I have not read it, but it just went on the top of my to-read list. I'd like to think that I've read a LOT of manga, but that's still only a fraction of everything that's out there. I'm always finding new stuff, thanks for the suggestion!
lainbow Oct 16, 2016 6:45 AM
And if i wanted episodic, i would just watch american cartoons. One of the things that drew me to anime was the complex storylines. If an anime lacks that, it is no better than an american cartoon to me.