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Feb 19, 2010
Hello, it's been a while since I've wrote a review, so I decided to write an article on one of my favorites, the famous but yet not so famous Soul Hunter (aka Hoshin Engi). It sounds like I'm contradicting myself but listen to this tid bit of history. Soul Hunter was a popular manga series from the very renown Shonen Jump Magazine, and lasted for a good 4 years (1996 to 2000) and won a best Manga award. Which soon became an Anime in 1999, one year prior to the end of the manga series. The show had good audience and was pretty successful. When ...
Apr 26, 2009
Ushio to Tora (Anime) add
An Anime Classic, and must watch, Ushio and Tora is one of those good to see old-school animes. After watching a continuum of new Girl Meets Boy, and Gothic over tone anime I decided to do some looking up for something different. Luckly I stumbled on a game that recently came out for the PSP called Shonen Sunday Vs Shonen Magazine which featured many famous Anime and Manga Icons (I.E. Inuyasha, Negi, Ikki, etc), Ushio was one of the selectable characters. I was really interested in the character to begin with and decided to look up everything about it.

The series started out as a 33 ...
Mar 29, 2009
This is a review not just of the second season but both 1st and 2nd seasons together. The reason I do this is because I consider many Gundam series like these to have 50 episodes like many of them do. So if you read my first review of Gundam 00, this is a modified/continuation. It's been a long run since Gundam SEED but this series was far better. Though I wouldn't say it was great, it didn't really disappoint me. The story of this series follows the same formula as Gundam Wing, bunch of girly looking guys piloting overly powerful mechs for a rebellious cause. ...
Mar 19, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (50/154 eps)
Well, what is there to say about an Anime about trading cards....hmmmm. Nothing, that's really it. It's a bunch of prepubescent kids, battling out with cards. We all know that this series is a sequel to the Original Series, we've seen some different reviews of people who hated it or those who simply love it. It's now my turn to throw down....a face down.

The story of the series is supposed to take place in a distant future of Yugi's home town, Domino City. There have been some freaky things going on that made Domino split into two parts; an Island called Satellite, and the main ...
Mar 9, 2009
Mixed Feelings
It's a Crash!!! Well, I'm pretty sure many of you are stressing out since the MAL crash, so to lighten things up a bit let's start another course in ANIME HATING!!! This time I'm going to show you how Mediocre some animes are by intoducing you to this fun filled peice of shit Called "My Wife is a High School Girl". Yes, that's the fulll entire English translation of the name so bare with me.

To begin with, this series is slow and boring. The character development doesn't really change, and you become more facinated with the support characters over the main characters. The story ...
Apr 14, 2008
Here is an anime that's not like many others. Hayate the Combat Butler is a colaberation of all kinds of Anime thrown into one, in order to make fun of it of course. What I mean is that Hayate is one of those Animes that make fun of Anime in general. I first herd of this series when it came out as a manga and so I got the manga and read a few books. Now even more intrigued, I began my search of the animated version. To my surprise there it was and began to watch it with my good friend from campus, Edge. ...
Apr 1, 2008
Well, it's truely been a while since I wrote a Gundam review. Yes, I've basically written a review for nearly every Gundam series for those who don't keep tabs on my Reviews. But lets get to the point shall we?

Over the past few years the Gundam series has gone through a lot of riticule by many American's and has totally lost its market here making nearly impossible to even know of the franchise. Bandai's last attempt to make Gundam popular among American viewers was Gundam Seed which epically failed, and was placed in the 4 am death spot on Cartoon Network. Even though Gundam ...
Jan 1, 2008
Genshiken 2 (Anime) add
The first time I saw Genshiken, I was just completely taken in. Now the second season has taken it to the next level. Continuing from the OVA series that takes place after the first season, Genshiken 2 makes another Otaku come back for the fans. This time with some new characters and some interesting background stories, the story of Genshiken has become more in depth with the real world while still having it's Anime based zanies.

The story begins when Sasahara takes his new presidency of the Genshiken club to the next level, by entering the club into a Comi-fest Dojinshi retail. Now he teams ...
Apr 14, 2007
Well it's been a while since I came back on and made a review. After adding animes to my list, I came upon Gundam Seed Stargazer, and the first thing I thought was disappointment. Gundam Seed was a horrible attempt to revive the original Mobile Suit Gundam seires, but what caught me off gaurd was that this was a really good one (Amazingly). Thought I'm a hatter of Gundam Seed, and all you Kira and Lacus followers might get a bitch on because of it, this seires was a true turn around with me. It had a strong motive, good story line, great characters, and ...
Feb 22, 2007
Well after watching the first season, the second season isn't as much different. Kazuhara is still up to his pervy ways, Yukinari still allergic to Women, and Miharu is still acting like the dits she always is. But this time things change a bit. Now Yukinari and Miharu become more indeph with their small relationship, and there are still many people trying to ruin it for poor Yukinari.

It seems the Women of Seiren Demensional Security are trying to bring back Miharu because if she stays on Earth for too long strange things may happen. Also a mysterious cloaked person is constantly following Yukinari, watching his ...

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