Mar 9, 2009
OtakuFreak (All reviews)
It's a Crash!!! Well, I'm pretty sure many of you are stressing out since the MAL crash, so to lighten things up a bit let's start another course in ANIME HATING!!! This time I'm going to show you how Mediocre some animes are by intoducing you to this fun filled peice of shit Called "My Wife is a High School Girl". Yes, that's the fulll entire English translation of the name so bare with me.

To begin with, this series is slow and boring. The character development doesn't really change, and you become more facinated with the support characters over the main characters. The story to this series goes like this:

The main Heronie, Asami Onohara, is a 17 year old High School student who is mairred to Ichimaru Kyousuke, a 22 year old High School Physics Professor. They both try to keep this a secret from basically everyone in the whole entire series (besides the Father of Asami). And they are deeply in love with each other, so much as wanting to kill them. The one thing that Asami really wants from her Professer Hubby is his cock, yes his fucking cock. She hopes that her relationship with him will grow when they do the midnight games. On the other hand, Kyousuke can't really do anything to her yet until she Graduates High School, an agreement he made with her Father. Basically he turns to a wuss when she tries to advance on him because he is afraid of her Father cock blocking him, which basically happens all the time when they get into the mood.

As each episode passes by, they go through this random situations that tests their love for each other. In other words, there are other women out for Kyousuke's cock, and some random perv out for Asami's giant rack. Eventually their secret is revealed to select characters in the series that basically stalk them. But guess what...NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!! No concequences, no back draws, no drama, JUST ACCEPTANCE!! What a way to make an Anime not thrilling.

26 episodes, thats how long it is. They are actually 15 mins each but many Sub-sites puts them together so it doesn't waste whatever time you have, making it 13 episodes. Art, nothing much there, just the same stereo typical big eyes, big rack, and no serious complections. Don't get me wrong the story is not a bad idea, but this series is basically better off as Soap Oprea of some sorts. The characters were obviously made for some Ero Manga, or it probably is already. This Anime just reeks of Formulated crap straight from a pigs ass after eating a weeks worth of Taco Bell. So if you want to waste time on filler anime, you're not missing anything here. I rather suggest Ikkitousen for the major Boobage you guys are looking for, because you ain't finding it here. Not even Shojo fans will like it because it lacks any sort of serious drama. Just pass on this, don't even double take on it. Just let it go. I watch this anime to tell you this.

Yours truly

One more thing...IT"S A TRAP! OPEN TEH HATCHEZ