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Formed for the purpose of gathering together SAO fans in order to combat common hackneyed criticisms of the series and the turgid shit flinging of the hatebase as whole. ACSAO stresses the importance of working together as a group to achieve a common objective. It is up to us as a fandom to band together for a common cause and promote something that we love and grew up with for once. As well as submit theme and character analysis, reviews and trivia. Rules of ACSAO: #1: No brother wars. period. Sometimes your worst enemy ends up being those you should be closest to. In that case it happens to be SAO fans. Don't go out of your way to give out "constructive criticisms" on behalf of the fandom and preach to the rest of us about how SAO has flaws and defending the hatebase by doleing out faux libertarian arguments about free speech. We already have too much of that going around and I think EVERYBODY acknowledges that SAO has flaws. Instead try to expound upon the themes what makes SAO good after reading the source material and gaining background knowledge. No good franchise gains social prominence and respect when its fanbase cannot agree on anything. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. This means no ship wars. No whining about how your favorite installment in the series is the best and only good installment. No uppity self-deluded Sinon or Karen fanboys are allowed to talk about how their favorite character "saved" SAO or about why their subjectively best character should be the main character. The same goes for Progressive fanboys. We are not going to have 6 hour-long back and forth's with you. Get out of here. #2; Make an effort to understand the source material and not take things out of context. Officers will be chosen based on who has read and has the most knowledge of the source and who hasn't as well as who is most suited to defend it. #2.5: If you have the time then read the books and read them in the right order. If you must recommend someone else the novels ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS recommend them it in this order. If possible, buy the novels and support the author. Progressive is not a reboot. It is a supplementary text. #3: Don't come in here promoting shit by Mothers Basement, Gigguk, Digibro, Pedantic Romantic made with the intent of thumbing us in the eye. If possible only use them for reference concerning what a bad criticism constitutes. #4: If you are a hater do not come in here with the intention of asking the rest of us to change your mind about SAO. That's not how enjoyment works. If you already hate an anime you won't care about its meaning and the ideas it is trying to convey. This franchise, in particular, is no different. Get the out of here with that "change my mind" shit. We can't change your mind. #3.5. Do not argue with people who legitimately despise the show. (THAT MEANS YOU @weeabootakbankai) #4. Be civil. Or at least make an effort to be civil --------------------------------------------------------- Character Analysis discussions go here Asuna --------------------------------------------------------- Argument Debunking threads go here: Thread for discussing why Alternative is not a better version of SAO Thread explaining why SAO is not based off of .hack Thread explaining why SAO is not evil fascist, right wing otaku bait that wants to oppress and demonize women and minorities. Discussing the Abridged parody and its contrivances ---------------------------------------------------------

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Doing translation cleanup.

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waterfairy_ | Jan 15, 8:16 AM
@-Lamp- Hello ^^ Who is your favorite SAO character? >.<

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waterfairy_ | Jan 15, 3:48 AM
@Geshtinanna Thank you for the warm welcome ^^

Geshtinanna | Jan 14, 8:28 PM
@waterfairy_ Welcome to my abode LOL. If you love SAO you've made the right decision coming here. Please feel free to join the Club Discussions, or you can chat to me (on my profile) if you like! If you just want to be a backseat member that's cool too :D

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