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Sword Art Online
Oct 29, 2018 8:00 AM
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weeabootakbankai Apr 20, 10:23 PM
Another masterpiece from Yuki Kajiura
weeabootakbankai Apr 8, 8:17 PM

Best image for Kirisuna so far :)
weeabootakbankai Apr 8, 6:57 PM

Sorry for posting this, but it for fellow SAO fan who love the series that can rebuttal criticism from the hater.
So far, there only 5 member.
weeabootakbankai Apr 4, 8:04 PM
Thank for the explanation :)
I hope that the anime studio don't use this as fanservice(like they did to Asuna during the fairy dance arc by the slug)
weeabootakbankai Apr 4, 5:53 PM
All I heard, is that something bad is going to happen to leafa that trigger the community again.
weeabootakbankai Apr 4, 5:51 PM
Do you think scene will cause controversy:

If you don't mind, what happen to leafa?
weeabootakbankai Jan 25, 6:53 PM
I feel bad for the true Sao fan who actually does read the web novel and the source material because everybody don't know who is Reki is.
this twitter user sum it up well-
weeabootakbankai Jan 25, 6:51 PM
Man! on twitter, if you search up reki kawahara and scroll down, everybody there lack any knowledge of SAO history and they think that SAO is pandering to SJW, but he it fucking not. I want to punch the user lol.
weeabootakbankai Jan 25, 5:29 PM
What other anime do you watch than SAO? do you have top 10 anime you like?
weeabootakbankai Jan 24, 4:39 PM
An 2013 aniplex interview with Reki show him more humble and kinda shy. So he is not that person who will backstab you cause of his success. And the video prove it.
weeabootakbankai Jan 24, 4:37 PM
Have a good night sleep ^__^
weeabootakbankai Jan 24, 4:15 PM
How would you rank every arc in Sao so far(including ordinal scale and newly additional Unital ring)?
Have you read Progressive arc in manga format with Asuna POV. In my opinion, I feel that Asuna in the manga is oversexulized and too smug for my taste. I saw this old post on twitter that sum up what I about Asuna. She feel more human in the light novel, including the material edition
weeabootakbankai Jan 24, 4:04 PM
Great :) I can't wait to see what he wrote for the afterword for volume 21.

Reki is a interesting writer to me than other japanese writer because with the way he alway wrote criticism in the afterword and list out that he need to fix. I read one of the comment that he made in the old interview that he do not project himself into the character and if he does it will lead to ruin in various ways-
Throughout his writing career, you can see he is improving on fixing the female character since 2012 when he release the first volume of progressive(giving Asuna more fleshout stories and she feel more human), or ways back then when he feel regret for he did to Asuna during the fairy dance arc and he wrote mother Rosario to recompense. So in the nutshell, he is not trying to pander to the cancer SJW.
weeabootakbankai Jan 24, 6:19 AM
I personally article such as is causing all this controversy by a stupid headline or clickbait. I hoping that this incident slowly disappear in the next few week.

What was it like reading the Sao translations before the 2012 adaptation. Were the web novel was open to the public? I am surprised that mother rosario(considered as the best arc in the light novel community alongside progressive and alicization) was written in 2004-2005😲. Did Reki write something in the afterword in the new volume?
weeabootakbankai Jan 23, 5:49 PM
Were you satisfied with the way how volume 21 was written? I have been reading this thread made by this user on twitter
I noticed that there are no trace of Sjw ideology influencing reki writing. I despise Sjw and what they caused in the entertainment media such as shows and game. I hope that the situation fade in the next few week.